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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Sweden 2020? 

Since history can remember, Valentine’s Day has always been a celebration of love and life at the same time. In the middle of these two terms, you could find expressions like deep feelings, tenderness, affections, and all the expressions-related to love. This is the reason that you need to experience some of the most memorable moments on this day. It is essential to share them with your partner. When it comes to the places where you can spend this day, there are a lot of locations you can visit in Europe, like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about Sweden. This country can be considered a newbie when it comes to the locations where you can spend your Valentine’s Day. Sweden turned to Western standards when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day only a couple of decades ago. At the same time, the tourist offer in this country considers themselves to be one of the best locations where you can spend quality time with your partner. In Sweden, this holiday called “The Day of All Hearts” – a name that only adds to the overall romance. In the whole of Scandinavia, this tradition started to emerge in the 1950s.

Like many other countries, Scandinavia decided to start a campaign where they chose to cultivate certain flower species and do advertising on the eve of Valentine’s Day. If you are visiting a couple of days before the holiday itself, you are definitely going to see and adorn parks, streets, and stores that are covered with a wide array of flower species. We got you interested, didn’t we? Okay, let us present you with the best possible activities that you can do when you find yourself in Sweden on this popular holiday. Now, let’s talk about this in greater detail.

How America Influenced Sweden with Valentine’s Day?

Before we start talking about what you can do in Sweden on Valentine’s Day, let us talk about the history of this holiday in this country. We can say that it is strange for a country that has so many traditions and history to adapt some new influences from a country that is so young, as the United States. We think that the theme if we can say it like that, of this holiday, is that crucial thing that made people from Sweden to start celebrating it.

As we said, people started celebrating this holiday in the 1950s in Sweden. We can say that this is not a new holiday, because it was celebrated way back in Ancient Rome. On the other hand, the way we are celebrating it today is totally different from the way they did it back then. Today’s version of Valentine’s Day took its shape in the 1980s when a lot of foreign couples started to invade Sweden and made it a popular destination for this day.

Valentine’s Day in Stockholm

Besides all the beautiful decorations that you can stumble across the country, especially in Stockholm, you can find yourself in the middle of parties that are happening right on the street. You can be confident that you will have a wonderful time in this country on this holiday because there are a lot of activities you can experience. Naturally, the highest percentage of activities is for the younger population. Activities like exchanging love cards and gifts, exceptional shows, and parties at night clubs, concert halls. If you are interested in how you can send flowers to your loved one while in Sweden, be sure to check out Flowers Sweden.

On the other hand, you can choose between a lot of high-quality restaurants that have elegant interior and that are sparkling with luxury. The most popular restaurants are Eriks Gondolin and Brasseries Le Rouge. At the same time, Stockholm is a city that has some of the most romantic places in the world. For example, you can try out Sandhamn. This is a harbor that hosts a hotel at the same time. It is possible to rent hot tubs that can be located outside of the complex. Having this site will give you one of the most attractive ways to spend this holiday with your partner.

Outside Cities

As we stated in the earlier part of our article, cities are filled with activities for younger couples. When it comes to mature couples, they are opting for something more traditional. For example, they would spend their holiday on several romantic sights. A lot of them can be found on the outskirts of Stockholm and all the other cities in the country. When it comes to the capital, you can take a daily trip to Oland and Gotland.

Gotland is a seaside where you can witness very long stretched beaches that are going to give you an undisturbed and calm atmosphere, and of course, the beauty of the Baltic Sea. You can be sure that you are going to have the time of your life if you opt for Gotland. When it comes to Oland, called “Land of Windmills,” at one point, it was a favorite place of Swedish royal family and their cousins. This is a place that attracts many visitors every year, and, truthfully, this is a genuinely festive excitement to be at.

One more destination that we would like you to pay attention to is the Mariefred village located within the vicinity of Stockholm. This is a village that has a fascinating history. This is a miniature town that started to grow near the popular Gripsholm Castle. However, on Valentine’s Day, this area turns into something that represents the true spirit of a romantic atmosphere. There are a lot of galleries and old-fashioned cafes that capture the historic center of the town itself. Furthermore, you can find an ancient locomotive that is still running through the alleys of this small town.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her 2020

Love couples show their feelings for each other more or less often. The good thing is that in most cases any situation can be solved with the right words or a nice text message. There are also holidays of love, the most famous being Valentine’s Day. But, it’s also a day when nothing else will help you but a romantic dinner or a nice gift.

Have We Forgotten About Love?

Of course, every year before the coming holiday, we uphold the idea that love should be spread throughout the year. Still, why miss the opportunity to share gifts, tenderness and attendant pleasures. We live so fast, work overtime, at home, on weekends, rush through city crowds, run around shops, etc. We find less and less time for ourselves and the people around us. Therefore, we think it is these holidays that serve to remind us of some things we tend to forget. Stop, rest and pay attention to tenderness and love in 2020.

The Legend Of Valentine’s

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th every year. It is directly or indirectly celebrated by a large number of people across the globe. The Valentine’s Day was initially intended for several early Christian saints with the same name. Valentin’s most famous martyrology is that he was executed for marrying soldiers, which was strictly forbidden by the then Roman emperor Claudius II, who thought that married men were bad soldiers.

