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Most Popular Classes in Destiny 2

The video game industry has never been bigger than right now, and things are only looking brighter and better every year. No longer just a simple pastime activity, games have grown into proper sports, or E-sports as they are known. The most popular one bring millions in revenue every year, and millions more through sponsorships, endorsements, and various tournaments that are organized. And that is all without the actual effect and reach that streamers and content creators give them.

Online gaming is arguably the greatest form of playing, evident by the juggernauts like Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, and also Destiny 2. This article will focus on the last one mentioned, and open world, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that has spawned numerous expansion packs and it is free to play.

The game may seem complex at the start, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. What is hard to do however is get all the best gear and weapons early on and start dominating as soon as possible. The PvP and the PvE experiences you have may suffer until you manage to win or find the good loot, which is why you could consider boosting through a service like They offer all sorts of different armor, gear, equipment, and weapons for you to get right from the start and begin your journey the right way.

In this article, we will determine what the most popular classes of player characters are in this magnificent, diverse game. So without further ado, let us dig deeper into the exciting lore and class system of Destiny 2, which currently has tens of thousands of players online at any given moment.

Classes of Destiny 2

Before we determine which ones are played the most, we first have to see what classes even exist in the game. The game offers the players a choice between three different classes, Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Each of them brings unique traits, talents, moves, and gameplay to the table, each tailored to a specific type of player.

1. Hunter

The hunters in Destiny 2 wear medium armor strength and their default melee attacks include stabbing and punching. They have the option to wear a cloak as their special class item, and they are highly mobile thanks to their double jump ability. Their overall mobility is the best in the game as well, as they strafe faster when aiming, and they can jump further. The regular, non-sprint running speed of hunters is faster than the other two classes. The class ability Dodge reloads their weapon and energy. This class has always been considered somewhat more powerful in PvP, but only those who have mastered the class and know how to move. In PvE, they deal massive damage to computer-controlled enemies, making them invaluable mostly because of their combos and invisibility sneaking.

2. Warlock

The most lightly armored class in the game are the mages and sorcerers of this world, much like their respective varieties in other games. Their melee is a palmed forward strike or a slap, and they can glide in the air for higher mobility. Their class-specific item is a bond they wear on their upper arm, and they are naturally high in recovery, which means their health regenerates faster than the other two classes. The class ability of this class allows healing and buffs to themselves and to nearby allies. A warlock will be the most powerful if you take the time and energy to focus on their talent trees and make the most out of it. Useful both in PvE and PvP, you can wreak havoc side by side with allies and verse other players. Be careful as you take more damage than others, but you can also heal better than them.

3. Titan

The heavily armored titans are the tanks of Destiny 2, meaning they can take the most damage sacrificing some of their speed and mobility in the process. Their melee attack is a classic brute force punch, and their class item is the mark around their wastes. Their mobility move is called Boost, which allows them to run quickly bot only in a straight line. Every titan is high in resilience, which increases defense in all sense of the word. Their special class move is summoning a barrier that opens additional tactical moves and opportunities, like getting an ammo refill. They are the strongest and the slowest, which is both good and bad in PvP. In PvE, they are crucial so that the squishier targets can stay behind them. For all-around class gameplay, they are arguably the best option out of the three.


Like in most games, every class has several subclasses that shape the gameplay and model it further according to certain player tendencies. For example, the Titan class has Striker, Sentinel, and Sunbreaker subclasses. Warlocks can be Dawnblade, Voidwalker, or Stormcaller. Lastly, Hunters can opt for either Arcstrider, Gunslinger, or Nightstalker subclasses.

Out of all, according to many of the research studies and lists online, Hunters seem to be the most popular option among players. This is because the overall rating of the subclasses is higher on average than the rest of the classes.

