How to Back Up Your Social Media Video – 2020 guide

Earlier Google’s photo backup platform automatically uploaded all the photos saved in your Android or IOS device. These included photos and videos stored in folders created by apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has said that it has now discontinued this feature, and now you have to save these photos yourself or turn to a specific app meant for this feature. Check out oDownloader to know more about this.

For this, Google has cited a surge in the tendency to share photographs after the onset of Covid-19. A statement in this regard said that due to Covid-19, people are sharing more photos and videos.

Google insisted that no photos that were already backed up and organized through social media apps have been affected by this change.

So to conserve Internet resources, backup and sync have been turned off for device folders created by messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages, and Kik. In such a scenario, you can change this at any time in the settings.

How to back up your social media video?


Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. However, the information needs to be backed up regularly. There is a difference between storing data online and cloud storage. Very few online backup providers back up social media videos.

Tools to back up social media content:

Let us find out the tools that are used to back up the social media video.

The tools are as follows:

a) Idrive: This versatile online backup service provider backs up videos on Facebook and Instagram. It stores the copies of the videos on its cloud servers.


Backup happens automatically. So, the videos that have been added since the last backup get saved. This tool ensures that backups are manually executed, from the web interface of idrive in the user’s Android or iOS device. It offers affordable subscriptions.

b) Acronis True Image: This tool backs up social media videos at a faster speed than Idrive. This speed is possible because they have a faster network backup. It backs up videos from Facebook and Instagram in a comprehensive manner.

The users do not need to back up the videos manually on this platform. The backup is automatic. If social media gets deleted, then it restores the backed-up data to a new profile. The users need to set up Acronis Backup cloud which encrypts the data with 256-bit AES. It provides the best online backup through an Android or Ios device. It doesn’t offer any free plans. The minimum cost is reasonable.

c) Cloudsfer Social media backup: It allows people to perform scheduled and manual file transfers.

d) pCloud: It is the best Dropbox alternative available in the market. This cloud storage service backs up videos from social media. It may only save videos from Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons behind backing up social media video:


Those who are active in social media need to create videos for Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. They need to save a copy in their smartphone because the server which houses their content may go down any time. The videos which are backed up maybe reshared on any other website. Even non-mobile videos may be backed up to the cloud.

Backup and Recover old photos from Facebook:

In Facebook settings, you will get the option through which you can also get backup of your accidentally deleted data. Learn the complete process step by step.

  • Open Facebook settings panel

First, click on the dropdown on the top right-hand corner of your page, then open the settings.

Everyone knows how to edit Facebook photos and videos and delete them, but here you will get to know how to backup the Facebook posts and recover them after you have deleted the photos and videos.

  • Click on Download Copy of Facebook Data

Now click on the option, Download a Copy of your Facebook Data at the very last of the settings page.

  • Click download archive

Now click on the option Start download archive shown on this page. After clicking, a popup message will be sent, which will say that it will be sent to your registered email id as soon as your user data is accessed.

Click OK on this message. Shortly, Facebook will send you an email link, from which you can download your Facebook data.

Backup and Recover old photos and videos from Instagram:


Step 1

First, you have to log in to your Instagram account. Then you have to go to the option containing the user details, and after clicking on the three dots you see in the above right-hand corner, you have to click on the option of the setting below.

After clicking, you have to click on Privacy and Security and then click on download data.

And here, you have to enter your email address and click on request download, and then you have to enter the password of your Instagram and click on Next. After that, you have to click on the done button under request download. From here, you will receive a mail on the email address you have entered.


Now you have to open the mail and click on download data and open it in a browser like Google Chrome and enter your Instagram username and password here and log in. And click on download data.


Now you have to download an app named ES File Explorer. After downloading, you have to search Instagram data in this file explorer, you will search by inserting your name, and your data will be visible, and you have to click and extract it. And you can keep this file anywhere.


To see the file of Extrcat Instagram, you will need an application named Json Genie (Editor) from the Play Store. After that, when this app is downloaded, click on Open, click on open JSON file, you open that file from here, and then from here, you can see everything deleted and save it.

10 Creative Ideas for Marketing on WhatsApp


Whatsapp is among the top most used application for every smartphone users, there were over 1 billion active users, and the graph is increasing rapidly.

As the number of users increasing on WhatsApp, it becomes a new market hub. You can find many marketers and distributors on WhatsApp. It is not a big thing WhatsApp is a powerful growing application with lots of features. We are sharing the post for you so that you can take advantage of this time. Today we will tell you the creative ideas and business strategy of this social network.

Img Source: lifehacker.com

Role of Whatsapp in Marketing

·         The biggest benefit is WhatsApp is a free application

·         We can share any content, text, picture, ebooks, catalogs

·         For any discussion, survey it was the best application to sue

·         Any special offer or event can share on WhatsApp group

·         You can make as many WhatsApp group as you want

·         You can send a notification whenever you want

·         Your message will remain safe and secure

·         It is easy to use

Whatsapp is easy to use application which has lots of features. For business, you can use a business account, and you can also create a group of different categories and share the group invitation link.

