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Kanye West and John Legend aren’t Friends Anymore Because of Donald Trump

The beautiful friendship between John Legend and Kanye West has come to an end.

While Legend insists it has nothing to do with the singer’s support of Trump, it is clear that this did have a huge impact on ending their close friendship.


The artists who collaborated on many hits, and used to be great friends, have drifted apart during President Trump’s time in office.
Things started going wrong when West publicized their private messages over his support of Trump.

John thinks that West ‘betrayed’ him and his own fans by endorsing Trump and ‘destroyed’ his legacy.

However, Kanye and Trump’s friendship goes back way to before he entered the White House.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka was the one who sparked this bond after she attended one of West’s concerts in 2009.


They got on well, so they kept in touch after that.

Kanye gave a shout out to Donald in his song So Appalled, with the lyrics: “Balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y’all”
Ivanka was very much pleased after that.

Trump didn’t attend Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014, and nobody knows if he was invited.

“I certainly wish them the best of luck. I know them well, and they’re both very nice people,” Trump said.


Even though he did not vote, Kanye said if he had, he would have voted for the Republican candidate.

“[Voting for Trump] don’t mean that I don’t think that black lives matter; that don’t mean I don’t believe in women’s rights; that don’t mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage, that don’t mean I don’t believe in these things because that was the guy I would’ve voted for,” yelled West.

“If I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.”

Trump: Obama was grossly incompetent


Trump later thanked Obama and Biden on Twitter, where he wrote that their actions just helped his campaign.


Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, stated that his predecessor Barack Obama was very incompetent. He said that as a response to Obama’s indirect criticism, that he does not know how to manage the country during a crisis.



On Saturday, Obama said that this pandemic, more than anything else, showed how many in public office don’t know what they are doing. And he added that some of them even don’t pretend to know.


After Obama’s speech, which Trump didn’t see, he only said that Obama was an incompetent president.


But Obama never directly mentioned Trump in his speech, but the current president is still trying to prove himself better than the previous president Obama.



Trump attacks Obama a lot, just like he attacked him and Joe Biden last week.


President Trump claimed that Obama and Biden knew that the FBI was investigating Michael Flynn, a former National Security Advisor. The latter later admitted in 2017 that he lied to the FBI about talks with the Russian ambassador to the United States.


Recently, the state’s attorney, William Barr, dismissed the case against Flynn, but the federal judge to whom the case was assigned could pronounce a verdict.


Trump accuses the previous administration of spying on Flynn, a member of his election committee, of compromising his campaign, which Trump called “Obamagate,” alluding to the Watergate affair, when the seat of the Democratic Party was eavesdropped on during the term of Republican President Richard Nixon.


He called the investigation against Flynn “the biggest political deception in history”, in an interview with Fox News.


“It’s all Obama to you. It’s all Biden. These people are corrupt. The whole thing is corrupt, and we caught them,” Trump said.



Trump later thanked Obama and Biden on Twitter and wrote that their actions were helping his campaign. He also said that they are the reason why he is in the White House.


Trump has also repeatedly pointed out that Obama is partly responsible for the crisis caused by the coronavirus, due to the inadequate response to the swine flu epidemic.

People Decided to Listen to Trump: Injecting the Disinfectant to Kill the Coronavirus?

The number of calls to poison centers has been increased due to the fact that people decided to listen to president Trump’s advice to inject themselves with disinfectant!


The medical experts were shocked by what the president said. Further, they warned about the life-threatening consequences of this. Not only is it life-threatening, but it is also damaging to your health.

In the last 48 hours in the area of Illinois the number of calls to poison centers has been increasing because the citizens either injected themselves with the disinfectant or they washed their mouth with it, according to CNN.

Donald Trump proposed research on whether the coronavirus can be killed with the injection of the disinfectant or with the UV lights. The experts were shocked by this proposal.


On a meeting in the White House, the president of the USA talked about researching the reaction of the virus in the contexts of different temperature, climate and surface. He pointed out that disinfectant kills the virus within one minute, and that there is a way that this can be performed on humans.

He also said that it sounds interesting to him, and that it should be tested.

Dr. Deborah Birx said that she was speechless after Trump’s proposal. This went viral, and social media is filled with mems about the topic. It seems that everyone is laughing at Trump, who is constantly saying the opposite to the experts.


A few doctors warned the citizens not to inject themselves with disinfectants and not to use the UV lights, however they were apparently not heard by some people.

