10 Reasons why Donald Trump Should Lose the Elections in November

Elections are approaching in the United States, and incumbent President Donald Trump will have to roll up his sleeves if he wants to win because his country is in chaos. Although it seemed that his re-election was practically inevitable, the events that marked the past and the beginning of this year show that his chair

Is Headache a Foolproof Coronavirus Symptom?

The WHO has been collecting data during the entire coronavirus pandemic, and they state that the majority of patients experienced a sore throat, nasal congestion and diarrhea. Around 13% also experienced debilitating headaches according to the joint reports of China and the Who. That poses a question: Is a headache a reason for concern? The

Donald Trump Pointed out Who is the Guiltiest for the Pandemic

The United States President, Donald Trump, accused the World Health Organization of being responsible for the global pandemic of coronavirus. He criticizes WHO of being too light towards China and that they gave bad advice on the beginning of the pandemic. Also read: Donald Trump Owns Shares in a Company that Produces Hydroxychloroquine He said