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Fibroids: What are they and Which Foods help you Combat it?

You have been experiencing abdominal pain bordering on the extreme and heavy flow during periods for some months now. Finally, you decide, “Enough is enough” and book a doctor’s appointment. Soon after, the diagnosis is revealed – you have fibroids. The world comes crashing down and you helplessly ask yourself, “What are fibroids? Is there no cure for this?”

Well, all hope is not lost as we are here at your service. In this article, we will tell you what fibroids are and also provide you with a list of foods that will help you combat fibroids.

What are fibroids?

Fibroids comprise a cluster of abnormal growths, more specifically, benign tumours, that develop in the uterine tissue of women. These tumours constitute fibrous connective tissue and smooth muscle cells and have shapes ranging from a pea to a watermelon.

Should you be worried or scared?

No need to feel scared as of yet. Approximately 70 to 80 percent of women develop uterine fibroids in their lifetime but not all display symptoms and, therefore, evade treatment. Most importantly, fibroids are not cancerous and have the least likelihood of metastasizing into cancer. However, fibroids can cause a range of health problems, including, but not limited to miscarriages, anaemia, constipation, severe menstrual pain and bleeding – this is why it becomes imperative to treat this condition as soon as it is detected.

Some other commonly used names of fibroids are as follows:

  • Fibromas
  • Myomas
  • Leiomyomas
  • Uterine myomas

Take a look at the amazing foods that help alleviate the severe symptoms of fibroids:

Full disclosure: the foods listed below would not help you cure or prevent fibroids overnight. Dealing with fibroids required careful consideration of your diet and lifestyle choices. Follow a well-thought-out diet to balance your hormones and manage fibroid-associated symptoms. You might have the interest to look at the Good wellness tips post about shrink fibroids fast with right foods.

Get your Vitamin D

Scientists have revealed that ample Vitamin D in your diet helps reduce the risk of experiencing fibroids by approximately 32 percent. Although your body is naturally equipped to generate Vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight, our sedentary lifestyles make it an unreachable dream. Those with high melanin content in their skin and those who live in cooler environments are most likely to be Vitamin D deficient. Some food items that you can try out for a healthy source of Vitamin D are fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna, fortified orange juice and cereals, cod liver oil and fortified dairy products.

Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables such as bok choy, watercress, cabbage, arugula, broccoli, radish and turnips help detoxify your liver. This, in turn, reduces the chances of experiencing inflamed fibroids. Our pro tip will be to avoid overcooking of these vegetables so that most of the nutrients are retained in their purest form.

Go Mediterranean with your diet

Multiple research studies have proven that a Mediterranean diet helps marginally lower your risk of developing fibroids. But what is a Mediterranean diet all about, you ask? It’s pretty simple really. You have to add an ample amount of fresh green vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, nuts, whole grains, herbs, breads, seafood, seeds and extra virgin olive oil to your diet. Apart from this, you are allowed to eat cheese, poultry, yoghurt, and eggs in moderation and red meat on rare occasions. The Mediterranean diet recommends shunning processed meat, refined oils, sugary and fizzy beverages, and a plethora of highly processed foods. It isn’t easy, we agree, but it is needed.

Fibre-rich foods

These food items follow a two-pronged approach in alleviating fibroid symptoms – they balance hormones and promote weight loss while maintaining blood sugar at steady levels. Here are the foods rich in fibre that you should try out: beans, cooked, dried and raw fruits and vegetables, barley, whole grain bread, lentils, and oats.

As sad as it sounds, your chance of developing fibroids increases as you start aging. Family history, an unbalanced diet, and bad lifestyle choices can all be innocuous triggers that lead to fibroids. Make a conscious and heartfelt effort to incorporate the food items listed above into your life, and we promise that you will see a significant difference in your body and mind!

15 Reasons Running Is Better Than the Gym

It can be hard to do running and gym on the same day so choose one — running. Here in this article, we look at 15 great reasons to put on your best running shoes, get outside and run. Let’s check them out — ready, set, go!  Some of ideas can help you understand all advantages of running above the gym.

1. Feel Good for Long

A quick five minutes of exercise outdoors will make one’s mood and self-esteem improved dramatically. According to a recent British study, young people and/or those suffering from some form of mental illness notice the most significant impact. This study showed that the effects of jogging were better if to drink water. Cardiovascular exercise while running produces endorphins and regulates metabolism.

