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Bjergsen Net Worth 2021 – Personal life and Gaming Career

Soren Bjerg, but much more known by his nickname – Bjergsen. He is famous because of him playing the video game League of Legends or LOL. He plays for the team Solomid and he is their mid-later. Since a little kid, he always enjoyed playing video games and would sit in front of the computer or TV for hours. That is how he realized that he s very interested in them. He managed to make a career out of playing video games and has earned a lot of money from it. To find out more about his personal life, achievements and net worth, keep reading the text below.

Personal life

Soren Bjerg was born in Holtebro, Denmark on February 21st, 1996. He grew up in his home country of Denmark. He has two brothers. At the present moment, he is a part of the team SoloMid and is their mid-later. He lives in the team’s house – the TSM gaming house.

The main video game he plays is LOL – League of Legends, but he also likes playing Diablo 2, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, he is very good at all of them.


He first got into playing League of Legends in 2013 and at that time he was a part of the Copenhagen Wolves. In the European championship, he paid in the championship series. Because of the age restrictions in the Riot Games, he could not play with his team The Copenhagen Wolves for three weeks.

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During those three weeks, he had to be replaced by another player. After he turned 17 years old he was old enough to play as a part of the team Copenhagen Wolves. Thanks to him being old enough he was again in the original lineup of players. He continued to play in the matches that were left in the competition. After the success that the Copenhagen Wolves he moved on to another team, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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By November 2013 he decided to leave Ninjas in Pyjamas because he wished to move to North America. That was when he became a part of the team Solomid. He was the second player that moved from Europe to North America LCS. He had one mistake in 2014 when he encouraged a member of the Lemondog, another team to stop playing his position, this broke the rules of LCS.

The Riot Games posted a statement that Bjergsen’s actions have broken some of the rules, which he admitted to and was later made to pay $2000 in fines for his mistake. When 2015 came around he received the award of being the most valuable player on their team, this was during NA LCS Spring Split. In 2015 he also got qualified for the League of Legends ( lol ) world championship.

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The Net Worth Of Soren Bjerg ( Bjergsen )

The estimated net worth of the video game player Bjergsen is about $2.5 million. A large part of his net worth was earned through him participating in many video game championships and winning many of them. When he was younger he played many different games but then he realized that his favorite and the one he was best at was League of Legends, so he concentrated on that one.

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He gained his popularity through playing video games and being a part of riot games. He has been part of a few different League of Legends teams but currently, he is a part of the Solo Mid team and his role is to be the Mid Laner. It is impressive how at such a young age he succeeded in turning his hobby and passion into a money making machine.

4 Best RPG Games to play in 2021

RPG or role-playing game is probably the most unique and interesting genre in the entire video game industry. This genre allows you to take control of a certain character and then customize it in any way you want. Whether you like to be a female or male, that is up to you. You also get to decide which skills and attributes your character will have. As the story goes on, you keep developing your character until it becomes very powerful. It truly is an interesting take on video games.

RPGs started appearing somewhere in the 1980s with titles such as Wizardry, Dragon Quest, Ultima, and many more. Since then, we have seen thousands of other titles that have taken their own unique approach towards this genre.

One of the most intricate RPGs of all time I believe is Fallout 3. At the start of the videogame, you get to fully customize the look of your character, and then you can branch out into hundreds of other skills and abilities. You can basically do anything. You can decide to be a fistfighter or use the biggest guns you can find or maybe even not fight at all and only use your charisma.

After the release of this legendary title, developers started to implement a lot more RPG elements in their titles. That is why today, in 2021, the choice for role-playing games is huge. To help you make the right decision, we have made a list of some of the best in this genre.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Assuming that you have never played a video game from this genre, then the first thing you will need to experience is The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This arguably may be the best title in this genre. Sure, it is not that new since it was released in 2011, but it is still very advanced in terms of RPG elements. The amount of customization you can do to your character is simply amazing. You get to choose your fighting style, your looks, whether you’re going to be good or evil, and tons of other stuff.

The reason why I suggest playing Skyrim in 2021 is the fact that there are millions of mods for this title. By downloading mods for Skyrim, you can make the graphics look like they were made in 2021. You can also use these mods to completely customize Skyrim. Anything from making your enemies turn into a chicken to making yourself the strongest character in the entire world. It gives you the ability to transform the world in any direction you want.

World of Warcraft

Now, this is a little bit different. It is an RPG in a way, but it is completely online and you get to play together with tens of thousands of other people.

It is a fact that World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in the entire industry. The amount of total players they have every month is not even comparable with other MMOs such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2, and many others.

The amazing thing about World of Warcraft is that you get to choose which of the two factions you are going to play, Alliance or Horde. After that, choose from the 11 different races including humans, gnomes, dwarves, night elves, blood elves, and many more. Once you have made the decision, you still have to pick a class. There are 12 different classes such as rogue, warrior, mage, druid, hunter, and seven others.

Once you enter the World of Warcraft, you still have a long way to go. Building your character takes days, if not weeks sometimes. You get to customize every single bit of armor you wear, the weapons you use, the spells that you cast, and so on.

However, people that have no experience in MMORPGs will need a bit of assistance. According to, dungeons and raids have become so difficult that most people will probably need a WoW BfA carry to help them get the right gear.

Dark Souls III

While Skyrim holds the place for the best character building, I can safely say that Dark Souls III holds the number one place for the most amazing RPG world. The maps on this title are simply out of this world. The creativity, the massiveness of the landscape, and the buildings are astonishing. I personally have not seen a more detailed world than the Dark Souls series.

