Tips To Select Best Accommodation for a Student

With time people have understood the importance of education in life. They have understood how learning about new technologies and science can bring changes in their life. Therefore, they are willing to invest in education. More and more people, even from the remotest locations in the country are sending their kids to the nearby city or foreign countries.


However, sometimes their expenditure could not do justice with the quality education because of the rising cost of everything. As living away from family at a new place is difficult for many students. Investment in courses in schools, colleges, and institutes would not help if the student does not get a friendly environment to study. Therefore, it is very crucial to look for accommodation that is suitable for the student where the student feels at home.

In any big city, there are various options available for a student. That is what is causing a dilemma to students because they are unaware of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the different options.

Here, are some of the suitable options for students that they can choose from:

  • For University students, it is always advised to them to go for ‘on-campus accommodation’ that is the hostels or dormitory available at the University. As it provides all the necessary facilities such as- shopping centers, ATM, hospitals, and libraries.
  • It saves time and also the transportation cost. However, here students have to share the kitchen, living room, bathroom everything with other students. It also develops sociability attributes in them.
  • You find it difficult to get an on-campus accommodation you can look for or private halls of residence. Although it is quite expensive from ‘on-campus accommodation’. It provides all the necessary facilities such as TV rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, library, game room, and study zones. Students living here have to pay additional charges in the name of electricity and cleaning bills. Here, the students are free to move in and out of the dormitory anytime.
  • If you are a very introvert student and find it difficult to interact with other students, then you can switch to an en-suite accommodation where you will get a little home-like feeling. You will have a small bathroom and a bedroom. This en-suite house will give you the space that you can utilize for or a focused and concentrated self-study.
  • It is very difficult to find a flat in big cities even if you can, then they are so expensive that a large part of your investment goes to the landlords in the form of rent. Therefore, students contact each other and form a group to live in a shared apartment. In this way, the house allowance does not fall on a single head, and it is equally distributed among themselves. It improves their quality of life as now they can save much and invest it in their education in a better way.
  • A studio is also a good option for students as it has several rooms similar to a house. Such as- living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. That is what is making this studio room so spacious. And this gives a cozy and comfy feeling.
  • Nowadays, students also get opportunities to share studio apartments where they can bring their friends and divide the rent equally. The double occupancy studio apartments are a little different than the usual studio apartments as is this you will get two single beds and a lot of storage space.
  • If you don’t find anything, you can switch to an apartment. However, an apartment is a complete home with all those necessary facilities that a home comprises. Therefore it could be a little expensive. To manage the expense, you can go for a shared apartment. In this way, the rent paid for the apartment can be distributed equally per head.

Students need to understand the various options available to them before they make any choice. In this way, they don’t feel cheated or missing something as now the decision will rely on proper knowledge and understanding. Apart from the information about the various available options, they must consider these points while choosing and accommodation for themselves:

  • The location should be near their University or the campus. So they could save money on transportation.
  • The added benefit of close campus location is you will save your time that can for other productive work of College life. For instance, students can participate in extracurricular activities.
  • When you are going for a shared apartment, then you must seek or a friend to accompany you as it is quite difficult to adjust with a strange person especially if you don’t like socializing much.
  • For the student, the environment should be peaceful and friendly that will provide students with a conducive environment for self-study.
  • The most important thing is people, from whom the students are renting apartments, studios or en-suites. They should have a healthy relationship with each other. We often hear about students and landlords abusing each other. All these things are harmful to the conducive environment required for learning. Therefore, all the things, such as payment date, amount, maintenance cost, and all other stuff should be discussed, before renting the apartment. As it helps in conflict-free stay and maintaining friendly relations with the landlords.

When students look for student studio apartments keeping all these vital points in their minds, they will find a suitable location for them. Thanks to the internet, the students can now look for accommodation on amberstudent without even have to visit each of them. With the internet, we can look for accommodation sitting in our homes. Hundreds of websites on the internet serve this purpose. However, you must look for these services from them before going with them:

  • First of all, the landlord and you should agree to the rent.
  • They must provide maintenance costs and security.
  • You must do a background check. For that, you can go through the feedback by their previous paying guest.

If they fit in all categories, students can rest assured and go with them.

The Development Of Online University Teaching

Universities are constantly facing the challenge of needing to adapt to the needs of students by incorporating different teaching methods that are able to effectively encourage students who are learning via online means. Online universities are also becoming increasingly popular as more and more students are opting for less student debt burdens and because this option allows students to study part-time and find employment to pay for their studies without needed a student loan.

