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4 Best and Worst Places to Buy a Used Car – 2021 Guide

Buying a new car is a piece of cake, but can you say the same for used vehicles? With new vehicles, it’s easy – just find the nearby dealerships, compare the prices, and head to the one that offers the lowest. Most of us do it like this. But, if you can’t afford a new car, things get complicated. Shopping for a used vehicle isn’t an easy task; it’s rather complicated. But, don’t let this bother you too much. There are places where you can buy used cars, and we are here to tell you about them. Let’s check out the top four best and worst places to buy a used car – 2021 guide. Together, we can make even this task a piece of cake.

A Dealership

You won’t find as many cars anywhere else, even if you tried. The inventory at car dealerships can be truly diverse. There’s a history behind every vehicle – from where they came from, who was the previous owner, were they bought at an auction, or brought in as a discount for a new car. The thing with dealerships is that they operate with high expenses. A lot for people is employed, they have costs of a parking lot and showrooms, so it makes sense. This is the primary reason why they can be expensive for the buyers. Some of the costs would be transferred to them in most dealerships. This is what can make their vehicles pricier. But, there are also positives – some dealerships offer in-house financing, which benefits the buyer. Furthermore, some of the cars you’ll find at dealerships are often models that are pre-inspected, with warranties, and are pre-owned by people who took good care of them.

Pros of dealerships are that they offer in-house financing and have pre-owned models for sale.

Cons are that dealerships spend a lot of money on running of their business, which could elevate the price for the buyers. Also, some places often work with only one type or brand of a car, so that can narrow your choices.

Used-Car Retailers

If you opt for this option, you’ll have a massive car inventory that consists of cars bought at auctions. Between new car dealers and used-car retailers, there are a lot of similarities. For example, both of them have showrooms and professional staff that takes care of sales. Because of this, similarly to the option above, buyers could have extra expenses when cooperating with used-car retailers. Besides the extra money you might have to spend, there are no other downsides to this type of buying a used car. They sell cars that come with warranties, and if you want, there is the option of in-house financing available. Furthermore, most retailers have their prices exhibited, so you can know the value of each car before you come in and compare it to other similar places.

The pros of used-car retailers are that they’ll step out with cars under warranty in most cases, the prices can be known in advance, and there’s in-house financing.

Cons are that some cars can be pricier because of the high cost of maintaining a retailer’s spot and that there can’t be any bargaining due to already established prices, which can deter some buyers.

Independent Dealerships

These dealerships are known for their lack of fear dealing with any type, model, or brand of a car. They’ll take them all in, and because of this, they only deal with used cars. When compared to used-cars retailers and standard dealerships, they can come cheaper. The reason is that they have a lower cost of maintenance due to the fact there’s no showroom to pay for. Most of their cars come from auction, so they know how the prices move, and the chances are you’ll get a market price for any vehicle you intend to buy. The downside is that because they deal with many types of cars, you won’t be able to get information about some specific models they have to offer.

Furthermore, there probably won’t be any in-house financing as they are not massive enough financially to uphold one. Just as we always say, there’s good, and there are bad sides. It’s much easier to sell thanks to places such as Carsome, don’t you agree?

The pros of independent dealerships are that they can offer fair and under-the-market prices.

Cons are that you won’t find expertise on the spot compared to the two options above and that there’s no in-house financing.

Private Sellers

Private sellers have almost no costs. The reason? With them, there’s no staff to be paid, and no showrooms. Because of this, the price of a car with private sellers is almost always lower compared to the three options we have above. But, there’s a downside to this. All of the financing and paperwork fall entirely on your shoulders. Also, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that you can negotiate with private sellers. Most of them are willing to bargain. But, there can also be those who would put a high price-tag on their vehicle due to personal connection, and the option of bargaining won’t be available there. The choices we have above this one are all regulated businesses, which is not the case here. In a worst-case scenario, you can even buy a stolen car, which is not a frequent occurrence, but it happens. So, why buying from an individual can save you some money, but being a bit careful won’t hurt you.

