Is Trump Really Able to Destroy Twitter and Facebook?

Everyone around the world is talking about the conflict between the USA and the biggest tech companies of today

Donald Trump very openly suggests that he has the power to shut down tech giants like Twitter and Facebook. The cause of Trumps reaction was a provocation by Jack Dorsey.

Ironically, Twitter in a way owns its popularity to Trump, who uses it as tool for making public announcements. Further, he uses Twitter to address both the public and his opponents.

This company has not sanctioned anything the president of America wrote yet. Even his controversial tweets about women or China were not sanctioned.

However, a turn in the course of events happened. This company decided to react to Trump’s recent tweet about “unfair voting” and “illegitimate election”. Trump left the warning massage under his recent post.

This tweet by the president of the US was enough to start the “feud”. While millions of people are admiring Twitter for reacting to Trump’s posts, it might be possible that the president indeed has the power to shut it down. In fact, he may even have the power to shut down any company he wants. Soon, Trump will sign the contract which applies to the social media. To put the long story short, according to some sources “everything is fine as long as it is convenient to president Trump”.

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that these companies are worth millions of dollars and that their fame exists thanks to their followers. In the time of the corona pandemic, the number of followers grew due to the fact that people were quarantined. This is the reason why the experts agree that this move was brave, but not necessarily needed. The problem is, according to the experts, that Trump did not strictly claim anything, but instead he only doubted the new potential way of voting.

Twitter has become the subject of political communication. Furthermore, this Trump’s tweet is controversial, but it represents only an opinion. The question which arises is: Would Twitter react in the same way if somebody else tweeted the same thing? Would this company react in this way if some citizen expressed the same doubt? In the upcoming course of events, we will see if Trump really has the power to shut down such a powerful social media platform as Twitter.

In the past times, it was spoken about such a thing, but the social media survived after all. However, it seems that the president of the US thinks that it is time to introduce some kind of regulative. What these regulative measures mean exactly – is probably familiar only to the president himself.

Teenage TikTok Star Gets Death Threats Because of Trump-Pence Posters

TikTok Influencer Dixie D’Amelio claims she has been getting death threats after a photo of a room with Trump-Pence campaign posters on the wall resurfaced online. The 18-year-old, who has more than 23 million TikTok followers, came under fire on Tuesday when a fan tweeted a picture that had been shared on her VSCO account in 2017. A critic posted the simple message: ‘UMMMMMMM.’ Dixie replied: ‘This isn’t even my house.’

One person tweeted, ‘G1, you posted reason’, while another wrote: ‘Girl u dad a republican why lie.’ Dixie’s father, Marc D’Amelio, ran as a Republican for the Connecticut State Senate in 2018. Another Twitter user went on to share the controversial photo, writing: ‘Not Dixie D’Amelio having a picture of an American flag and the Trump/Pence flag on her VSCO.’

Dixie replied: ‘Again, this isn’t my house! At 15 years old, I didn’t give two s***s about politics. My parents have let my sister and I make her own decisions about what we support and what we don’t. What I support is the spread of positivity/happiness, and that’s all.’ She then tweeted: ‘I find it sad that I have received death threats due to inaccurate speculation of my political belief. I have never supported Trump. Period.’


President Trump and Dwayne Johnson will be the main attraction at UFC 244

Dwayne Johnson and Donald Trump could possibly be the main attraction of the upcoming UFC fight at Madison Square Garden, the place where two of the strongest fighters in that weight class are fighting fo the title.

Very well-known MMA fighters Jorge Masdival and Nate Diaz are about to have a showdown on Saturday night, and are set to be the main fight of UFC 244, a fight which the whole world is following.

Masidval tweeted at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that he wants him to have the honors of donning the belt on his waist if he ends up winning.

This amazing belt was ordered by UFC president Dana White and this time around it costs around $50,000 and has the words “Baddest Mother******” engraved on it.

Dana White made sure to be clear that this is a very special belt and that it was made for this fight particularly, so we shouldn’t expect one like this for every fight.

Dwayne Johnson responded and said that he would be honored to join the fight and give the belt to the winner.

‘Very befitting for the biggest fight of the entire year. This fight is going to be electrifying,’ Johnson said.

Johnson tweeted: ‘Most electrifying [UFC] event of 2019. I’m a lucky SOB to present the “Baddest MF” title to the winner of [Jorge Masvidal] and [Nate Diaz]. Stacked card. Madison Square Garden erupts TOMORROW NIGHT!!’

While the weigh-in was going on, Dwayne said hello to the very excited crowd and introduced the two fighters.

