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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner for a Hardwood Floor

Melissa Witulski, an operational manager from a prestigious house cleaning company named Merry Maids stresses regular cleaning of your floor before the floor cleaning tasks become unmanageable. But for people like Mr. Jack, regular cleaning of the floor might not be sustainable since you already have your working hours behind your back. All our gratitude to the technological advancements in the 21st century, now you can manage both your office and housecleaning at the same time.

According to VacuumsAdvisor, here are some things you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors:

Understanding the type of dirt that you would be creating:

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I can understand how you are feeling about the title written above. Do we even get to choose the type of dirt we produce? Actually, yes. You have to understand the fact that 60 percent of the dirt that you produce are bi-products of your lifestyle, the other 40 percent are common to everyone.

So, what’s so important with knowing what we will be creating? Well, actually vacuum cleaners come with different types, having features that are applicable for different purposes. That means when you’ve figured out about your dirt then you know what type of cleaning you are expecting from your vacuum cleaner.

For example, if you own a pet, then you might need a different type of cleaning than the ones who don’t. Also, you might be allergic to some objects which would require much-specialized cleaning.

Weight of the vacuum cleaner:

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Visiting a vacuum cleaner store gives you a variety of options to choose from. Most common ones being called upright vacuum cleaner or cylinder vacuum cleaner or stick vacuum cleaner. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are usually the heavier ones and the stick vacuum cleaners are much lighter along with the feature of portability.

However, there are some trade-offs when you choose one type over the other. For example, although stick vacuum cleaners are lighter and portable, their canister is also a bit smaller in comparison with the cylinder vacuum cleaners, which makes storing a troublesome task to handle. In our case, we would definitely opt for a lighter one, heavier ones can leave scratches on the floor and also cause a deformity in your floor.

Wheels of the vacuum cleaner:

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You can still choose heavier vacuum cleaners if you choose a bit wisely. You can observe that the wheels of the vacuum cleaners also come up with different types. But for our case, you must choose a vacuum cleaner with rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels. Plastic wheels can easily put nasty scratches on the floor, whereas the rubber wheels can easily adjust with the wooden surface and most importantly, are risk-free from leaving any scratch on your floors.

The structure of your house:

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Your home décor is also important in determining the right vacuum cleaner. Having stairs in your home can make things more difficult. In that case, you might want to invest in an upright vacuum cleaner if you want to keep your back pain away. Cylinder models will suit better in homes that are comparatively smaller with a lot of stairs. Cordless stick vacuums come in handy in various cases but they might not be suitable for bigger homes.

These are the tips for getting you the perfect vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. Always keep in mind that cleanliness is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and it cannot be achieved with ill cleaning practices. So, always make sure that your cleaning practices do not hamper your health physically or mentally.

7 Home Cleaning Tips for Newbies

Is it time to clean again? How often do you feel like you don’t even know where to start? Most of us dream of a sparkling clean house, but the reality can sometimes be quite overwhelming. 

Luckily, you don’t have to spend an entire day working hard to achieve the desired result. Instead, you should clean smart and you’ll find it easier to maintain the house clean.

Below, you’ll find 7 home cleaning tips and tricks to apply to your cleaning routine if you’re a newbie. These are all simple and can be applied right away.
  1. Put it back in place

The most important part to keeping your house clean is avoiding clutter. The easiest way to do this is to put things back in their place right after using them. By doing this, you prevent things from piling up on your kitchen counters, sofa or other parts of your home. 

  1. Do the dishes

Doing dishes is sometimes quite tiring. It’s the last thing you want to do after what was maybe already a long day. 

The first thing you should do is place the dishes in the washer right as you use them. In other words, don’t just put a dirty plate on the counter and walk away from it. Take a minute to rinse it, and put it in the washer right away.
  1. Give your bathroom a quick cleanup

Your bathroom requires attentive and careful cleaning. Still, you can dedicate a few minutes to it a few times a week to prevent buildup of dirt. Keep a cleaning solution in the cabinet and sprinkle it in the sink now and then. Use a cloth to clean water spots each night after doing your nighttime skincare routine. 

  1. Invest in a vacuum cleaner

Having a good vacuum cleaner makes all the difference. Think about the type of floors you have in order to figure out which vacuum would be the best for you. 

If you don’t have as much time to clean the floors a few times a week, you can always look into a robot vacuum. According to, these are ideal for busy people since they do most of the work without your assistance. 