The pros are that the price can be below the market value, and you could lower it further by bargaining.

Cons are numerous, and we’ll start with your own financing of all details, paperwork, and stuff, and making sure everything is legal and on the spot.


All of these places have pros and cons, as you can see. The choice is eventually up to you as it all depends on the type of buyer you are. Luckily you have us and all of these inflammations gathered in one place, making your decision easier. Shop smartly.

Important Reasons to Check Car Details Before Buying a Used Car

A check vehicle details can be among the most vital things you do before acquiring a used car.

Taking place, the hunt for a pre-owned vehicle can be a great deal of fun. Browsing classifieds, visiting dealers, as well as choosing test drives can obtain you all accelerated and feeling like a large child once again. Nevertheless, an automobile is amongst the most enjoyable acquisitions you can make; the extra flashy as well as bright red, the better.

On top of that, it’s easy to drop head over heels with a new four-wheeled friend— A reliable steed made from steel that can blend you away on lots of journeys. But looks can, in some cases, be tricking. You might assume you have found the car of your dreams or at least the perfect one to potter around the community. Yet keep in mind, every used auto has, at the very least, a few secrets. If you’re not cautious, you may unintentionally wind up the target of a utilized car rip-off.

That’s why a “check my car” is potentially one of the most crucial actions in the utilized vehicle buying procedure. Avoid it, as well as you may be repelling the whole lot with more than you have actually bargained for.

But first things first, what is this all-important vehicle check that we’re talking about anyhow? And also, what does it entail?

Purchasing privately vs purchasing from a utilized car dealer

There are benefits and shortcomings to both getting personal, as well as from a utilized dealer. But you’ll need to take into consideration all of them when buying a used car. Before buying a different car, make sure to sell your used car with JunkCarMasters.

The main distinctions:

The best part about buying independent is that the vehicle is likely to be less costly, and you’ll only have a little paperwork to do! Make certain that the previous owner can sort out the logbook and send out everything off effectively, so you are the new signed up caretaker.

Buying from a dealer is typically a lot more comforting if you’re worried about obtaining “scammed.” You have extra protection, as well as confidence from a dealership as there is somewhere to grumble to should points go wrong, as well as there are legal safeties too. Also, if buying from a dealership, the background is most likely to have been examined. However, these perks all come with a price; thus, you have to pay a greater cost on the forecourt.

Why should I obtain a car check?

Car checks are the wonderful equalizer of the negotiation procedure: they’ll inform you precisely what you need to understand so you can put forward to fairest rate feasible.

Beyond that, they’ll also aid you in making the right purchase choice. That’s because some utilized vehicles just aren’t worth the money, or more significantly, the inconvenience they may bring right into your life, such as:

Inconsistencies in the seller’s description

Some vendors just aren’t as truthful as they should be. For that reason, it is important if the information provided by the seller does not match those shown up by the automobile reg check. A vendor might leave out, for instance, the variety of previous proprietors. They’ll do this to hide the car issues, and therefore, been passed on by lots of unwary purchasers. Do not want to be the next one? Then obtain a car check!

  • Outstanding financing related to the car

Some cars being offered may, in fact, still be owned by the finance company, not the seller. If the vendor has chosen to cover these details, you might unexpectedly find yourself settling their loan for them with a greater asking price. Conversely, you might end up by paying a great price only to find that you currently have a financing firm track you down for the remainder settlements. Therefore, you need to check car insurance and finance before you buy a used car.

  • A recorded theft of the car

When purchasing a vehicle, the last point you would intend to end up as is an accessory to criminal activity. However, this takes place over and over again within the utilized vehicles market. The repercussions are also rather dire, as you’ll more than likely wind up shedding the vehicle in addition to what you have spent for it. Thus, it’s finest in this type of circumstance to walk away from the car.

An automobile check must expose if an auto has been reported as stolen and if there have any police issues against it.

