Taking Care of Cut Flowers

Flowers are the things that give life to our house, and the things that make people happy. Flowers are very much important because of what they are. Whenever you purchase flowers, they will be most likely cut off from their root system. So it’s safe to say that they will perish quickly if you do not take care for them properly. There are ways in which you can preserve cut flowers, and you can follow this guide in order to find out how to extend their lifeline.

Get a Clean Vase

One arch enemy to the flower is bacteria and fungi, so you don’t want to contaminate the fresh water where you will be placing your new flowers.  Make sure to properly clean the vase before putting water inside.

Preparation is Key

Before placing the flowers in the vase, make sure to remove at least 3 to 5 centimeters of the stems at an angle. Make sure to do this underwater by either cutting them in a water-filled basin or by holding the stems under running water. It’s important that you make clean cuts instead of crushing or burning the stems.

When you finish cutting the stems, make sure to remove all leaves that are close enough to the water. In the case of dealing with flowers which have a tendency to ooze milky fluids, like poppy and poinsettia, make sure to place the bottom 5 cm of its stem into boiling water for at least 10 seconds before placing it to the vase. This will extend the vase life of the flowers. This is the best way of caring for cut flowers who ooze milky fluids.

In the case of using floral foam, make sure to place the foam in the vase so it can sink naturally. If you push the floral foam into the vase, you are effectively shortening the vase life of the flower, because it traps the air in the vase.



Many flower arrangements die off slowly because you are not watering the flowers properly. Cutting the stems under water will keep the air out of the stems, and will keep the xylem and phloem working together more efficiently.

When making a vase solution, use demineralized water from the supermarket to avoid white deposits around faucets and kettles. Another great tip when making vase solutions is to use hot water (but not too hot).


Even though cut flowers are cut off from their root system, they are still living things, and they still require nutrients in order to maintain their color and overall appearance. When in a vase you can supply the flower with everything it needs.

Using lemon-lime soda is a good additive for keeping the flowers healthy for longer periods of time. Avoid using diet sodas because of the sugar, and avoid colas as these tend to have too much acid in them.

You can use flower preservatives if mixing your own solution is not your thing. These preservatives can be found in supermarkets and florists. These commercial solutions, may not last as long as homemade solutions, but they are cheap and convenient solutions. All you have to do is follow the directions from the packaging and your flowers are good to go.

Avoid using vinegar and aspirin in your vase, as they are generally bad solutions and ineffective for the overall health and vase life of your flowers.

Treat Your Flowers Well

The only tip you need that your flowers will love is to treat them well. Flowers like cooler temperatures because higher temperatures tend to degrade cut flowers. Make sure to avoid putting the flowers next to heaters, or next to heat-generating appliances that will shorten the vase life of the lowers. Cutting your flowers gently will also increase their life, almost as much as the water you are giving it.