Also since we live in 21 century, which is full of new technology options, you can always try something new available on the market. To check some new and interesting tools which can help you in your house cleaning check

  1. Keep your tools in one place

Having a caddy or a bucket for all your cleaning tools and products is a great way of keeping them organized. This saves you time and effort since you can just pick them up when it’s time to clean.
  1. Clean the tools, brushes and sponges

Take the time to clean your mop, sponges, and brushes. It’s unlikely you can clean with a dirty tool, so try to get into the habit of washing and maintaining these tools.

  1. Take some time for laundry 

You should think about getting at least two laundry bins if you have enough space. Having two bins allows you to separate clothes right when you take it off so that you don’t have to do it later. 

Also, take a few minutes to fold the clothes right as you’re unloading it from the dryer. By spending a few more minutes here, you avoid creating clutter you’d have to deal with later.

How to be an Expert to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean Naturally

I’ve always loved hardwood floors, and they are currently one of the most popular styles of flooring available in just about every type of housing.

Good hardwood flooring can last for more than 100 years, and this unique type boosts air quality, acoustics, and ends up being a significant factor that can add value to your home.

To me, it’s no surprise that many people are ripping up their tile floors and exposing and restoring the beautiful hardwood that sleeps beneath.

Still, cleaning your hardwood floor can be tough, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, many of the hardwood treatments out there are a bit harsh and can actually cause long-term damage to your beautiful floors.

For example, while Murphy’s Oil Soap has been a standard for generations, it can make the wood slippery, and it also can irritate the skin.

For this reason, I’ve decided it’d be a good idea to create this guide for you so that you can clean your hardwood floors like an expert in the most natural way.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

This method, which is the most typical method, is straightforward and can make for a very reliable means in which to keep your floors looking great. You’ll also notice that the materials you need are also very simple as well:

  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1/4 Cup of Vinegar
  • A Gallon of Hot Water
  • A Standard Mop
  • A Microfiber Cloth
  • A Towel

Alternatively, you can also make a polish that will make your floors shine fairly brightly.

Having said that, I find that this is a process that you’ll only want to do now and then because of the film that can appear after you’ve applied the polish multiple times.

In any situation, for this cleaning method, you can just blend ½ cup of lemon juice, ¾ cup of olive oil, and with a gallon of hot water.

You simply dampen your mop and apply the solution to your floors. Despite the shininess of this method, I find the traditional water and vinegar technique to be more reliable.

Step One: Prepare the Floors for Treatment

Before you get started, you’re going to need to make sure that there’s no excess dust and debris on your floor. While some recommend sweeping your hardwood floor with a broom that has semi-soft bristles, I find running a vacuum over it to be a bit more practical.

According to the VacuumAllRounder, this is because a vacuum picks up debris like sand, hair, pet hair, soil, and small stones and places it all in the bag. With a broom, it’s very easy to accidentally sweep the debris into a corner where it can stay, unnoticed, forever.

Most vacuum cleaners have a bare floor setting, which is a good option to use if you’re looking to just pick up the excess material.

According to k Kuchiya the founder of “clean Up Home” blog most modern vacuums won’t scratch the floor that you’re trying to clean, but if this is a concern, simply apply minimal pressure to the surfaces as you’re working on it. You can also use the hose attachment to vacuum up the worst of the loose material.

Step Two: Create Your Vinegar-Based Cleaning Solution

One of the best features of this method is how simple the solution is. I find that I end up only spending a few dollars for several cleanings when I use this technique.

To start, you’re going to need about a gallon of warm water in your mop bucket. Add about ¼ of a cup of standard white vinegar to this water, and make sure that it’s well-mixed.

I love vinegar because it’s such a versatile cleaning agent, and when used on hardwood, it can be something of a restorative.

Step Three: Use the Solution to Mop the Floors

Once you’ve got the solution nice and mixed, it’s time to get your mop ready. One of the most important tips I can give you is to never over saturate your mop; you want it to be somewhat damp but not damp enough to leave puddles.

If you let water, even water with vinegar, sit on hardwood, it’ll start to soak in, and the wood’s overall quality will decrease.

For this reason, you just want to make sure that you’re wetting the wood but not dousing it.

In fact, once you’re done mopping a section, it’ll be a good idea to take a towel and go over any parts that seem overly wet.

This will take only a second, and since the mop was well wrung-out, it also shouldn’t cause your towel to get too soaked to be absorbent.

Step Four: Give the Floor a Once-Over with a Cloth

For me, the shine of a freshly-cleaned hardwood floor is the best part of the process, and to ensure that it has an optimal shine, I like to go over it with a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths will pick up any excess moisture, and if you scrub along the grain, you’ll release some of the natural oils in the wood that’ll make the surface shine.


