Ways to Become a Better Tourist

Simply put, going on a vacation is more of a necessary thing these days, as most people are under continual stress and on the constant run, working and meeting deadlines. That is why we need to escape from our everyday obligations from time to time, and what better way to do so than travel. Now, exploring other cultures, meeting new people, and learning something new about someone else’s history enrichen us in so many ways, and traveling can widen our perspective on how we see the world and even ourselves. Of course, some people go on a vacation just to relax, have a few drinks, and ease their mind, but even that usually ends up with at least talking to locals. That is why being on good behavior is always a must and for one simple reason. When talking to locals, the way they behave and whether they are polite or not, will leave an impression and will affect your opinion about people from that region, but you also represent your country while visiting some new place, so remember that. Another reason why we should never forget our manners is that just because you are on vacation, that doesn’t mean that everyone else around you also is.

Finding a good host is what we all want when traveling, and it is also quite an understandable thing that those hosts want a good tourist too. Good tourists behave themselves, as they show respect to other cultures and don’t break any laws while on vacation. They are also keen or at least put some effort into learning a phrase or two of the local language, as even simple words as “please” and “thank you” will mean a lot. These are just some examples of what’s needed to become a better tourist, so let’s broaden this subject, and check some other things.

Think about clothes

It doesn’t matter if we are going on a vacation for a couple of days or a longer period, it is necessary to bring enough clothes to be prepared for every weather condition. That does not mean that we need to bring boots and a jacket on a summer trip, but it is always a good idea to have a pair of sneakers, pants and some hooded sweatshirt so the rain cannot surprise us. Besides weather conditions, there are special dress codes in many countries, and it is important to respect them if you decide to visit some of them since it is a part of their culture and heritage. You probably don’t want something as unimportant as clothing to ruin your stay, so if going to some place entirely new, do your homework about the customs and dress code before the trip.

Respect the culture and obey the rules

There are many different cultures around the globe, and it can sometimes happen that we are surprised when we visit some new country with a different culture than ours. If someone wants to learn more about some new country, that means that they need to learn more about its culture and history and show as much respect as they have for their own culture. It is, once again, crucial to do the research and check what is forbidden and what is desirable behavior and follow all the rules to avoid any unpleasant situation. Local people are always friendly when they see tourists around, but they won’t be happy if someone disrespects their country, culture, and rules. The saying “You reap what you sow” should be on your mind here, and if you show gratitude and respect, that’s exactly what you will get in return, if not more.

Learn a few words

It is always nice to learn a few words and to thank locals in their language. In that way, they will feel our gratitude, and we will be richer for a few new words in a foreign language. For those who want to be better prepared, it is always a good idea to learn how to ask for direction, food, and drinks and understand the answers from the locals. Many of them do not know any other language besides their own, so it can be pretty challenging to communicate with them. Take France for example, this beautiful country with rich history and breathtaking views and sights that will leave you craving for more, but going somewhere where tourists don’t go as often without knowing some words and expressions in French will just complicate things, and those who visited France will surely agree with us, and the same can be said for Spain. That is why, if you have enough time, take a few lessons or a language course, as learning a new language will broaden your views, and if you want to see how learning Spanish doesn’t have to be that tough, read more about that here.

Pick up the trash

One of the rules that we should all obey no matter if we are on vacation or in our country is never to leave the trash behind. It is an ugly habit, and it leaves permanent consequences to our environment, and it takes only a few seconds to put the trash into the trash can. Never use the excuse that it already was dirty when you come, and instead of that, use the trash can. That makes the whole world much better place for living and gives us even more great places to visit. No one likes dirty things, or to see an ocean full of plastic bottles, so why throw them in the sea in the first place.

Use local currency

In many local stores and coffee shops, it is possible only to pay if one has the local currency, and in some of them, it is impossible to use a credit card instead. Because of that, the best idea is to exchange money when you arrive in the country and use it for paying. It is important to find a trustworthy exchange office to avoid higher costs than is necessary.

Best Guide for An Amazing Time in Aruba

There are only a few places on earth where you can see what paradise looks like, and one of them is Aruba. Just by hearing the name of Aruba, the only thing that will come to your mind is beautiful landscapes and beaches.

Not only this but there is also a lot of fantastic tourist attractions which you be amazed to see. We guarantee that at no cost, you will be disappointed with your trip to Aruba. The location of Aruba is such that it is very close to the US and Canada, which makes it a favorable vacation destination for these countries. The people fed up with the harsh winters in their home country must go to Aruba to have a great time.

