Are Men More at Risk from Coronavirus than Women?


The newest reports are that over 300 thousand people have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 13 thousand have died from it. Spreading rapidly, corona has become a serious threat to humanity. Predictions are that 2/3 of the global population will be infected, but in most cases, it’s going to be a just a mild infection.

WHO (World Health Organization) has conducted an analysis in China and the results put people over the age of 65 at the highest risk, especially those with a chronic illness.


Coronavirus is infecting men, women and children equally, the difference is in how those groups are able to fight off the virus.

WHO claims that men get sick from COVID-19 significantly more often than women. According to the statistics from China, in the month of January the mortality rate among men was 2,8%, while it was 1,7% among women. The statistics were similar for both SARS and the flu.

The reason for this is that women have stronger immunity. The hormone estrogen plays a big part, as it helps increase the function of an immune system and works hard to fight off infections. On the other hand, testosterone in men blocks the immune system.

Genetics have a huge role, too. Genes relevant to the immune system and responsible for revealing the cause of diseases are coded on the X-chromosome. Women have two of them, while men have only one.


Another factor is the difference in lifestyles, as men tend to have more unhealthy habits than women. Men smoke more than women and the lungs of smokers are more prone to viruses.

It was first believed that children cannot get infected with coronavirus. However, this was disproven. Children can get the virus and spread it to other people, having mild to no symptoms themselves. There is no scientific explanation for this yet.

Interview Outfit Tips For Women in 2020

Interviewing, especially for your first serious job, is an intimidating process. You need to know the background of the company, predict what types of questions you might be asked, and make sure your resume and references are polished. And on top of all this, there’s the question of what to wear.

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Young women are judged especially harshly on their wardrobe, and they can’t just toss on a basic suit the way men can. As you prepare for that all-important interview, keep these 4 tips in mind to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward before the interview even begins.

Pay Attention To The Basics

Source: fashionista.com

Men can wear a basic suit for just about any occasion, but as women we’re expected to have different outfits for every event. As you plan out your first office wardrobe, then, pay attention to a few basic elements. You want pieces made from quality material, that fit well, and that suit the formality of the environment. It’s better to have fewer pieces in your wardrobe of a higher quality than to have stacks of low-quality garments that will begin to wear and look shabby quickly.

Among the basics you’ll get a lot of wear out of both while interviewing and once you’re working is a basic button down, but don’t be afraid to add some color or experiment with materials. Button downs are a wardrobe staple, but they don’t need to be boring.

Get A Better Bag

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People forget all the time, but you’re expected to bring a copy of your resume to job interviews, and once you’re in your new role, you’ll need to tote an assortment of things to and from home. With that in mind, this is a good time to invest in a better bag. A classic leather tote, like those found at Portland Leather Goods is perfect for this. Leather will last for years, matches just about everything, and you can choose from an array of colors and sizes to suit your personal style.

Consider Classy Cropped Pants

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Cropped pants may seem casual on the surface, but with the right cut and material, they can actually read as more formal that standard length pants, and there are several reasons for that. First, with full length pants, they need to be perfectly tailored if you want to avoid looking sloppy; just a bit too long, and suddenly your pants are dragging and catching on your shoes. Second, cropped pants create a nice sense of proportion when paired with flats and a blazer. This isn’t the 1920s – your ankles shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

The Smartest Skirt

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If you’re not the sort to wear pants, especially a cropped style, to an interview, there’s nothing wrong with a simple skirt. Obviously, you don’t want anything too short, but long skirts may also seem out of place. Opt instead for a conservative, mid-length style, right around knee length. Don’t be afraid to choose any interesting color or pattern, though. The midi skirt is classic enough on its own to leave room for some creativity.

Simple, Sturdy Shoes

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There’s an old saying – “clothes make the man” – but for women out on job interviews, it’s the shoes that really make a statement. The biggest problem is that there are so many choices. So, what kind should you wear? What you really want are sturdy, practical shoes that are still stylish. A nice heal is perfect, but skip the stilettoes for something chunkier that doesn’t feel like a fall risk. If you’re in a more casual field, an ankle boot or flats are also appropriate.

