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10 Lesser-Known Facts About “Truck Night in America”

‘Truck Night in America’ is a History Channel show which debuted in 2018 and since then it has attracted a lot of attention. This is an adrenaline-fueled TV reality show and in each episode, we get a chance to see 5 drivers in their customized trucks and jeeps. They compete in three challenges while testing different vehicle attributes.

‘Truck Night in America’ has become very popular, especially among people who love watching others doing crazy things with their off-road vehicles. Moreover, it’s very exciting seeing what people are capable of to endure in order to win the final prize. Only one of the five drivers can win, get the prize money and go home as the Truck Night Champion.

However, if you are an avid fan of the show, there are a couple of things you need to know about it. Here are some lesser-known facts the production team does in order to hype it up to the viewers.

10 Lesser-Known Facts About ‘Truck Night in America’


1. ‘Truck Night in America’ Airs on the History Channel

This is probably a surprising thing for most of you that a reality show about trucks is part of the History channel. However, having in mind how transportation needs have changed during the history in America, it kind of makes sense.

2. The Participants Work Closely with Trained Mechanics and Professional Drivers

This is another thing you might not know about the show. Each of the drivers gets tips and tricks from coaches and professional drivers. Every participant is paired with individual racers and they help them prepare for the show.

3. The Final Course is The Green Hell

The remaining two drivers at the end go have to go through The Green Hell, which is the final course. It is the most intense 3-mile course, which tests the driving ability of the two drivers. It doesn’t only pit them against the terrain, but also against each other.

4. The Drivers Modify Their Trucks

The drivers are required to modify their trucks in accordance with the rules and regulations of the show. Hence, no driver can have any unfair advantages. Plus, the trucks have to be safe and able to endure the course.

5. The Trucks Are Modified for Each Round

The trucks have to be modified for each round as each round has different challenges which they have to face. However, they do so in a limited amount of time, but with the help of their coaches. Thus, it is not so complicated as it seems.

6. The Drivers First Go on Casting

This show doesn’t just feature everyone who wants to be on the show. In fact, everyone goes through casting which determines who gets to be on the show. The producers are very careful about who they let into the show. Moreover, there are certain requirements you should meet. Hence, in order to be part of the show, you have to be at least 18 and your rig has to meet certain standards.

7. The Winner Gets a $10,000 Dollar Reward

So, besides going home with the Truck Night Champion title, the winner also takes a $10k award. It might seem that this is a huge prize, but the vehicles they drive and modify cost a lot. However, the money is enough to cover the mods as well as other things the participants want.

8. Drivers Need to Fix Any Damage on the Fly

As the drivers take unnecessary risks, some unplanned things often happen, such as damages. However, drivers need to do any repair within one hour. Even though they do their best to avoid any serious damage, they have to be ready to act fast and work on fixing the damage on the fly.

9. If You Want to Participate in the Show, You Can’t Be a Candidate for Public Office

It might seem like a very surprising thing, but if you want to be part of ‘Truck Night in America’ you can’t be a candidate for public office. This is clearly stated in the admission form. However, if you really want to be on the show, you will have to put your political aspirations on hold.

10. There Are Always Only Five Drivers Per Episode

Each episode features no more than five drivers per race. The main reason for this is the fact that the producers wouldn’t want the race to end in an unwanted way. Hence, the small group is enough to keep the viewers interested and keep the show exciting and entertaining.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 16 Recap

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is a truly captivating TV series loved by many people. However, the show might be coming to end soon after all these years. We have been following the exciting exploration of the Lagina brothers and their team on the 57-hectare island located in Lunenburg County, on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Season 6 is probably the one which brought the most excitement until now and we are all hoping it will provide the answers of the fascinating mystery. Last week, Rick and Marty and their team in the ‘Dye Harder’ episode found that the Money Pit and H8 were surrounded by huge sinkholes while excavating in H8. Episode 15 was truly thrilling and the team discovered that the tunnel is connected to Smith’s Cove. However, the ground started collapsing and they had to stop the excavation at the moment. So, we have been all left wondering what will happen in the next episode.

Well, episode 16 aired yesterday and we are bringing the recap of this episode in case you missed it. Here is what happened in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 16, which was titled ‘Detour.’
The Lagina brothers and their team meet in the War Room and talk with their partner, Craig Tester, via video conference. They share the results of the dye test and discuss what to do further. They conclude that they aren’t done with Smith’s Cove and are eager to verify if they have found the main flood tunnel which leads to the Money Pit’s treasure vault. Nevertheless, they have to first get additional permits from the Canadian government to expand their excavation, as well as, an extension of their existing permit.