Enjoy the Caribbean waves where the water is clean, and the weather is always the best to head out to the beach. The ones who are lovers of catching exotic fishes must come to Aruba as the water here always has a wide variety of fishes. Aruba is a land where there are contrasting landscapes like the white sand beaches and the rugged terrains. Isn’t it just magic? We are here to give you just the best guide so that you have an amazing time in Aruba.

Roaming on the Island

You love the breeze and the vibes on the island as it is pretty different from the places you have ever been to. That is the magic that Aruba creates on anyone who visits the island. The island life here is only filled with happy moments. While you are driving around the island all, you will get to see amazing things.

Spectacular Beaches

Tourists in Aruba get hooked to the beaches of Aruba. There is something on the beaches of Aruba that you just fall in love with them. Most beaches are nearly empty, which makes it a perfect secluded spot to spend some alone time or private time with loved ones. Make sure to cover all the famous beaches of Aruba.

Water Sports and Adventure Activities

You must spend your time well on the island by indulging in some adventurous activities and water sports. Skip lying on the beach and hit the beautiful Caribbean waters. The temperature of the water remains warm, so you can at any time you can go for a swim. Snorkeling is a top activity that you must try out to see the lush marine life.

Accommodations in Aruba

Regarding your stay in Aruba, there are a lot of luxury Aruba villas to choose from at; it is just the best place to browse different options. Better than the hotels is the amazing Aruba villa rentals where you will get all the luxurious amenities. Choose the property according to your preference. If you are a big group, then taking the Aruba villa on rent will be the perfect pick for you. You can choose to reside near the beach and other attractions so that you save on the traveling time.

Sightseeing Attractions

There are a lot of sightseeing attractions on the island that you will like, and each destination has a unique story to tell. Visit the Arikok National Park, Ayo Rock Formations, Alto Vista Chapel, and much more. For a great sightseeing trip, you can plan your trip well to cover a lot of attractions in Aruba.

Right Budgeting for Your Trip

As Aruba is an expensive island, therefore, it is very important that you budget your vacation. The one thing you should have in mind that the tap water in Aruba is safe for consumption; therefore, don’t waste money on buying water. Book affordable accommodations to reduce the overall trip cost. Taking a car for rent is also a great move to budget your trip.

Rich Culture and Heritage

Aruba is an island with rich culture and heritage that makes it very interesting to know about the island’s history. Plan to visit the museums and art centers that are there on the island.

Eventful Island

On this island, there are many events taking place annually, which makes it quite an eventful place. San Nicolas is the place that you should visit to get the Caribbean vibes. See the flavors of the festival, which will surely bring you alive. Aruba carnival festival happens from January to March, and it is the best time to visit Aruba. The period which is considered to be a low season is from September – November.

Diversity in Cuisines and Languages

Much diversity can be seen on the island in terms of the cuisines and languages spoken on the island. Due to the wide variety of languages and cuisines, all the tourists get the flavor of something new and also a familiar language for them to converse with the locals.

Sunset Cruise

One thing that is very popular in Aruba is the beautiful sunset and viewing it on the sunset cruise is something that will leave you completely spellbound. Hop on the sunset cruise, which is a luxurious way to enjoy the beauty of the majestic Caribbean Sea. Don’t leave out this experience, or else you will seriously miss out on some of the best experiences on the island.

Things to Do

The list of things to do is very long. During your time in Aruba, things that you can try out are snorkeling, scuba diving, ATV tour, UTV tour, and jet skiing. You will love doing all the adventure tours in Aruba as they are an exciting way to enjoy the beauty of the island.

Loved knowing about Aruba? If yes, when you see Aruba in reality, you will truly be amazed by the beauty of the island. You will surely get obsessed with the beaches and Caribbean vibes that you will keep coming back for more. There is truly nothing like Aruba. Your time on the One Happy Island will be calculated in terms of the happy moments that you spend here. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your luggage and head out to Aruba, which is the land of unique experiences.

What to do In Turkey for Vacation

Up to the rafters with ancient masterpieces left behind from a number of historical figures, and enriched with panoramic landscapes that never fail to fascinate, Turkey is a magnificent destination that stretches both Asia and Europe.

Its lively culture, outstanding food, and immense history astonish all who venture here, while its splendid views from the sun-entranced Mediterranean to the towering mountains and Anatolian steppe are marvels in themselves.

Whether you want to revel in the Ottoman and Byzantine richness of Istanbul on a city trip, relax on the beach, dive into history roaming through ruins like Ephesus, or see some of the planet’s most illusory vistas in Cappadocia and Pamukkale, this country has a galore of highlights!

For more ideas on what to do when vacationing in Turkey, read on!

