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The Best Autumn Wedding Ideas – 2020

Summer, a traditional wedding season, has lost its primacy to autumn in the last few years. In 2017, the day with the most weddings in the United States was October 7th. The next four most popular dates were also in autumn, from September to November. Some say that this is a consequence of global climate change. Others claim that people simply don’t want to spend one of the most important days in their lives sweating. Whatever the case may be, autumn weddings are very popular, and it is easy to see why. There is something magical about the changing of the seasons, as we slowly leave summer and move to cold winter months. Autumn often feels like the last chance we have to get some sun and feel the warmth during the day. Pretty soon, all will be covered by snow and we won’t see colors again till spring. Autumn is especially generous on this front. The rich colors it provides are a magnificent backdrop for any occasion and especially for weddings.


Compared to summer, autumn offers many opportunities that don’t exist during the warmer months. While selecting a wedding dress, even at Best For Brides, is still a challenge, your guest will have a much wider choice of wardrobe. The menu can be designed around fresh farm products that are abundant in autumn, including a wide selection of fruits for the desert. Decorations are also easier, as you will be presented with a rich autumn color palette to choose from. If you opt for an outside ceremony, nature will provide for the majority of decorations for you. Things can get complicated if your guests have to walk from the church or place of ceremony to the venue. Make sure you have this part planned in case of a downpour, as most people will forget to take umbrellas with them. You can either provide them or make sure that the path has a cover. Nothing ruins the atmosphere as a bunch of wet guests trying to get themselves warm and dry. Fortunately, you have a wide variety of seasonal warm drinks to help them do that, in case the worst should happen.

The choice of venues for an autumn wedding is almost limitless. Whether you go for a rustic barn or an outside ceremony surrounded by the colorful trees and fallen leaves, you can’t do wrong. Of course, a stylish hotel wedding is also an option, especially if it has a huge terrace or access to a garden. Unfortunately, there are some challenges also. There is always a risk of your outside venue turning into a mud bath for you and your guest, in case of rain. That is why it is prudent to have an alternative ready, just in case.

Autumn wedding invitations


Autumn provides for some amazing decorating ideas and your invitations should reflect the spirit of the season.  Floral motifs, leaves, fruits, and berries should feature heavily on them, all in the rich colors of the autumn. Watercolor style is especially popular in the last few years, so you may want to consider it.

Make a seasonal menu


One of the greatest things about an autumn wedding is the wealth of fresh food you can use to make some delicious meals. Warm dishes will go down exceptionally in chilly October evenings. Opt for traditional autumn recipes, like pork and sausage, potato mash, and pumpkin pie. It is a great opportunity to break some wedding food clichés and surprise your guests.

Autumn Treats


Autumn offers so many traditional treats that you may have trouble picking the best one. One of our favorites is mulled wine with orange slices, cinnamon, and maple syrup. It will keep your guests warm and create a cozy atmosphere. Plus, the smell will make everyone happy.

Plan for bad weather


One of the downsides of an autumn wedding is an increased chance of rain or a cold spell. In that case, you have to be prepared and have alternatives planned, especially if you are planning an outside ceremony. Some would say that it is bad luck to plan for the rain on your wedding, but it is simply a prudent precaution. The weather can be unpredictable and despite the promises made by the weathermen, it can turn nasty in a second, especially in October. Unlike war summer showers that come and go, autumn rain can easily stay for the entire afternoon. If you don’t have an alternative venue, you may end up with a lot of wet guests and a ruined wedding.

Offer Traditional Drinks


Mulled wine is just one of the options we get to enjoy during the autumn. A nice cup of creamed coffee with cinnamon will do wonders do keep your guest warm and create a cozy atmosphere.

Indoor Venues


If the weather doesn’t cooperate or you simply prefer an indoor venue, decorate it in autumn colors. Try to create an atmosphere of an autumn afternoon in the forest, even though you are in a hotel or a restaurant. Fortunately, you can find almost all the decorations you need outside, as autumn provides for plenty of material you can use, like leaves and flowers. Let your imagination run wild. A couple of small trees decorated with LED lights will look like something from a fairytale and will complement the seasonal atmosphere perfectly.

