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How to Avoid Semi-Truck Blind Spot Accidents

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of traffic due to big trucks? Well, you probably have, and you were furious because you were late for one of your important meetings or night outs. I think that you will no longer be furious after reading this article since we have some tips & tricks on how to avoid blind spot accidents that will come in handy at one point in your life.

What are semi-trucks, and what are their blind spots?

A semi-trailer truck, often known as a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, is a type of transportation carrier made up of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers. A hitch connects a semi-trailer to a tractor, and the tractor bears the majority of the trailer’s weight. The four largest blind spots on 18-wheelers are:

  • around 20 feet in front of the truck’s cab;
  • 30 feet behind the truck’s trailer;
  • and 20 feet behind the truck’s trailer;
  • the area under and behind the driver’s window, as well as the right side of the cab, diagonally rearward
  • On the other hand, truck drivers have little control over these blind spots, although there are ways to avoid collisions.

Top 6 ways to avoid semi-truck blind spot accidents

1. Adjusting the blind spots in the mirror towards the end

There is no blind spot on the sides of the truck if the car’s side mirrors are adjusted in a certain way. With such a strategy, accidents can be drastically decreased, especially during lane changes. Frequently, the strategy is ignored in driver education sessions, and it necessitates a period of adaption. Calculated dead center elimination by well-trained drivers is not expensive and avoids the need for pricy technology solutions to the problem if drivers take the time to properly set up and use their mirrors.

2. Use turn signals early on

Even though this is an extremely important aspect of the driving process, it is rarely used by drivers. When you want to change lanes, it is crucial to alert other drivers on time and at the right moment! Using turn signals properly, and will reduce the possibility of causing accidents on the highway. This is especially crucial when you’re on a highway since cars and trucks are moving at high speed. When you’re using turn signals accurately, you’re letting everybody know in which direction you’re going. If you’re neglecting to use signals, you’re putting yourself in a position to cause an accident where you’re facing fatal crashes or at least fines & damage worth hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

3. Do not come too close to trucks

As it has been already established, one of the truck’s blind spots is about 30 feet behind it. When you consider this, you don’t want to stand too close to it. The truck’s driver will have difficulties seeing you if you’re tailgating, i.e. standing too close. Driving further from the one in front of you is easy to maintain when you’re on a highway, and you are given plenty of space. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to maintain this when you’re in congested traffic, hence you should be more attentive than usual! You never know when the other truck will stop, and you might not have the time to hit your brake.

4. Other drivers must know what semi-truck blind spots are

Once you decide to sit behind the wheel, you, as a driver, must know all the rules of the road. This, of course, includes you knowing the blind spots of all vehicles, especially trucks. There are loads of drivers who are not even aware that trucks and semi-trucks have blind spots, let alone where they may be. Hence, it is really important to become familiar with these. How can it be done? Well, the blind spots should be visible to all drivers and should be put on the sides and rear of the vehicle in all circumstances, so that everybody knows how to approach vehicles, but also to know what to do to avoid possible accidents.

5. Never rely only on the mirrors

You can never rely only on mirrors while driving. Sometimes, other cars can’t be seen from the mirrors, whether we talk about the side ones or panoramic one. You should occasionally check for other cars from the window (but never push out your head through the window; always keep your eyes out on the road). If you’re traveling on your own, you should be more careful and rely fully & solely on yourself. However, if somebody is traveling with you, let them help (there is a reason why (s)he is called front seat passenger), and they should check the road. You will be able to keep your eyes on the road and avoid possible accidents if you do it this way!

6. Don’t linger for too long in truck’s blind spots

When you change lanes, a truck driver may warn you that you’ve entered their blind spot, but if you stay there too long, it might become an issue. Because your automobile isn’t visible from its perspective, the driver may feel you’ve already passed through its blind zone, causing an accident if he tries to slow down or move sideways. If you can, get out of the truck’s blind spot whenever possible; you’ll probably save more lives than you think!

Want to be a responsible driver and get all info you need?

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Your Complete Guide For Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents not only entail physical damage that one can reimburse with monetary investment but also the possibility of legal proceedings. While at it, getting along with a professional lawyer is the best bet, but you also have to ensure you get the value out of your invested dollars.