But first things first…

First off, Be Cautious the Covid Spread

The outbreak of coronavirus disease is nothing short of explosive. Began in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, COVID has now found its way to over 203 countries as of today and has been formally declared a global level-A threat.

A multitude of countries, including Turkey, were crippling with their encounter with the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic. But now, with unprecedented healthcare systems in place, the social spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) seems to be decreasing.

According to Natvisa, Turkey is trying to revive its tourism sector.

However, this doesn’t mean you start roaming Turkey’s beautiful streets without face masks or violate social distancing! COVID is contained there but is still very much a dreadful threat.

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism recommends that everyone follow the below-mentioned rules so as to restrict the spread of viruses, in particular, COVID-19:

  • Keep your hands disinfected by regularly cleaning them with soap and hot water, or an alcoholic solution such as a sanitizer.
  • Sneeze or cough only into your elbow.
  • Blow your nose only in a throwaway tissue. And, promptly dispose of it after use.
  • Wear a medical-grade surgical mask at all times.

Grasping the above guidelines and being cautious of COVID, you can visit the following most attractive tourist spots in Turkey:

Cappadocia — Hot Air Ballooning Paradise

The ethereal and captivating rock valleys of Cappadocia are every shutterbug’s dream. Hill crests and cliff ridges are home to the mind-bending spectacles of fluttery rocks or rippling-shaped pinnacles that have been shaped by millennia of water and wind action.

And if hiking for the views sounds too much for you, know that Cappadocia is one of the world’s prime destinations to take an eye-popping hot air balloon ride!

On top of that, the lunarscape here is truly one of a kind. Even if that isn’t enough to entice you, the rock-cut churches painted in a fresco of the Byzantine Era are also nuzzled in these valleys! Don’t miss out on them!

The Cotton Castle — Pamukkale

One of the country’s most celebrated natural wonders, the sheer white travertine terraces of Pamukkale, which translate to Cotton Castle in English, descend down the slope looking like an offbeat snowfield crystallized amidst the surrounding flourishing green landscape.

Even though the travertines are in themselves the centerpiece of a Turkey tour, the immense and sprawling ruins of Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa town, rest on the summit of this calcite hill, offering another reason to visit!

For the best shots, arrive at dusk when the travertines gleam in the radiating rays of the sun as it sinks below the horizon.

Breathtaking Sumela Monastery

With its striking but remote setting, and mounted into a cliff front, Sumela Monastery, also known as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, is the lead attraction for travelers along the Black Sea Coast.

Sauntering around this deserted religious complex, with its church halls and galleries adorned with elegant and artistic frescoes, is a must for anyone who takes out the time to make the lengthy journey to Turkey’s northeast.

This monastery was established during the Byzantine period and was only rendered inoperative in 1923. Today, roaming around its empty cells, it’s fascinating to visualize the isolated lives of the monks that once dwelled here.

Giant Stone Head at Mount Nemrut

The most eye-catching sensation of Eastern Turkey, Mount Nemrut’s peak funerary mound is rambled with the broken remains and relics of once gigantic statues that safeguarded it.

This mysterious and uninhabited place has to be one of Turkey’s most eccentric archaeological sites! The colossal stone heads of the long-forgotten gods gaze out from the summit, pitching an uncanny and eerie atmosphere over the desolate mountaintop.

The best time to visit this mysteriously fascinating place is at sunrise, so you may watch the statues as they majestically emerge out of the dark.

Ephesus — The Unworldly Ancient Roman Highlight

Absolutely not to be missed, the majestic ruin of Ephesus is a town of staggering marble-columned roads and enormous monuments.

One of the most intact, complete, and stably-standing Roman cities in the Mediterranean zone, this is the place in Turkey to experience what the days must have been like throughout the golden age of the Roman era.

A sightseeing excursion here will, at the very least, take half a day to cover the major attractions and highlights and longer, if you truly want to explore!

So make sure you visit Ephesus on the day you don’t feel rushed for an unequivocally memorable experience.

Ani — The Ancient Silk Road City

The forsaken and relinquished structures of the once-sturdy Silk Road city of Ani sit deserted on the plains close to Turkey’s modern-day border with the neighboring country of Armenia.

Formerly the Armenian capital, Ani’s golden era came to a conclusion in the 14th century following Mongol invasions, earthquake devastation, and trade route skirmish — all of which played their role in the city’s dwindling.

The elegant red-brick structures and buildings still decaying away amid the prairie grass leave a riveting impact on all who visit.