How did you like my tutorial about cleaning your hardwood floors the natural way? One of the best features of having one is how beautiful it can be when you’re done cleaning it.

Also, keeping my floors looking great helps me ensure that the ones I walk on daily will last for another 100 years.

Please feel free to post what you think about my guide in the comments section, and if you can, share this article on your social feed if you found it helpful.

Portable Product Ideas for your Home

Homes of these days are not very large. On the other hand, expenses are high. What can you do to cope with less space and moderate costs? This is where the name of portable stuff and products come in.

When you have to make the life easier and lower your expenses, the best thing you can do is to select some specific portable products that can serve you in a greater extent along with giving your interior an eye-catching look.

We created a list of some particular portable product ideas for you that can be the game-changer for you. Have a look!

Portable Air Conditioners

If you have a small home and if the home requires central air conditioning, you are just on the right path! A home that lacks air conditioner is not a home at all. Do not settle down with the electric fans.  Window mounted air conditioners will also not be a trendy option to go for. If you want an Air Conditioner that provides aeration in your whole house then without wasting money on central AC, go for the Portable Air Conditioners.

These portable ACS will be movable and so you will be able to shift them from one room to another whenever you are not in the previous room. Most of the Portable ACS can be used as the ACS and also a humidifier or fan. It will also reduce the electric charge and eventually will keep your home cool.

There is a lot of Portable ACS available in the market and you can also get an evaporating cooler if you want to make your home cool. Within $100 to $400, you can easily get a Portable AC for your home.

Vacuum Cleaner


The most widely used portable device of the century is a vacuum cleaner. Who does not want her house to be clean? Cleaning house is very much easy when you do not need to use your hands. The Vacuum Cleaners are portable and you can set it anywhere to clean your house.

Nowadays, they do not need any supervision rather they work by themselves. You only need to tell them where to clean. They will clean the whole house by themselves. The vacuum cleaners also include cameras so that they can find the obstacles of the house and avoid contact with them.

There are also options for cleaning a specific space if you want. If the vacuum cleaners run out of charge, you will not need to put them back to charge.

When they get to know that they are running out of charge, they will leave the workplace and will charge themselves. You can also operate them with your smartphone. These devices come in a different design to suit your home. You can get quality vacuum cleaners from $150 to $600.

Weather Predicting Storm Glass


Weather Predicting Storm Glasses are popular for predicting the weather of a specific area 2 or 3 days in advance. These devices will suit you best if you are a person who travels a lot or if the weather ruins your plan every time. These storm glasses are available in small size and large size.

There are weather detecting storm glasses that are called ‘desktop storm glass” and these glasses are amazing for keeping on the desk and know the weather anytime you want.

You can also get the large storm glasses that can afford you more accurate information along with the adding trend to the interior of your house. These storm glasses are great for making your journeys perfect and helping you in planning for an ideal vacation. Price of storm glasses varies from quality to quality. Storm glasses are available from $10 to $300 (more perfection.)



Recliners are said to be one of the most important pieces of equipment for your house if you are a person who goes through a busy schedule. People of these days are usually busy with their occupations and there is less time for them to take care of themselves.

But, you cannot ignore your health for your work. For the hectic schedule and tough work, people are often seen facing problems regarding back pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. There are also people who cannot sleep properly at night.

Go for Recliners if you want to have a perfect sleep. The recliners are great to make your body relax by the ultimate comfort with quality materials. These include padded-arms, extended leg-rest and properly shaped back and arms.

These also come as a combo of recliner and rocker. You can use this and get rid of back pain or neck pain easily and can get a sound sleep. There also come with amazing designs so that they can add sophistication to your home interior. The recliners are a little pricey and you can get them within $130 to $600.

Portable Space Heater


Yes, just like the portable AC you can also get a portable space heater for your home if the place is frigid. You do not need to payer up anymore inside your home if you get the Portable Space Heaters to keep your home warm. These heaters are compact and can be taken anywhere you want. So, you can use this in any room you are staying and if you move from that room to another room, you can take this there too to keep that room warm.

The work of a portable heater is not only keeping the room water, but you can also use this heater to keep pace with the ideal temperature if any space of your home is excessively cold. These have digital controls and are available in different models like convention heaters, radiant heaters, fan-forced heaters, micathermic heater etc. You can get these heaters within $20 to $70.

So, do not be tensed about spending excessive money on products that take a lot of space of your house. Discover real portable products ideas from Hello Portable. Rather go for portable stuff for your home and enjoy the advantages. Till then, take care!

Guide To Buy A Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, What Should You Know?

