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Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ was called the “Oprah of wrestling” by Paige

Paige is the 26-year-old wrestler which career in WWE is portrayed in ‘Fighting with My Family’, a movie that Dwayne Johnson produced and played in.

source: gulfnews.com

Paige said that she thinks that Dwayne is like the “Oprah of wrestling” and that she was a ‘hysterical mess’ back in 2014. She also said that the fans loved women in WWE, and they supported them. But some WWE fans didn’t love the female wrestlers and they didn’t take them seriously.

source: gulfnews.com

Dwayne said that it was an honor to him to work on this movie and produce it. And it’s a project that he was waiting for a long time now. He said that when he first saw a documentary film about Paige and her wrestling family, he instantly identified with her and her crazy wrestling family because he had the same. Dwayne Johnson also had a crazy wrestling family. He connected on so many levels with Paige and her family. They all have very strong wrestling roots. When he saw the documentary film, he knew it would be a great movie someday, and now he made that happen.

source: wrestlingforum.com

He also is very satisfied with the buzz surrounding the whole movie around the internet, and he believes that the fans will love it.

Top 10 Salaries of WWE Wrestlers


Watching WWE superstars performing their amazing stunts in and around the ring has often made people wonder how much they make. The answer to that question is somewhat complicated.

First of all, WWE never releases to the public the information about their superstars’ salaries. It has been a long-standing company policy and it isn’t changing any time soon. That being said, we can make a pretty accurate assumption from bits and details let out.

WWE wrestlers earn their money from several income streams. The most obvious is their contract with the organization, but they also receive money from sales of all personalized items, like action figures and T-shirts. Appearances on comic conventions also bring some cash.

As their clout within WWE increases and their popularity with the fans increases, they can earn additional bonuses, like a percentage of gate sales and, for the top tier performers, a cut of pay-per-view income. They also have significant perks, like first-class air travel or personal busses for tours.

Bray Wyatt

Source: ringsideintel.com

2018 Salary: $470,000
Net worth: $800,000
Bonuses/perks: Economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

the Eater of Worlds has earned a significant pay rise compared to the last year when he only made $245,000.

Roman Reigns

Source: stillrealtous.com

2018 Salary: $550,000
Net worth: $1.0 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: undisclosed percentage of merchandise sales, economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

The salary Roman Reigns receives as the winner of the WWE Championship and the United States Champion doesn’t seem much, and we are sure he will negotiate a far better deal for the next year.

Kevin Owens


2018 Salary: $950,000
Net worth: 2.5 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: economy/coach air travel, hotel, rental cars

Kevin Owens is among the rising stars of the WWE and his earnings are sure to increase in the following years.

Seth Rollins

Source: youtube.com

2018 Salary: $950,000
Net worth: 3.0 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, 1.5% of merchandise profits, hotel, rental cars

If it wasn’t for the injury he had, Seth Rollins would already be making six figures.

The Miz


2018 salary: 1.2 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: undisclosed percentage from merchandise sales, first class air travel
Net worth: 6 million dollars

With the Miz, we are now entering the heavy-hitters domain, where salaries exceed one million.

Big Show

Source: theregion2show.com

2018 Salary: 1.25 million dollars
Net worth: 20 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, upgraded hotel stays, private business

Big Show has been around for a long time and for the last decade, he has earned six figures from WWE every year.

The Undertaker


2018 Salary: 2.25 million dollars
Net worth: 17.5 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: first-class air travel, hotel upgrades, undisclosed pay-per-view bonus when he’s in the main event, 2% merchandise sales

The Undertaker has become a household name through WWE, so his high position on this list isn’t a surprise.

Triple H

Source: reddit.com

2018 Salary: 2.8 million dollars
Net worth: 25 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: stock options, private jet, limited travel and appearances, pay-per-view bonuses, 5% merchandise profits

We don’t get to see Triple H in the ring much these days, as he is transitioning into his new corporate role as Senior VP in charge of talents.

Brock Lesnar


2018 Salary: 6.0 million dollars
Net worth: 21 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: private jet use, hotel upgrades, undisclosed merchandise bonus, pay-per-view bonus

Many people think that Brock Lesnar is overpaid, but considering how many fans come to see him fight, that simply isn’t true.