  • Inconsistencies in the automobile’s mileage

There are a couple of ways devious sellers can fudge the vehicle’s numbers when it concerns a vehicle’s gas mileage. Amongst the most typical of these includes clocking a car’s mileage by reversing the mileage clock; however, there are likewise hiding the fact that a vehicle has passed the 100,000-mile mark. Once more, a good auto check will uncover any type of mileage disparities.

  • Write-offs on the vehicle’s record

This set is necessary from a security perspective. A car might be crossed out by the insurance provider or declared as a total loss in many cases. Typically, that means it’s old or harmed to drive safely. By not divulging this sort of info, the seller is establishing you up for getting an automobile you might then require to get rid of.

  • V5C or logbook

If you are buying from a personal vendor, check to see if their name matches that on the registration file. If they don’t match, it may deserve asking why they are selling it on behalf of somebody else. The majority of cars have their service background, as well as MOT history readily available online, but if the vehicle has paper copies, see to it you have them as well.

You can additionally check the car’s VIN number to ensure this matches the vehicle’s V5C paper, the engine number, which the VIN number is not tampered with on the automobile.

  • Inspecting car details with the DVLA

You can examine any type of vehicles’ details with the DVLA. All you require to do is ask the vendor for:

  • The number plate or car registration check
  • MOT test number
  • Gas mileage
  • Make as well as version

It’s likewise a good idea to see to it the make as well as design and number plate match!

To know more, please visit the link Check car details: the ultimate guide by car analytics.

11 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Car

Generally speaking, when it comes to purchasing anything, people usually want to get new items that haven’t been used before. This is understandable since they want to make sure they are making the best investment and that the item will last them for a very long time. However, this is not the case when buying a vehicle.

Oftentimes, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money into buying a new one, and also, a new car can be very expensive. It means that it can be out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle with something less than a vehicle in a top—notch condition. In the following text, we will provide you with some tips that will facilitate the entire process of finding and purchasing a used car.

Set a budget

This is the most important thing you have to do, which is why it is on the initial position of our list. When it comes to determining this price range, you should only think about the upfront cost, but also, don’t forget about all the expenses that can occur in the future. There is no point in purchasing a car that you cannot afford to maintain, right?

In addition, don’t forget to consider how you will pay for it. Have you saved enough cash, or will you apply for a bank loan? If the latter is true, then you have to calculate the monthly payment you can afford.

Create a list of requirements

This list is going to help you greatly while on the hunt for a perfect vehicle. Maybe your dream is to drive a sports car, but this isn’t practical if you have a large family, which means that your investigation should go in another direction. Make sure that the vehicle meets all your needs since you will be driving it for many years to go.

Research the market

Now that you have a price range, it is time to conduct research. Naturally, you should only consider those cars that are within your budget. Our advice is to start with the online search and inspect what you options are. There are numerous websites where you can find a list of used vehicles for sale. Obviously, you should only consider those you can afford and, more importantly, that meet all of your requirements.

Vehicle history

Once you find a specific vehicle you are interested in, you should focus on investigating it in great detail. According to cintamobil, you should begin with its history. On this website, you will find different car models, and it is one of the best Indonesian sites for car sales. It has a large number of cars offered and looking for what you need has never been simpler.

Even if the car seems to be in perfect condition, there might be some internal damage that can cause serious problems you will have to fix. To avoid this, you should talk to the previous owner and inquire about the car’s history up to the last detail. In addition, you can also use the VIN number to do further research.

Inspect the car

What do we mean by this? Well, another thing you can do to ensure that the car is in near perfect condition is to do a pre-purchase inspection. Hire a mechanic to go over every part of it. Yes, you will need to hire a professional because there might be some issues that aren’t easily noticeable. If they do find some, you will learn how much it will cost to fix them immediately, and therefore, you will be able to decide whether you should continue the process or look for another car.

Look at the frame and paint

When you go to meet the owner, make sure to observe the car closely. Some small damages in the paint aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker since they can easily be fixed. However, if you notice rust, you should consider whether you should make the purchase.

The same thing goes for potential frame issues. This inspection is actually another great method to learn if the car has been in an accident recently. If there are new bolts and fresh repairs, the chances are that this is correct, which is an important topic you should cover with the previous owner.