Autumn Bouquet


Your wedding bouquet should reflect the autumn colors, to keep it in line with the season spirit. Rich colors, like burnt orange and deep, rustic red and prevalent and provide for a beautiful natural combination, especially against a backdrop of a white wedding dress.

Clothing Options


One thing is certain for any autumn wedding, nights in October will be chilly. Make sure to have a change of clothes that are suitable for a cold evening. Pay special attention to shoes, as you will probably want to change them as well during the day. Having something robust available, even if you don’t use them, is always a safe precaution for an autumn wedding.

The Wedding Dress – An Intriguing and Charming History

Maybe one of the most appreciated kind of dress there is – the wedding gown – has a long and intriguing history behind. And the reason behind is the significance, and the memorable context women end up wearing this garment. 

Besides the décor of a wedding setting, the gown the bride chooses to wear is a statement of their personality and style. Celebrities can choose not one, but two or three dresses to change during their special day. 

Brides all over the world have worn gowns in all styles and shapes throughout the years. Some choose to swap the traditional white dress for less conventional colors, but white wasn’t even the traditional color, for a while. The western bridal apparel has gone through a series of changes over the years. Most of these changes were caused by a series of historical events, but also by female empowerment movements.  

Below are some turning points in terms of wedding outfit styles, throughout history. 

The 1800s

The wedding gown during this time was not even white. American brides wore, instead, what was their best dress, no matter the color. 

During those times, white clothing articles were impractical and nearly impossible to wear. White cloth was impossible to wash and maintain white. Only women of higher social classes wore it, as a status display. The 1900s were more thrilling in this department, we promise. 

The 1900s


During the 1900s, these were solemn events, where two families brought their wealth and social status together. The events were organized to show the family’s wealth and affluence. 

In this clothing article department, precious fabrics were used only by wealthy brides. They also wore rich colors, with intricate patterns and designs.

 Lower-class women wore articles in cotton during their special day. 

But, what all women in that era shared was the attraction toward the white dress, regardless of how wealthy and affluent they were. All this thanks to Queen Victoria’s choice on her wedding day

At the beginning of the 1900 century, brides chose to display their style and personality through white and light pastel elements. Little to no skin was showing, with respect to the era. These articles were designed with long sleeves and high collars, but also high waistlines. 

To accessorize their dress, brides chose long trains, loud bouquets, long gloves, and fancy corsets. Since makeup options were little back in the day, brides chose to work with their hairstyle the most.  

According to, the wedding dress history is tumultuous and follows historical events. Closer to the first World War, women started to get creative with their attire. They chose pieces with flower embroidery, with less restrictive corsets, unlike at the very beginning of the century. The cuts also became more permissive in terms of movement. They cut closer to the body started to be the go-to option of brides-to-be. 

The 1920s and 1930s


In the 1920s, women already enjoyed a new status, as war offered them the perfect opportunity to fight for their rights and liberties. The Suffragette movement was the Firestarter in women’s fashion sense change. All silhouettes were cut even closer to the body, and the fabrics, more natural and comfortable; the “Flapper” style became the focal point even in these events. 

To accompany the new female empowerment revolution and to showcase their new fashion sense, women gave up their long hairstyles in favor of short bobs that were so popular in the ‘20s. What entered the scene was the embellished headpiece, an element that women held dearly during the following decades. These emphasized their femininity and sense of style like nothing else before. 

But what stirred the bridal fashion waters in the ‘20s was the Juliet Cap Veil, a veil tightly placed on the bride’s head, flowing in a natural fashion. 

The 1930s and 1940s


In the ‘30s, at the beginning of the Great Depression, brides returned to wearing the nicest dress in the wardrobe on the most important day in their lives. Needless to say, weddings weren’t as important as in the past during these times. 

The ‘40s came with some big changes, together with the beginning of the Second World War. But, brides still rocked their hourglass figures in fitted gowns. Made in satin and showing long sleeves, the gowns have never been classier and trendier until these times. But once again, when times got harder, brides returned to the best items in their wardrobes. The war and fabric shortage, shotgun weddings, all these prevented brides to enjoy the dress style and cut they would have in the last decades. 