On both PC and consoles, the popularity ratings go as follows:

  1. Gunslinger – 20.76
  2. Nightstalker – 12.59
  3. Sunbreaker – 7.87
  4. Voidwalker – 7.87
  5. Striker – 6.83
  6. Sentinel – 6.07
  7. Stormcaller – 5.53
  8. Dawnblade – 4.29
  9. Arcstrider – 4.29

Conclusion and Takeaways

From this, you can see that although two of the top picks are both Hunters, so is the last. Arcstrider seems to be the least favorite subclass in the game, but that still does not diminish the amount of combined popularity when we take the Gunslinger and Nightstalker hunters into consideration. Titans are the least played class, with the Warlocks being in the middle.

When we think about how strong Hunters are in most content of the game, it is easy to understand why they are the popular choice. Their mobility and damage combination, with the addition of stealth, make them the most obvious pick for those who want nothing but to dominate. While the other two have their positives and negatives, overall, they are both inferior to the almighty Hunter class.

4 Best RPG Games to play in 2020

RPG or role-playing game is probably the most unique and interesting genre in the entire video game industry. This genre allows you to take control of a certain character and then customize it in any way you want. Whether you like to be a female or male, that is up to you. You also get to decide which skills and attributes your character will have. As the story goes on, you keep developing your character until it becomes very powerful. It truly is an interesting take on video games.

RPGs started appearing somewhere in the 1980s with titles such as Wizardry, Dragon Quest, Ultima, and many more. Since then, we have seen thousands of other titles that have taken their own unique approach towards this genre.

One of the most intricate RPGs of all time I believe is Fallout 3. At the start of the videogame, you get to fully customize the look of your character, and then you can branch out into hundreds of other skills and abilities. You can basically do anything. You can decide to be a fistfighter or use the biggest guns you can find or maybe even not fight at all and only use your charisma.

After the release of this legendary title, developers started to implement a lot more RPG elements in their titles. That is why today, in 2020, the choice for role-playing games is huge. To help you make the right decision, we have made a list of some of the best in this genre.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Assuming that you have never played a video game from this genre, then the first thing you will need to experience is The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This arguably may be the best title in this genre. Sure, it is not that new since it was released in 2011, but it is still very advanced in terms of RPG elements. The amount of customization you can do to your character is simply amazing. You get to choose your fighting style, your looks, whether you’re going to be good or evil, and tons of other stuff.

The reason why I suggest playing Skyrim in 2020 is the fact that there are millions of mods for this title. By downloading mods for Skyrim, you can make the graphics look like they were made in 2020. You can also use these mods to completely customize Skyrim. Anything from making your enemies turn into a chicken to making yourself the strongest character in the entire world. It gives you the ability to transform the world in any direction you want.

World of Warcraft

Now, this is a little bit different. It is an RPG in a way, but it is completely online and you get to play together with tens of thousands of other people.

It is a fact that World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in the entire industry. The amount of total players they have every month is not even comparable with other MMOs such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2, and many others.

The amazing thing about World of Warcraft is that you get to choose which of the two factions you are going to play, Alliance or Horde. After that, choose from the 11 different races including humans, gnomes, dwarves, night elves, blood elves, and many more. Once you have made the decision, you still have to pick a class. There are 12 different classes such as rogue, warrior, mage, druid, hunter, and seven others.

Once you enter the World of Warcraft, you still have a long way to go. Building your character takes days, if not weeks sometimes. You get to customize every single bit of armor you wear, the weapons you use, the spells that you cast, and so on.

However, people that have no experience in MMORPGs will need a bit of assistance. According to, dungeons and raids have become so difficult that most people will probably need a WoW BfA carry to help them get the right gear.

Dark Souls III

While Skyrim holds the place for the best character building, I can safely say that Dark Souls III holds the number one place for the most amazing RPG world. The maps on this title are simply out of this world. The creativity, the massiveness of the landscape, and the buildings are astonishing. I personally have not seen a more detailed world than the Dark Souls series.

However, this title is not just about exploring the magnificent world. It is also about the gameplay and character-building elements. Your character has access to hundreds of different weapons. You get to decide whether you want to use one-handed swords, two-handed polearms, or even giant ultra greatswords that are twice the weight of the player. This is a title that you must experience at least once in your life.