Always Accessorize

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When interviewing, you’ll hear a lot of conflicting advice about accessories. That’s because it’s easy to mess up a great interview outfit with the wrong accessories. As you select your accent pieces, then, keep a few basic rules in mind. First, don’t wear perfume to an interview. It doesn’t matter if you have a signature scent – you don’t know if your interviewer might have a fragrance allergy or just find the scent overwhelming. The last thing you want is for your perfume to take away from your presentation.

As for other accessories, keep it simple. Many experts recommend wearing a watch since that suggests you consider punctuality to be a top priority. If you aren’t a watch person, small hoop or stud style earrings or a single bracelet are also appropriate. You want to avoid anything that’s noisy or distracting. Understated is better than a big statement.

One last note on jewelry. You may have heard that women shouldn’t wear their engagement rings when interviewing for a job. Forget that old-fashioned nonsense. It’s generally unrealistic. The fact is that if wearing a ring was going to impact your odds of getting that job, it will also impact how you’re treated once you get there – in other words, you can consider wearing your ring a litmus test that will benefit you more than it will hurt you.

Can You Keep It Casual?

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Particularly with the rise of startup culture and the gig economy, you’re more likely to be faced with casual interview opportunities. But how casual is too casual? Though it depends on the circumstances, there are definitely ways to recalibrate your wardrobe. For example, if you’re interviewing for a startup, consider swapping out your blouse and trousers for a sleek jumpsuit.

If you work in a creative industry, you can also feel empowered to experiment more with your look. In those fields, how you present yourself is more likely to be a reflection of your professional skill, and there’s also more leeway. With that in mind, go ahead and wear that statement necklace or some brighter colors.

The Finishing Touches

Source: cosmo.ph

Depending on the industry and even the region, there’s a lot of flexibility as to what you wear to your interview, but there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable: confidence. Whatever you wear, make sure it helps you feel great and then walk into the interview with your head held high. Unless you believe you can do the job and project that confidence, you won’t make it far. Your interview outfit is just the icing on the cake.

Diamonds vs. Pearls – What Is the Better Choice for Women?

Although comparing diamonds and pearls is like comparing apples and oranges, we find ourselves asking, what do women prefer? They feel so different, and it is hard to pit them against each other— but we will try. First, let’s dive into what sets the two classic stones apart, the pros and cons, and ultimately what is the better choice for women.

The History

img source: scene7.com

Both pearls and diamonds have long enriched histories and have been coveted as valuable stones for hundreds of years. Jewels date back 7,500 years, and while now they can be easily purchased through retailers such as The Pearl Source, they once were so rare they were reserved only for the royals. On the other hand, diamonds don’t have quite as long of a history. One of the oldest diamonds known, the Beau Sancy Diamond, is only about 500 years old. Pearls were also harder to come by, making them incredibly rare and valuable. Mining efforts were increased to grow the number of diamonds available, whereas pearl diving was incredibly dangerous.

One of the most expensive pearl legend stories is about the great Cleopatra. Desperate to impress Rome with Egypt’s wealth, Cleopatra bet Marc Antony that she could host the most elaborate banquet in history. She took a pearl from one of her large earrings and crushed it, dissolving it into a goblet of wine and drank it. It is estimated the pearl would be worth 28.5 million dollars today.

The Beauty


Pearls and diamonds may be the hardest to compare in the beauty category as they are both well-loved for different attributes. People are drawn to diamonds for their ability to sparkle and catch the light. The rock is cut to enhance the diamond’s brilliance so that it refracts and reflects light to appear sparkly.

In contrast, pearls are loved for their luster and pearlescent qualities. That comes from light interacting with crystals in the pearl’s nacre and reflecting it to the eye. They are opaque in comparison to the diamond’s transparency. Both gems are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, although they naturally come in a broader range of colors.

