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10 Reasons why Donald Trump Should Lose the Elections in November

Elections are approaching in the United States, and incumbent President Donald Trump will have to roll up his sleeves if he wants to win because his country is in chaos.

Although it seemed that his re-election was practically inevitable, the events that marked the past and the beginning of this year show that his chair in the White House shook dangerously.

What are the problems that Trump has faced?

1. Covid-19

In the first place – the coronavirus. Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, America has recorded a record of 1,816,897 cases of infection, 105,557 deaths, and 535,238 recovers, according to In all three categories, the United States is on the first place of this blacklist and makes about a fifth of the total 6,172,302 cases of infection globally, while the share of deaths is about a third.

2. WHO

He then announced on April 15 that he was suspending WHO funding. He accused the world organization of promoting “Chinese disinformation.” He assessed that this led to a greater spread of the “Chinese virus” epidemic, as Trump calls it than would otherwise have happened.

At the press conference, Trump said that the United States will sever relations with the WHO and that the funds intended for that organization will be redirected to others.

The pandemic, however, did not only affect the trade war. Unemployment has been recorded in the United States, which has not been remembered since the Great Depression. In April, more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate was more than three times higher since the coronavirus pandemic shook the global economy.


Trade and the coronavirus are not the only fields of conflict between the US and China. The second hotspot is the South China Sea. China has excellent territorial pretensions and the United States now and then lets a warship to cruise the disputed waters, invoking the principle of freedom of navigation. Such “provocations” are frequent on both sides, and it is not expected that these conflicts will subside soon.

As for Taiwan, the situation changed significantly in June last year, when the United States made it clear that Taiwan was an independent state. Then, the Chinese Minister of Defense, Wei Feng, said that the Chinese army would react if someone dared to separate Taiwan from China.


Trump, who considers himself a “great negotiator,” has so far withdrawn his country from so many agreements that it seems that the United States will remain an isolated island in the ocean of the international community.

He announced on May 21 that the United States would withdraw from the international Open Skies agreement in half a year, allowing unarmed, reconnaissance flights over the signatory countries. This time, Trump shifted the blame for that to Russia, stating that it is violating the agreement and that the recordings made during the flights can be obtained faster and cheaper from American or commercial satellites.


In June 2017, Trump announced that his country was withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gases, shifting the blame to Russia again. He said that Russia did not respect the agreement and that the United States would withdraw from it immediately.

The United States thus began the process of withdrawing from the climate agreement in November last year, of which it formally informed the UN – the withdrawal will take effect in a year.


In early May 2018, Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from Iran’s nuclear agreement, signed during the time of his predecessor, Barack Obama. He also announced that he would impose economic sanctions on Iran, which were lifted in 2015 after the signing of the “rotten” agreement, as he called it. A year later, Iran also announced a “partial withdrawal.”


The United States announced the decision to withdraw from the Agreement on Medium-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) on February 1 last year, leaving Russia a deadline to correct the violation of the agreement or the withdrawal will be permanent, as Trump stated.

This agreement is especially important because it represents the cornerstone of international security since the United States and the Soviet Union signed it in 1987. It bans the development and use of ground-based nuclear weapons with a range of between 500 and 5,000 kilometers.


Trump also has a problem with the military alliance. His administration decided in November last year to reduce the financing of the NATO budget from 22 to 16 percent of the total amount. The losses will have to be compensated by Europe and Canada.

Trump has repeatedly insisted and criticized individual members – like Germany – to increase their contributions to two percent of GDP. Germany has agreed to increase its spending, but in 2031, and currently, only six countries in the NATO coffers allocate two percent of GDP – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

9. G7

Today, the American president postponed the G7 summit, which was supposed to be held in June, at least until September. He said that he wanted to invite Russia, Australia, India, and South Korea to that gathering. He believed that the group of the most industrially developed countries no longer represented what was happening in the world.


A new problem faced by the Trump administration on the eve of the election is fierce, violent protests across the United States over the death of African-American George Floyd during a police arrest. Protests spread to several cities, from New York to Los Angeles, and curfews were introduced in 25 places in 16 states.

Trump and his Democratic rival in the presidential election, Joseph Biden, also spoke with Floyd’s family. Although Trump did not reveal details, the brother of the deceased Philonis Floyd said that their conversation was “speedy”.

– He didn’t even give me a chance to speak. It was difficult, “said Philonis, adding that he then turned to Biden, asking him to bring justice in the event of his brother’s death.

How Will Coronavirus Pandemic Affect Donald Trump and the Upcoming Elections?


Even though the global pandemic of coronavirus is in full swing in the United States, it can’t be said that people forgot the upcoming elections. It looks like that both parties are perfectly aware of what awaits them in days after the pandemic is not as dangerous. There are a couple of facts that could provide us with an idea of what we can expect from the upcoming elections. Now, we are going to present them to you. Let’s see what we know so far.

Who is Going to Rival Biden?

