How to Tell if Your Football Jersey Is Real or Fake – 2021 Guide


Fake products are all around us, and sometimes they are so well manufactured, we can’t tell the difference between them and original ones. It seems like the copies and low-quality fakes are here since forever. It’s so easy to get in a trap and buy fake clothes, cosmetics, shoes, or even foods and drinks since their name and colors seem familiar and similar to the original ones, but they lack in quality.

A lot of experienced customers can tell the difference between authentic and fake sports jerseys too, mostly from the price, and then by checking the quality of the textile and stitches. Some of them can even tell that by simply looking at the product. We are lucky to have these people around us, but they aren’t always available to check every product and tell us something about its quality.

But, what we can do is to look for trusted stores and sellers, so we can be sure they won’t try to sell something bad for a huge price. GoalJerseys is one of the places you can find real jerseys, and be sure you are spending your money properly.

So, knowing that we can’t fight against fake products, we can only pay a lot of attention to what we are buying, and always make sure we are going for the best for us. If you are looking for some tips on how to tell if the sports jersey you want to buy is real, here are some of them:

1. Does it look visually right?


If you are a football fanatic, you probably can recognize the jerseys once you see them. There are tiny differences that inexperienced people can miss, but they make the whole product look a little suspicious. Sometimes it can be the shade of the club’s colors, color scheme, the size of the logo, fonts, stitches, and other small details that can easily be overseen.

But, our eyes never lie, it’s our brain that processes the information the way we want. So, if you see something that doesn’t seem right, it probably is a fake or cheap replica of the sports clothing you want to buy.

2. The price

We all want to save money or buy something cheaper than it is usually. You can often find great deals or even use codes or coupons to lower the price of the jersey. But, if you see some offer for 60-70% cheaper, that doesn’t even match the real price at all, probably the product is not right. Many people enjoy bargains, but they are not the best thing you can do for yourself.

The price that seems like a great deal, but it’s too low compared to the prices even when the original products are on sale, is one of the most obvious signs that the product is fake. For example, if the usual price is about $80, and you see it for $15 as a special offer, then we have to break this to you – there is nothing special with it, and the product is either fake or too old and already used.

3. Look at the logo


All the brands have recognizable logos, that usually are simple, but catchy too. The people who make and sell fakes are aware of that, and since they can’t simply copy the logo, they would only make some changes, so it would be similar, but never the same. Always open the brand’s website so you can compare the specifications.

When you shop online, pay attention to the store and its photos. Do they show authentic photos, or do they just simply download them from other websites and use them in their product description? Sometimes everything may look perfect until you get the product in your hands and see that the logo on the jersey is not like the original one.

Also, keep in mind that logos sometimes change through time, especially if you go for vintage products. Examine the logo and the name of the brand carefully, and see if it matches with the original one.

4. Replica is not the same as fake

You need to be aware of this fact because a lot of people consider the word “replica” the same as “fake”. Fakes aren’t approved by anyone and the seller tries to sell them as the original product.

The replica is a jersey that is made to look authentic, and it’s approved by the clubs and their managers, so every fan can afford it. There can be differences though when it comes to the quality, but you can be sure that if the store sells replica, they will mention it in the description of the product.

5. The whole product looks cheap and poor


The best way to compare the jerseys is to know how the original ones look and compare them with the one that you have or that looks suspicious to you. Do the logos match? Are the stitches straight? Keep in mind that popular brands who are paid to manufacture jerseys for the popular clubs never make mistakes like that. All the colors and patterns should be consistent, and the sizes on the wearables match the size listed on the package.

The number should match with the name of the player, except if you order a custom one, with your name and favorite number on it. Also, the popular brands have their specific looks, like embroidery and strips on their products, and if you know these things, and the jersey looks good and quality, you probably have the right thing in your hands.


Trusted sellers and fan stores are the best way to tell if you are getting an authentic product, approved replica, or fake that is worth nothing. We are sure you appreciate your favorite football club and support them all the time. It’s not crucial for the fans to wear original jerseys, but no one wants to help the fakers to exist on the market. So, do your best to avoid them.