Lastly, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the Church of St. Gregory and the Church of the Redeemer, decorated with their ornate stone handiwork and fresco remains still evident.

Spend Your Vacation in Vietnam – 2021 Travel Guide

If you did some research before opening this article, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of sightseeing options. These sightseeing spots range from the amazing scenic landscapes to the small, uninhabited islands, to the ancient temples and museums. There are literally thousands of options to choose from.

However, if you are planning on visiting Vietnam during your next summer vacation, you should not feel overwhelmed since you might find this article helpful. The text below will feature some of the best things to see and do in Vietnam, but, before taking a look at that, you should first learn something before traveling there. Let’s take a closer look:

What You Should Know Before The Trip

There are some things that you should know and prepare before visiting Vietnam. These things include:

  1. It is Actually a Huge Country

You might not realize it, but, Vietnam is incredibly large! However, once you open your map to find the route you should take, you might realize it then. So, to understand it a bit better, it would take around 30 hours to travel by train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City – which is quite a lot when you think about it. It will take you more time to get from one location to another, and this is true for entire Asia, but especially true for this country. Hence, you should come up with a good itinerary plan.

  1. Be Prepared For Different Weather Conditions

Generally speaking, the weather is always warm and extremely humid. But, since Vietnam is vast, it is natural that the weather varies quite a lot. And, “by a lot”, I mean that there are three weather regions. This means that a blizzard can occur in one part, while it is sunny in another part.

  1. A Visa is a Must

The number of people who land in Vietnam that did not know they need a Visa is a bit shocking, hence, ensure that you get one on time. Now, do not be stressed when you think about the daunting process of obtaining a Visa, everything is made easier by the Internet.

The process of getting an electronic visa is quite simple. You will need to fill in a form, pay for it online, get an approval email that usually takes about three business days to arrive, and lastly, ensure that you have packed your passport, approval letter, the entry, and exit forms, as well as money. If you want to see more information about E-visas for Vietnam, check out

  1. The People Are Friendly And Lovely

You have no idea how lovely and friendly Vietnamese people are. Once you try to talk to someone you met, you might be positively surprised by how nice and friendly they are – and they will take their kindness to a new lever. From giving you free food to telling you motivational life stories, these people will share the little they have with you.

What to See And Do

Once in Vietnam, you will, of course, want to try and see as many things as you can. However, as previously mentioned, you will need to carefully come up with an itinerary plan. That is why the list below will feature the must-see locations while there. These must-see locations include:

  1. The Mesmerizing Ha Long Bay – Northern Vietnam

This bay features over 1500 small limestone islands and it spreads over 1.500 square kilometers. In 1994, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and for most people who choose to visit it, it is a place that looks like it came for a fantasy movie. Some of the things you can do there include boat riding, exploring different limestone caves, as well as watching the diverse wildlife.

  1. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi

Yet another UNESCO site, The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is a fascinating piece of Vietnamese history. It is close to 40 meters high, the tower in the center is perhaps the most recognized characteristic of the Citadel and it often referred to as the symbol of Hanoi. You can see various wells, palaces, relics, and ancient roads once there.

  1. The Cu Chi Tunnels – Ho Chi Minh City

These tunnels are literally a war museum that offers tourists the experience of how the Viet-Cong soldiers lived like. It is created by more than 120 kilometers of tunnels and it was created during 1948 when the soldiers fought the French army. This is one of the most iconic sightseeing spots and you can walk through the underground tunnels, fire an M16 rifle, and you can try food that the army ate.

  1. Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Quang Binh Province

If you are an adventurer, you might want to visit this amazing national park – especially if you want to hike, explore the caves, as well as mountain biking. It is also where the largest cave in the world is located called Son Doong which has parts that reach up to 200 meters in height. Some other activities that you can opt for, include various tours, kayaking, and visiting the locals.

  1. My Son Sanctuary – Hoi An

One of the best examples of the Champa civilization is this sanctuary that is located in the southern part of this country. The entire complex houses over 70 structures that are all devoted to various Hindu Goddesses and Gods, however, the most famous structure is called Shiva – that was and still is considered to be a protector of the Champa kings.

  1. The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne – Mui Ne

Once in Vietnam, you should not miss seeing the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne. There are various tours that you can go on during the day, however, if you are a bit more adventurous, you can choose to explore them while walking. Some interesting things that you can do include kite flying, and taking some of the best sunset pictures ever.


As you can see, there are various things that you can do while in Vietnam. From visiting the war museum to kayaking in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, the possibilities are endless. So, now that you know everything that you should do before your trip, as well as what you should see once there, do not waste any more time, and start planning the itinerary right away!