He said: ‘Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?’

Which in turn helped Masdival and Diaz be even more pumped for the fight.

The winner of this fight isn’t defending anything, but it will definitely improve their reputation in fighting circles.

Diaz said: ‘Let me tell you something. 170, 185, 205, 155 (pounds) or BMF title, everybody wants the BMF title. If you’ve got the option, what title would you fight for?’

Doland Trump who is fighting impeachment right now is also attending the fight, but it definitely isn’t his first attendance at UFC.

Dana White and Donald Trump have known each other from way back.

New Jersey could be considered one of the first states to fall in love with UFC and Dana says that Donald Trump helped a lot with that.

Even more proof of their good relationship is that Dana white spoke at the Republican National Convention, because the president asked him to and according to sources the two of them even have dinner together from time to time.

The whole Trump family feels very welcome in the UFC arena, both the fighters and the fans like having them there because of their exciting personalities. Not too long ago, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump went to a UFC fight in New Jersey so they could support MAGA fan Colby Covington.

Masvidal: ‘Real recognize real. No matter what your views are on Trump as a president, the guy’s a (BMF), man. The money’s that he’s made, the obstacles that’s he conquered, he’s a (BMF) in his own way.’

Masdival could be considered the favorite in this fight since NYC is his hometown and the fight is being held there, of course. While having an open workout Masdival asked viewers to join him in the ring and help him spar. At UFC 239 he needed just 5 seconds to beat Ben Askren.

‘I put an end to a lot of guys never been knocked down, never been stopped,’ Masvidal said.

Now, Diaz’s popularity has also increased by a lot, even though he has never won anything really.

Last week Diaz was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) because they found drugs in his system in a pre-fight drug test, but Diaz refused to stay quiet and told everyone that he was clean. He ended up going on a rant against the agency and that he would definitely fight. He also said that he doesn’t want to figure it out after the fight itself, because that would really be considered cheating.

In the end the fight is still happening and you can watch it on ESPN+ PPV at 10pm ET.

Concertina wire – on the border wall between the United States and Mexico

Trump’s construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico has always been a controversial topic. Despite all the controversy and discontent, the huge project of building walls continues. The row by row of glowing concertina wires on the border fence became the most obvious result of the construction of the border wall. Because it really reduces the entry of many Mexican illegal immigrants. Although it has had some impact on the lives of local residents, it has really prevented many illegal immigrants from entering the Mexican border. In this article, you will see some introductions to concertina wire and why it is suitable for the construction of border walls.

Concertina wire, a very effective defense barrier commonly found in battlefields, prisons, and military areas. Its most obvious feature is that it has razor-like sharp blades, which can easily cause harm to people or animals. A concertina wire manufacturer from China, mentioned that it was made of steel raw materials, not only sharp but also high strength. Not easily destroyed. And it is usually hot-dipped galvanized, which is a popular surface treatment for any metal product. This makes concertina wire more durable in a variety of natural environments where the border wall is located and hardly needs maintenance.

Concertina wire can cover any length without leaving any gap. It can be stretched, and the maximum stretching distance can be up to 25m. The diameter of the coil can also be very large, up to 1500mm. This effectively enhances the protective capability of the border fence. If concertina wire is not installed at the top of the fence, there may be some people who can climb over it. But if the sharp concertina wire is installed on the fence, few people will want to go over the fence, because no one wants to try the taste of being cut by a blade. And it’s not easy to destroy unless you use power tools, but it’s also very difficult to work.

So concertina wire is very suitable for the construction of the border wall. There is no gap to go through, it is not easy to be destroyed, durable and sharp blades. These factors make it an irreplaceable product. But such protective measures, which should have been used to deal with “enemies” or criminals, have appeared in the center of Mexico’s border cities, and indeed have had a considerable impact on the lives of local residents.

But no one can stop Trump from continuing to build the wall, because the Supreme Court allocated Trump $2.5 billion to build the wall in late last month, and perhaps a more spectacular concertina wire border can be seen along the U.S. -Mexico border in the future.

Chris Jericho Says The Rock Might Be the Next President of the USA


According to Chris Jericho, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock could win the presidential election in 2020. As Jericho says, The Rock has one of the most recognizable faces on the world, and that might be enough.

When asked about Dwayne’s prospects of becoming the next president of America, Jericho said, in an interview with Business Insider that he feels like his ex WWE colleague has what it takes to win it.

“Everything the guy does turn to gold, ’cause he’s got the work ethic to make it happen,” explained Jericho. “Why wouldn’t he want to try politics? I think The Rock, if you look at how he’s built his career, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he became the Governor of California. When you work to a certain level, how much bigger can you get? How much more can you do?”