A Shark cordless vacuum is very important for any home because this tool allows you to clean the hidden debris that accumulates every day in your house. Having a vacuum cleaner is always good since this way you can ensure the proper cleaning of space in which you and your family live.

There are many factors that can influence the quality of a Shark stick vacuum. So, it is very important that before buying one of these devices you have knowledge about what are the characteristics that you should consider when looking for a vacuum cleaner. The first thing you should know is the fact that there are a lot of models in the market.

Vacuums like the Shark ION X40 are very popular because it has a reasonable price and offers superb quality. However, this vacuum has a much simpler design compared to the Shark ION F80. This model is one of the latest additions by the company and can be used as a normal or as a hand vacuum cleaner.


So the question is: what should I take into account when performing a Shark ION X40 and F80 comparison? Below are the characteristics that must be taken into account when buying one of these:

  • The most important thing to consider the cost of the vacuum cleaner and the money that is intended to be spent on this device. Each model has its own tools and offers its own benefits.
  • Does the vacuum have a rigid rod or an adjustable rod? Those vacuum cleaners with an adjustable rod are usually ideal for reaching hidden places in the home where dirt accumulates. With rigid rods, this is not possible.
  • The vacuum cleaner can be disassembled? One of the most common features in current vacuum cleaners is that they can be disassembled to create a much smaller hand vacuum for more complex cleaning rooms.

If you want to compare Shark ION X40 and F80, then it is necessary that you take into account these characteristics. The only difference between these two models lies in their price since both offer a high quality when it comes to cleaning.

Where Can You Buy One Of These?


If you want to obtain one of these models you can visit virtual stores such as Amazon or the website of the company responsible for its manufacture. Finding these is not the problem; the problem is choosing which is the best for your needs. There are so many models of vacuum cleaners that it will surely be a complex task to make a quick choice.

The most advisable for these cases is to carry out an investigation on the characteristics that each model of the vacuum cleaner has so that you have clear information about what are the benefits that can be obtained. On the internet you can check HomeDorks and find a lot of information on the subject, finding pages where you can know the characteristics of the most popular vacuum cleaners in the market, as well as find comparisons of models like the Shark IONFlex IF251 vs. F80. If you have correct information on the subject, then you likely to choose the vacuum that best suits your needs.

How to choose the perfect Vacuum Cleaner between Shark and Dyson?

The never-ending competition between the two best vacuum cleaners brands Shark and Dyson still goes on! Which one is the best- Shark or Dyson? The argument will never stop. Choosing between the bests is tough, but the choice may vary according to your requirements.

The Shark and Dyson, they both are incredible in terms of performance. But the design of the vacuum cleaners along with the features and technologies they bear are far different from each other. Vacuum cleaners have a range of models and they are Bagless Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners, and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners.

These two brands have diversity in their models and no vacuum cleaner has the drawback of losing suction. These cleaners are also available for use not only on the bare floor but also on the carpet. Both of these topnotch brands uses amazing technologies related to bagless containers so that they can collect the dust and dirt easily.


Shark vs. Dyson

In this section, we are going to discuss the basic differences in the technologies and features of the two leading brands – and these are only a few robotic vacuums you can get, on a crowded market nowadays. .

Weight is Vital

When the gossip is about the vacuum cleaner, the weight of the cleaners comes forward always. As there will be times when the user will need to bear the vacuum cleaners, any user will preferably love the lightweight vacuum cleaner to avoid the hassle.

Let us begin with the Shark. The Shark comparably lightweight if compared to the models of Dyson. When a large house needs a vacuum cleaner, Shark is the best as it can be easily carried here and there to clean the whole house. If a house has stairs, then Shark can be carried upstairs with ease.

On the other hand, the Dyson vacuum cleaner models are a bit weighty. Though the weight is not too much to carry, if judged against the Shark Vacuum Cleaners then the Dyson cleaners are heavyweight.


Technologies Speak

Though Dyson Vacuum cleaners may feel a little heavy, this brand has introduced a “rotating ball.” This technology can gear up easy turning and also emphasizes suction.

In most cleaners, the Dyson uses their motorized brush bar so that it can provide ultimate performance. Shark, in this case, uses the Duo-Clean brush. At a lower price, the Shark also affords soft brush rolls. Most of the cleaners by Shark include Noise Reduction Technology so that there is no noise pollution.

Along with the technology of rotating-call, the Dyson vacuum cleaners have also introduced the users to the technology named “Root Cyclone.” This technology is principally a technology for proper suction. The work of Root-Cyclone is to certify the dust, hair, pollen and the other dirty element stays inside the dirt-box instead of mixing with the air again.

