La Datcha: The First Luxury Ice-breaker Yacht

Oleg Tinkov, a banker from Russia, who is also a billionaire has a net worth that is estimated at about $2.3 billion. He has now decided that he wants a private yacht that is going to be 77 meters long. This yacht will be an icebreaker and it’s called La Datcha. It will be the first private luxury ice breaker that will have the capability to explore amazing destinations. The yacht is supposed to be delivered at the end of 2020. It is currently being built in the Netherlands as part of the Damen’s SeaXplorer.

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This amazing yacht is being created as a part of the banker’s lux project called La Datcha, that was made out of a couple of holiday hikes in luxury deistinations. Tinkov has said for Forbes that it will be possible to charter in the yacht. The price for it will be around € 690,000,000 by week. Oleg Tinkov himself will spend about 20 weeks a year on it as well.

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Because of the large number of storage spaces, a huge range of equipment and tenders can be kept on-board, including 1 submarine, 1 VIP tender/rescue boat, 2 helicopters, 1 dive support tender, 4 wave runners, 1 beach lander tender, 2 expedition ribs, and 2 snow scooters.

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The interior design of the yacht was done by Damen and Amels, and it will feature full height windows, an observation lounge, the main saloon, a resident suite, and an observation deck. The yacht will also have Jacuzzis with hot water, one that will be inside, and one outside, a steam bath and a sauna. A massage room as well as a gym.

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The La Datcha will have 6 cabins available for guests, plus 2 master suites and 2 made for VIPs, there is room for 12 guests and a 25 person crew. Every room will feature a private bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe.

The plan is for Tinkov to exhibit the yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2020. And following that he will go on the tour on which he will visit the Seychelles, Madagascar and after that Makchatka and Kuril Islands.

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Tinkov has said that there are already people interested in renting the vessel. He has also said Bill Gates is interested in it as well.

VSY and Hot Lab collaborated on a new 67m explorer yacht concept

Italian yacht manufacturer called Viareggio Superyachts (VSY) has revealed interesting new details and renderings regarding their news 67 meters long explorer yacht concept, which they developed in collaboration with Hot Lab, another Italian luxury superyacht design company.

First revealed during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show of last year, this steel and aluminum 1130GT yacht is going to feature naval architecture developed by VSP and Marin, and engineering work performed by VSY. On the other hand, Hot Lab designers did both exterior and interior designs.

The design painter working for Hot Lab, Michele Dragoni, explained at one point that the project was “built around a concept that is very faithful to the original explorer yacht concept”.

Some of the key examples of what he means include a classic bow design as well as a chunky superstructure, both resembling many other rugged working boats and research vessels. The rest of the key elements and features are the main deck, with the aft part left completely flush to the deck.

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Moving on, the access to the beach club from the main deck is through the large hatch, while there is a small panoramic sundeck that resembles a “crow’s nest” that sits at the top of the yacht superstructure. This is a nod to “the legendary age of sail”, when all ships had something similar.

The aforementioned aft deck part is left wide open, which allows for a multitude of freestanding sun loungers, sofas or other seating areas.

Because there are no staircases built into the transom, this entire section is able to fold out, in order to create a full beam swimming platform that serves as the superyacht beach club. In addition, the upper deck features a glass side infinity pool, something that looks amazing wherever it stands.

Mr. Dragoni also added, “The play on alternating full and empty spaces as one climbs from one deck to another in the beautiful superstructure is most probably the most characteristic stylistic feature of the exteriors.”

Regarding the inside of the vessel and the interior décor, it is described as “fairly classic”, combining a choice of two layouts available for the customers. They can feature either six cabins or seven cabins as their desired layout.

Antonio Romano, another employee at Hot Lad, said, “The common denominator is represented by the presence of large windows on three of the four decks, which literally flood the interior with natural light.”

The owner’s suite located on the upper deck will benefit from stunning 180-degree views, his and hers bathrooms, as well as a private study. Furthermore, the sky lounge sports glazed windows on three separate sides, making this the spot to be on the ship.

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-The overall length is just under 67 m, the beam is 11,6 m, draft stands at 3,10 m, and the depth is 5,85 m.
-There are 5 + 1 guest and owner cabins, able to accommodate 10 + 2 people, as well as 8 + 1 crew and captain cabins, accommodating 15 + 1 crewmembers.
-Interior area has a total of 745 square meters, while the external areas are spread on 485 square meters.
-The yacht will have a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a 12-knot speed.