One of the commonest things related to the elections in the United States are rumors about candidates. Since we know that Donald Trump is going to go after the second mandate, it leaves us with the question of who will be his main rival. As you probably know, Joe Biden is most likely a candidate from the Democratic party. However, there are rumors about other potential candidates. Stacey Abrams, the former state representative of Georgia gave an interview to the “Elle” where she stated that she considers herself to be a good running mate for Joe Biden. The second option is Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator said that Biden knows what is important for a proper vice president and that he is going to be the one that will make a final decision. Other possible candidates are Gretchen Whitmer, Kamala Harris, and Catherine Cortez Masto.

Biden Still Struggles to Break Through

Just think about how many times have you heard about Joe Biden in the last couple of days or weeks. Well, not so much. The reason is that he is outside the national debate related to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Naturally, in the meantime, he became the main candidate to oppose Donald Trump in the future elections and won several primaries. However, all of that is going unnoticed since the pandemic started about a month ago. Since Biden is not elected in any position, he is struggling to present his opinion to the public. It’s not because he doesn’t want to. Moreover, his campaign is organized on all of the major networks in the United States. But his voice is not so loud in this situation. He probably waits for the whole situation to be over in his home in Delaware. It looks like we will hear much more from him after this situation is resolved.

The Protests

As you are probably aware, there are a high number of protests that are occurring in all of the US. Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, etc. The protesters pointed out that the Second Amendment of the US constitution is under attack since the global pandemic started. Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States stated that the President wanted to encourage the Governors of these states to find the best solution so all of the US could back to work. It looks like President Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing. That way he is able to prove that he wanted for the country to be open. Furthermore, he stated that he is aware that some of the Governors got it carried away with the measures and that he will make sure that the situation is going to be better than it is.

Did Donald Trump Lose the Public’ Favor?

During the early days of the pandemic in the United States, President Donald Trump had a jump of his popularity to the level that has never before experienced during his presidency. People supported the measures he proclaimed. However, it looks like the situation is not the same as it was in the beginning. According to a poll done by NBC-Wall Street, they’ve obtained some of the thoughts from the public.

2/3 of the respondents said that the President didn’t think too much about the pandemic in the beginning. This was really close to the Pew poll, which said that around 65% of the respondents said that the President was too slow to see the danger that is caused by a coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Around 34% said that the response to the pandemic was quick enough. Looks like the main reason for the decline of his popularity was a high number of deaths caused by the pandemic in the United States.

The Bottom Line

We’ve presented you with the latest occurrences that could tell us what we can expect from the upcoming Presidential election. There are two conclusions that could be taken from these. It looks like the public opinion about the President is back at where it was before the whole situation started. The second one is that Joe Biden, even though he is struggling to speak to the public, is the candidate from the Democratic party. It looks like we still have a lot of uncertainties about the elections, however, the picture is much clearer than it was before.

The Scary Part Of Big Data And Data Science

These scientists have become one of the most prominent problem solvers in this digital error. Combining advanced statistics, math and computer science, they are experts in such management, mining, and visualization. It is safe to say that they are conversant with statistics analysis, statistics or modeling, and engineering.

Without it, big data could still be an impossible task to solve since it refers to structured and unstructured one that inundates an organization daily. The size of big data usually is not the matter in this kind of  science, but what an organization is planning to do with this is what matters.

It is also important to mention that any person interested in becoming a data scientist can do so by adopting a suitable learning path online. They are on a constant high demand because organizations today rely so much on technology; hence, volumes of data need to be broken down and put into good use. Wondering what this science can do, here is an in look with the best examples to showcase the real power of big data and its science;

Electoral processes

Cambridge Analytica was a British political consulting firm that combined data science-driven strategies during elective operations. The organization collected material on voters including internet activities, voters’ behavior online, demographics, and other sources both private and public. This information which existed in the form of big data was broken down by special scientists and used to influence voters psychologically.

Although it is was shut down in 2018, reports have it that Cambridge Analytica acquired information from millions of voters on Facebook users without their consent. It is said that it was the most aggressive invasion of privacy that Facebook had to oppose the operations of the organization.

Other than collecting info on Facebook, Cambridge Analytica was also responsible for the development of the Cruz Crew app. The app tracked the physical location and contacts, and it goes down in history as one of the presidential campaign apps that invaded many personal data.


When it was voted that the UK gets to leave the EU, no one could believe it. However, the truth is, data science proved the opinion polls wrong, but how did they do it? According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch had single-handedly changed the history of the UK through data science.

Although it was expected that more votes would favor the UK to stay part of the EU, Benedict proved the opinion polls wrong. He used information collected from social media users to serve various kinds of adverts that had psychological impacts. These adverts were dished out to different consumers concerning their stand on the Brexit matter.

The voters who supported the UK to maintain in the EU, for example, received ads and messages like Turkey going to join the EU with its vast population of 76 million people. Such information quickly influenced people to reconsider their stand on the matter with the national resources in mind.