Online institutions are far more pocket-friendly, although, teaching methods need to be well-prepared to ensure students are able to understand courses and remain enthusiastic while learning in a significantly isolated environment. The Swinburne University of Technology is one such online institution that is constantly innovating teaching methods to ensure optimal understanding. Through various means, students are provided guidance from the institution that will prevent abandonment of studies.

Online Teaching Skills

Online institutions need to obtain crucial experience and knowledge to offer online courses as they differ greatly from traditional teaching methods. Each course should be carefully planned and well-rehearsed prior to accepting students. Here are some skills that online teaching required.

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Communication skills that compliment an online environment. Teachers are required to possess clear and concise communication skills to eliminate concerns of students feeling amiss.
Time Management Skills that allow additional mentorship for students that require additional assistance.
Assessment skills and evaluation skills.
Ability to teach students to properly apply concepts.

Academic teachers will require all the skills of traditional teachers, along with additional skills that enable them to communicate and work with students online. This is somewhat challenging, although, through constant innovation, teachers are adapting to the world of online study.

Principles Of Professional Development

Online teaching skills need to be effective and affordable to allow desirably outcomes for students. Certain principles need to be applied in order to continuously develop online institutions. The following principles are crucial for development:


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This principle refers to the adaptation of course materials and the course process. Online institutions cannot remain stagnant with teaching methods and course materials as this will not allow the best opportunities for students. Academic teachers are required to constantly adapt and improve courses to meet constantly adapting demands and new information needed by students.

Contextualizing Higher Education Learning

Online courses need to ensure higher education can be obtained through adaptability and contextualizing key points that promote a successful outcome. Technology, structure, and terminology are crucial elements that need to be incorporated into online study methods. Contextualizing will allow teachers to gain course insight and make necessary adjustments to enable proper development.

Use Of Apprenticeships

The third principle insists that online universities recognize the importance of apprenticeships and the need for significant mentoring that will be able to encourage the professional development of both teachers and courses. This principle creates vital opportunities for teachers to contextualize courses.

Staff Encouragement

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Academic teachers need encouragement to take part in opportunities that will promote growth and assist with bettering university courses. As students require constant encouragement to reach their goals, teachers require the same encouragement from the university. It is crucial that online institutions provide opportunities for teachers that will help them gain abilities to better courses and teaching methods. Teachers are then handed the power to effectively encourage one another and maintain student enthusiasm.

The Rapid Popularity Increase Of Online Universities

There are several significant reasons why numerous students are now opting for online institutions rather than traditional universities. Firstly, online universities usually offer students a cost-effective solution to studying as it enables students to work part-time while completing their courses. Additionally, the costs involved are impressively lower than traditional study institutions. The financial aspect could be one of the most alluring elements of online studying options. Furthermore, by opting for an accredited, respectable online university that is constantly adapting and developing courses, students are able to get significantly respectable qualifications that are internationally recognized.

Online universities offer courses for just about every career path and according to USNews, rapid popularity increase suggests that this innovative method of learning is possibly the way of the future, leaving traditional universities with no choice but to adapt to the growing demand for online courses.

Best law schools in Canada


– Students apply to study in Canada for various reasons. Not only are the study programs quite affordable, but Canada offers stunning natural scenery and, as well all know, friendly people. In Canada, law is a postgraduate subject and once you get your law degree, you can push yourself even more and further study law. Although most law schools are around major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, there are great schools that offer LL.M. study programs in other cities as well. WriteMyEssayOnline company compiled a list of the 10 best schools that you can apply for:

University of Toronto (UofT) – Faculty of Law, Toronto

This school holds the title of the best university in Canada. The school offers LL.M programs in various topics, including Criminal Law, Legal Theory, and Business Law. The LL.M. guide lists this faculty’s program as one of the best ones in Ethics and Policy and Health Law globally.

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McGill University – Faculty of Law, Montreal

– A J.D. candidate Peter Dalglish often refers to this school as the “Harvard of the North”. This faculty is one of three English-language faculties in Quebec. Law undergrads are required by the school to be “a little bit” bilingual in English and French, though LL.M.s are exempt from this requirement. This faculty offers classes in General Law, as well as in Comparative Law, Environmental Law, and Space and Air Law.

