Myths and Reality of Online Privacy in 2020

Online privacy is often a subject of debate. Are we protected on the web? By providing more and more information, do we actually protect ourselves from viruses and other malicious programs? Online Privacy is a topic covered so many times so far, and there have been some myths which arose throughout the years. But can

How Can a VPN Protect Your Projects and Work Data?

Many people who work on their startups or long-term projects know the cost of data privacy, protection, and security. The slightest potential data breach can result in not only losing money but leaving behind hours and months of hard work and passion. When we think about security, we value respect for our comfort and the

You’ll Never Get Hacked with These Top-3 Antivirus Programs


Nowadays, we store more and more data in digital form on our devices. It’s convenient to utilize online payment methods, share files, and communicate with the simple means offered by modern technology. But the digital world is not only the place of please and comfort. Without proper protection, you might get hacked, and all your

What is a VPN Block and How to Get Around Them

A VPN (virtual private network) is an internet connection method that lets you hide your IP address and location while protecting you from data breaches as you try to send sensitive data over a public Wi-Fi network. However, while VPNs are incredibly useful, they are blocked by some sites and organizations. You may try to get onto a site and

Short Guide to VPN Routers

Many people think that VPN is associated with a computer or mobile device. In other words, you can’t configure it on any other device, but it is not true.  A VPN router is an effective means of protecting multiple devices in one go. Further, it also helps in enabling virtual private network on devices that

Beginners Guide to ExpressVPN (Short Review)

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service which provides a stable and feature-packed network with clients and documentation. The British Virgin Islands-based company Express VPN International Ltd. offers this service which can be used on a number of devices and operating systems. This service might seem expensive, but it’s only one of the few VPN

How to Stay Anonymous Online?

Many people think that the Internet was built on the principle of anonymity, providing a way to place where freedom of speech is one of the fundamental values. However, over the years, we are witnessing that this is not the case exactly and that our online actions are under numerous systems that have the task

Top 5 2019 Oscar Nominated Movies You Must See


Are you a movie buff who does your best every year to catch as many movies as possible? Or are you one of those people who only bother to watch the movies nominated for the Oscars each year? I used to be in the first group. Over time, I became someone who belonged to the