The 2016 US elections

The psychological power of big data and data science is also evident in the 2016 US elections. According to sources, the Cambridge Analytics had their hand is the electoral process that shocked the world. It is, however, not known by most that  analysts from both teams were working to expose the candidates on free media and cable TV.

Data scientists managed to serve political campaigns to the public after conducting emotional research about their opinion concerning various matters. This made it easy for the candidates to brainwash the public quickly by manipulating their psychology.

How to become a data scientist

There are different ways that someone can become a professional. Traditionally, you can enroll in a  school and take a couple of years to complete the course. Alternatively, you can decide to take up the course online and enjoy a self-paced learning path method if you visit here.

Data science is composed of various sections, and no one is restricted to learn everything. In a real school, however, this can be impossible because you will be required to specialize at some point. Not that it is a bad thing but compared to using various learning paths, you stand a better chance of becoming an expert faster.

Power of data science and big data in the business world

The power of data science and big data are not only felt in the political arena. Manufactures, retailers, and professionals today are spending a lot of money for these services because they need it to;

Identifying threats

As long as you are using technology in your profession or organization, you are under constant risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. With the continuous exchange of statistics with your system, a regular person cannot detect even when they have been hacked. Data scientists tend to have a third eye for analyzing big data and can quickly point out essential in your systems.

Using statistics, significant methodology, path, and networking, a data scientist can create a system that will predict any unusual activity. These include things like fraud and generate an alert in good time for a swift response. Without such scientist in your organizational team, you are at risk of losing so much to the relentless hackers.

Deliver relevant products to the right consumers

Data science goes deep into analyzing market behavior. From information received in your daily activities, you can find out which product sells best in which area. Scientists, therefore, are capable of breaking down the market for you and even allow you to make the right kind of product available to the right market.

This will save you lots of time and money because you will be able to channel your production and supply as demanded by the market. You will also be in an excellent position to come up with new products as needed by consumers.


If you have ever fancied having the power of influence in your hands, then this is the kind, of course, that is suitable for you. The best part is, you can become one even if you have no background in this course. All thanks to the online courses that are tailored for passionate people.

America First is All That’s Left to Donald Trump


How much can you harm the United States as its president in a time span of one week? Donald Trump had a lot of work to do, and he took us on a tour of diplomatic destructions, which was shocking, but not that much surprising as one is led to believe.

First of all, POTUS humiliated the NATO allies. He obviously has an issue to differentiate a friend from a foe and this behavior towards our long-time partners is inexplicable. Secondly, Trump met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and missed the opportunity to criticize him for the involvement of Russian hackers in the US elections and thus defend the Constitution of the United States and do his job for once.

With performance at the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium and his meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, the US president showed the world that he no longer wants to wait in his deconstruction of the US foreign policy. And no matter what the others around him do, stopping the man at the helm of the most powerful country of the world from wreaking havoc is a mission impossible.

From the presidential election and the Trump’s inauguration, we could have assumed what lied in store for the American people. Trump’s presidency is a big stress test for everyone involved, especially the leadership of the country. So far, the US policy was to advance the American interests in a global environment in which the United States, together with its allies and like-minded nations could prosper. However, with the arrival of the new president, there has been a slight change of plans.

According to Trump, the system the United States has constructed, something that previous presidents worked on diligently, is harming the country itself. Now he wants to demolish the system he doesn’t like and create a new one which will be more beneficial to the US. However, what has guided his diplomacy up to this point are his unassailable faith in deal-making abilities and the admiration he has for himself. These are all ingredients for defeat.

Currently, US military cooperation with NATO is as robust as at any time since the Cold War ended. There still hasn’t been a meaningful diplomatic reconciliation with Russia which is under heavy sanctions. In fact, the US and NATO presence have been strengthened in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, POTUS wanted to withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan and South Korea, but luckily, he has been dissuaded, at least temporarily. On top of that, as the time passes, Trump is more prone to making foolish decisions.

He keeps reverting to his instincts no matter what the issue is – from the Iran nuclear deal to trade tariffs. He tries to approach Russia whereas he constantly bashes the US allies, without even thinking how this could backfire. Furthermore, he is no longer relying on his aides as much as before and even Secretary of Defense James Mattis is out of favor, according to several reports.

But Trump criticizing his allies and praising the dictator of a county is not something that happens for the first time. Now it is the NATO and Putin, and POTUS also had a shameful display at the G-7 summit recently, after which he praised a tyrant Kim Jong-un, North Korean dictator. With this foreign policy, Donald Trump is slowly but surely burning down the bridges until America remains stranded. Sure, America First policy is an option and the path this administration chose to follow, which many people have nothing against, but the way things are handled gives us a reason to worry. The US foreign policy could endure four years under Trump, with repairs required after that. However, eight years of such policy would force the next president to go with America First (Only) approach. Eight years is a long time, but now, even 2021 seems out of reach.