According to the legend, as he was sentenced to death, Valentine sent to his jail mate’s blind daughter a letter. It was a letter with yellow saffron in gratitude for her kindness. It was signed by “your Valentine”.

The English Poet Connected Valentine To Romantic Love

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Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love in the fourteenth century in circles close to Jeffrey Chaucer, an English poet of the late Middle Ages. At that time, the so-called “elegant love” was popular among prominent people.

By the fifteenth century, this practice had grown into a custom of showing your love with flowers, sweets and greetings. Contemporary insignia of Valentine’s Day is red heart-shaped gifts, doves and Cupid figures. However, since the nineteenth century, hand-written greetings have been replaced with mass-produced greeting cards.

Each Culture Has Introduced Something Of Its Own

From those ancient times until today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost all over the world. However, in some cultures, this celebration has a little deviation from the rules. The worship of red roses has also become popular in Arab, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures. Each culture has introduced something of its own, so today is Valentine’s Day celebrated in different ways around the globe.

Chocolate Day In Japan

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In Japan, all women give men chocolates on this day. And they give it to everyone, from colleagues, neighbours, husbands to bosses and acquaintances. Men are paying attention, but a month later by giving women white chocolate. This custom is called White Day.

Oranges In China

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Valentine’s Day is intertwined with China’s traditional Lantern Festival. It falls on the fifteenth day of the New Year. Across Malaysia and Singapore, on this day, women in love write their phone numbers on oranges, which are then thrown into a stream, river or lake. Man who finds the orange makes sure to contact the girl, so they could eat oranges together.

South African Paper Hearts

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Like in many parts of the world, South Africa is also celebrating Valentine’s Day. In addition to giving flowers, candy and other symbols of love, it is common for women to pin a paper heart on their sleeve on February 14th. On that heart, they write out the name of the person they are interested in and so the men find out who their secret admirer is. This custom comes from a Roman custom called “Lupercalia”.


Of course, when we talk about Valentine’s, we cannot overlook the gifts that give a special charm to this holiday. We used to pay far more attention and much more time and effort to these things.

Today, due to lack of time, we are constantly waiting for the last moment to buy gifts. Some studies say that women generally welcome Valentine’s Day ready – while thinking about gifts often creates a headache for men.

What to give a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day is a question that pops into their heads for a whole 3-4 hours before the February 14th gifting deadline. Fortunately, we live in a time of modern communication and advanced technology, so choosing a gift has become easier and delivery is much faster.

Just go to the internet and choose a gift for your loved one. We did our best to present you some interesting gifts when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and if you want a more comprehensive guide – read more here.

So, here are the 5 things we suggest…

1. Photo Exhibition

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Even though we live in a world of high digitization, photo making is back in fashion. Polaroid photos of various formats are especially popular. Create some precious photos to make a real small exhibition. Line them up in a heart shape or simply attach them to the rope with coloured wooden clips. Add some pieces of cut flowers and candy and she’s gonna love it! Better yet, buy your loved one a great gift – A Creative Explosion Box Photo Album.

It looks like an ordinary gift box, but it holds a little secret. Namely, when your loved one opens this box, its sides go down, triggering a real explosion of emotions. On each page, there are cards with photos of you two together, so it will trigger a storm of emotions and be a wonderful memory for your loved one.

2. Gorgeous Flower Bouquet

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Flowers for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for your sweetheart, especially if you are a little clumsy in choosing romantic gifts. A gorgeous bouquet in the shape of the initial letter of her name is a special and very personalized gift. You choose the letter, and the professionals in this business will do their best to fill it with flowers and greenery of your choice.

Keep in mind when choosing flowers for this day. Roses are most appropriate when you want to show someone you love them. There is a large selection of over 150 varieties of roses. Colours, shapes, combinations – it’s all up to you!

3. Candlelight Dinner Is Always A Great Idea

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Make a romantic dinner for two with candles and light music. You can even create a playlist of your favourite songs, the ones you both love that remind you of each other and your shared memories.

4. Love List

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Make a list of 100 things you love about your beloved one, print it and frame it. The list can be gentle, loving, or a bit seductive, where you can express your admiration. If you want a person to feel truly special, read the list aloud.

5. Gifts For Your Bedroom

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Sometimes it’s best to give a joint gift on a date like this. Does your bedroom need refreshment? New bedding or a bedspread can be a nice solution. Does your partner often suffer from neck pain? Memory foam pillow will be the right expression of attention for Valentine’s Day. Decorative pads and a soft blanket will help to make your love nest comfortable and warm.

What About When We’re Single For Valentine’s Day?

Stop! Are people in relationships the only who are busy buying presents these days? And where does it say that gifts are for couples only? One of the better things about being single for Valentine’s Day is the fact that we don’t have to give away money for gifts.

We have no obligation to buy and chase for presents like crazy. However, everyone who has a desire – can buy a gift for themselves (why not?). You may also surprise some of your dearest people, who are also single. Agree to give something to each other, and the best part is that it will surely be nice and creative gifts.