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Tips For Marketing On Whatsapp

1.    Group Chat

Group chat is the best way by which you can update your users. In business, it is important to attract customer and keep them yours. According to techwebsites.net if a customer found your product old or boring, they might leave you, but if you keep updating your customer using WhatsApp group, then they will remember you.

Img Source: .independent.co.uk

2.    Unlimited Free Message

If you do text messages, it will become costly for you, and there is a limit on text message for per day. Thanks to this app, we can send an unlimited number of the message using this application and for free. What you require is nothing but an internet connection.

Img Source: time.com

3.    Web WhatsApp

Web WhatsApp is a feature that allows you to open your account on the desktop whenever needed. Some people find it more comfortable to work on the desktop by sitting on a computer table. If you are from them, then WhatsApp will help you in this way also.

Img Source: pocket-lint.com

4.    Internet-based Voice call

This application also provides you a web-based voice call which is free and can you can directly call anyone using the number. If anyone wants to talk to you and need any information, he can directly call you. In a business quick response is important to make trust towards your customer.

Img Source: androidpit.com

5.    Quality and Optimization

Optimization required at every place and optimization plays an important role in online marketing. Assume you are reading an advertisement if it was lengthy you ignore it, but if it was short and attractive, you like it. It is a method which is known as optimization, try to write a long sentence in fewer characters.

Img Source: androidpit.com

6.    Know your customer

For becoming a good seller or marketer, the first thing is to know your customers. Whatsapp provides you this opportunity. If you know what they like what they dislike you and judge your business faster. If you are a distributor, remember customer needs the product as fast as you can, its all about competition if you distribute a product fast then you can attract more happy customers.

img Source: thenextweb.com

7.    Make work easy for the customer

If you face any hassle you dislike it, the same thing happens for the customer. For example, if you have a payment gateway then its easy for your customer to make a payment but if you provide your bank details or demand draft, then it becomes a hassle for your customer. Always try how you can provide cool features to your customers. Using WhatsApp, you can show screenshot of payment via any wallet and its easy.

Img Source: mobileadvertisingwatch.com

8.    Be Loyal

Using push notification, the broadcast list you can develop loyalty among your customers. Whatsapp provides you many features to become loyal.

Img Source: delhi99.tv

9.    Broadcast list

It is a one-way communication method suitable in some places. Increasing user admin engagement is present. It will also help you to combine your customers.

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10. Use Online

You can use WhatsApp chat on your online business to start instant communication. It is another best ways to interact with your customers.

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What is GbWhatsapp and Features of GbWhatsapp

We all are familiar with WhatsApp. It is a fantastic platform for instant messaging. Nowadays, regular text messages are rarely used, and WhatsApp has replaced them quite effectively. And not only text messages, but you can also transfer media files through the WhatsApp for free. Furthermore, you can do voice calls as well as video calls via the WhatsApp application. And the most amazing substitute of the WhatsApp is the GbWhatsapp. It is a useful app but let’s answer to the questions: What is GbWhatsapp and what are the features of GbWhatsapp? So, without further ado let’s take a look at it.

What is GbWhatsapp?

GbWhatsapp has been developed by the HAS.007 who is a senior XDA member. Well, this mod of WhatsApp is actually based on the WhatsApp plus. The WhatsApp plus has been closed by them. So the GbWhatsapp allows you to customize your WhatsApp according to your choice, in terms of appearance and features which the Normal WhatsApp doesn’t let you do. You will enjoy the attractive features which the GbWhatsapp offers to you. These are quite cool, so what are you waiting for? Here’s a detailed list of the features you will be able to find in this app. 

Features of GbWhatsapp

Img source: pctechmag.com

Send 90 Images Instead of 30

The normal version of WhatsApp allows you to send only 30 images at once. But with the GbWhatsapp, you can send 90 images in a single attempt. This is a great feature because people send photos a lot and love to share them with their friends and family. It is useful especially when you are traveling – you can send lots of images at once! 

Send 50 MB videos Instead of 16

Well, I have heard complaints of many people that, the quality of videos decreases when they share it through WhatsApp, but now with the GbWhatsapp, you don’t have to worry about it at all, as the video quality remains the same if you send it through the GbWhatsapp. 

Lock for individual chats along with the Lock on WhatsApp

Img source: 9to5mac.com

On ordinary WhatsApp, you can only put a lock on the WhatsApp itself, but with GbWhatsapp, you can even put a lock on the Individual chat as well. You can now easily maintain your privacy. 

And many more features are there which provides you with a great experience. So, what are you waiting for? Installation is completed in a matter of seconds. 

In case you love WhatsApp, you will be blown away by this app. It adds the missing feature the standard application doesn’t provide to the users.