Top 5 High Priced Splendid Villas in Dubai for 2021

Dubai is one of the highly admired countries not because of its tourists’ attractions but also due to its magnificent business. If you are planning to spend your vacations in Dubai with your family, you should not worry about your residential as well as traveling facilities. Book an automobile of your choice in advance from cheap car rental Dubai for traveling across the city. 

Many people search for the best residential units to stay with family in Dubai. No doubt Dubai has a never-ending chain of hotels and resorts, but these places are appropriate for short period stay. If a family travels to Dubai for spending vacations, they will surely stay there for a month or two. For a long duration stay with your family, a beautifully developed villa is the best choice. 

Are you looking for investment in Dubai villas?

As the real estate market of Dubai is rising to its horizon, there has been a competition among investors and buyers for purchasing a property in it. But still, there is the best place for investment in Dubai. If you want to buy your residential accommodation or plan to invest in flourishing your business portfolio, you should look for the best villa communities in Dubai. 

Many elite class residents of Dubai buy these villas for their residence. Because a strategically designed and meticulously planned villa community will make their lifestyle luxurious. If you want to spend a lavish life in Dubai, you should buy a high priced luxury villa in Dubai. 

Which are the latest villas in Dubai?

Some Dubai villa communities are recently launched by keeping in view the interest of investors, tourists, as well as residents in them. These stunning residential units are perfect pictures of a dream landscape and villa as these are also accompanied by serene beaches, lush golf courses, and crystal lakes. 

Here are some of the most expensive latest villas in Dubai.

Coral Boutique Villa

Many rich families go to Dubai to arrange their wedding in the most beautiful destination in the world. Such families want a complete life package as they have to go shopping to malls and for the entertainment of kids to parks. Coral Boutique Villas are perfectly suitable for accommodation of such families because of the availability of everything from malls to the recreational places in the nearby areas. 

This villa is present at a 5 minutes distance from the Mall of Emirates. The most captivating feature of this villa is its glass roof. You can avail of the other amenities such as a spa center, a swimming pool, a cafe bar, a play area, and a business center. You can reserve this villa for your residence in Dubai at the average cost of INR 31,000 per night. 

Arabian Ranches Villa

Arabian Ranches villa is the topmost villa community in Dubai for this year. If you want to stay in the best villa in Dubai, choose this one. While staying in this villa, hire a car from a car rental Dubai because of the unavailability of metro service in this area.  This community is self-sustainable. So, you can invest in it even if you are not a Dubai resident. 

This villa community, consisting of 4000 apartments, townhouses, and villas, developed by Emaar properties is the marvelous example of a blended architect of Arabic and Mediterranean architecture. All the villas of this community are different from one another in terms of their layout and style. You can rent this villa within the price of AED 143k to 240k and buy this at approximately 3M AED. 

Palm Jumeirah Villa


Palm Jumeirah is a highly prestigious villa community of Dubai developed on the man-made island. Every villa has its own private beach in this community. These villas also boast enthralling views of landmarks and the Dubai skyline. Moreover, the amenities of a manicured garden and private pool make it most appealing for Dubai’s elite residents. 

This villa has spacious rooms featured with the soothing and high-quality interior. Though this is the best place for your family to stay in Dubai, its rental costs are relatively higher. You have to pay almost 226k AED for a 3-bedroom, 353k AED for a 4-bedroom, and 432k AED for a 5-bedroom villa. The investors and buyers can accommodate this villa in AED 6.14M, 9.5M, AND 17.5M for 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas respectively. 

J5 Villas

J5 villas are located in the neighborhood of Al Barsha, Dubai. This villa is one of the ideal destinations of Dubai for family holidays. Its location is superb for everyone, particularly for shopping lovers due to its proximity to the Mall of Emirates. Along with the mall, Al Barsha Pond Park, and Ski Dubai is also present there. 

There are four spacious bedrooms in the villa along with an en suite bathroom. Its residents can also enjoy easy access to the swimming pool, fitness center, and free parking space. So, you will not face any parking problem for your vehicle rented from cheap RentalCarsUae service providers. You can stay in this villa at the per night charges of approximately 1NR 48,000.

AKOYA Oxygen Villa

If you are a true admirer of nature, you should select AKOYA Oxygen Villa for your residence. Its beautiful lake, well-organized golf courses, and lush gardens provide the most beautiful scenery together for the enjoyment of nature’s company. This villa community consists of more than 20 sub-communities. This community was developed a few months ago by DAMAC properties.  