The team wants to find a way to move the crane path and dig underneath it. Even though they have made some significant discoveries and previously undocumented structures, time is running short as summer is almost over and their permits will soon expire.

As the team continues searching for artifacts at Smith’s Cove, Jack Begley and Gary Drayton, uncover an unusual object, which they believe might be a spear tip. While the team continues to investigate the mysterious way in Smith’s Cove, the Lagina brothers and Dave Blankenship go to the Money Pit area and meet the representatives of Irving Equipment Limited. The site which they have been excavating is now considered too unstable and unsafe to continue excavating. Rick and Marty come to the conclusion that they are done with H8 for this year. So, determined to succeed the Lagina brothers and their partners decide to return to one of their earliest strategies. They will try to reach to the Money Pit treasure vault by an adjacent tunnel, shaft 6.

So, the Lagina brothers and their team meet a professional diver, Tony Samson, in the War Room to discuss the offshore data. So, while they wait for the government permits, they decide to redirect their efforts in hopes of locating what is believed to be a second flood tunnel system. So, they make a plan and the perfect people to execute it.

Hence, Alex Lagina, Peter Fornetti, and Jack Begley along with Tony Samson prepare for a dive operation in the waters on the southern shore. Their first target is the mysterious triangle shape formation. However, they must remember that whatever they find it’s against the law to touch or move.

Back at the research center the Lagina brothers and other members of their team meet a professional surveyor who they hope will help them pinpoint the exact location of the shaft 6 tunnels.

The divers seem to locate the mysterious triangle formation, which points towards the direction of the Money Pit. This might suggest that it’s intentionally placed there as some sort of marker. Then, the divers perform a second dive in an attempt to locate what they believe might be a ship anchor. However, they discover that it’s just a natural formation of rocks.

The next day, Marty Lagina and Craig Tester arrive at Smith’s Cove where they will remove the structure and try to search the area beneath it. While searching through the area, Gary Drayton discovers an interesting old iron hinge, which is possibly from a chest. So, the team heads to the New Ross to look for answers. There they discuss their findings with Carmen Legge, who suggest that their latest discovery might date back to the 17th century. It looks like the more the team digs the less they understand the mystery.

Why do so many people hate Big Bang Theory and how did it remain so popular?

The immensely popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory has been on the receiving end of many laughs and jokes on the Internet for years, even now when it is in its last season. Dozens of critics, blogs, and sites transformed the popular show into a laughing stock of the TV show world. Most criticism is about the tendency of the show to use pop culture references instead of actual quality jokes, representation of some archetypes, as well as countless celebrity cameos.


Although it receives constant negative criticism and backlash, The Big Bang Theory has remained one of the most successful sitcoms ever created. A question therefore raises, mainly how did the show remain so hugely popular despite the awful criticism?

The show debuted back 2007, before superheroes were as popular as today, thanks to the movies. The Dark Knight trilogy nor Iron Man have yet been released, but they were close. Therefore, pop culture, and mainly its subdivision of “nerd culture” was slowly but surely on the rise. It was the time before the MCU before Disney bought Marvel, Star Wars and several other entertainment giants.
Superheroes were always popular among the fans of comic books, while Star Wars and Star Trek were always a pair of cultural giants, but none of their diehard fans have ever been represented on screen. There were shows like Spaced and The IT Crowd dealing with people who were into comics, science, computers, and fantasy. However, they did not premiere on major American TV networks like CBS. When this show arrived, nerd culture became mainstream.


The characters would debate about Superman as if he were real, televised on one of the biggest television networks in the USA. This huge level of accessibility was the real game changer, as the right audience who found themselves in the character quickly emerged. With the growth of superhero movies, the ratings of The Big Bang Theory also grew.

The show also made sure to point out the bad sides of different pop culture hits, which some fans did not find amusing. Not everyone likes being told things they enjoy are not worth it.

As the show progressed, the show became even more inclusive toward different demographics, like with the inclusion of now main characters Bernadette and Amy. With this, the boys’ club feel of the show diminished a little bit, but never went away. These strong female characters had their own stories to tell, and they were more than love interests for the male cast.


Because the show dealt with so many things, its main audience was never clear. Perhaps the biggest strength of the show is the broad subject matter. There were not many jokes strictly reserved for “nerds”, which could be why some comedy fans, science fiction, and fantasy lovers, and comic book nerds gave up on the show. The show spoke a language all can understand, but that is not what all the fans wanted.