Jericho says that the fact that Donald Trump became president set new standards of who can be the President. They have a thing in common, they both come from the show business, and as Trump managed to use his celebrity status to his advantage, so could The Rock.

“We’ve entered an era now having [Donald] Trump in the office, whether you agree or don’t agree, he got in because of his celebrity. That’s exactly why. He knew how to play a camera. He knew how to deliver lines. He knew how to be charismatic enough to get people on his side, and that’s what politics is. You know, even [Barack] Obama. As long as you have some money behind you and can deliver lines charismatically, I think Rocky has a chance to really get in there and take over if he wants to do it,” he said.

But to Jericho, fame should not result in presidential merit and Trump becoming president may mean we are in for a strange part of history.

“We’ve seen that a celebrity can basically come in and make it just on their name and charisma alone, which is kinda scary to me,” said Jericho. “The Rock is great. He’s one of my favorite rivals. One of the best guys I’ve been in the ring with for chemistry. When he was in the business and the top guy on the microphone, I don’t think too many people could touch him, but I could. I’ll be the Vice President! I am gonna be the first undisputed “Prime President” of North America. I’m gonna be the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of America at the same time. And it’s called the “Prime President.” Prime President Jericho. That sounds good.”

Back in 2017, Dwayne’s name was mentioned a lot as a possible candidate for the 2020 election. Things got even more serious when he said, during an interview with Ellen that he really was thinking about trying it out. Anyhow, in 2018 he shut down these claims.

“Unfortunately I don’t see it happening in 2020,” he said. “It’s a position that requires years of hard work and experience to learn the skills. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and due to my schedule, it’s not possible in 2020,” The Rock told Vanity Fair.

Powerful Dollar Could Weaken Oil


The oil industry has been the cornerstone of the economy of the United States as well as its foreign policy, and now, the currency is threatening to weaken it. In the last few weeks, the US Energy Information Administration has filed some reports stating that the prices of benchmark crude oil fell to $70 per barrel for Brent and $67 for a barrel for West Texas Intermediate. These were priced at $80 and $75 respectively.

What is worrying is that these reports come just a few months after the predictions that the benchmark crude prices would soar in the upcoming year. But considering everything that is going on – President Donald Trump’s tariffs on certain goods as well as the rise of the dollar – this is going to slow down the oil industry on a global level.

And if we scratch under the surface, you get to see how tariffs are affecting the emerging markets. When Washington introduced steel and aluminum tariffs as well as duties on solar panels and washing machines, for instance, countries such as China, Turkey, and South Korea responded by devaluating their currencies, effectively making the exports less costly.

“Suppose you were exporting something for $100 before the tariffs, then President Trump says we’re going to put on a 25-percent tariff – if you devalue your currency by 20 percent, that brings you back to close to $100,” says Steven Kopits, president of Princeton Energy Advisors, a consulting firm. “So there’s a natural tendency that countries depreciate their currency to maintain the transactions.”

What we have as a result is the more expensive US dollar, by comparison. As we know, the crude oil is traded in dollars, which means that oil becomes costlier to import and that will lower the demand and slow down the countries that chose to devalue their currencies to counter Trump tariffs. This transfers to the economic slowdown for the global market and can backfire and affect the US economy as well.

“This is one of those things where, can I go over and set my neighbor’s house on fire? Sure, you could. Does it mean that my house won’t burn down? Well it might not, but it could burn down your house, too,” Kopits says. “So if you set your neighbor’s house on fire, you probably have a problem.”

“The reaction within 60 minutes of this EIA release was wave after wave of selling,” Tom Kloza, head of global energy analysis at Oil Price Information Service, wrote after last week’s EIA analysis. “There have been several false ‘dive’ alarms sounded this summer, but this particular report may be the one that inflicts more lasting damage.”

image source:

Although the US stockpiles of crude oil have gone up, the oil used to keep the refineries that are running at a breakneck pace and crude exports are going down. “This is very bullish, as it suggests U.S. refiners anticipate strong refined product demand, either domestically or via exports,” Kopits says.

We have witnessed recent declines, but the oil prices are still on the highest points since the fall of 2014. According to Kloza, the EIA’s recent bulletins might seem “to cast plenty of doubt on crude oil and product prices headed into the final third of the year,” but they can “sometimes be taken too seriously.”