But, as the war ended and the western world became more affluent and industrialized than ever before, the bridal dress regained its well-deserved place under the spotlight. The new bridal look promoted by Dior won women’s hearts. Each of them was dreaming about that tight-fitting bodice and full skirt, the well-defined waist, and precious fabrics. 

The 1960s and 1970s


The ‘60s came with fun and playful bridal attire designs and styles. Wedding dress fashion now became more of a personal style statement. This is one of the reasons you will see so many different styles. From swinging cuts to straight ones, to miniskirts and ball shapes, the sixties have everything, for everybody. 

In the ‘70s, dresses started to resemble what we know today, more and more. And – fortunately for desperate women all over the world – grooms started to coordinate their outfits with the love of their lives. What we can identify as the trademark of this decade in terms of wedding gowns was the boho-chic, hippie gown. 

The modern age of wedding dresses

In the eighties, any sort of fashion restriction disappeared. And brides took full advantage. Puffy dresses and tiaras were the rules, and all women were dreaming to get wedded in a similar article. The ‘90s were marked by a swing towards simpler designs and simpler events. These events became minimal affairs. 

In the 2000s, we witness a complete wedding revolution. The events are becoming more personal, the attire reflects the bride’s personality more and more. Strapless items decorated with intricate embroidery and decorations were staples for women all over the world.

Tips On How To Choose A Perfect Bouquet

Whether is for a wedding or just to show your appreciation to a woman in your life, a bouquet is an important arrangement that can often time be very difficult to choose. However, much like a lot of stuff that you can find about on the internet, choosing the right, or perfect, bouquet doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

A bouquet is a special item that is used to describe the relationship between two people and it is a sign of everlasting love and dedication. It is also used to describe one’s devotion to another through the exchange of vows.

And if we take all of this into consideration we can come to the conclusion that a bouquet is a once in a lifetime opportunity to genuinely show your devotion to your loved one.


If you see a bouquet as a bunch of flowers mixed together just for the sake of it, then you are truly underestimating its powers.

A bouquet has the power to make a woman feel special and it can bring her even more close to you than ever.

So because of that, we are going to tell you how to choose the perfect bouquet that will make your woman love you to the end of eternity.

1. Think of the bigger picture

If you need a bouquet for your wedding, then consider bringing your dress along to the florist in order to determine what best suits your needs. As we mentioned, a bouquet – especially if it’s for a wedding- should be special and there is no point if the color scheme doesn’t match your wedding dress. According to, a bouquet should compliment you, and not the other way around, so your best bet would be to head down to your local florist and make the decision along with a professional.


2. Make the selection based on the season

There is no point in choosing a bouquet months in advanced. What might work now, might not work in a few months? It is important to remember whenever you’re choosing a bouquet that certain flowers are only available during a certain season, and they will not be available again until the next year. Even if you do manage to find these flowers, chances are they will be more expensive than they were during their season.

3. What about style?


We mentioned how you should make the selection based on your wedding dress; in case, you need a bouquet for your wedding. However, there may be many cases where you need a bouquet for other events or simply to buy one for your loved ones to show them your appreciation. If you need a bouquet for other such events, then you should pay close attention to the event itself. If you’re looking for a bouquet to give to your loved one, then there are endless styles and combinations to choose from. The best place to start is to know the style of the person whom the bouquet is intended for. Does the person love lilies? Maybe they prefer other flowers such as tulips, iris, and even roses? No matter what, a bouquet should have a particular style and colors play a key role. Make sure to combine eighter same color flowers, but in different shades, or go wild by choosing a bouquet made out of every single flower under the sun that will shine vibrantly under any light.

Your Complete Wedding Dress Shopping Timeline


Follow this complete wedding dress timeline to ensure that when you walk down the aisle, there isn’t a hair out of place and you can focus on enjoying the big day. Finding a dress that suits the event and your personality is a challenge, and it is even harder when you are stressed for time. With these easy steps, finding, fitting and refitting your perfect dress will be a carefree task.