They are unique in the fact that no two beads are exactly alike, which makes them extremely special. Both gems are natural, but they are sourced a little more naturally than diamonds, which are mined from rocks. They come out of oysters, ready to be polished and can be immediately used in jewelry, whereas diamonds must be cut, cleaned, and polished before becoming jewelry available.

The Fashion


There is a reason why pearl jewelry has always been prevalent in fashion and on-screen— because it conveys a classic, elegant look. Pearls have fluctuated in the fashion world over the last 100 years, as most trends do. They first rose to popularity in the 20th century after they started to become more accessible. Coco Chanel was a prominent designer that started incorporating pearls into her styles and brand and often promoted them as a must-have accessory. In addition to iconic designers, actors like Audrey Hepburn were often seen rocking the classic accessory both onscreen and off. The popularity of the pearl did drop for a while in the late 20th century.

However, in the past year, pearls have been a breakout trend. Designers are once again turning towards the classic gem to incorporate into jewelry. A strand of pearls is still seen as one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry.

Diamonds have not seen the same rise and fall of popularity and have been in constant favor of the public. De Beers began a marketing campaign in the 1930s; however, that propelled diamonds into the stone to turn to for engagement rings. To this day, diamonds are the classic gemstone people turn toward to complete their engagement ring. A pair of diamond studs are also seen as a staple piece of jewelry.

The Value

img source: secureservercdn.net

In general, a high-quality pearl will be cheaper to purchase than a high-quality diamond of the same shape and size. Before, when pearl diving was dangerous and rare, its value was extremely high. Scientists have figured out how to grow pearls in oysters, and their value has gone down on the market. There are still a few variations of beads that carry high demand and cost like the South Sea pearls, which are still incredibly expensive.

Diamonds are rare because of the supply in the diamond industry. The stone themselves are not limited to mine, but the industry creates a scarcity of them to maintain the higher value and price tag. Colored diamonds, however, are much rarer, with red, blue, and pink diamonds being the most unique in the world. The most expensive pearl necklace ever auctioned was designed for Elizabeth Taylor, and it was named La Peregrina. In 2011, it was sold for 11.8 million dollars. The Pink Star is the most expensive diamond auctioned off at 71 million in 2017.

The Final Outcome:

img source: shopify.com

From a fashion standpoint, there are more creative advantages in styling pearl jewelry. It was one of the standout jewelry trends in the past year, and I appreciate the accessibility of the gem. Designers and brands have utilized the pearl and incorporated it into modern styles and in different accessories. I consistently turn to a pair of pearl hoops or a pearl embellished headband to amp up my look. Although diamonds are considered more valuable, I am going to go out on a limb here and argue that Marilyn Monroe should have turned to the gem of the sea instead of her iconic musings.

How to Charm and Marry an Asian Woman

We can freely say that for many men, women’s mind is like an ancient secret that they just cannot crack. This can be even trickier if you want to seduce a woman that is from another culture. There is no question about it, we are all defined by our communities, and our perspective on different aspects of life is influenced by the culture and people that surround us during your formative years.

Because of this, we are all different, and oftentimes it can be difficult to really get to know someone who is a foreigner. Maybe something that they do, you will find odd and vice versa. However, every now and then, a man meets a woman that intrigues him, and he is ready to do almost anything to charm her in order to spend the rest of his life with her.

Image source: weclick.com.au

Asian women are known for their delicate beauty, so it comes as no surprise that men all around the world are mesmerized by them. However, seducing them is no easy task. They have certain expectations when it comes to the man that they are going to marry. For some men, flirting might be an impossible task to complete, so if you are one of them, check out love-sites.com where you can find a few tricks that you can use. If you want to ensure that you will be successful in this quest, keep reading this article, because we are going to tell you what you have to do and how you have to act.

First of all, you have to be respectful.  We are not only talking about treating her nicely, but you also have to respect her family, culture, and customs. These things are extremely important to her, and if you come across as ill-mannered, then she is going to lose her interest immediately, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Image source: eharmony.com.au

Do not try to guess whether she is Japanese, Korean or Chinese. Not only is it rude to play this guessing game, but also she will not find it amusing. Instead, simply ask her where she grew up and let her tell you some stories about her childhood and family. It is completely normal to inquire about this information and she is probably going to ask you the same thing. Just, whatever you do, do not try to guess her ethnicity.