Don’t forget the mileage

Mileage is one of the best indicators of the vehicle’s condition. Understandably, a car with low mileage is, generally speaking, in good condition. You can calculate this by simply dividing the number on the odometer by the age of the vehicle. In addition, if the car is fairly new, but its mileage is high, it means that it was used vigorously, which should be a red alert for you as a potential buyer.

Check the interior

Even though this inspection might seem unnecessary, keep in mind that you will be driving this car for numerous years to come, so you have to be certain that it is perfectly comfortable. Besides, the condition of the car’s interior is another obvious indicator of how the previous owner treated the vehicle. Once again, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you, but it is definitely something that you have to investigate.

Inquire about additional fees

We have already mentioned the importance of including these fees when setting up the budget, and now it is time to ask about them. Let’s be honest, expenses such as registration and tax cannot be eliminated, but also, don’t forget to ask about the cost of repairs and spare parts. This is the only way to be certain that you can afford to purchase a specific car.

Confirm the ownership

This is an essential step you cannot skip, especially if you are buying the vehicle directly from the previous owner. You have to make sure that all the documents are in order and that all dues are paid. If you don’t check this and some issue arises in the future, it will be on you to fix it and pay any additional fees.

Test drive

Upon checking everything and ensuring that the car is in great condition, the final thing you should do before making the purchase is to take it for a test drive. Not only will this allow you to see if the vehicle is right for you, but also, check if there are any noises, that is, potential problems that you wouldn’t be able to notice otherwise.

6 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Car

Whether you have just passed the driving test and got your first license or you have it for a long time, but you have only now decided to buy a car, it is always a big step. It is a very exciting and interesting process, but since we are usually limited by many factors, it can eventually become tedious if we do not find what we want. Especially since this is our first car in life, you may not know what are the things you need to pay attention to. It happens that important things are overlooked, and you put a lot of effort into some others that are not so important. So we will tell you what are the things to consider when buying your first car. Because there is a high probability that you are not earning enough money in this period of life so that you can easily afford another one if you make a mistake when buying.

1. Make a balance between what you want and what you really need

A particular model of car is perhaps something you are daydreaming about for years. And now that you finally have the opportunity to buy it, you won’t think about whether we really need it. While it is important to satisfy ourselves, it is also important to consider what our needs are. Because it can happen that the one you wanted will not be useful to you in the end for many reasons. So you first need to think about what your needs are. Are you a heavy user who will drive every day? Or you only need it occasionally. How much fuel does it consume? Is it big, so you will have trouble finding a parking space? These are all factors that you must not ignore and just follow your wishes. Then the place where you live influences your choice. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of snow, then a good option is to consider a 4×4 drive model. Once you know all your needs, then you can make right choice, of course in accordance with your wishes too. Only then will you make an ideal purchase.

2. Don’t spend more than you can

When we say you don’t spend more than you can, we don’t mean that you should avoid taking a loan at all costs and pay for the car in cash. We mean you have to calculate how much loan installment you can afford to pay. And in addition, include the costs of fuel, maintenance and insurance, and then you will get the amount of money you will have to spend each month for your car. First, check your credit score and see how much interest you will pay. The better the credit score, the lower the interest rate and vice versa. Then, if you do not have enough cash to buy a car, apply for a loan, and it is best to apply for a specialized car loan. Also compare a few offers there until you find the best one. Only when you have a complete financial construction, you can proceed to buy. Keep in mind that at no cost should the car be your biggest monthly expense.

3. Used cars are often a good choice

Since this is your first car, it is very likely that you are not a skilled driver. And for that, and for many other reasons, a used car is a great option for you. Also, the new vehicle loses its value by 20% in the first six months. Of course, the new vehicle is more reliable, but the used car market is so large that you can certainly find everything you need. Online you can find millions of used cars waiting for you. It’s even a cheaper option, because according to Chobrod, when you buy online, you don’t even have to pay an intermediary. Because of all these advantages, our recommendation is to choose a used car for you first.