12 Months: Planning and Vision


This should be done a year in advance. Sounds like a lot? This is because, at the beginning of the entire wedding planning process, you are organising budgets, locations, guests, and need to know how the expenditure of a dress fits into that. Now is the time to set your expectations and plan a budget that is reasonable for your needs.

Decide what sort of theme you will be aiming for. It doesn’t need to be exact, but your dress should tie into the location of the vow ceremony and the reception. Thinking of a coastal wedding? Then a choice of beach wedding dresses might be perfect to catch a sea breeze. Getting married in a more traditional setting? Then a dress with a train and long sleeves might be more appropriate.

Don’t count on handouts either, although family members and friends will sometimes offer to contribute for the big day, it is better to start smaller and be surprised later. It is always easier to expand a budget, but it’s tough to squeeze one.

12-8 Months: Purchase Your Dress


Purchasing a dress involves finding appropriate shops, conventions and boutiques to visit, as well as checking out online stores. Here are some tips on how to buy a wedding dress online.

Parents can get invested in this process and it is not unusual for the bride to go with some family members or some of the bridal party when trying on a dress. Organising days out with multiple people should be done sooner rather than later and advise viewers that you won’t cancel if they can’t make it.

On a side note, this is also a good time to start looking for and booking a photographer. Some venues have good photographers they book frequently, or you might prefer to find your own photographer. Whoever it is, you will want someone who can make your new dress shine. Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer.

8-5 Months: Find Accessories and Undergarments


Now that you have made the main purchase, the hard work is done! This a great stage of the wedding planning where the vision of your wedding is really coming together. With the main purchase out of the way, you can assess how much more or less funds you have towards other pieces you need for the day. This includes shoes, stockings, underwear, garters, a veil and jewellery.

This is also the time to slowly alter any lifestyle behaviours you want to change to look your best for the big day. You might have a target weight goal or body image. Consider, instead of a more expensive accessory, hiring a personal trainer who can work with your body to set and achieve healthy image goals.

3-1 Months: First, Second and Third Fittings


Fitting a dress to your body is an iterative process, and you may need to schedule time for up to three fittings. When trying on your garment for the first time, think about how long you want the skirt to be, whether your shoes work with the length and which accessories work and which you need to change.

This can be a thrilling and sensitive time for many brides to be as this is the first time they will have seen a garment made to fit their body. It is an emotional moment to see your dress on and realise that you will be devoting your life to another person. Bring someone with you who you feel comfortable around in case there are a few tears!

So good luck! Buying a dress is a wonderful process and should be fun from start to finish. With a little bit of preparation, you can sidestep the stress associated with wedding shopping and breeze through the buying process.

Beautiful and Fun Flower Girl Dresses

Your big day has come and you’re finally getting married. After all daydreaming and planning, the moment is near. This excitement can also cause stress and worry when it comes to choosing a dress. There is a lot that a bride thinks about when it comes to her wedding and to increase stress, she should choose a dress for the flower girl as well.

Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

As if it were not hard enough trying to figure out what you are going to wear, the idea of ​still having to choose a dress for your little florist can make you spend sleepless nights too. You can let your mother choose the girl’s dress, but she may have a different preference when it comes to the style of the dress.

Choosing flower girl dresses can be fun and with so many styles available, brides have an easier time making a selection. With so many wedding outfits, one can get not just any dress model, but also in any color and size. All very beautiful and lovely, a bride to be will immediately know what kind of dress is suitable for your wedding.

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Other Options for Flower Girl Dresses

Weddings are expensive considering that you have to pay for a vendor, flowers, wedding planner, venue and all kinds of diverse things. Every bride dreams of a Vera Wang wedding dress and this may be possible, but for most people, having designer dresses tailor-made for your florist is out of reach.

Not to be afraid, many bridal shops stock beautiful dresses inspired by flower stylists. Everyone with their own style, there is a dress for any type of wedding. You can literally walk into the store, tell the seller the colors of your wedding and she should be able to present a selection of gorgeous dresses in the shade of your choice. You can have your little flower accompany you and make her try the dress and buy it immediately. If they can not accompany you, you can make the selection, which they can adjust and buy later. It is a quick process, which does not require much effort from the bride.