Furthermore, when it comes to family, show her how much you love and appreciate your parents because this is going to tell her a lot about your upbringing. Generally, speaking women love men that have a close relationship with their immediate family, and for Asian girls, this is even more important.

Why? Well, it is common in Asian culture for children to take care of their parents as they grow old. To them, there is nothing more important than family. Because of this, you have to be on your best behavior when you go to meet her parents. If they perceive you as impolite, then chances are that she is going to form the same opinion about you.

Next, when you meet a foreigner, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is to learn some basic phrases in their language. This is great! It shows that you are eager to get to know her, to learn about her language, customs, and so on. A simple phrase like “How are you?” will go a long way.

Image source: sorincareba.co.uk

However, be careful. Over a thousand languages are spoken in Asia, so you shouldn’t assume what is her native language. If you don’t have this information and thus don’t want to come across as a fool, then a simple “Hi” in English is enough. Later on, you can inquire about the language and ask her to help you learn some phrases because we all know how difficult that can be. Just try not to make any assumptions.

Moreover, if you want to have children in the future, this is definitely something that you can bring up. But maybe not on the first date, the moment you meet. As already discussed, the family is the most important thing in their lives, so it is natural that they want to have one of their own. Keep in mind that they probably come from one-child families, which means that she has never had the experience of growing up with siblings. Due to this, she might want to have more than one kid. If you agree with this, mention it and she is probably going to perceive you as husband material.

In addition, show her that you have a successful career. This might seem wrong, but in reality, it is really important for Asian women, simply because they have grown up in patriarchal communities where the men work and take financial care of their families. They want to know that you are going to care for them and ensure that they have everything they need. They do not want to spend the rest of their lives living from paycheck to paycheck and this is definitely something that they don’t want their children to experience.

Image source: newspellssite.wordpress.com

What’s more, demonstrate to her that you have big plans for the future. Women are looking for someone who is serious, who has great plans for his life, both professional and private. Generally, speaking they do not want a man who is going to be satisfied with a mediocre job and who is going to spend every afternoon in front of a TV or online. Talk about your interests, things that you like to do in your free time, skills that you have mastered or countries you have visited.

To sum up, in this article we have given you some guidance when it comes to your behavior if you want to charm an Asian woman. If you have just met, you should definitely take things slow, and give yourself and her the opportunity to see if you want to pursue this relationship further. As you know, connecting with some on a more personal level can take some time, so be patient and see how to thing develop.

8 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Breasts after Augmentation

Breasts represent both femininity and gender but we often exclude them from our daily beauty routine. Just like your face and neck require special attention, so does your chest.
According to Cosmedical.ca fat transfer breast augmentation is your alternative to enhance the size and shape of your breasts using your own fat.

If you want to start giving your chest and implants some special attention, here are some steps you can take after your surgery.

Caring for Your Breasts after Augmentation

1. Use Quality Sunscreen

Image source:

When your breasts are not protected from the harmful rays of the sun, it can weaken and damage the skin. Applying a quality, high factor sunblock to your breasts before you spend time outside or go swimming will help your breasts look better for longer. 

2. Invest in Good Bras

Image source: bustle.com

When your breasts are not adequately supported, sagging occurs. Dr Anh highly recommends investing in good quality bras that fit you correctly after your augmentation surgery. A large number of stores offer professional fittings as part of their services, ensuring you are purchasing bras that are just right for you. 

3. Moisturize Your Skin

Along with protecting your chest from the sun, it’s also important to keep them moisturized, especially around the breast bone. If you aren’t already, make sure that you’re applying a good moisturizer to your chest when you moisturize the rest of your body.

4. Pay Attention to Your Posture

Good posture will keep your bones and muscles healthy and supple, plus it will give your breasts some additional support too. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, make sure that you’re paying attention to your posture. It’s also helpful to take regular breaks that will allow you to stand up and stretch.