Although, I do have to mention that it can be very difficult. Even people that have been playing video games for the last 20 years, have a lot of trouble beating the first bars. Keep this in mind when you decide to play Dark Souls III.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of my personal favorites and objectively one of the best action-RPG videogame in the entire history of the gaming industry. You take the role of Geralt of Rivia who is a witcher. A witcher is a mutant who takes on the role of slaying monsters to help people and for a price, of course. Of course, Geralt isn’t as customizable as the characters of the other games we mentioned, but his story is so well developed, it would be a waste not to play this title.

It was released in 2015, but the graphics are still incredible, the gameplay is pristine and the story is simply one of the best. All of the characters that you meet throughout the world, whether they are your enemies or your friends, feel so real. This is a strong point of The Witcher series. Of course, there are a lot of RPG elements such as grafting, leveling, and learning new skills.

Whichever of these video games you decide to play, I’m sure that you will have a great time.

Top BioWare Games on Steam

The Canadian video game developer BioWare is a well-known company that is behind some of the most famous and critically acclaimed western role-playing games on the market. BioWare’s games are usually known for a good mix of action, fantastic storytelling and well-developed characters. However, since BioWare has a contract with Electronic Arts, not all of their games can be found on Valve‘s gaming platform – Steam. Gift card, even a single unit, however, can fully cover the price of some of the BioWare titles that are present on Valve’s storefront. Here‘s a quick look at the available choices if you’re a Steam gamer who‘s also interested in BioWare games. Want to acquire a prepaid Steam card right now? Visit Eneba!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

While BioWare had released successful RPGs before publishing Knights of the Old Republic (games like Baldur‘s Gate or Neverwinter Nights) it was precisely this definitive Star Wars RPG title that has put BioWare on the map and showed what this studio can really do. With Steam gift card, one can obtain not only Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but also its sequel – Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords which was made by Obsidian Entertainment. The latter studio is also known for working on Fallout: New Vegas and the most recent, award-winning project – The Outer Worlds.

Nevertheless, it was BioWare that first started this series with the release of the ultimate Star Wars game. BioWare‘s Knights of the Old Republic was admired not only by the fans of the movies but also by gamers in general. By its design, KOTOR served as a precursor to Mass Effect series (as we will see later, some of the Mass Effect games are also available with a Steam gift card). How so? Both game series features extensive sci-fi world-building, NPC companions with whom the player could form different relationships, semi-open world locations set throughout the galaxy, turn-based combat, private spaceship, lots of freedom and an epic story that could be approached in a non-linear fashion.

Mass Effect franchise

Mass Effect games improved upon all game mechanics KOTOR introduced. While RPG elements like the detailed micromanagement of character’s inventory steadily declined with each release of a new Mass Effect title, the sci-fi series still remained loyal to the foundations laid down in the infamous Star Wars RPG. Out of all the Mass Effect games, only the first two are available for purchase with a Steam gift card. This shouldn‘t be seen as a problem though since the first two installments are generally considered to be the best in the series.

Knights of the Old Republic obviously took place within the world of Star Wars with the player racing throughout the galaxy on the starship Ebon Hawk to save the Republic from the Sith Lord Darth Malak. Through the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare tried to escape the creative limitations set by pre-existing intellectual property but the framework of the story remains quite similar to the mentioned KOTOR games that are available with a Steam gift card: as the custom made Commander Shepard, player races across the galaxy to stop a rogue Turian agent Saren and the malevolent machine masters that he serves.

Jade Empire: Special Edition

Without a doubt, BioWare games are not limited to the genre of science-fiction, even though the games this studio had created do feature some very good examples of sci-fi RPGs. On the other hand, BioWare‘s games also include titles with fantasy elements. Jade Empire: Special Edition is one such BioWare game available with a Steam gift card. Even though technically, it is a fantasy game, Jade Empire presents a more Asian-like setting as well as themes much closer to the Ancient Chinese culture and virtues emphasized in various schools of Eastern martial arts.

Jade Empire has the player assuming the role of a customizable martial artist who travels the Chinese folklore-inspired fictional land of the Jade Empire. Just like in the previous BioWare games, the story is open-ended, offering many ways for the player to influence the games’ plot through their actions. What makes this title different from other BioWare titles that are available with a Steam gift card is its unique combat system. KOTOR combat was turn-based, Mass Effect was a third-person shooter with a cover system, while Jade Empire features elaborated martial arts styles, supernatural abilities and the use of various traditional Chinese weapons.