The results of Trump’s reckless speech were mostly seen in Illinois where people tried this, despite the expert’s advice.

Trump Wants to Leave the White House!

The world crisis everyone is facing at the moment, affects even the biggest leaders.

There are many preventive measures the citizens are advised to follow. Things like good hygiene, disinfection, and self-isolation are effective and crucial. With obeying these measures, everyone is in fact, saving lives. Nevertheless, the experts constantly point out that staying at home is one of the most important preventive measures. These measures apply to all, including the president of the USA. According to some sources, president Trump finds it really hard to stay at the White House during these difficult times.


On March 28th, the president travelled Norfolk, Virginia, and on March 6th he stayed in Florida for three days. Those two short trips have been the only ones, and Trump is apparently frustrated due to the fact that he must follow the rules of self-isolation.

Trump, like everyone else wonders when the crisis will be over. The president seems to be optimistic according to Tim Murtaugh, communications director of Trump’s campaign. He stated “The coronavirus will pass and the president is looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail and holding rallies. We will get back to those rallies. Never fear, the president is certain that we’re going to be back out there speaking directly to the American people.”


From the White House, it was reported that new ways in which the president may travel are being considered. They are thinking about a safe way in which the president could visit health centers in the USA which have had around 50.000 casualties.

According to NBC one senior administration official said “Like many Americans, the president is looking forward to travel when it is safe to do so.”

Obama Would Handle Coronavirus Pandemic Better Than Trump


A new poll discovered that a majority of voters would prefer President Barack Obama to run the nation during the coronavirus pandemic than current President Trump. However, Americans remain deeply divided over their chosen leadership amidst the outbreak that has spread to more than 400,000 across the country.

According to Politico, 52% of Americans think that Obama would do a better job in the current crisis. Only 38% think that Trump would handle it better in a sample of 1,990 voters. When presented with a choice between Trump and Bide, 44% picked the current president, a sign that doesn’t bode well for the Democratic nominee.


Obama has largely left the public attention since he departed from the Whitehouse but has become more active on social media since the outbreak. He endorsed Senator Elisabeth Warren’s plan for fighting the pandemic and also criticized Trump’s approach, something he rarely does.

Trump has been the target of critics for his slow reaction to the outbreak, something he denies doing. He also had a phone conversation with Biden regarding the handling of the crisis. “I laid out what I thought he should be doing,” Biden commented on the call Tuesday on CNN. “I laid out four or five specific points that I thought were necessary. I indicated that it is about taking responsibility, and being the commander in chief, taking on the responsibility.”


Trump claimed that he had a “wonderful, warm conversation” with Biden.

“It was a very nice conversation,” he added. “He gave me his point of view and I fully understood that.”

Not everyone agrees that Trump is handling the outbreak correctly. The Washington Post recently published a scathing article on the White House’s reaction. “From the Oval Office to the CDC, political and institutional failures cascaded through the system and opportunities to mitigate the pandemic were lost,” the article states.

The Truth about Sasha Obama

Ever since Barack Obama took office in 2009, Sasha Obama was known simply as the president’s daughter. She grew up in the public eye, and also under extreme protection. Because of that, we can say that her childhood was anything but ordinary. However, she did have several moments over the years that other teens can relate too.

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There is more to know about Sasha than just her father. The little girl who used to live in the White House is not so little anymore. And now when she is all grown up, she is doing big things.

Even though people of the United States and the world have seen her through the years, there are still several things you don’t know about her. Now we will take a closer look at some of the unexpected facts about Obama.

1. Sasha is not her real name


We first met Sasha during Barack Obama’s race for the White House. She was only seven years old. Did you know that Sasha is not her real name? Sasha is actually short for Natasha. We are mind blown.

2. She had a childhood scare


“Sasha got meningitis when she was three months old,” the President revealed. “I still remember going to the hospital together, and they had to give her a spinal tap.” Meningitis is a serious, life-threatening disease, so it is normal that he was concerned.

“Your world narrows to this very small point,” he added. “There’s one thing you care about, and you don’t care about anything else.” Fortunately, Sasha recovered completely.

3. She is a huge Ryan Reynolds fan


There is a photo in which Sasha meets Reynolds with her sister Malia. Obama’s joy at the meeting was obvious.

4. She worked as a waitress


Like many teens who end the school year, Obama found herself a summer job. She worked at Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Journalist Told Mr. Trump to Shut up About Coronavirus

Donald Trump cannot stop himself from spreading misinformation.