5. Exercise Your Chest Muscles

Image source: medicalnewstoday.com

Exercise offers countless benefits but it can also keep your chest muscles strong and supple following breast augmentation surgery. By regularly exercising these muscles, you can help your breasts stay perkier. Over and above this, by maintaining a healthy weight, you can prevent your breasts from sagging.

6. Watch Your Food Intake

When your body is healthy, both your physical and mental health will benefit. Your tissues and muscles need specific vitamins and nutrients to stay strong, which means your breasts will benefit from a healthy eating plan. A proper eating plan will also help with weight maintenance.

7. Quit or at Least Cut Down on Cigarettes


Smoking has a lot of adverse effects. Not only does it prevent oxygen-rich blood from enriching all of your cells, but it’s a known cause of cancer too – not something you want to have to deal with after breast augmentation or at all!

8. Perform Regular Checks

Even if you’re not a smoker, be sure to check your breasts for abnormalities on a regular basis. If you will be scheduling a mammogram, be sure to mention the fact that you have implants so that they can adjust their techniques accordingly. By following the above tips, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your implants for many more years to come. 

Tips For The First Time Travelers To Oman

If you’re planning on visiting Oman for the first time, then there are a couple of things to know that will make your travel experience even better. Oman is a wonderful country located on the Arabian Peninsula, with charming architecture and unprecedented natural beauty.

And if you’re looking to make your travel unforgettable, then consider reading this friendly article that we’ve put together aimed at first-time travelers to Oman.

It’s Quite Hot Down There

source: theculturetrip.com

Oman is very sunny and very hot throughout the year. There is no cold weather on the Arabian Peninsula, and Oman is no exception to it. There are two predominant climates in Oman. You have the summers, where temperatures can rack up in the mid-40s, and you have the “winter” when temperatures usually range between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius. However, the weather in the mountains is generally different than in most cities, with one of the colder places being the Al Hajar Mountains, especially during the nights.

The capital city, Muscat, is very humid and very hot during the day, and that will not change during the nights most summers. On the other hand, Salalah is quite different as it is the place that receives the most rain during the year. This makes the weather there very pleasant. For traveling purposes, we suggest you visit Oman during the winter season (October to February).

Travel Information

source: neverendingvoyage.com

Like most places on Earth, Oman requires travelers from certain countries to acquire a Visa before entering the country. Luckily, the Visa can be acquired eighter online or as soon as you reach the border. Visas range from 10-day stay to 30-day stay, to even an entire year. Prices for each go from $12 to $52 to $130 respectively. For more Oman Visa information, heads over to https://oman-evisa.com/

Respect Omani Culture

The people of Oman are very religious and it is even said that almost the entire Omani population is deeply rooted in religion, tradition, and culture. The people of Oman are very conservative and that is especially reflected by the way they dress and behave in public. Omani men usually wear traditional dishdasha, which is a piece of white or colorful long cloth that covers them entirely or they can be found wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but the former is more popular. They also wear a kummah, which is a traditional cap.

Omani women are also deeply rooted in wearing traditional clothes, which usually come in the form of a black or colorful abaya. The abaya is also a long piece of cloth that covers them entirely, usually accompanied by a scarf that also covers their heads.

While the people of Oman don’t expect you to wear their clothes, they do take offense when they see tourists expose too much of their skin. This is precisely why you shouldn’t wear a bikini in public spaces such as public pools or public beaches.

Money in Oman

The official currency of Oman is the Omani Rial. One Omani Rial equal to 1,000 baisas, which is yet another smaller currency. One Omani Rial equals to $2,60, or 2,35 Euros, or 2,15 GBP. Omani Rial comes in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 paper notes, and 100 and 500 baisas. You are not required to tip for services in Oman, but you can do so if you so choose to.