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Osgoode Professional Development – Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, Toronto

– Established in 1889, this faculty is one of the best law schools in Toronto. The faculty offers a wide range of LL.M. programs, including programs in International Business Law and Canadian Common Law. The LLM GUIDE lists Osgoode Hall as one of the top 10 schools for Intellectual Property Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Queen’s University – Faculty of Law, Kingston

– Located in Kingston, this faculty has been offering programs for studying law since the late 1800s. The programs at this school can be completed in 9 to 12 months and students have the chance to finish some courses at a castle in England. Additionally, the school also offers LL.M. programs in Legal and Political Thought for students that are interested in legal philosophy and theory.

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Peter A. Allard School of Law at University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver

– Applicants that want to study in the beautiful Vancouver, do not have to look further than UBC. The school’s program in addition to providing training in Common Law, the program also helps students work on the coursework of requirements for actually practicing law in Canada. It also offers a program in Taxation.

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Dalhousie University – Schulich School of Law, Halifax

– The location of this university means that the applicants will be studying in the middle of the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. However, it is not just the nature that attracts students to this school, this university is ranked in the top 15 Canadian faculties in the Times Higher Education ranking.

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The University of Alberta – Faculty of Law, Edmonton

– Started in 1912, this is the third oldest law school in Canada. The school offers LL.M.s in coursework and by thesis. For applicants that are interested in energy law, studying an LL.M. in the oil capital of Canada could provide you with various networking opportunities in this field.

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Western University (UWO) – Faculty of Law, London

– This school is located in London, Ontario which is between Detroit and Toronto. The school offers programs by thesis, as well as research project-based programs that was started in 2016.

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University of Ottawa – Faculty of Law, Ottawa

– This college offers a wide range of LL.M. concentrations, such as the Notarial Law (however, the classes are in French only), and programs in International Law, Environmental Law, and Global Sustainability.

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Universite de Montreal – Faculte de Droit

– For applicants that are fluid in French, the University of Montreal is an interesting option. For people that do not know French, the school offers programs in Global Context and Business Law.

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Enrolling To An Online Italian University Has Never Been Easier

Although the era of the internet we are living in has allowed people to earn a good income without a college degree, getting one still is a good idea. Now, as you have probably heard a lot of successful people have dropped out of college as soon as they came to a lucrative business idea. And there is a good reason for that – college in its traditional form can be pretty demanding given the energy, time and effort you need to put in to get that degree. Out of all listed the most valuable thing surely is time. That is where online universities step as a great alternative. One of the best examples is Uninettuno.

The International Telematic University that was established back in 2005, has had hundreds of satisfied Italian students and there is no doubt why. The university itself allows people to get bachelor degrees, master degrees, and even PhDs all while not leaving the comfort of your home. And in the past few years, this university has reached the point where you can enroll to it from wherever country you are currently residing in and study the courses that are available 24/7, 7 days a week. While some might argue that an online university is not a valid form of education we can certainly claim they are wrong and a degree acquired on Uninettuno is accepted worldwide.

The Importance Of Partnering With Fiore Rosalba

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Fiore Rosalba is an online program founded by the identically named woman who is an entrepreneur and consultant at the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Court of Potenza. Now, the program itself has an idea of allowing Italian students to study from the comfort of their home and acquire the wanted degrees. Fiore Rosalba was established in 2006 and for years already it has partnered with Uninettuno – allowing people to enroll paying lower tuition and fees. And really the product of cooperation between Fiore Rosalba and Uninettuno is an increased number of educated Italian young people that were not initially interested in enrolling to a traditional college.

Fiore Rosalba, apart from allowing multiple courses for online masters, degrees, and even teacher courses, gives you the opportunity to figure out what area you are interested in. Through the process of university orientation, the consultants will evaluate your strengths and job aspirations, and recommend an online course according to the results of the evaluation. This is an excellent option especially if you are deciding on a few things, and not sure which one would allow you to show your true potential.

For those interested, there are also numerous work safety and HACCP standard courses. All are conducted online with the use of PDF, video, live chat, and an advanced platform that will allow you to soak up on the much-needed knowledge in an effective manner.

The Benefits Of An Online University

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Enrolling for a Fiore Rosalba or a Uninettuno program may allow students multiple benefits. First and foremost, it is accepted in almost all countries of the world and although it is an online concept you don’t miss out on anything. You get the option to effectively study at any point during the day, while not leaving the comfort of your home. And not to forget, the relationship that you will be able to develop with your professors is at a much higher level than when you are studying at a college that has thousands of students.


Both the Fiore Rosalba and partnered Uninettuno University allows Italian students to study abroad from the comfort of their home. Cheaper and more effective, it can be a great alternative to conventional education methods.