Rooms of this villa are well furnished with traditional cultural style to enlighten the natural lifestyle. Besides other amenities of villa, you can easily go to shopping malls, dining restaurants, leisure hotspots, and healthcare centers due to their close presence. For moving across the city, rent an automobile from the car rental Dubai company. You can book this for your stay at the negotiable cost of AED 38k. 

Therefore, enjoy your family trip to Dubai by staying in any one of these hotels. 

8 Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Sri Lanka

If you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience, Sri Lanka may be the best choice for you, especially if you prefer visiting distant places, and discover a lot of new things you didn’t know before. This country offers beautiful and exotic places, no matter what type of vacation you want – parties all day and all night, or having a nice and calm time with your partner or close friends. But, is there anything you need to know before traveling there? Do you need special documents, or a visa to enter the country? You can click here to inform yourself about what you need to go to Sri Lanka and check if your country has a visa regime with it.

Your personal and travel documents are the first thing you need to have with you when you go to another country. Check the validity of your passport, book the flight, and of course, the accommodation there, and also if you have your payment cards with you because you don’t want to get lost in some foreign country where you don’t know anyone.

But, once you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will see great and highly developed cities, but also some pieces of their beautiful nature, you will catch the sunny days, live together with the locals, and be a part of their culture and tradition. Also, there are just a few things you should be careful about, and you will have a great vacation there. These are just a few of them:

1. It’s more affordable compared to the popular destinations

Sri Lanka offers beautiful sandy beaches, bars, great restaurants, and everything there is exactly what you need, so you can have the time of your life. If you compare it to some similar-looking destinations, you will realize that it’s more affordable than Thailand or Maldives for example, but it still offers breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear sea.

2. People there are very friendly, but…

Locals enjoy that new tourists come every year. They are very generous and polite, but at the same time, you need to be careful and try not to fall for street scammers, especially those who are getting physically very close to you or even touch you, no matter how friendly approach they have. Also, it’s always better to take your suitcase by yourself, and not let anyone take photos with your camera. There are really nice and kind locals, who will do everything to make your stay there more comfortable, but scammers are present in almost every commercial destination, and you must be careful with them.

3. Don’t mention politics when you talk to some of the locals

Sri Lanka had a difficult past when it comes to war and politics. That was one of the reasons that stopped the country from developing fast enough, so there are still parts of it that should be developed. Locals absolutely want to talk about their job, the kids, and everyday problems, but politics is still a topic that is better to be avoided when it comes to conversation.

4. All the places around are easy to reach

Sri Lanka is not just a beautiful coastline and sandy beaches. You can also travel around the country by train or bus, and reach some of the popular natural beauties, tea fields, and breathtaking views. You can always find a way to travel around, but we recommend you to use the train because the railway passes through really beautiful spots everyone should see them at least once in a lifetime.

5. Exchange the money for their local currency

People there are using rupees, even though they are not the main currency there. Also, Sri Lanka rupees are different than Indian and Pakistani, and you will need to exchange them at the border. It’s better to use American dollars and get the rupees when you get inside the country, because of the exchange offices odder better rates. Don’t give your money to street strangers who say they want to give you a better rate – they are again, probably the same street scammers we already talked about.

6. Don’t forget to try tea

You’ve maybe heard about Ceylon tea and cinnamon. Do you know that the previous name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon? Once you arrive there, you are in the center of the most beautiful tea in the world. People there still refer to most of their home products as Ceylon, and while you are there, you can enjoy the authentic taste of their traditional tea.

7. Local food is very delicious

If you want to try special and exotic recipes and combine unusual ingredients, local cuisine is what you need. You will rarely find pizza and burgers there, so be ready to try new things, especially if you are a fan of fish and seafood. Also, be aware that most of the population is Hindu, and you won’t find beef there, and it’s even better not to ask or order anything that contains this ingredient.

8. It develops very fast

As we already said, this country has a painful past because of the civil war that ended not so long ago. Tourists still find it as a risk to travel there, but the truth is that right at this moment, there is no risk for them to choose it as their next vacation destination. Since the country is developing and getting better as time goes by, it will become more expensive, and less affordable than it’s right now – so you need to travel there the sooner you can.

Just like every popular destination, Sri Lanka was also affected by the current pandemic, and the situation with tourism is very bad right now. But, there is always hope that things will be better soon, and we will be able to travel again, and plan our next summer vacation, starting from now. This country is worth visiting, and you need to put it on your planning map right now.

10 Reasons Why Timeshare is a Bad Investment

While timeshares are being sold as a profitable financial investment, they turn into a liability soon once you have to pay annual maintenance charges regardless if you use your asset or not.

