Everything You Wanted to Know About Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny is a beautiful YouTuber and an actress. Amanda has more than 2.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 22.8 followers on her official Instagram account. People love her because of her witty personality and comedy videos. If you ever wanted to know more about her and her life, here is

James Charles has already ‘Beaten’ Coronavirus

The YouTuber James Charles thinks that he’s already had coronavirus, and he opened up about his symptoms earlier this year. The beauty guru, who has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube channel, responded to a fan who thinks that coronavirus has been around since the beginning of the year. ‘Remember at New Years when I

Digital influencers: Who they are and how they changed the advertising world

Digital influencers are basically the celebrities of the Internet. While some may consider this title to be quite grand and lofty for people who share their work space with memes of cats and dogs, the phenomenon that is the sweeping might of the Internet shouldn’t be underestimated, and respectively, neither should those famous Internet personalities’

Rebecca Black Net Worth 2019 – Famous YouTuber

Rebecca Renee Black is an American YouTuber who became famous for her song Friday. It was released on social media sites and YouTube in 2011. After that, she also released a song Saturday which gained popularity as well. She currently uploads videos on various topics and for that, she gained many followers and views. If

Joji Miller – YouTube made star

Personal life & Education Joji was born as George Miller on the 18 September in 1992. We should also mention that he was born in Osaka, Japan, which would explain his alias name. It is also worth mentioning that he comes from a mixed marriage. Namely, his father is of Australian origin while his mother

Director and Producer George Henry Horton Discusses His Life and His Work

George Henry Horton is a talented director, producer, and writer from the UK, but his beginnings might surprise a few people. The UK based filmmaker surprisingly started his career as a YouTuber with a popular channel that focused around comedy. Having graduated from Kings College London with a bachelor’s degree in Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics

Matthew Haag Nadeshot Net Worth 2019

One of the most successful professional Call of Duty players, Nadeshot proves that esports can be very profitable if you have what it takes. Former Call of Duty champion is now retired and currently owns his own team, called 100 Thieves, which, besides Call of Duty, also competes in League of Legends, Clash Royale and Fortnite.