John Cena


2018 Salary: 9.5 million dollars
Net worth: 35 million dollars
Bonuses/perks: private jet use, 4 stars or better hotel where available, 3.0% of merchandise sales, the highest pay-per-view bonus in company

And on top is naturally John Cena, one of the most popular WWE superstars in history. As he slowly moves to acting, his career in WWE is winding down, but he will still earn considerable money from it for the rest of his life.

Pro Wrestling will never again feature stars like Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin and John Cena

Today’s WWE is vastly different from the wrestling in the Attitude Era or the era of Ruthless Aggression. Controversial and extreme storylines are gone, and so is the blood. WWE is now a worldwide entertainment, and it needs to be PG. What this means is that the current era has to tend to a wider variety of audience. The thing that changed the most unfortunately are the stars, as nobody reached the levels of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena.

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, also known by his WWE stage name Bubba Ray Dudley, appeared on the Jim Ross Podcast where he discussed wrestling. He criticized the quality of Raw, saying how the storylines became worse. In addition, he revealed the cause behind the lack of stars and why there will never again be someone like that.

Seth Rollins has done it all and can do it all. But how come Seth Rollins is not at Cena level? How come he’s not at Rock level? How come he’s not at Austin level? It’s because I don’t think they will ever allow anyone to get to that level again. If you take the three biggest stars over the last 20-some-odd years, would you say that Cena, Austin, and The Rock are the three biggest ones? Okay, so those three guys in their own way do what they wanted to do without Vince’s approval. Listen, Steve was able to walk out and still come back and have a job. [Ross] helped out a lot, but not a lot of people walk out and come back in the next day.”

“Rocky was able to walk away and become the biggest star in Hollywood. And John, my God! He just won the Muhammad Ali Award. He [has] granted more wishes than anybody on the planet. I mean, he walks on water when it comes to the WWE. And he was able to tell Vince, ‘I’m not [going to Saudi Arabia].’ I don’t think they’re ever going to let anybody get to that level again where they have control or say.”

Img source: forbes.com

WWE invested in Roman Reigns, and wanted him to take over the stardom. He took part in the main-event of WrestleMania four times in a row, but was sadly diagnosed with leukemia. He is now on an indefinite break from WWE in order to get better, which left WWE without its biggest star. Hopefully, the void will get filled, as many popular wrestlers remain with Seth Rollins, Elias, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman.

The question still remains. Can any of these guys become as widely recognizable and famous as the legends of old, who went on to become even bigger stars in other entertainment business? Only time will tell.

The Rock Has Been Linked with a Big WWE Comeback

Guess what? It is very possible to see Dwayne Johnson in a big WWE comeback! The Rock has been linked with this comeback and we could definitely see him in one of the most epic WWEWrestleMania clashes with Brock Lesnar.

In fact, the WWE planned to have The Rock at the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. This match will take place on January 27at the Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though we were all looking forward to a battle with Roman Reigns which was to happen at the Universal Championship at WrestleMania on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in New York, this isn’t happening. The main reason is that Roman Reigns took an extended leave of absence as he was diagnosed for leukaemia and needs treatment.


However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t see Dwayne Johnson at WWE. Instead, it is very likely that The People’s Champion will return and battle former rival Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Mania. This return will definitely depend on one condition and that is the deal The Rock and WWE will make.

Recently, WrestleVotes tweeted that the plan was that The Rock should face Roman Reigns at Mania. However, as this won’t happen, it is possible that Dwayne faces Lesnar and that it only depends on the kind of agreement they make.

We have only seen these two face only once. The battle between Lesnar and Johnson happened in 2002 at the SummerSlam. Lesnar earned his first world title after winning the championship after pinning The Rock following an F-5. Lesnar was then 25 and became the youngest WWE Champion of all time. In 2004, Lesnar left the WWE and moved to the UFC where he became Heavyweight Champion. Then, in 2012, he again returned to the WWE and has beaten some of the best wrestlers, such as CM Punk, John Cena, and Triple H.

On the other hand, Johnson left WWE and started with his acting career, which became very successful. In fact, he has acted in many blockbusters, such as the Fast & Furious franchise and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Moreover, he has worked side by side with many movie stars, including Kevin Hart, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta. However, he revealed that he would like to return to the ring in the future as he misses the connection with the audience.