When all of their precious properties became mainstream thanks to their development and presence in other media, these fans felt like they lost their show. It became more accessible to the masses who once did not enjoy these topics. Now that they do, it feels forced and fake. This makes the older fans stop enjoying or completely distancing themselves from the things that were once precious and special to them.


The things Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny discuss on the show are not what drew the fans to it. It set up the roots but was not enough to gain the overwhelming popularity or longevity of the show. It is also not what made thousands of people hate it. The show’s style of comedy is a massive point of contention or the lack of it. Videos, where the laughter in the background is removed, are cringe-worthy and awful and make it seem like the fans laugh because they hear others laugh.

Now in its final season, the question of the legacy it will leave is hard. It may be looked back at as a classic, but it could also be hated more and more down the road. The fans who stuck with it all the way will surely miss it. Who knows, maybe they may even reboot it in a couple of decades.

Who is the one who pays for Oak Island Treasure Hunt?


Oak Island’s alleged treasure may be bigger than the team could have ever imagined. However, the amount of money needed to dig everything out is up in the millions of dollars. So the question is simple, who is behind all of it, and is paying for the whole treasure hunt? Let us together dive into the financial background of the show and see who covers the majority of it all.

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Who is paying for it?

Digging is not an easy task, and they are absolutely not using the most affordable excavation. The digging they are doing is very expensive. The funds for the job are reported to be coming from a number of different sources, including the cast members.

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Marty Lagina and Craig Tester

Out of all the treasure hunters, Marty Lagina and Craig Tester have the biggest budget. Supposedly, they also fund a lot of the excavation, including digs that are more expensive. The pair might also have some help from different sources outside their line of work.

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Oak Island tours

Still unconfirmed, the team of Oak Island owns a special tours company, which allows both fans and history buffs to come and witness the mysterious island. They can learn about what the team has found and dig for treasure themselves! Through a small business like this one, the hunters probably make additional money that goes to the hunt, probably some of the smaller operations.

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History Channel

Being the History Channel’s most popular show, the network probably pays their cast members per episode.On the other hand, they might also fund some of the treasure hunt. The producers of the show probably have deals with equipment companies whom they collaborate with, as well as other companies that are experts in the field. They most likely get some funds in turn for product placement. For example, the narrator repeats the names of the companies whose equipment is featured.

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Other than personal and network investment, Rick, Marty and their team probably have some financial backing from investors that come from outside of the show. People interested in Oak Island and its mysterious treasures may see potential value in funding a part of the whole process.

One investor who has been revealed is Nova Scotia Business Inc (NSBI). They invested around $2 million in the show. Their line of work is helping businesses in Nova Scotia grow. They have a specific fund for film and TV production in this province of Canada.

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Government grants

Since the show is historic and benefits culture and knowledge, Lagina brothers and their team could have funds provided by some part of the government of Canada.

15 Lesser Known Facts About Oak Island


Oak Island is a reality TV show that is all about finding a hidden treasure that is supposedly located somewhere on the island. Here are some things might not have known about Oak Island.

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1. It wasn’t easy acquiring an archaeologist that is an expert on the show

There has been a lot of skepticism related to how true the rumors about the treasure are. It took a lot of effort to have an expert come aboard and participate in the mission. Laird Niven is one of the best archaeologists of Nova Scotia and he is one of the residents that oversees the digs.

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2. “The money pit” is most likely not real

The story of the legend goes that two teenagers took a boat over to Oak Island back in 1795. After digging for the treasure they gave up after a while but that left a belief that they might not have dug deep enough.

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3. They don’t talk about money

When the Lagina brothers were asked about their money resources for their project it was very clear that they don’t wanna talk about it, the only thing they admitted was that they are the ones financing it.

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4. Laird Niven is considered unconventional

Most of the people that share Niven’s profession take great care when they remove the dirt so that anything important won’t be destroyed or damaged. But in this tv show it is not the case. The ground is dug up very violently and with industrial machines.

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5. Digging through the whole island was an idea at one point

They were debating on digging through the whole island but eventually agreed that that would have too many consequences and do too much damage to the environment and it would require too much money to do so.

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6. They actually do spend a big portion of their time on the island.

The brothers Rick and Marty have said that they do go to the island a lot. Rick definitely goes more because he is retired and Marty isn’t. Their families also come over a lot and they are even helpful with finding the treasures.