However, this title is not just about exploring the magnificent world. It is also about the gameplay and character-building elements. Your character has access to hundreds of different weapons. You get to decide whether you want to use one-handed swords, two-handed polearms, or even giant ultra greatswords that are twice the weight of the player. This is a title that you must experience at least once in your life.

Although, I do have to mention that it can be very difficult. Even people that have been playing video games for the last 20 years, have a lot of trouble beating the first bars. Keep this in mind when you decide to play Dark Souls III.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of my personal favorites and objectively one of the best action-RPG videogame in the entire history of the gaming industry. You take the role of Geralt of Rivia who is a witcher. A witcher is a mutant who takes on the role of slaying monsters to help people and for a price, of course. Of course, Geralt isn’t as customizable as the characters of the other games we mentioned, but his story is so well developed, it would be a waste not to play this title.

It was released in 2015, but the graphics are still incredible, the gameplay is pristine and the story is simply one of the best. All of the characters that you meet throughout the world, whether they are your enemies or your friends, feel so real. This is a strong point of The Witcher series. Of course, there are a lot of RPG elements such as grafting, leveling, and learning new skills.

Whichever of these video games you decide to play, I’m sure that you will have a great time.

Why should you use boosting services for World of Warcraft


With World of Warcraft Classic’s release nearing, a lot of people are feeling the hype and want to get back into WoW. They want to go through all the leveling stages, old and new raids or dungeons and gather up some gold before jumping into WoW Classic.

However, a lot of people who used to play World of Warcraft when it came out in 2004 as children are now adults and have to work or study. This means that not a lot of people have the needed time or patience for Vanilla WoW like they used to. This is why a large portion of the World of Warcraft fan base often consider buying boosting services.

Whether if it is just level boosting, grinding for gear or gold/reputation farming, boosting services can help people save a lot of time. If you find yourself in the same situation as we have described and feel that you do not have the time to play WoW like you used to then make sure to read until the end to find out what you can get out of online boosting services and get all the answer for your questions.

How do these boosting services work?


After you submit your payment, a support agent will ask you for the preferred time you want to plan out the boosting. You will need to specify the current progress you have with your character in World of Warcraft to help him draw up a complete plan for your order. After creating the plan, they find a suitable professional player or team that can fulfill all your needs for you and your character. He then connects you with the player so you can transfer all your login details like username, password and verification code or email.

If you are looking for good World of Warcraft boosting and gearing up services, check out:

How long will it take to finish an order?

This usually depends on the order type, your current progress with the character, available boosters on your account and your playtime. Max level (120) boost in Battle for Azeroth usually takes about 4-13 hours. Some custom orders might take up to 5 to 10 days. Sometimes these orders may depend on weekly world resets. However, do not worry since most boosting services will tell you their planned time in advance.

What kind of boosts can I get?


There are a lot of different boosting services which you can benefit from such as:

– Max level boosting in Battle for Azeroth. These boosts will usually include all the gear dropped from quests, some reputation and all the gold or resources looted during the boost

– Mythic +10 gear. Boosting services can even offer you +10 Mythic grinding until your character is fully geared. You can even choose the ilvl gear you want your character. So asking for 340+ ilvl is completely fine.

– Cosmetics and mounts. If you are fully geared already after grinding for hours and hours, but you still want that cool mount or cosmetic and you simply do not have the time to grind again, you can hire a boosting service to get you that awesome mount. For more WoW Boosting services, check out Boosthive.

How to boost your World of Warcraft account with online boosting services?

A lot of people are coming back to World of Warcraft these days because of the oncoming WoW Classic servers. Legacy servers or Classic is what World of Warfare once was before all the expansions that have been released through the years. These legacy servers aim to remake what Azeroth looked like back in 2006 and the endless grind that everyone loved in vanilla WoW. This WoW release brings out a lot of nostalgic feelings in everyone and it is currently one of the most anticipated MMO games. Classic will be launched on the 27th of August.

This announcement of the “old” World of Warcraft has probably triggered your nostalgia too and you want to get back in the game before it is released. However, if you want to jump directly into the action of raiding and skip all that leveling and raid gear grinding you are probably thinking about getting online boosting services. These online boosting services offer a range of leveling, gear and reputation boosts. These services can help you skip all those annoying quests, running around aimlessly level after level and ending up with some low-level gear which is not enough for raiding.

So if you want to find out how exactly online boosting services work and what you can get out of these boosts make sure you keep reading until the end.

How do online boosting services work?

Online boosting services offer their team of experts in World of Warcraft to help you get the level or gear you want. They use secure payment gateways for any transactions you make with the service and never have to share any personal information. Online boosting services usually use Virtual Private Network (VPN) programs designed to protect your World of Warcraft account. These boost services usually offer a refund if they do not finish your boosting request in time. If you want to boost your character but you aren’t sure which boosting services you should use, then check out this website.

How to order a boost

If you want to use online boosting services for your account you will first need to visit any of the online boosting sites that you can find on Google. You will probably have to sign up first and add your personal and credit card information. Look up the game in which you want boosting services (in this situation World of Warcraft.) Since we are talking about World of Warcraft there will be a huge variety of boosting offers. Including:

  • Leveling boost. These services are usually provided in two ways. You can either play by yourself with a team of booster that will help you reach level 120 or a booster that will log into your account and use it until he reaches level 120.
  • Gearing services. Gear is probably one of the most important things in World of Warcraft if you want to have any fun while raiding. Players usually spend hundreds of hours to get high item level gear so they can get in good raid groups. If you do not have the time for this kind of grind then these gearing services will help you get your character to a high enough item level.
  • Mount farming. As you probably know, there are hundreds of riding or flying mounts in World of Warcraft which probably need a lot of time to be farmed. If you do not want to spend so much time grinding but still want that cool mount, you can hire these mount farming services.