Models and Versions

The brand Shark has also launched a canister vacuum cleaner model. Along with this, this company has also crafted cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. Their cordless models are very easy to carry and can be used anywhere with comfort.

According to the corded models of Vacuum Cleaners, the cords of the longest cord among these two brands. In terms of long cords, the Shark has cord lengths that are average. However, the Shark has the lift-away feature and so the users can completely detach their cleaner from and take it anywhere.

In the cordless models, the Dyson affords longer runtime for cleaning the whole house. On the other hand, they Shark cleaners have batteries that run for less time.


Be Friends with Pet

The Shark Vacuum cleaners have the ability to catch the fur and hair of the pet. But the pet owners of this century are seen to put Dyson Vacuum Cleaners over the Shark Vacuum Cleaners. Dyson is considered to be the best when it comes to picking up the pet hair and fur. It can gather up all the fur and lock it inside.

When it comes to Shark, most of their users complain about the hair getting entangled in the vacuum. They find it tough to disentangle the hair properly.

Easy for your Pocket!

When it comes to the price of the vacuum cleaners, the users need to be careful as vacuum cleaners are much expensive. Shark Ionflex Vacuum cleaners are comparably reasonable in terms of pricing. For some specific added features, the Dyson will cost a little more.


To put an End

The rivalry between the founder James Dyson and the CEO Mark Rosenzweig with never end as both of their products provide incredible performance.

But to put an end, we believe both to be the bests as both of the cleaners have well-built points to win. It depends on the user, what the requirements and what they want from their cleaners. Note down and go for it!

If you want to check more vacuum brand comparisons, read Vacuumist’s comparison guides.

Tools You Need To Clean Your House

Cleaning your house on a regular basis is pretty important for your health, the health of people around you as well as the general looks of the interior. But, as you might know, it isn’t the most interesting thing to do in the free time? It takes hours, and it is energy demanding as well. Nobody will volunteer to do it unless it is necessary. If you want to read some home cleaning tips, click here.

Yes, sometimes it can be relaxing, but taking into consideration that you have to do it at least a few times a month, it is wise to find ways to make it more effective. And the first step to that is getting the right cleaning equipment. Right cleaning equipment contains a good batch of white towels and microfiber cloths, brushes, spray bottles, white vinegar, cleaning solutions, and all the other tools that you might need in the process. Having everything that is needed will save you the much needed time, and we guarantee that you will get better results. But, what are the few essential tools that you need (other than cloths, towels, sponges, etc.)? Let’s take a look!

The Essential Tools For Cleaning Your House

As mentioned above preparation is the key so if you get everything in time chances are house cleaning could even be kind of cool.

  1. The first and foremost is a vacuum cleaner. This beautiful device, made to perfection, is there to save you the troubles of all the dust, crumbles, leftover food or anything lying on your floor. Agencies like SwiftClean suggest a vacuum cleaner as a #1 must have! Regularly vacuuming a few times a week (it won’t take more than 15-20 minutes) will be of great help and you will feel like your house is brand new again.
  1. Similar to the first one investing in a good hand vacuum will save you time and energy. Instead of swiping dust and crumbles from stoves and tables using microfiber cloths or towels, just vacuum it up using this conventional and simple invention. Of course, it is wise to wipe the table once you are done, but the hand vacuum will do everything beforehand.
  1. The thing you have to own especially if your ceiling is highly positioned is the ceiling fan cleaning brush. This will reach those hidden dust spots, and thus lower the risk of allergies. Getting an extension dusting kit is a good choice as well!
  1. One of the most important tools to have is a mop, and believe us investing in a steam mop is the way to go. You can use this one to remove stains from floors, and walls and the power of the released steam will do everything for you. Instead of wiping those grease stains and spots by hand, fall in love with this device!
  1. Last, but not least we would recommend you to get a lint roller. This one doesn’t only pick up the hair of your cat or dog from furniture, but can sweep all that dust, leftover crumbs or even broken glass from the floor. Believe us, this small investment will pay off multiple times!

What If You Don’t Like To House Clean

Okay, although it is pretty clear what do you need and how to do it, you can still be against cleaning yourself for whatever reason, and that is absolutely fine. That is why agencies such as SwiftClean (situated in Santa Barbara) offer great house cleaning services. They will do everything in a matter of hours, and are relatively cheap as well. From your bathroom and kitchen equipment to the living room and entrance everything will shine bright like a diamond. No dust, no crumbles, no allergies – lovely!


At the end of the day, whether you will be cleaning by yourself or hiring an agency, it is significant to remember the importance of the same. Remember, a clean environment is a healthy and good environment!