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Taxi Bangkok to Pattaya

Should you use a taxi or bus to Pattaya city? When you wish to get away from the business of Bangkok city and experience some adventures, Pattaya is one of the best places you can go.

This coastal resort city is famous for its breathtaking weekend getaways for tourists, locals, and investors. It has world-class hotels and restaurants, bars, and beautiful scenery for viewing. So, if you desire to experience Thai beach culture, which is the best means of transport to Pattaya?


Clear Water at Coral Island Pattaya

Taxis to Pattaya

Nothing can out do taxi’s ease of travel. Even though taxi rates are high than most transport options, and by considering their convenience, it’s worth paying the high price.
The distance between Bangkok and Pattaya is about 150 kilometers or 64 miles. The time you’ll take to travel between the two cities depends on the traffic. During off-peak days, it’ll take two hours to reach the city.

However, on Fridays and during rush hours, you’ll be expected to spend more time as many people residing in Bangkok travel to Pattaya for their weekends. If you’re worried about the long drives on these periods, you should journey any other day of the week. You can hire a taxi Pattaya either from the airport or a hotel in Bangkok city center.

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

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Suvarnabhumi Airport is close to Pattaya, so it’ll take a few hours to get to the city. Thus, it’s cheaper to hire a taxi at the airport than going to Bangkok. The journey takes around 90 minutes, and the official taxi price is 1050 baht. You can also negotiate cost with your taxi driver and pay a lower price.

Another excellent way to pay lower taxi price is by finding a taxi away airport’s departure level. At these points, many taxi drivers are dropping passengers, but there’re no many travelers to pick up. Booking a taxi Pattaya at these places will save you money.

Whenever you hire taxis to Pattaya, ensure that the vehicle is licensed. Taxis operating within the airport have to have been in the taxi service for at least 5 years, and with good air conditioning. Also, drivers need to have a permit from the Airport of Thailand.

Taxi Pattaya from Central Bangkok to Pattaya

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When traveling to Pattaya, you’ll have different taxi choices to choose from. If you’re residing in a hotel, you can request them to book taxis for you, and you will save the hustle of negotiating the prices with the driver. Upmarket hotels in the city have reliable and reputable taxi services. If you prefer picking a taxi in the streets, ensure you know the average prices when negotiating.
Hiring a cab through a hotel or travel agents has a premium service fee of around 1500 – 2500 baht. This price is also the official meter-taxi rate for most taxis to Pattaya.

The one taxi service company I would like to mention and recommend is Thai Happy Taxi. The company is highly reputable (over 700 excellent TripAdvisor reviews). They are also known to be very reliable and very honest as well (even when the customer forgot valuable item it’s returned to them). If you want a reliable, hassle-free, fixed pricing taxi service to Pattaya, Thai Happy Taxi is your best choice. You can contact them here.

When considering the various travel options to Pattaya, you need to take into account the costs and convenience of the trip. Although taxi prices are high than buses rates, they’re more convenient. Also, Pattaya taxi is comfortable, and it’ll give you privacy in your trip.

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