10 Successful Women Share Their Best Life Advice

Success is something everyone wishes for but wanting it is an easy game –  to become successful, you have to make a difference. I believe serving others in a whole new manner is what we call success in business, Jim Rohn once said

“ Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Do not wish it were easier, wish you were better”

Nature has already told us, evolution comes with adaptability, if you are not flexible enough for handling the casualties coming your way, success will be a Gordian knot for you.

Success is not gender-biased:

Like men, women are also contributing an almost equal share in the society, gone are the days when people thought women incapable of handling office matters although women are apt in managing house chores you can not judge a lady by she being a homie.

Success is for hard workers, brave and resilient persons. Success and fortune do not show up for men only if someone is still assuming that women cannot be successful they must give it a second thought. It is the 21st century and our world is already experiencing the phenomenon of globalization, new opportunities are showing up every day both for men and women, more specifically for those who are ready to avail them.

It will be difficult to count the number of successful women and jotting down their life advices, but a few women and their precious advices can also work as a cherry on top for those who are already motivated and planning for start up their careers, before mentioning their advices here is a pro tip.

Here is a list of 10 successful women of the world:

  1. Angela Merkel

The first female chancellor of Germany. She was a physicist. She joined politics in 1989 after the issue of Berlin wall. With the passage of time she became the chairman of her political party and with constant struggled she succeeded for the first female chancellor in year 2005. She is considered as the most powerful lady and leader. She can control the European economy, she has handled the foreign policy of country in a very impressive manner. Moreover the most significant of all is her attitude in a male oriented environment.

  1. Anna Patricia Botin

She is a Spanish banker. Her father was a banker and she received this opportunity as a family business. Earlier in this decade she was ranked as the 100th most influential woman and in 2016 she reached at the 9th level. Her salary is more than 100,000,000 euros.

  1. Ann Sanders

A writer and a journalist. She started her career from Australia and within 10 years she became the most envied personality of western Australia. Now she is a founder of AGreenHand.

  1. Theresa May

Known for her struggle, Theresa May is the British Premier. She started off as a banker in Bank of England. Then she was promoted as the head of European affairs unit. That is how her political carrier started. Later she tried to join the House of Commons and her determination made her the most powerful lady of the UK.

  1. Marry Bara

First CEO of an international auto making company. She is an electrical engineer and studied business and Stanford graduate school of business. She started working in this company as an intern.

  1. Abigail Johnson

The CEO of American Investment Funds and a co-owner of fidelity international. Her financial value is almost $16 billion dollars.

  1. Malinda Gates

She is the founder of world’s most influential philanthropic movement. Earlier she was a general manager in Microsoft. She is recognized as a national hero in United states of America.

  1. Susan Wojcicki

The CEO of one of the world’s most viewed site, YouTube. Initially she worked with google and intel. In 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube.

  1. Merilyn Hewson

Graduated form Columbia business school. She started her carrier as a chief operating officer in Lockheed corporation in 1983. Now she is the owner and chief executive officer of the same company.

  1. Ginni Rometty

Chairman of IBM. Before this she was working as an engineering analyst in general motors.

Incredible Stories of Women Who Climbed Everest

Women have been missing out for a long time. They couldn’t sail because it was considered bad luck. They couldn’t enlist in the military as anything other than a nurse, go to space and travel to another country without their husbands.

Today they prove that they can do so much more than cooking or babysitting. Girls don’t want just to have fun. They want to follow their dreams, learn, and challenge themselves.

There are a lot of women who did what they wanted without anyone’s approval. Female climbers, for example.

We associate high mountains with Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Reinhold Messner, and Jim Whittaker. However, history has witnessed many female mountain climbers who were as strong and passionate as Hillary and Messner. Each of them had an uneasy path, but they managed to conquer the mountains, prove their strength and determination.

source: nationalgeographic.com

Junko Tabei, ‘that crazy mountain woman’

Junko Tabei was born in 1939 in Japan. Even though parents and teachers considered her a weak child, she started climbing at the age of 10. Junko didn’t want to stop after her parents told her that they couldn’t afford climbing classes any longer. She became a member of the mountain climbing club while she was studying at university. The gender stereotypes were still restrictive at that time. A lot of male mountaineers refused to climb with her. More than that, they were looking down on a girl who dreamed of mountains. Guys in the club couldn’t believe that she wanted to climb because she liked it. They thought that one thing all girls were looking for in the climbing club was a husband. Junko Tabei wasn’t interested in getting married, but, funny enough, she met her husband and father of her two kids while climbing.

