Whiplash: Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

The term “whiplash” first appeared in 1928. At the time, another commonly used term “railway spine” explained a similar condition when people are involved in unfortunate train accidents. Likewise, whiplash is a condition that occurs when an individual’s neck suddenly moves forward and then backward resulting in extreme strain. Whiplash commonly happens as a result of a car accident. Whiplash injury is referred to as the damage in bone structures and soft tissues whereas whiplash-associated disorders are a more critical chronic condition.

Many people involved in a minor car accident recover without experiencing any chronic symptoms. On the contrary, some people experience symptoms for even years. Considering the uncertain situation, whiplash is a serious condition and if not treated on time can lead to adverse health issues. You should consult a whiplash doctor even when you have little or no pain. Here are a few reasons to help you understand why seeking whiplash treatment is important.

  • After the car accident, your body frequently releases adrenaline that covers the painful areas in an emergency. The hormone wears off with time consequently resulting in extreme pain.
  • On the first day of your injury, you may commonly experience swelling in the affected areas. This swelling is a defensive response. Though at the same time it exerts pressure on injuries resulting in more tenderness and stiffness.
  • Many whiplash injuries affect the delicate muscles and ligaments. If not treated on time, your everyday activities will further make them worse. You never know when a small or frequently overlooked injury becomes extremely painful and unbearable in the long run.

Considering these factors, we advise you consulting a doctor and seeking medical treatment should be your foremost priority. In case you are experiencing severe neck or back pain, you should first visit the emergency room to get the required treatment. On the other hand, if you are not feeling any pain, book an appointment at Marietta Chiropractic Clinic on the very next day. You are more likely to have pain or firmness that won’t immediately appear after the accident.

Curing the Whiplash


The treatment for whiplash primarily depends on the type and intensity of the injury. Whiplash is the sudden forward and backward motion as mentioned above resulting in varied types of injuries – they may be referred to as whiplash-associated disorder (WAD). There are multiple tests involved in addition to simply X-ray. The doctor will thoroughly evaluate the pain you are experiencing to figure out the recommended treatment. Some of these include:

  • Physical and Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic treatments (spinal adjustments)
  • Physical workout commonly involving stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Wearing a neck brace- a soft cervical collar for neck pain relief
  • NSAIDs and pain medicine
  • Use of specific injections such as epidural to restrict pain impulses and let the tissue heal quickly

In addition to the treatment options mentioned above, there is much more to that following a sequence of medical tests and evaluations. Once the type and intensity of the injury is diagnosed, a specific treatment will be executed to help you get rid of the condition as soon as possible.

Whiplash Injuries and Official Diagnosis


When it comes to whiplash injuries, there are many misconceptions you will commonly come across. Therefore, seeking and following the doctor’s advice is worth consideration. The first misconception is whiplash injuries only occur at low speed and as a result of low impact collisions. The second myth involves the side-effects and health concerns caused by whiplash. Though whiplash injuries frequently involve soft tissues that may take up to several days to reveal, they can result in critical symptoms and long-term pain. For instance, you may not seriously take nausea or headache, nevertheless, it can be an indication of concussion.

You may also want to acquire some self-treatments such as icing or painkillers. Though make sure to consult a doctor for examination and follow their recommendation whether it’s about medical tests or medication. Considering the expected and unexpected consequences of whiplash injuries, seeking medical care is important. As treating whiplash injuries can be expensive, a detailed doctor diagnosis and treatment will help you acquire the suitable compensation that you deserve.

Self-Care Whiplash Tips at Home


Since every whiplash is different from another, it’s essential to follow the recommended instructions by your doctor. Generally, self-care for whiplash involves:

  • Application of ice within the 24 hours
  • Using pain killer or NSAID to relieve from pain or swelling
  • Wearing a neck collar or using a neck pillow when sleeping to keep the neck position in the most appropriate manner
  • Avoid performing any physical activities that involve exerting force on the affected areas

The recommendations we have listed above will help you heal the injury in the best possible way. Many doctors will keep on suggesting you, follow these instructions to heal the affected areas smoothly and gently. For example, if the doctor recommends you wear a neck brace, they will also let you know when and how frequently you should wear it. Follow the little details to prevent any pain. At the same time, they will suggest you certain stretches or strengthening exercises. These gentle exercises will help in healing soft tissue injuries whereas complete rest can prevent or slow down the healing process. Irrespective of the case, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations no matter what.


Car accidents are unfortunate occurrences of life. These can be traumatic experiences requiring a great deal of time and effort to combat the situation. One common condition as a result of a car accident is whiplash. At times, it can be quite confusing to figure out whether you are suffering from any whiplash injuries. The condition tends to get better over time if you are following a treatment plan as recommended by the doctor. On the contrary, some people may suffer from chronic pain that is even more complicated and long-lasting. Make sure to get yourself checked and treated without wasting any precious time that may further worsen the condition.

8 Films that were almost not Made but Ended up Earning Millions of Dollars

No one believed they would become hits.

