Tech & Podcast With Rueben Wood


Rueben Wood is a Brand Ambassador for one of the fastest growing social media apps of 2018, known as The VoizApp. The VoizApp allows users to record messages longer than typical voice notes, post pictures, videos, and more. Currently, the app boasts almost 100,000 downloads. Wood is also the host of popular entertainment podcast SOM Talk Live, curating interviews with some of today’s top celebs, influencers, models, entrepreneurs, and more!

We recently got to sit down with Wood and interview him about his involvement with The VoizApp and exactly what SOM Talk Live is about.


How did you become a brand ambassador for The VoizApp?

It came about from a meeting I had with one of the founders. We had a couple of meetings actually before that happen.

What does being a brand ambassador entail? Since it’s tagged in your IG profile, does it have benefits?

Me being a brand ambassador means I promote the app, I bring people to it, and I build awareness around it in different areas and industries. The most exciting part is being apart of the process as it develops. Yes, it has many benefits, including being in the forefront of the app’s marketing efforts.

How is The VoizApp different from other social media platforms?

It’s focus on audio, and the use of voice recording make it different. Each social platform is different in its own way, but The VoizApp is the most close-knit community-based app where people can interact with a more personal touch.

Being the Host Of SOM Talk Live and brand ambassador must be hard, so how do you find balance?

I personally create it, nothing comes easy. I have so much going on, and so much I had to do to be able to focus on my brand it was almost to the where if I don’t have the balance I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. I mostly plan out everything before I do it, so there is less setbacks and more success.


So what type of guest do you find have the best conversations?

I would have to say the ladies I’m interviewing since it’s the most entertaining to listeners. Not knocking none of the guys in any industry I’ve had on the show but, listeners cater to the women more and they seem to be the most lax.

Where did SOM Talk Live come from?

Me just doing consistent audio interviews for SOM Magazine. Just figured I needed to create a platform for the audio interviews alone separate from the magazine. It actually worked, I’m just thankful for the people that support it, and listen to it.


Where can people find out more about you?, the app, the show