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

Even though Jade Empire has an Eastern edge to it, Dragon Age: Origins returns to the mythology magic fantasy setting which will be very familiar to the fans of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings or Blizzard‘s MMORPG World of Warcraft. Just like other mentioned BioWare RPGs which are available for purchase with a Steam gift card, Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition is a single-player only experience. Classic traits of BioWare games are all present in this title as well: the epic non-linear story shaped by morally difficult choices, detailed lore and complex character development.

The player assumes the role of one of the last Grey Wardens –legendary warriors who protect humanity from underground dwelling demonic entities known as the darkspawn. The game is set in a fantasy land known as Ferelden. The rich mythology of Dragon Age: Origins can be explored not only through playing the main campaign, but also through side-quests and in-game texts that are usually found by exploring Ferelden. By purchasing the game with Steam gift card funds the player also gains access to the Awakening Expansion of Dragon Age: Origins which furthermore expands upon the massive content of the game through the introduction of a new explorable region – Amaranthine.

A practical way to enjoy BioWare‘s classics!

By this point, most of the mentioned BioWare games are more than 10 years old and that‘s why once you can acquire them at an incredibly cheap price. However, their popularity, a multitude of awards, and universally positive reviews continue to demonstrate that these titles have seamlessly withstood the trials of time. If you want to enjoy these BioWare golden-age games yourself, you don‘t even need to create any additional accounts aside from your profile on Steam. A gift card to increase your Steam Wallet funds will do just fine! On top of it all, if you buy the gift card from a retail store like Eneba, you can also save a pretty penny in the process. Considering the quality of these games, with their current price and a Steam card at your side – acquiring them is a complete bargain and therefore an absolute must for any RPG fan!

ELO Boosting in League of Legends

League of Legends is the world’s most popular MOBA video game, made by Riot Games. It exists for almost a decade now, and it made some really big successes both in terms of popularity and influence. The game itself will definitely go down in history as one of the best video games of the 21st century, and it’s something that Riot Games should be really proud of.

Currently, League of Legends has a blooming competitive scene, and their tournaments are worldwide, even in countries where the E-Sport scene is nonexistent. However, everything that we’ve said so far about the game is concerning only professional players, so let’s take a look at something that’s meant for the more “casual” player base.

It’s a fact that League of Legends is a very competitive game, and even if you’re a casual player, there aren’t any other goals in it rather than winning. This means that no matter how much you want to have fun playing it, you’ll still have to focus on destroying the enemy’s Nexus.

Player ranking in League of Legends is determined by ELO, and this system is used to form ranked matches depending on how skilled the players on each teams are. The more ELO you have, the better you are at the game, obviously.

League of Legends is a game that requires a lot of trial and error, and the daily practice of skills in order to get it right. If you want to improve and be good at League, you can’t do it by playing one match per day. This means that for most people, the game itself will be more of a chore than a video game, especially for those who have a daily job. With all of this being said, it’s never too late to use a helping hand, whether it’s a coach or someone that’s really experienced and will play the games with you, so if you are looking for something like this, feel free to visit

Some people can’t really improve without the help of a more experienced player, and if you have nobody to learn from, you’ll keep making the same mistakes, leading to a very long stagnation in ELO. This is why asking for help is quite understandable, and if your goal is becoming a better player over time, you should totally do it.

There are a few other reasons why ELO Boosting is worth it, and one of the best ones is the fact that you’re getting much better rewards at the end of the season if you’re rated with higher ELO. For example, those players that are ranked in the Silver Division will get only one of the rewards, but those in the Gold or Diamond division will receive much better rewards, making their accounts worth quite a lot. Please note that the rewards received at the end of each season are not purchasable, so you can only achieve them by ranking higher in the game. If you’re a fan of exotic skins and items that not many people can have, definitely give your best to reach higher ELO before each season.