What COVID-19 Really Means or How the Virus Got Its Name

The recently appeared Coronavirus is responsible for the global pandemic of COVID-19. The WHO gave it a name back in February. COVID-19 is short for “The Illness of Corona Virus 2019”. The reason is that the first case of this uncharacteristic pneumonia was reported on the 31. December 2019 in Wuhan, China. However, there are

What Happens When We Touch Something Infected?

Self-isolation, social distancing and staying at home are necessary measures in the fight against the coronavirus. However, it’s also necessary for a member of a household to go to the grocery store once in a while, where there’s unavoidable contact with articles that were previously touched by a lot of people. What if we touch

Is Coronavirus Making Monsters out of People?

People need to control themselves. The Coronavirus brought something all over the world, something that very hard to control – panic. And with fear that’s spreading everywhere, people started panic buying groceries. The sight of empty shelves is now regular, and toilet paper is nowhere to be found. With the panic buying, there has been

When is the Pandemic of Coronavirus Going to be Over? – Some New Studies are Giving the World Hope

Because of COVID-19, our everyday life has been put on hold, and everyone wants to know when it will all stop. When is the pandemic going to be over, and when is everything going to be safe again? There have been some new studies on Coronavirus that are saying that the virus is not spreading

A 16-Year-Old Girl Died from Coronavirus in Paris

A sixteen-year-old girl Julie Alliot passed away from respiratory problems in a Paris hospital. Her heartbroken sister Manon warns us that “no one is invincible.” She added: “We must stop believing that his virus only affects the elderly. “Julie just had a slight cough last week. It got worse last weekend with mucus, and on

Here’s what the Lungs of a Coronavirus Patient Look Like


This virtually-made representation of a patient who was put on a respirator shows us just how huge the damage it inflicts is– which not even the respirator can help. The patient was transported to the George Washington University to be studied and the doctors quickly analyzed the extent of the infection. In the video, healthy

The 5 Deadliest Viruses on Earth

It seems that almost every historical period has been marked by some kind of virus which was potentially life threatening for the human life. Luckily, thanks to the scientists, the cure would, in most cases, be found before the virus could destroy and take more lives. When a new virus occurs, it usually happens that

The Origin of Coronavirus – REVEALED

As the new coronavirus which causes the disease Covid-19 continues to infect the global population with the number of confirmed cases being over 350.000, there is also a lot of misinformation being spread around as well. One theory was that the virus was made by scientists in Wuhan, and that it broke out causing a