According to LinxLegal, a reputed timeshare cancellation company, “Very few people ever travel as much as they think they will. The lies that were told to you to be accurate, such as “You can sell your timeshare at a profit.” Wrong. A timeshare is, and always will be, a depreciating asset. Look at the Wyndham rental market on eBay. As you can see, the better option is to rent a condo on eBay Timeshare Rentals for pennies on the dollar than to “own” an inflated timeshare.”

Investing your hard-earned money in a timeshare is absurd. There are many people considering cancellation of their timeshare purchases. Though it seems improbable, it’s not impossible.

After you have read this article, you may not want to sign up for a timeshare, even if you really wish to. There have been numerous cases of timeshare frauds. Customers usually end up having nothing. The reason for losing their hard-earned money is that most people who sign up to timeshares, do not weigh up the benefits and costs of their ownership. Unfortunate as it may seem, most people are not even aware of the costs until they are charged with taxes on their first bill. Also, in case of default of payment, people face the problem of fore disclosure with their collateral.

Since signing up for a timeshare is a scam and misery for your hard-earned money, here, we have organized a list of top reasons why you should not invest in a timeshare.

  1. Highly Intelligent and Aggressive Sales Technique

Timeshare companies sell intelligently. People may want to fetch details on a timeshare, but they end up purchasing it because of the intelligent hard-sell of the salespeople. Some may even think of buying it and end up signing up contracts without doing a cost-benefit analysis of the ownership.

If you’re someone scammed with the purchase of a timeshare, you would surely want to find a way to cancel.

  1. Mortgage Payment is Just the Start

Assuming that you don’t have cash for a timeshare purchase, you may need a mortgage. Most people do not read the document carefully. Please be informed that in addition to the mortgage fees, you will be liable for maintenance, assessment fees, property taxes, and further utilities as well.  Your inability to make payments for these add-up expenses would legally allow your contractor to block your contract.

  1. No Market for Resale

You may want to reconsider investing in timeshares since they do not have a good market. There are hardly any buyers for your contract. Plus, you will lose good money when you opt to sell your contract. Timeshare is fine if only buying it helps you enjoy a good vacation at a luxurious resort. Otherwise, it’s a bad idea for investment.

  1. Possibility of Reselling is a Scam

Since selling timeshares is very rare, there are numerous scammers making false promises to sell your timeshares to buyers in the market. Though they promise to connect you with the clientele in exchange for hefty commissions, their commitments are never fulfilled. They may charge advances from you claiming you resell your timeshare. However, they never manage to find the right buyer and end up scamming you.

Please know that some states have enacted strict laws to regulate timeshare reselling. So, not all brokers are scammers.

  1. Losses Cannot Be Deducted from Tax Returns

Timeshares are hardly sold benefiting their owners. Even if you manage to sell it at a loss, you’re not likely to get a deduction of that loss from your tax returns. Getting it done is rather complicated. However, there are a few exceptions. Make sure you do some research online to find out more about how to deduct the loss from your returns.
  1. In Case of Non-payment, Foreclosure of Collateral

Going for timeshare purchasing through mortgages is not advisable at all. As mentioned above, there are various expenditures you are liable to pay for in addition to the mortgage price. However, in case of non-payment or default, you may experience foreclosure and the lender may enforce the sale of your collateral to recover the borrowed amount. Foreclosures will certainly hit hard on your credit score.

  1. The Lender Enforcing Foreclosure Can Get the Deficiency

The sales amount retrieved is often not enough to cover for the mortgage. As a result, the lender can gain the benefit of deficiency too. The deficiency is the amount of difference between the sales amount of the collateral and the loan. Fortunately, certain states have robust policies to protect your right to a deficiency amount. However, there are some states that don’t favor the debtors. Hence, the lender can manipulate the judgment in their favor and gain the benefit of deficiency as well.

  1. Renting a Timeshare Is a Rare Possibility

At the start, the hard-sell of the salesperson attracts you to buy in. Renting seems feasible and easier as communicated by them. However, this is not true. Renting is complicated and is often extremely difficult. Again, this aspect needs a timeshare owner to thorough research so that they can know more about the available options.

  1. Scheduled Acquisition is Almost a Scam Too!

Acquiring booked resorts at ease is deceptive than communicated by the false salespersons. Some states do not allow scheduled acquisitions. It’s not that easy. It rarely happens.

  1. Rent a Resort for Vacations Since It’s Cheaper

Most people consider timeshares worth an investment. However, it’s not true. Plus, you may want to consider renting an accommodation for your vacations in a resort of similar standards. Because it’s cheaper and saves you from dumping your hard-earned money in timeshare scams. You not only save yourself from a lot of hurdles and hard-sell of salespersons, but you also save yourself from a lot of costs such as a mortgage, maintenance, services, utilities, and taxes.

