The Unexpected Benefits of the Coronavirus Lockdown

‘2020’ had a very nice, symmetrical ring to it… until it actually arrived. Now, with almost half the year gone in virtual captivity for most of us, it will probably be remembered as the Year of the Virus or the Year of the Lockdown. However, the worldwide shutdown has had some positive consequences, too. It

Experts Reveal When We Can Go Back to Normal Life


British experts say that social distancing will be a necessary measure until a vaccine for COVID-19 is found. That could mean we will spend the next 18 months in our homes to prevent a new wave of infection. According to The Telegraph, we can expect to return to normal life only then. It is unrealistic

Coronavirus Will Remain for Two Years

In an interview for “NPR”, CDC Director Robert Redfield explains how some people got infected even whilst following the social distancing rules. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is considering revising the protective mask instructions: from now on everyone should be wearing them, not just doctors and medical staff. Also read: The Scientists Discovered