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7. Not everyone in their families believes in what they are doing

Even they are all somewhat involved with what Rick and Marty do not everyone has faith in their dream. They didn’t explicitly tell who the unbelievers are they did admit they there are some who don’t.

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8. The death of Matt Chisholm is still a mystery

News about his death didn’t get out almost a year after it had happened. That was very peculiar because of the fact that he was a beloved person. Another strange fact is the the people of the show didn’t honor him in any way and just didn’t mention it ever.

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9. He may have had precious information

The great-granddaughter of a Nova Scotia Masonic Grand Master revealed an important secret to Matt and not even two hours later he was found dead.

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10. He was about to share his secret but didn’t finish it

He told a colleague about what he learned and he was debating how to go about it but never got the chance to go through with his plans.

11. The secret made the crew issue a statement

When the news came out shortly after there were allegations about the possibility that Matt may have been a drug user, there is no evidence to this though.

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12. The producers are staying quiet

At this point it is not certain if they even have any information about it but one thing is for sure – they are not saying anything about it.

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13. Three new plots are coming to the show

For the seasons that are coming up the plan is to find the map Matt was talking about, find the shrine of secrets and a storyline of 90 foot stone.

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14. Susan Conway might know something important

She was working with Matt so she seems to be a good choice for an interview as she might know something that could be of importance

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15. With everything being said, Oak Island is meaningful

One thing is clear, what is happening at the island is of substantial value. It could resolve a mistery that people have tried to figure out for decades.

Happy Days Cast – Where Are They Now?

Happy Days was a popular TV show that aired in the 1970s and 1980s but it is slightly forgotten nowadays. Those who watched the show definitely remember the characters and the stories. But where are those actors now and what are they doing?

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Erin Moran

Unfortunately, Erin Moran passed away on April 22, 2017 at the age of 56 due to cancer. She had several other roles besides Happy Days, and costar Anson Williams said in a statement: “Erin was a person who made everyone around her feel better. She truly cared about others first, a true angel.”

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Scott Baio

Besides a role in Happy Days, Scott Baio appeared in the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi which led him to titles such as Charles in Charge, Baby Talk and Diagnosis Murder. He is married to Renee Sloan and they have a daughter Bailey.

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Ron Howard

In Happy Days, Ron Howard played Richie Cunningham, but before he joined the show, he was already an experienced actor. After Happy Days, he got into production and has produced hits such as Apollo 13, Da Vinci Code and A Beautiful Mind. With his wife, Cheryl Alley, they have four children.

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Henry Winkler

In the show, Winkler played a popular character called Arthur FonzieFonzarelli but even after the show ended he had various roles. Besides acting, he was also producing slightly. Renowned Fonzi has a wife called Stacey and he has two kinds.

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Marion Ross

Marion Ross, on the show known as Marion Cunningham, was filming The Love Boat after the series ended. Although she had her fair share of roles in the 80s and the 90s her recent work revolves around animated hits. Ross appeared in SpongeBob SquarePants and Handy Manny. She got divorced after 18 years but the couple stayed in touch since they have two children.

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Don Most

Another familiar face in the show was Don Most who played Ralph Malph. He appeared with Scott Baio in an episode of Charles in Charge whereas Most also reunited with Ron Howard in ED TV. He and his wife Morgan Hart have been married since 1982 and they have two daughters.

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Anson Williams

Williams decided not to pursue an acting career after Happy Days and instead of that he stepped behind the camera to direct. He directed popular titles such as Secret Life of the American Teenager, Lizzie McGuire, Baywatch, Beverly Hills and many others. Firstly, Williams got married to Lorrie Mahaffey, Happy Days costar. They have one child together. His second wife is Jackie Greken and they have four kids.

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Tom Bosley

The first thing after Happy Days for Bosley was The Love Boat, but since that, he appeared in Murder, She Wrote and Father Dowling Mysteries. He was known as a theater lover and he even won a Tony for his work in Fiorello! On Broadway. Unfortunately, Bosley passed away in 2010.

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Al Molinaro

Al Molinaro started acting when he was older and his only major role was in Happy Days. Truth be told, he had some other roles, but none of them can even compare with the one in the popular show. He started acting thanks to Penny Marshal who introduced him to her brother Garry, who was a series creator.

As you can see, most of the Happy Days cast had quite a life after they finished shooting the series. Some landed even better roles while the others modified their careers and went to be behind cameras instead. Have you watched Happy Days? If not, this is something you should watch immediately. Who’s your favorite characters (those who watched it)?