In the film industry, money is essential, but not always. Promising directors can spend years trying to raise enough funding to bring their ideas to life. They end up making something else with a minimal amount of money or simply giving up on their dreams. Viewers and critics don’t always rate it well, so a movie that wasn’t initially taken seriously can end up being a hit.

  1. Whiplash


$ 3 million budget – Earnings $ 48 million

This notable film about a determined drummer won three Oscars and one Golden Globe. At first, no one believed in the idea of ​​director Demian Chazelle. The producers thought viewers would not want to take their time and try to understand the intricate relationship of a nineteen-year-old drummer and jazz bandleader.

Chazelle decided to do a short movie with one of the scenes from his upcoming film, and it was a great decision. He won the Sandens Festival Award. Subsequently, his long-standing attempts to revive the Whiplash in the feature-length version came to fruition. The movie became a real hit and was on the top 10 list for 2014. The film was ultimately more intense than expected. The characters are incredibly charismatic and realistic.

  1. Get Out


Budget $ 4.5 million – Earnings of $ 255 million

This low-budget detective movie, directed by an amateur. Despite this, he has won many awards, including an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. At first, no one believed in this realization, given that the story was a mix of genres. A dark comedy melted into thriller and horror. The plot also addresses issues of inequality, and these films are otherwise categorized as social drama.

It is challenging to determine the category for such a film, and therefore it is unclear what its target audience is. For example, fans of action films would think that this realization takes too long since there is a plot going on throughout the film that plays outright at the end. Viewers and critics now regard it as a real thriller masterpiece.

  1. Slumdog Millionaire


$ 15 million budget – $ 141 million in earnings

The story of this crime drama is based on a book written by Indian writer and diplomat Vikas Swarup. The book is about a young, uneducated guy who was fortunate enough to get a chance to participate in a TV quiz that would make him some money.

The original idea waited a long time to come to fruition. Director Danny Boyle has decided to make a combination of Hollywood and Bollywood. It turns out to be, in fact, the classic story of a poor but honest man who achieves much. The creators have won several awards for this film, including several Oscars and Golden Globes. They managed to combine drama and fairytale wonders, which kept viewers “pinned to the screen.”

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding


$ 5 million budget – Earnings of $ 368 million

The people who created the film were able to shoot a pure romcom that turned out to be interesting, not only to targeted audiences but also to people who are not Greeks at all. The story is not very original; all the events revolve around that of a young Greek girl who falls in love with an American who, when she becomes her boyfriend, needs to adapt to a new culture.

The characters in the movie are like cartoon characters, and the big wedding is not shown in detail, though the title alludes to the wedding being the main thread. However, all the clichés are accompanied by comedic moments, which were accepted by the critics and the audience. Also, no matter where you are from, a big wedding with the accompanying drama is something that each of us has attended, at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Paranormal Activity


Budget $ 15,000 – Earnings of $ 193 million

This low-budget horror movie was shot in a pseudo-documentary style. The creators did not hope to achieve great success; after all, that genre is not something that many people like. The production was straightforward. All the filming was done at the director’s house and lasted only a week. It is this judgment-documentary style that sets the film apart. A seemingly simple horror movie, it has earned a lot of money and respect.

– Paranormal Activity is one of the scariest movies of all time. You will be under pressure because it is tough to ignore the impact it has on your psyche. You know the movie is fake, but you can’t help but feel fear. Nightmares are guaranteed – one film critic wrote.

  1. Split


Budget $ 9 million – Earnings of $ 277 million

Audiences and critics around the world have well received this complicated psychological thriller that had nothing to do with the word “blockbuster.” Professionals have worked on this achievement. It was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who authored the films Stuart Little and Sixth Sense. He chose actor James McAvoy for this movie because he had once played a man who has multiple personality disorders.

Split is the story of Billy Milligan and is very interesting. The director has managed to tell a unique story about a person who has already made several documentaries. It is hard to believe that such a massive budget resulted in a massive hit.

  1. Lost in Translation


Budget $ 4 million – Earn $ 120 million

The story of how the two lonely people got to know each other, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, completely blown away the competition at the festivals. It isn’t effortless to define the genre of this movie because there aren’t enough funny scenes to be a comedy, it’s too realistic to be a romantic movie, and it’s not even a drama. Anyway, the movie is full of touching dialogue.

Critics believe that director Sofia Coppola was able to create a controversial but harmonious film that had ample space for humor and serious topics. The reason it is so popular is its imperfection. The characters do not look perfect and do not try to show the love that does not exist. You see these types of people on the street, and such relationships happen every day.

  1. Good Will Hunting


$ 10 million budget – Earnings of $ 226 million

The drama about the talented mathematician is on IMDB’s list of the 250 best films of all time and has won nine Oscars. Classic Hollywood movies always portray a smart character as a “crazy genius” or as a member of the mob, just because Matt Damon’s character is neither of those two, everyone thought the movie would be a complete failure.

The action, which implies that being gifted does not mean that your problems will magically disappear, was exciting to the viewers. People rushed to the cinemas to find out more about the genius, a common man who rarely left his psychiatrist’s office.