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VideoProc Review: Video Stabilization Software

Filmmaking is an extremely demanding job. It requires a level of professionalism like no other. You need a perfect product at the end of it all to make it worth it or you’re just simply going to be slated by everyone and everything who sees your work. And that’s just how it is. And sometimes you’re just in situations wherein it’s practically unavoidable to not have a shaky video. It may be that you’re trying to record an active scene wherein the camera you’re using is attached to a moving object. You may be using a GoPro to record, or maybe you recorded on your mobile phone and your hand got a little shaky. There are a hundred scenarios wherein you could end up with shaky footage but the outcome remains the same.

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Shaky Footage

Many will tell you that that’s the end of it all. That you’re gonna need to head out and reshoot the entire thing all over again. And isn’t that convenient? But we’re not gonna tell you that. Because we have found the perfect video stabilization software available on the internet. And that’s not even it. We’re going to tell you how you can get this $80 software for free.

Now we’re not ones for beating around the bush so we’re gonna get right to it and tell you more about this software. This little bundle is something called VideoProc, and as we mentioned earlier, VideoProc is primarily a video stabilization software that also comes in with a bunch of other features that we will talk about after we teach you how to stabilize a video using VideoProc.

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How to stabilize a video using VideoProc

Well for starters you’re gonna have to install VideoProc on your device. And we know it’s obvious but we find it to be better to not ignore the obvious rather than explaining it in the comments below.

Anyway, once you’ve downloaded and installed VideoProc from their website, fire it up and follow the steps below.

Click the bar on the bottom of the screen that says “Toolbox” and from the menu that comes up select “Deshake”
Proceed to select the part of the video that is shaky. You can highlight this on the timeline, or proceed to manually key in the timestamp

Once you’ve selected the shaky frame you can proceed to tweak the different sliders on the right side of your screen to achieve the desired outcome.

Here’s a visual representation of everything we’ve just talked about:

Now let’s take a brief look at all the features of VideoProc aside from Video Stabilization.

Witness Processing speed like never before

VideoProc allows users to use GPU accelerated processing which in hand is about 20 times faster than softwares that only work on CPU based processing, but what really sets VideoProc aside from all the others is the fact that it uses Level 3 hardware acceleration that is powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA to give you results that are 40 times faster than anything on the internet.

The software also functions as a screen recorder, and a video downloader and converter.

Apart from doing everything we’ve spoken about till now, this software also serves up the purpose of being a screen recorder that allows you to record gameplay or tutorials on your PC. VideoProc can also download and convert videos from over 1000 different websites and store them onto your device.

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A powerful editor

VideoProc also gives the users access to a pretty powerful editor that can perform all of the following functions:

Add various effects/filter
Add SRT or subtitles

You also have access to certain advanced features that allow you to fix fisheye, remove background noise, and also control the audio-video sync of the video.

VideoProc is giving away free licensed copies of their Video Processing and Editing software till 4th June, 2019, but that’s not it! You can get a chance to win the Go Pro Hero 7 and the DJI OSMO Action in their sweepstake.

Benefits Of Corporate Video Production In Advertising

Jump on Twitter, scroll through Facebook, or check the plethora of Instagram, stories, you’ll realize that video is everywhere. The power of it is being consumed across all platforms in an incredible and international way, whether you use it for advertising product or business, self-promotion, or personal stories.

You don’t have to search a long way, just think about the last organization’s website that you checked out. There are a video front and center as an open door, right? That helps you to step inside and get to know what the company is all about.
Now the question is; why has video taken such a strong position in today’s culture? What magic the editing websites do? What is the power of it that triggers businesses to say, “that’s what we need to market our service!”

Along with the help of, we’ll talk about many benefits of corporate video production in advertising. After reading this article, you’ll realize that you and your company have to jump on the bandwagon, take the plunge, sink your teeth into the production pipeline which leads all things back to the video.

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Buildups Engagement

At the end of the day, we just don’t want to hear all day about a product that we love, we want to be a part of it. We continually search for people, places, or things to build our identity. We want us to be able to grab a brand and engage with it. That’s why we hit ‘like’ on things we love on social media. That’s why we share what we love on any number of social media accounts we’re a part of. When you make a visual description of your product that consumers love, not only you give them an opportunity to not just enjoy what you like to offer, but also to be a part of it.

Boosts Sales

Adding a product video on your website can increase conversions by over 75%. In fact, 70% of customers who’ve watched an explainer video, ended up purchasing it. The moral is, you have to create a one about your service or product to boost up your sales.
We all understand the power of vision. Describe your customers with the WHY of your services and they will bite. You’ll be halfway down the road to making an attractive piece in the video to attract your customers closer to partnering your product, if you take the vision, and communicate it visually.

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Brings Personality to Your Brand

If a picture means a thousand words, then a video means a million. It takes all the essentials such as images, music, and narrative. It wraps them all up into a beautiful and emotional story that can attract your audience within no time. It allows your audience to feel the personality of WHO is behind your brand. Let’s take Adidas or Apple spot we saw the last time, or maybe the last movie trailer we watched. You’re thinking about the personality and emotion of what you experienced. Right? That’s what we call the POWER of video. It ultimately allows your audience to get a taste of who are you behind the brand.

Builds Trust

Trust is the foundation of customer conversion and sales. It should be your main goal throughout your marketing efforts. Giving your viewers the information about your product can be interesting but it doesn’t build an ounce of trust with them.
It engages emotion, it helps you to tap into a possible relationship of trust with your customers. The brands send their products to YouTubers or Instagrammers with a million followers because of their promotional videos. They talk about their new lampstand or mattress, the audience already brought in, and the trust has already been built.
It gives you the chance to build that kind of trust. Effective and quality products can create a sense of an individual approach. It gives your consumers more confidence to buy your service or product.

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Search Engine Loves Video

Video is the key if you want to increase the time visitors spend on your website. Because of the longer exposure, you’re assembling their trust. It means that your site has quality content. So, if you want to watch your Google ranking jump higher than ever before, you have to implant visual content to your website. When it is a part of your website, you are over 100 times more likely to show up in Google searches.
Video will give you the distinctive opportunity to utilize SEO like never before. You’ll have to write interesting titles and descriptions and utilize keywords for your services or products. Because you’re providing the web to find you and connect you with your customers on the hunt for your company.

Producing a video for your brand has a return on investment that you might have not experienced ever before. The production might not be the easiest investment, yet 80% of companies say video production for the company was worth the reward.

Start exploring the content you’d like to advertise then dive into the world of production. You’ll see that it increases engagement and boosts your sales. It also builds trust and helps your customers to get to you more easily when searching online. Your upcoming project could be the beginning of the strategic marketing campaign you have been looking for all the time. Who knows?