In 1969, she formed the Ladies Climbing Club, the motto of the club was “let’s go on an overseas expedition by ourselves.” Junko didn’t listen when people were telling her to forget about mountains and raise kids instead. She was the kind of woman who wanted to try everything. At some point, Junko Tabei realized it was the best time to trek Everest base camp and conquer the Earth’s highest mountain. If you want to follow her steps you should explore kandooadventures.com and see what base camps you can choose on your way up to the top.

In 1975, she became the first woman to reach the summit of Everest. Junko was receiving presents and greetings from the Japanese Government, the King of Nepal, and dozens of Western countries. The world couldn’t believe that that tiny lady managed to come all the way on her own. An interesting fact is that Junko Tabei wasn’t ready for fame; she felt uncomfortable during the interviews and tried to avoid them.

source: rejectedprincesses.com

Junko became the first woman to ascent all Seven Summits, and it made her an adventure legend. Until the last days of her life, she didn’t treat climbing like it was her job even though a lot of companies wanted to work with her. The first woman on Everest would make any advertising campaign look great.

However, every time someone asked about her occupation, she was saying ‘I’m a housewife.’

People called her ‘that crazy mountain woman’; she didn’t care. She was climbing even after she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Junko Tabei died in 2016.

Poorna Malavath, the youngest girl on Everest

Poorna Malavath was born in 2000 at Pakala village, India. When she was growing up, her parents could barely make ends meet; they were earning around 35.000 rupees together (which is $595) a year. To see the world and make her parents proud of her, Poorna was studying pretty hard. Eventually, she was short-listed for Operation Everest as the best student. It took months to prepare for climbing the highest mountain in the world. She was ready to go to Everest after trekking to Darjeeling and Ladakh.

When Poorna saw Everest for the first time in her life, she said ‘We can climb it in a day.’ The 13-years-old girl admitted that she wasn’t afraid to go there since she received excellent training. However, she was scared for a moment when she saw corpses of mountaineers in the Dead Zone (above 8,000 meters).

Poorna Malavath was very happy once they reached the top of the world. She spent there less than 15 minutes, but it made her a hero in India. ‘I just wanted to prove that girls can do everything’ shared Poorna with BBC journalists.

Poorna Malavath was too young to climb the peak from the Nepalese side. The Nepalese officials don’t allow climbers under 16 years old, so the girl climbed the mountain from the Tibetan side, which is considered more difficult.

source: mediaindia.eu

In 2017, an Indian movie director released a film called Poorna: Courage Has No Limits.

At the moment she is studying at Kamareddy Residential College at Nizamabad; her goal now is to conquer all the seven summits.

Tamae Watanabe, the oldest woman on Everest

Tamae Watanabe has been living at the foot of Japan’s tallest mountain Fuji all her life. She managed to combine her daily office job with climbing adventures. Tamae has climbed Eiger in Switzerland, Lhotse in Nepal and McKinley in Alaska.

When Tamae Watanabe was 63 years old, she decided to conquer the top of the world. At first, Sherpa guides were a bit hesitant about talking an old lady with them to the summit. However, she showed how strong she was, and left no doubt- she was ready. In 2002, she became the oldest woman to stand on peak.

The female climber kept saying that ‘It is never too late.’ Eventually, she broke her own record in 2012 when she was 73 years old. Nowadays Tamae Watanabe spends her days with family and friends in her hometown. As she said, it was fun, but she wouldn’t do this again.

source: edition.cnn.com

Tamae Watanabe, Junko Tabei, and Poorna Malavath had one thing in common. They didn’t care when other people were telling them ‘it’s impossible.’ They believed that they were strong enough, and proved that mountaineering isn’t only for men.