Getting reliable legal assistance can be the deciding factor that makes or breaks your chances of winning a truck accident lawsuit. Therefore, you must equip yourself with all the nitty-gritty that goes into finding a credible lawyer like MG Law. With that being said, let’s look at some of the essentials aspects you must consider while hiring a truck accident attorney.

Seek recommendations from peers

The best way to find a reliable lawyer is to ask around in your family and friend circle to see if those you know have gone through a similar situation. This way, you have more chances of finding a lawyer that has a good track record.

If there are physician visits involved, you can also ask the medical professional as they have experience working with accident attorneys. Hiring via recommendation keeps you from the hassle of verifying the background of the lawyer as they already have your peers to vouch for their credibility. Nonetheless, you must not skip the verification process before taking the plunge.

Since truck accident cases are supposed to be handled thoughtfully, you can’t afford to hire an incompetent lawyer. So, you should discuss with the peers about their experience and how the lawyer handled their case before proceeding further.

Find someone you can easily communicate with

As truck accident cases take a considerable time to settle, you should find an attorney that has an approachable personality. This will keep you hiring someone who is not genuinely interested in your case. More often than not, you can make this decision after the first interaction you have with the lawyer.

Ideally, a reputed truck accident lawyer would pay heed to the details so that you can be assured about their experience in the field. More so, you want to connect with your lawyer so that you can share these details comfortably in the first place.

Make sure you hire a professional you like because that will make the process a lot smoother for both of you.

Prioritize a local lawyer

If you’re from a different location than where the accident took place, it’s advised to look for lawyers that are well-versed with local rules and regulations. Although there are federal laws as well entailed in a truck accident case, you’d find the need to seek professional legal help at the state level. So, ensure that your lawyer has ample experience in handling local cases.

For this, you can head to the bar association website of the state and take a look at the different renowned lawyers listed there. While at it, you should not forget to check their credibility history — as in whether there are any negative comments or complaints regarding the lawyer so that you can be mindful.

After all, you want to get along with an attorney that doesn’t have a track record of leaving their clients hanging amid an accident case.

Focus on their experience

Every lawyer has a portfolio that you can assess before making your mind. Most people end up either skipping this front or taking it lighting, which makes them end up with an incompetent lawyer. You want to ensure that your lawyer has adequate courtroom experience and get an idea of how many of their cases go to court.

For this, you can be straightforward about asking their win/loss ratio and the type of cases they hold expertise in. A trustworthy lawyer. from a reputable law firm like Kania Law Office, will always come up with genuine answers instead of dodging such up-front questions because this determines how much you can rely on that professional.

While going through the portfolio, you need to focus on the local cases specifically. This will give you a clear idea of how they approach an accident case and the kind of feedback they have received over the years.

Schedule a thorough interview

Once you have narrowed down your search to, say, 5 professional attorneys in the area, it’s time to discuss your case with them. You must not proceed with a truck accident lawyer before getting into a one-on-one discussion wherein you chalk out every minute detail and focus on how the professional perceives and reacts to them. However, it’s up to you whether you want to have a telephonic conversation or an in-person meeting.

This initial meeting will help clear out most of your doubts, along with commenting on whether you do have a lawsuit or not. A reputed accident lawyer will remain proactive about giving innate attention to your doubts so that you can make an informed decision. You should not haste when it comes to finalizing which lawyer you’d proceed with.

Make a checklist of all the essential points you want to bring up once you interact with them. This will keep you from being clueless while discussing the case details with your truck accident attorney.

Don’t forget third-party user reviews

The same strategy goes before hiring any professional — focus on their client testimonials. Now, a crucial thing to understand here is that you don’t want to restrict yourself to the reviews mentioned only on the client website. Instead, you should check out different third-party sites where you are most likely to find unbiased feedback.

Go through every client testimonial and user review mindfully and be watchful for any negative comments so that you can discuss these beforehand with the lawyer. Although you can’t skip a personal discussion with the attorney, evaluating user reviews can give you the upper hand in deciding whether you want to get along with a particular lawyer or not.

Now that you know how to find a reliable truck accident lawyer, an added tip is to discuss their pricing policy so that you don’t end up with any surprises later on.