Deciding to have the flower girl dress made especially for your wedding requires more time and effort than necessary. Even if the dress has already been made, many dresses you find in a store are very unique. If a family wanted to have the dress done from scratch, it would take plenty of time and money as well. The process involves the flower girls who have to go constantly for measurements and the involvement of the bride if any changes need to happen. It is expensive if you decide to go this route since you have to consider the cost of the material and the work, but you may be lucky enough to save some money if your seamstress gives you a discount to order several dresses. You can get a beautiful dress in many ways. Also, if you are a “bridezilla” who wants everything your way, then a practical approach involving everything from saving the date cards to the wedding favors is the way to go!

Another alternative is to accessorize your toddler flower girls dresses. This is a great way to make them unique to the bride’s style and even to the style of the florist. An armband here, maybe some bracelets and even a necklace can really make the florist stand out.

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Flower girl themed dresses

Flower girl dresses do not always have to be a pretty pattern dress. You can have fun with it incorporating themes to wear. For example, turn your flower girls into little angels by adding angle wings to the dress. Not only do they look lovely, but they can also be fun for girls. Having a theme from a particular era is also a wonderful idea, as dresses inspired by the ’60s. Be creative, but remember, the more comfortable your girl feels in your dress, the calmer the day should be for you.

When planning a wedding, it is important to ensure that your florist has a comfortable dress that matches the wedding theme. During the planning process, there are several things to consider. First, you must find out who is choosing a dress for the florist. It can be the bride or the mother of the bride. Secondly, what kind of dress are you looking for and the accessories that will accompany you. You can find a great dress considering these tips during the planning process.

Know These Points Before Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

When looking for wedding attire, you may be spending much time searching for a stunning wedding dress for yourself. Nevertheless, there is something else that also deserves much attention; this includes the dress for the flower girl or girls. The smallest attendant should also look stunning. Read on to find out some points to consider when looking for an amazing flower girl dress.

Should Match the Wedding Theme


It may be a better idea to get a dress for the flower girl that matches the wedding theme. If you plan to have some traditional wedding, then choose traditional flower girl dresses. If you wish to have a relaxing beachside wedding, then choose something more fun as well as unique.

The flower girl dress should be such that it fits the formality as well as the feel of the wedding. It should even suit the flower girls personality and be comfortable enough that she can wear it all day.

The dress should go with the hairstyle and also statement accessory that you may want her to have.

White Is Not the Only Color


Traditionally flower girls tend to wear white; nevertheless, you do not have to choose from ivory, white and diamond only. If you plan to wear some pastel colored wedding dress, then you may want the flower girl dress which matches or maybe is accented using pink or blue.

The Length of The Dress Should Be Considered


If the flower girl is someone who is older than you, think about getting a longer dress. For younger ones, choose a short frock. You do not want the flower girl to trip and fall while she is walking down the aisle. Therefore something short may work out.

Get Her Opinion as Well


If you want you can take the flower girl with you when you go shopping for her dress. You can make this fun for both of you. If she doesn’t like what you have chosen by yourself, then it can become tough convincing her to wear the dress.

You can ask her what she likes. She may like lace flower girl dresses or maybe some other design ones. Do not only consider your choice.

Fabric Is Something That Is Important as Well


You want a dress for the flower girl that is comfortable. You do not want her to feel discomfort while wearing it. If you wish to keep the dress be mostly wrinkle-free, then choose some wrinkle-free type of fabric, or select some material which can hide wrinkles in a wonderful way, such as chiffon.

When to Order the Dress


It may be better to order the dress near to the wedding date. Usually, it is better to order important wedding-related products as well as attire early, nevertheless for the flower girl dress; it maybe better to wait a bit.

As kids can grow quickly, it will be better to buy the dress close to the wedding date. Therefore you can avoid the risk of this dress not being able to fit later on the wedding day.

You can get flower girl dresses from different places. Consider cheap flower girl dresses if you are on a budget. You can find great ones.