2. Longevity

One needs only to do 5-10 minutes of intense sprinting a day to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer dramatically. Running also improves bone strength, making one live a more productive life. All of the cumulative effects of sprinting will increase longevity over time.

3. Run, and You’ll Be Happy

It’s easy to look for a quick cure when feeling depressed, but reaching for running shoes will be a better choice than getting some snacks in both the short and long run. In a 10-week study, people who ran saw improvements in both their mental and physical health immediately and also after a one year follow up. All it takes is a little perseverance, and jogging can make you super happy, much more than lifting gym weights ever could.

4. Improvements to Attention and Memory

The gym can be great for cardio workouts, but doing cardio work outside is simply pleasant. It turns out to be a lot more enjoyable than we think! If one were to spend an hour a day consistently interacting with nature, their memory and attention span would increase over time by up to 20% according to a 2008 study by Michigan University. Sometimes the kind of gym workout people do just don’t cut it in terms of interaction with the outside world; after all, it’s a pretty sterile and bleak environment in a gym!

5. Vitamin D and Bone Health

The sun is so important for one’s body, creating vitamin D, which is vital for bone density and general bone health. Moreover, this even helps to fight osteoporosis in a long-term perspective. If we run, our bodies get more vitamin D from solar rays, even if they are not intense. All gradual forces that jogging creates on our bodies also make our bones stronger.

6. Wind Resistance

You may be wondering “running or gym which is better for weight loss?” Maybe you can just run on a treadmill to get the same effect? The natural air masses outside act to make workouts harder, helping burn a lot more calories as one battles brutal wind. Also, wind acts as a wonderful source of oxygen and will wake one up, so they keep on running!

7. Music + Jog = Great Mix

Music can bring enormous benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, especially when combined with a jog. It helps to improve performance, and it is a lot easier to get through an album or two when jogging in the wind as opposed to lifting weights in a sweaty gym. Music also keeps you less distracted so that you can drown out other considerations, helps to forget about tiredness, and enables running longer.

8. Speed and Convenience

Have you ever noticed how inconvenient is going to the gym? So much time commuting there, coming back, swiping your card, taking things in and out of lockers, etc. Sometimes there’s a lot of time wasted. When running outside, the world is your gym. Just pick up and go whenever it is convenient! Nobody will be around telling you what to do, and it’s super-fast to get up and start running.

9. No Stinking Gym Bag

Love them or hate them, gyms are smelly places. The air is usually recirculated, and this means that your gear is going to stink. It can be particularly unpleasant carrying around these smelly garments, especially when commuting to and from work. Gross! Ditch your bag and dump your laundry in the basket at home where it belongs.

10. Free

A regular gym membership is quite pricey, especially when living in expensive neighborhoods. When you’re outside running around, it costs…nothing! That’s right; it’s totally free. Not only do you get running benefits for the body but they cost 0 too. If you’re still wondering, “is running the best exercise?”, it’s certainly the cheapest if you’re working out outside.

11. Weight Loss

Look no further for the best way of burning calories. Jogging is as effective as one can get when it comes to shedding weight because of the number of calories burned per minute of exercise. When you run for 30 minutes, you can burn an enormous 560 calories if you’re able to run at a pace of 9 minutes a mile. When making a comparison between weightlifting in the gym, jogging has been found to burn twice the calories when spending the same amount of time exercising.

12. Burn That Dinner

Running in the morning can help burn off last night’s dinner! When trying to lose weight, this is a fantastic way to go. Run it off and don’t count the calories when eating.

13. Socializing

If you’re working on fitness goals such as running for weight loss, joining a club can increase your motivation for exercising. There is a vast world of running enthusiasts of all levels out there just waiting to get stuck in and motivate each other. Socialize with some other runners at clubs because it’s difficult doing it in a crowded gym!

14. No Limits

Gyms impose restrictions. The fees, the time you can work out — even the highest difficulty settings on a treadmill! When you’re outside, there are no limits to what you can do.

15. Compete!

Since a race doesn’t require any huge arena with thousands of amenities, there are many running tracks everywhere. They won’t break the bank nor will there be few of them! Running can provide so many opportunities for getting competitive.

That’s about it from us, and we hope our reasons have given you food for thought. Consider all the pros and cons, and do not stop on the way to a healthy body. Have a good run!