YouTube Views

Why you should buy YouTube views


Have you ever wondered what the best option would be to increase the views on your YouTube video? With lots of options online, sometimes it might feel a bit overwhelming for some. We have written this article to help people get a better understanding of why purchasing YouTube views is beneficial for your video.

Going Viral On YouTube

If you decide to pay for YouTube views through a provider you will have multiple options to choose from when checking out. 500Views has been around for a really long time and they have multiple packages such as views, comments, likes and subscribers. Each one of them has prices and you can select the best ones that will fit your budget. I recommend purchasing 500 views + 100 likes and 15 comments. This combination is by far the best and most successful. Once you complete the payment, you should start seeing results on your video within a couple of hours. Usually, the views will start first and then the likes and comments will arrive. You want this process to be as organic as possible so people are not aware that you bought views for your video. This process can make your video channel go viral. I have seen many instances of people in chat rooms explaining how they bought services from 500views and it helped them reach viral levels on YouTube.

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Ranking Your Video For Keywords/Tags

Buying views for your video you get the impression that your video will receive organic traffic once it starts ranking for tags. Ranking for tags or keywords is one of the most important factors in receiving organic traffic. Most people do lots of work trying to research which keywords will bring them more organic traffic. They do that by searching the keyword on YouTube and seeing if the competition is high. If the competition for first page results is not high, then you have a shot of being on the first page and attaining good organic traffic. You can also check the keyword by searching and seeing how many views the top 5 videos have. If it’s something ridiculous like 5 million views, then I suggest you stay away from that keyword. You need something along the lines of a couple of thousand views in the top 5. Once you find those keywords buy that views package, I mentioned above and you should be good to go.

Make Sure To Read The Terms & Agreements Page

Each service provider has its own version of the terms and agreements form you agree too when you purchase any of the services. My advice is to read that form before ordering so you’re aware of what might happen if for some reason YouTube decides to take some of the views off. You will need to make sure that your information is kept private as well. You wouldn’t want anyone knowing that you purchased views for your video.

Strategies That Will Increase Your Subscribers and YouTube Views

We all want to make cool videos on YouTube like some well-established channels, and we would all love to watch the figures grow as our channels grow. But YouTube can be a cruel place and sometimes it could take more than a whole year just to hit 1000 subscribers. This all depends solely on you and your skills in video editing and video production. But none the less, to make it on YouTube requires patience and lots, and lots, of cool nerves. Like most stuff in our life, even YouTube has the ability to make a situation stressful as hell. Having to watch your channel’s stagnation is hard for everyone. But in order to avoid that, we have a short article for you, and we will explain a couple of strategies that will increase your subscribers and YouTube views.

1. Make an Engaging Channel Trailer


Is there any easier way for you to explain everything that your channel is about than a quick 30 seconds trailer for your YouTube channel? Well, we would have you know that YouTube even has a feature for that. The channel intro feature on YouTube lets you automatically play a certain selected video (by you) on the opening screen of the “videos” tab on your channel.  The length on the trailer should be between 30 to 60 seconds, although speaking from past experience, the shorter, the better. Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched daily, that is an astonishing figure. This means that every person on the platform watches more than a video a day. So you can imagine how valuable their time is. Keeping it short, keeps it cooler.

2. Buying YouTube Views and Subscribers


Believe me when I say that buying YouTube subscribers and views is a much more important strategy than you might think. Doing a bit of research on the Web will allow you to find the best possible service that will help you with increasing the number of subscribers and views on your channel. If used the right way, this can be massive for your channel’s growth. It can levitate your status from a nobody to someone whose videos will appear on the Youtube’s recommended section. This can greatly help your channel and get the desired attention. YouTube is so popular that it can be hard to get the get the much-desired attention, and using these services will only help your cause.

3. Make Shorter, Engaging Videos

Very few people like to watch a 30-minute video, no matter how quality the video is. What’s more devastating is that very fewer people have the time to watch a 30-minute video. This is why we recommend you keep your videos shorter, maximum 10 minutes. This is a popular strategy that nearly 90% of YouTuber’s use. It’s proven to be very effective, and we are about to provide you with the statistics behind this.

  • After analyzing the top 50 most popular videos on Youtube, we have calculated the average length of the videos to be around 3 minutes
  • Podcasts are very popular on YouTube these days, and they can be quite long, most of them up to 1 hour. But the statistics show that most listener only listen about 22 minutes on average
  • TED Talk is a very popular channel on Youtube, and each speaker is obligated to present in less than 18 minutes. This is because they have conducted studies on people’s attention spans and have found that people lose attention after 18 minutes of view time

So this is why we recommend you keep your videos at a maximum length of 10 minutes. Using this information to your advantage can greatly impact your YouTube channel. Purchasing YouTube views and subscribers can help your channel grow, and having an engaging YouTube trailer will give your audience a quick overview of what your content is.