New Coronavirus Symptoms, the People Infected First had these Problems

The virus that put the world on pause is new, and scientists and doctors don’t know a lot about it. But they are trying their best to learn about it through following patient’s conditions and the course of the disease. This way, they hope they will learn more about COVID-19 and how to treat it.

What Happens When We Touch Something Infected?

Self-isolation, social distancing and staying at home are necessary measures in the fight against the coronavirus. However, it’s also necessary for a member of a household to go to the grocery store once in a while, where there’s unavoidable contact with articles that were previously touched by a lot of people. What if we touch

The Origin of Coronavirus – REVEALED

As the new coronavirus which causes the disease Covid-19 continues to infect the global population with the number of confirmed cases being over 350.000, there is also a lot of misinformation being spread around as well. One theory was that the virus was made by scientists in Wuhan, and that it broke out causing a