Main Features
-Top features of the yacht include:
-A panoramic lift from the lower deck to the bridge deck
-Double shell doors on each side for a large and comfortable sea access
-The external main deck area of 180 square meters, suitable as a multifunction living /sunbathing-pool area
-Outstanding acoustic privacy levels
-Helideck “touch and go” in the aft main deck
-Large Owner stateroom with a private office

Wellness and Spa
There is a large gym present on the lower deck, and a second gym room and a pool on the bridge deck. On the main deck, the yacht has a large sunbathing area with a pool.

Watersports Equipment
– Garage in the lower deck aft area
– 1 x Tender (8 meters)
– 1 x Rib Tender (8 meters)
– 2 x Jet-Ski Yamaha VX Cruiser
– 2 x Shell doors downward in garage
– 1 x Rescue Tender (4.2 m)

AV / Entertainment / Control System
All guest and owner areas have modern, state of the art audio/video systems, light and cabin controls, and VoD.

9 Ways to Live Like A Millionaire for A Day

Many of us dream to live a life of the super rich, travel wherever we want, eat whatever we feel like or just buy anything you fancy. In reality, not many people can afford such a lifestyle. Still, there are ways for ordinary people to live it, at least for a day, by emulating what rich people do every day.

Drive a supercar for a day

While it is nice to own a few Ferraris, most of won’t live long enough to achieve that. Still, there are ways to get behind a wheel of one of these supercars, by renting one. There are companies that specialize in renting supercars and you can get a Ferrari, Porsche, or a Bugatti for a day. They also have premium models you can rent with a chauffeur if you don’t feel like driving and want to relax in the backseat, while they drive you around the city.

Img source: theceomagazine.net

Get aboard a luxury yacht

You can get a glimpse of luxury yachts in ports all around the globe, from Aruba to Antiqua, without their owners being present. They play extraordinary sums each year for maintenance and end up using them maybe 10 days during the season. Usually, only wealthy people get gain access to them, but there is a way for the rest of us to get aboard, and that is by getting a job on one of them.

Relax in a luxury villa

There are many habits we attribute to rich people and one of them is having houses in various attractive locations around the globe. They can’t use all of them at once, so for the better part of the year, they sit empty, except for the staff that takes care of them. Getting a job in one of these luxurious homes is usually done through a specialized agency and you could apply in order to see one of them from the inside.

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Transfer to first class

If you are looking for a premium experience while flying without breaking a bank, there are ways to do it. The first thing you need to do is to be dress properly. Get rid of t-shirts and shorts and get a smart suit and behave appropriately. If you ever had a bad experience with the air company, you can use it to gain a transfer to the first class.

Get into an exclusive sports event

Social calendars of rich people are often filled with exclusive sports events. Despite the fact that they are usually highly exclusive, there are ways to visit them very easy, sometimes even for free. For instance, you can get tickets for Royal Ascot for less than 30 euro. If you are a tennis fan, Wimbledon organizes a lottery every year for some of the tickets, while Monaco Grand Prix can be watched for free, since it is held on the streets of the city.

Img source: youtube.com

Refine dining for free

Top restaurants in the world have to pay attention to every little detail of their service in order to preserve their status. The best way for them to get an honest opinion is to organize mystery dinners. If you get in one of them, you will get a credit you can spend on a meal and all you have to do in return is to give your honest opinion about it. You need to register on a site in order to get an invitation for the events.

Sponsor a football team

Each respectable millionaire has to own a piece of a popular football club. It doesn’t matter whether it is Manchester United, Chelsea, or Real Madrid, it is a rather expensive pleasure. You can do it on the cheap by sponsoring your local club. Next time you seat in the stands and watch the game, you will feel like Roman Abramovich.

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Treat yourself with a designer watch

Ridiculously expensive watches are one of the status symbols rich people love to wear, even if they are relaxing by the pool. Like many other fashionable items, watches are in one season and out the next, meaning their value can plummet drastically. You can get a second-hand Omega, Rolex, or Breitling for a surprisingly low price.

Be a philanthropist

Perhaps the best way to emulate rich and powerful is to spread the wealth. Donate some money to a humanitarian organization or some other charity of your choice and you can help improve the world while feeling better about yourself at the same time. You won’t contribute millions like some other people, but every little bit helps and you would have done your share.