“I do believe the currency aspect of oil prices has been understated as of late,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at, writes in an email. “As we prepare for the conclusion of the U.S. summer driving season, the largest seasonal consumption in the world, oil prices may remain under [downward] pressure for the early fall. I can’t think of a time in the past that such policy has played such a role in oil prices globally, and this doesn’t look like it will end soon as the U.S. lashes out against multiple trading partners, cutting into the strength of their currency, and leading the dollar to higher ground.”

Turning Point of Donald Trump’s Presidency


Donald Trump has been leading the United States for almost two years, even though nobody expected him to win at the US elections. Some are happy to have Trump as the president, but many are “stuck” with him, and they cannot wait to see his back. So far, his presidency has been tumultuous, but the next week or two are going to be the turning point. After the upcoming weeks, we are going to know the course for the remaining months with Trump as the leader.

First of all, on Monday, the jury in former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial will enter the third day of deliberation. This case is about Manafort’s relationship with the Ukrainian government before he became the head of Trump’s campaign on the presidential election. We also have to point out that former FBI chief Robert Mueller led the investigation about the special counsel probe and Russian interference in the 2016 elections and Manafort’s trial grew out of it. If Manafort were to be convicted, it would provide momentum for the special counsel’s office in advance of the release of Muelle’s report on his investigation. In case that he walks free, he is going to be tried in Washington on similar charges and POTUS will have more reasons to push his “witch hunt” story as true.

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Secondly, according to various reports, federal prosecutors are prepping charges against former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen who has been connected to several suspicious bank loans and who potentially violated campaign finance rules. Cohen has also been involved with the payoffs he made to women that accused Trump of having an affair with them.

“My wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will,” Cohen told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in early July. “I put family and country first.” Earlier this month, sources close to Cohen told CNN that Cohen wanted to testify to Mueller that Donald Trump knew about the meeting that took place in June 2016 between Donald Trump Jr. and the other Trump campaign leaders and several Russians. However, the current president has negated such claims.

Thirdly, we are entering the final stages of protected negotiations between Trump’s legal team and special counsel’s office about whether Trump and Mueller should meet, with the president being the one answering questions. Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani said that Mueller’s investigators “have taken 2-3 weeks to get back to us, so what I have to tell you is, look, I am not going to be rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped into perjury.” So far it is unknown whether Trump will meet with Mueller, but soon we will learn what the decision is.

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All of these events are interwoven, and one could alter the others. For instance, if Manafort is found not guilty, it will only strengthen Trump’s position, and he will find no reason to sit down with Mueller and accidentally disclose something that shouldn’t be out in the open. Even with Cohen’s plea, the president wouldn’t have reasons to talk to Mueller. On the other hand, if Manafort is found guilty, then Cohen is charged and cuts a plea agreement with the special counsel’s office. In this case, POTUS would be under pressure to talk to Mueller because otherwise, people would think that he is hiding something even if he doesn’t.

And throughout all this, Trump kept tweeting. There were some usual tweets, one of which was: “Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller and his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs spent over 30 hours with the White House Counsel, only with my approval, for purposes of transparency.” So far we had words and assumptions. In the upcoming weeks, we will see action and those actions could have major or minor consequences on Trump’s presidency and policy.

Aretha Franklin Worked For Donald Trump?


There is a claim that late Aretha Franklin worked for Donald Trump. The famous singer had a long and fruitful career and she was contracted to perform at the venues organized by the president at various sites such as Trump Castle, Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Trump International Hotel, and Tower. That caused people to believe that Franklin was actually an employee of POTUS, which is ridiculous.

The Queen of Soul passed away on August 18, 2018. Her fellow colleagues such as Diana Ross, Elton John, and Barbara Streisand wrote warm remembrances on Tweeter, but some politicians such as former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also shared their thoughts on Twitter.

“In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade — our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect,” tweeted Obama. Meanwhile, President Trump also had a brief statement during which he paid tribute to the late singer.

“I want to begin today by expressing my condolences to the family of a person I knew well. She worked for me on numerous occasions. She was terrific,” is what president said. This caused a lot of controversies, so people started questioning the relationship between Trump and Franklin and whether he knew her at all. There are several photos showing the two of them together, but, according to the reports, Franklin refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

image source:

Aretha did perform at Trump-owned venues on several occasions, and she played a three-day engagement at Trump’s Castle, for instance in 1988. She also headlined the Trump Plaza Hotel Convention Hall in 1994, which is now closed. Three years later, the famous singer performed at an event during the grand opening of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City, whereas New York Times reports that she gave a private concert at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater in Lincoln Center.

The bottom line is that Franklin and Trump did cooperate on several occasion, but she was never his employee.

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