The Beach vs. Pool: Where’s The Best Place To Be?

This situation has probably happened to you: You went on vacation, and you saw a large number of people who spend their time at the hotel pool instead of on the beach. You don’t understand why? Well, everything has its reasons. Some people prefer a sandy beach while some are more fond of the pool. We will try to understand the reasons for both. The beach vs. pool – where’s the best place to be? Try to answer that after reading this text.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beaches and Pools


Long sandy beaches and the sparkling sea are the dreams of every person who thinks of spending his vacation far away from the city noise. Cocktails on deck chairs, daily parties – it’s all nice, but somehow always after returning from the beach, we usually end up at one of the pools in the hotel complex. After each swim in the sea, we immediately run under the shower. We wash off the sand and salt – and only then slowly lie down on one of the deck chairs and enjoy the sun. The pool is a little different. You often find yourself in a situation where on the way to the beach -you first jump into the pool and then get carried away, that in the end, you often do not reach the beach.

Most hotel complexes have made an effort to build a large number of pools of various shapes and sizes. Not to neglect their content and interesting programs. We assume that because of such things people often forget, and do not even go to the beach – but fill their day with activities at the pool. We can use the pools day and night because you will admit – nothing is more beautiful than a night swim under the moon and various lamps around and in the pool.

What Can We Expect From Going To The Beach, And What When We Go To The Pool

Do you want to rest, drink cocktails, and go out under a parasol for a long time? You could hardly wait to replace the city streets with white sandy beaches – and swim in the warm sea. However, with most people, it usually lasts only for a few days – and then we start to look for a change and new adventures. In the beginning, it is staying next to one of the pools that organize various programs or parties – and later it is going on excursions. Most people often decide to go to an aqua park or some of the places where there is a chance to swim in the pool with dolphins, seals, etc. However, most aqua parks offer you fun in pools of various shapes and sizes where you can expect the unexpected.

Swimming Pools in Aqua Parks: A Swimming Paradise


Aqua Parks are truly a paradise for all pool lovers. The designers made an effort to make a large selection of pools with different facilities. Some parks are not even possible to visit in only one day. Although we love going to the beach and swimming in the sea – the facilities in the pools like those in the aqua parks will always attract our attention, regardless of whether we are younger or older. All the benefits of swimming in the sea, the pools have managed to replace. Today in the pools we have the opportunity to swim in the waves, surf, or water ski. We also have pools with rapids, canals, slides – and even saltwater pools. Overall, swimming pools are the main attraction of all aqua parks and they are something you should try if you haven’t already.

You Can Use The Pools All Year Round

The huge advantage of the pool over the beach and the sea – is that we can use them all year round. There are outdoor and indoor pools, so according to CapitalCountryPools – regardless of the season we can enjoy them. Beaches and the sea are reserved for summer. We often decide to spend our free time and vacations not only at sea – but also in spas. We can visit them throughout the year because nature and spa pools are great not only for health but also for relaxation and good rest. In such pools, you can be treated with healing water, but also enjoy swimming under jets, whirlpools, or a jacuzzi. All these pools have their purpose for both medicinal and relaxation purposes.

Beach Or Private Pool


We must say that both options have their advantages. There is no better feeling than lying on the sand by the sea while the waves are lapping you. Not to mention the romantic evening walks on the beach. Many great loves began thanks to these beautiful landscapes. Swimming in the sea or ocean is the most beautiful thing, and sports fans can enjoy things like surfing, diving, or exploring the underwater world.

Yet having a private pool in the house is almost a breath of luxury. Just imagine that you can enjoy the pool every day, sip your favorite drink, and throw yourself into the water whenever you want. Of course, we must point out that owning a swimming pool costs – not only the construction but also further maintenance, while you do not need to go to the sea. However, the better option depends solely on you and your preferences and desires.


We tried to show you the differences between the beach and the pool in some way. As you can see for yourself, there is a difference and a reason to opt for both suggestions. Still, some advantages speak in favor of the pools. Namely, you can use the pools all year round, you can own them (if you are lucky and have proper conditions for it), you can choose those with salt or freshwater –  and enjoy them even during the winter if they are covered. On the other hand, the advantage of the sea and the beach is in the nature that surrounds you. You can enjoy the sea, the lovely nature, and beautiful sandy beaches – as well as the fact that you do not have to pay for this kind of pleasure with continuous maintenance as required by the pool.

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