The website we listed here specifies for selling in Thailand. This car market has a lot of potential and you can find anything you need here at decent prices.

4. Manual or automatic transmission

Vehicles with automatic transmissions used to be much more expensive, but that is no longer the case today. They are still more expensive, but the difference is much smaller. It is possible that an automatic car will suit you better since you are a beginner, but many also like a manual transmission. So think about it before you buy, because it is something that many overlook, and then it bothers them. If you are not sure what you want, try both manual and automatic, and then decide. Maintaining the manual is cheaper, and that is sometimes the deciding factor. And finally, for city driving, an automatic transmission is ideal, and for open roads, a manual is also good, so decide according to where you drive most often.

5. Condition of the car

This is of course a thing to consider if you are buying a used vehicle. It would be best for a mechanic you trust to participate in the purchase process and inspect each car before you decide on it. It often happens that the vehicle you want to buy looks flawless at first glance, but that it actually has a lot of hidden problems. This can only be noticed by a professional.

6. Maintenance costs

Cars are cheaper today than ever, especially used ones. Many people fall into this trap and buy the car of their dreams, which costs 10 times less than it cost when was new. But even though that car is cheap to buy, parts and repairs are still very expensive. And then when a small problem happens, like you break a headlight, a new one will cost you a few thousand dollars. So check online how much it costs to maintain and repair the model you want. It is known that cars of certain manufacturers are more expensive than others to maintain. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will be a big blow to your budget.


This is one of the big steps in your life and that is why you have to approach it with maximum dedication. That way you will choose the best possible vehicle which will serve you perfectly.

How to Protect Yourself From Buying a Flooded Car?

Natural disasters’ effects last a long time after the disaster ends. Lives are lost and there is always huge damage to properties, cars and the place’s infrastructure.

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is said to be the worst natural disaster in US history. Not only that, it was one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. This post-tropical storm formed at the end of August and it appeared in the Bahamas in the beginning of September. A few days later moved up to eastern Canada, where it ended on September 10th. Around 70 lives were lost because of hurricane Dorian and the damage is estimated to be about $8 billion. This category 5 hurricane swept away thousands of houses and it is estimated that it damaged more than 30,000 homes.

The records show that more than 400,000 vehicles were damaged during the storm. Some of them were damaged beyond repair, and some of them could be repaired and can appear on the market.

Buying a car

When we buy a new car there are several things we think of. The first one is, of course, safety. We want to be sure that the car we buy is going to protect us and the people in the car in case of an accident.

The second thing is how much money we’d have to spend on gas. Everyone wants to save a few dimes if it is possible. The third thing is the hope that we won’t have to change the car in the next few years unless we have the money to buy a new one and want to make that investment. Not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new car and that is why many turn to car dealerships to buy a used car.

The good thing about used cars is that they are a lot cheaper and we know we can buy it, drive it for some time and then sell it again. Used cars allow us to buy and sell a lot of different ones and we won’t have to use the same car for many years to come.

Be aware when buying a used car

Unfortunately, there are many people who want to trick others and sell things that are not in good condition. After hurricane Dorian, there were a lot of cars that were flooded and damaged in the storm. The ones that could be repaired somehow found their way back on the market. Some of the sellers are nice enough and tell the truth, that the car was flooded and what should be done when repairing it. Others are not so nice and sell the used cars as if they are in mint condition. That is why you need to pay a lot of attention when buying a new car. There are some things you can do to notice if the car you want to buy was flooded in the storm.

How to tell if the car was flooded

There are several ways to check if the car was flooded before buying it. Make sure you always do these checks, it’s better to wait a day or two before getting the car than to buy a car that will make you lose a lot of money and that will endanger your safety.

Inspect the interior

One of the first tells that show the car has been flooded is the car smell. Most of the flooded cars have a moldy smell. But, if you notice that the car smells better than it should, that could also be a sign. Pull back the carpets and check for water stains. Another thing you should pay attention to are the glove compartment, under the dashboard and in between sets. Check these places for debris, residual sludge or water stains.

