USA in Wake of Its Second September 11

Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States has stated that the next week will be the most difficult and devastating for the U.S. amidst the coronavirus outbreak which is currently spreading like wildfire. Also read: Boris Johnson in an Intensive Care He claims that it is going to be a big blow for Americans

Deadliest Pandemic in History Could Have Been Prevented – the USA Made a Wrong Step

The Spanish flu struck the world in 1918, and it was in three pandemic waves. During the First World War, the fight was fought on two fronts – the pandemic of Spanish flu has taken more lives than the war, and it was the biggest pandemic in history. One specific nation has lost a lot

Because of the Coronavirus Arch Enemies are Going to Reconcile: Russia is Prepared to Help the USA


Moscow offered its help to Washington in the fight against Coronavirus. Also read: Novak Djokovic Donated $1 Million to his Country to Fight Coronavirus The ambassador of Russia in USA Anatoly Antonov said that Russia is there to help the USA if help is needed. He also said that the Russian tests showed effectiveness in

Robot Roles in the USA Military

Warfare is an ever-evolving practice defined by international law and social norms. The art of war has consistently changed over time to accommodate improvements in technology, battlefield tactics, and modern worldviews. Modern militaries have come to a crossroads, of sorts. Governments and their people have an increasing distaste for casualties, yet international accord is always

The Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Many people have enough money left over from their paycheck to save at least a small amount. Over time, this can grow to a much larger amount. Part of being able to build up money and create a nest egg is knowing where to invest. Real estate can form a vital part of this plan

Traveling to the United States for the First Time? Here Are the Top Things You Should Know

According to official data, the United States remains one of the top vacation destinations, with over 77 million visitors in 2018. It has everything you ever wanted for an amazing vacation – mountains, lakes, forests and national parks, wildlife, the ocean, iconic cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, as well as plenty of

Why Obesity is so common in the USA?

It has been a long and difficult topic of why obesity is so spread throughout the United States. And this problem will not be resolved in the next couple of years so easily. The reason for this is because one of the latest studies about obesity in the US shows that in 2013, at least

Concertina wire – on the border wall between the United States and Mexico

Trump’s construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico has always been a controversial topic. Despite all the controversy and discontent, the huge project of building walls continues. The row by row of glowing concertina wires on the border fence became the most obvious result of the construction of the border wall.