He should stop talking about the virus and not comment on the number of cases or deaths.  Jack Shafer is Politico’s senior media writer who addressed the President. Here is what he wrote:


Stop congratulating yourself about what a good job you’re doing, and never, ever again claim that you’ve got things “well under control.” Never again compare this virus with the flu. Never again promise that a vaccine is arriving “pretty soon “or that the virus “will go away,” as you repeatedly have, or that “it’s going to disappear.” Don’t blame the Democrats or the Obama administration or the press for your bungling of the crisis. Don’t say “anybody that wants a test can get a test,” because it isn’t true.

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Most everything you have said about the virus has been wrong, inflammatory, and dangerous. You think you’re making things better, but your steady spew of misinformation is confusing people and making the situation worse. Much worse. In your Wednesday night national broadcast, you stirred irrational fears with your words and your heebie-jeebie speaking style. The markets heard you clearly, which is why they promptly went into the swirly on Thursday morning.

You’re so bad at conveying accurate virus information, you make the Fox News channel sound like the Scientific American. If you were a medical doctor, the board of examiners would yank your license. The county prosecutor would then jail you for thousands of counts of malpractice. After that, he’d charge you with manslaughter for serving as the virus’ accomplice.

Besides alarming the public and the markets, your reckless blabber is drowning out the scientific and public health messages the professionals in those fields have disseminated. Every time you say something stupid, they have to stop their vital work and retrace your steps to disinfect the greasy mess you’ve deposited in the public sphere. You’ve so consistently misstated the virus facts that I could be convinced that you’re colluding with the virus to destroy the country. You can’t be that dumb, can you? Well, maybe you can be that dumb. You shook hands with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago on March 7, well after health experts told us to maintain social distance. Bolsonaro’s press secretary, whom you hung out with, has now tested positive for the virus, according to news reports. Another reason nobody should listen to what you say about the contagion.

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While I’m calling for you to be gagged, my order is not absolute. If it’s your desire, you can continue with your demagoguery about immigration. Want to holler about the Democrats? Want to kindle a war with Iran? With North Korea? On global trade? As our president, it should be your right to pop off about those topics — as long as we can rely on the other two branches to keep an eye on you. But the virulence of the coronavirus epidemic laughs at 18th-century checks and balances. Please, please cease your commentaries.


Instead of popping off on the virus to fill the dead air around you, do what Vice President Mike Pence — aka the coronavirus czar — has done when asked a question above his scientific understanding: Call on a scientific or public health professional to answer it. You’ve got plenty of scientific muscle on the payroll. Whenever Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been allowed to speak his mind, he’s delivered a clarion call of truth and caution. Establish a rule in your administration that nobody without an M.D., a scientific Ph.D. or an advanced degree in public health can answer questions about the virus. If Trump, Pence, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), or some other undereducated politician insists on slinging some virus talk, let’s make sure they have their comments cleared by a scientific panel first.

Mr. Trump, you’ve done sizable harm to the public health with your utterances. We can’t undo what you’ve done, but there’s still time to limit the damage and save a few lives if only you will put a large, wet sock in it. Because if you don’t shut your mouth, I’m going to come over to the White House and wash it out with soap.

Secrets from Donald and Melania Trump’s Bedroom

The book “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography,” confirmed what has been reported for several years, according to  Kate Bennett, the author of the book. Apparently, Melania and Donald Trump maintain separate bedrooms in the White House.


Within the 30,000-square-feet of the residence, Melania, 49, was able to “carve out her own space,” Bennett reported.

“It is true the first couple doesn’t share a bedroom, according to several sources, and the first lady prefers her own large, private space in a suite of rooms on a separate floor,” Bennett revealed.

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The possibility that the couple has separate bedrooms and “separate lives” was first reported in the first few months of Trump’s presidency.

That was when Melania Trump still lived in Trump Tower in New York City because she wanted their son Barron to finish out the academic year at his private school there.

There were many reports at the time that the Slovenian-born ex-model was not happy that her husband, 73, had won the presidential election. The “#FreeMelania” social media hashtag was based on assumptions about her being unhappy.

“Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is,” a family source said.

A year later, a report by Ronan Farrow suggested that they have maintained separate bedrooms throughout nearly 15-year of marriage.


There is also information about Trump’s alleged nine-month affair, starting in June 2006, with the former Playboy Playmate called Karen McDougal.

McDougal said that she met Trump at the Playboy Mansion in 2006 when he was taping an episode of “The Apprentice.” At the time, he and Melania had been married for more than a year.