Check the vehicle identification number

Before buying a used car always check the vehicle identification number. There are a lot of places you can do that online. Some of them require a small sum of money to do the check, but luckily, you can do that for free in other places. VinFreeCheck offers you the possibility to see if the car was damaged or flooded before buying it. Vin Lookup is important because it searches the database for all the states and gives you a report on the real-time market price and the detailed vehicle history. You can learn more about the car you want to buy by checking VinFreeCheck.

Check the lights

The moisture and fog can build up in the light fixtures after the car is flooded. This is a hard place to reach and most people don’t remove the moisture when they try to resell. It is said that a visible line should be seen on the reflector or the car lens.

Inspect the wiring

Most cars that are damaged by floods have issues with the electronic. Make sure to check if the windows are working as they should if the car can be unlocked with the key from a distance and see if the electrical wiring has suspicious corrosion, rusted components or water residue.

Check under the vehicle

Before buying a car, make sure to check underneath it. Make sure that there is no rust since vehicles that are new or operated in warmer climate areas do not have any type of rust under it. If you see rusty parts it means that the car is really old or that it was damaged by floodwater.

Get the vehicle checked by a mechanic

If you’ve done all the preliminary checks on your own and you think the car is a good deal, always have a mechanic you trust check the car. They are professionals and they will know if the car was damaged by the flood. Make sure you choose a person you trust and not just a person who will tell you the vehicle is good and then earn money when they fix it for you over and over again.

Buying a used car is stressful enough on its own, so before spending a few thousand dollars, make sure you’re getting the car you want. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Flooded vehicles are usually cheaper than the rest so they can be sold a lot faster. Make all the necessary checks, consult with a professional and don’t fall on nice words and friendly faces. The most important thing is to stay safe and to make sure that you and your loved ones will make great memories and travel to amazing places with that new car.


Used car auctions in Japan – Can you buy a car

Japan is a country that’s very well-known for manufacturing high-quality and top-tier automobiles, so no matter where you are from, chances are that you’ve at least once considered buying a Japanese car. Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and many others, are brands that offer some of the best choices on the market when it comes to cars. However, if you’re planning to buy a brand-new one out of a saloon, it might be a little bit more expensive than you think.

If you’re on a budget, there’s always an option to buy a used car from an auction, and that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this article.

Why should I consider buying a used vehicle?

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, if you are on a budget, you probably don’t have the required money to buy a brand new car out of a saloon. Luckily, a lot of people are selling used cars, so you can grab one of those if you’re in a huge need of a vehicle.

When the term “used” car is mentioned, many people tend to think of a car that’s used for a lot of years and looking all worn-out and clunky. However, that’s not really true, and used cars can be just as good as brand new ones, depending on how much the owner took care of them. If you are lucky enough, you can score some great deals on the used cars auction, and you might end up with a car that’s been used for a month, but for sixty percent lower price than what it costs at a saloon.

Why Japanese car auctions?

Japan is a country that’s really popular for car auctions, and it’s a place where you can really score some great deals. According to UsedCarExport, it’s one of the best options for people that are looking for a vehicle fast, but without compromising on the quality factor at all. If you are from the USA, this is one of the best methods that you can buy a car, since the company itself is trustworthy and into the business for many years now. Also, if you’re from another country, you still have nothing to worry about since they export cars to over 150 countries worldwide.

Are Japanese Cars worth it?

If you are new in the automobile world, chances are that you are not very familiar with Japanese cars, and might seem a little bit confused when someone mentions them. However, Japan is a country that’s ranked in the top three automobile manufacturers, so there’s nothing to worry about or question the quality of their vehicles. Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and many other brands are from Japan, and they are considered to be one of the best cars in the world.

How much money should I spend?

Depending on what kind of a car you want to buy, the price will vary. If you want a more family-oriented car, chances are that you can get one for very cheap, especially on the Japanese Used Car Auction. However, if you are looking for a more powerful sports car, the price will obviously be a little bit higher.