Top 8 Hiking Trails in Africa in 2020

Traveling to Africa should be a priority. That is for every enthusiastic explorer. The continent has beautiful sceneries. It is an ideal trekking destination. The terrain varies a lot. There are semi-desert jeep tracks. You will find soaring mountains. Besides, paths meander through the thriving rain forests. Volcanoes and coastal regions are plenty. There are gorges and canyons too.

Importance of Africa and Places

It is the second-largest continent in the world. Africa has a rich geography. The history is exciting. The flora and fauna is inspiring. Besides, the equator passes through the middle of the continent. Due to that, you find plenty of time to visit most of the places. It is an excellent trekking. The continent is a great escape for winter. Follow this website, for more information on other hiking trails, destinations, and hiking tips.

Below are the eight best hiking trails in Africa:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Mount Kenya
  • Simien Mountains
  • Ruwenzori Mountains
  • Bylade River Canyon
  • Mount Mulanje
  • Atlas Mountains

1. Mount Kilimanjaro

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It is a snow-covered dormant volcano. It is located on the northeastern side of Tanzania. The highest point is 5895 meters. The mountain is so huge that you won’t see it while at the bottom. The best time for trekking is between July and October.

No need for special equipment to climb. However, you need to be physically fit. Besides, be aware of the effect of high altitudes. There are several routes to reach the summit. The shortest will take you around four nights.

2. Fish River Canyon

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It is the largest canyon in Africa with a 160 km stretch. It’s a dramatic canyon with valleys. They cut through the feature. It allows you to trek through a foundation laid millions of years back. It is the second-largest in the world. It is only beaten by The Grand Canyon in the United States. Some exciting features include the Ai-Ais natural hot springs. It is ideal for enjoyment of the healing

waters. They are present on the southern end of the canyon. You can take your trail between May and September. The rest of the year experience high temperatures.

3. Mount Kenya

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It is the tallest mountain in Kenya. It ranks second in Africa. It attracts skilled climbers from all over the world. In addition, it is a challenging technical climb. Therefore, it requires expert guides and equipment. The mountain has three peaks.

You will find Lenana, Nelion, and Batian. Hikers can reach the Lenana which is at 4985m high. Nelion is the second highest summit at 5188m. The tallest peak is Batian at 5199m. However, for the two, you need to be a technical mountain climber. The best time to climb is generally between July and October. You can use 30 technical trails to reach the mountain. In all these, you will enjoy animal encounters. You come across spectacular granite peaks. The track passes through thick forests.

4. Simien Mountains

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The mountains are present in the northern part of Ethiopia. It is a habitat for some wild species. You will see the Walia ibex. It is is a rare animal found nowhere else in the world. Besides, there are mountain goats. The cliff climbing species oversaw the rise of the range to a national park level. It offers an enjoyable trek for you. It does not matter about your fitness. Inexperienced hikers are okay for the walk too.

You will come across coarse mountain peaks. There are thrilling cliffs going up to 1000m deep. You will also come across the Jinbar waterfall. The 533m high feature dries up to a trickle during the dry periods. You can trek the simian mountains any time throughout the year. However, every season has its experience.

5. Ruwenzori Mountains

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The mountain is located in Uganda. It is near the border with Congo. The Ruwenzori Mountains National Park will give you a stunning view of high glaciers. It is a safe environment. The trail is easily accessible. It’s thus among the best treks you will come across.

You will come across a beautiful valley with lakes snow-capped peaks. You will come across diverse vegetative zones. That makes your walk more enjoyable. You can take your excursion at any time of the year. However, the best times are January and February. Besides, July to September is also suitable.

6. Bylade River Canyon

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Bylade River Canyon is the largest canyon in the world. It has vast green vegetation. That makes it one of the coolest natural wonder of the continent. It is 25 kilometers long. The depth is 750m. Besides, the highest summit is 1944m long.

Bylade River Canyon is a section of the Drakensberg escarpment. Three Rondavels are notable features of the canyon. Those are round glass-topped peaks resembling the traditional houses of the locals. A famous mark is God’s window. It is likened with God’s view of the Garden of Eden.

7. Mount Mulanje

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The mountain is located in Malawi. It is locally known as the ‘island in the sky’. That is due to how it rises abruptly from a plain. There are several gorges containing rivers. As you trek along them, you will view spectacular waterfalls. Besides, you will walk across a forest with large cedar trees. The best time to trek is from April to August. During this time, the region is dry. On the other hand, the temperatures moderate.

8. Atlas Mountains

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It is a range of mountains. They stretch for 2500 kilometers. The mountains are present in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. Toubkal is the highest peak. It is found in Morocco. The second and third highest summits are found in the same country too.

It is the country where the most luxuriant vegetation lies. Suitable times for trekking are between April and September. You can use mount Toubkal trail. Besides, you can also walk through Ait Bouguemez or Jebel Sarhro treks.


The features along the Bylade River Canyon of South Africa will keep coming into mind days after your trek. You now know the most exciting hiking trails in Africa. It’s your time to pick the best for you and enjoy the excursion.

What Travel Accessories Do I Need to Make My Trip the Most Convenient

Both beginner and professional travelers get into inconvenient circumstances from time to time because they forgot some supplies or didn’t know they need them at all. Moreover, carrying more than you can carry will heavily affect your overall traveling experience. We’re sure you don’t want to get into such a situation, so here we have some of the top travel products for you or your friends or family.

By the way, the top place with the best travel accessories is! They have selections of all kinds of gadgets and gear, camping equipment, tips for international flights, and more. This selection is based on the tips the website offers, but it has many other articles to enrich your knowledge and prepare you for anything.

Now, we are going to introduce you to some essential packing rules. You can be sure that they will be of great help to you.

Light Packing Rules

Naturally, before you start packing, you need to be aware of several light packing rules that will, and we guarantee, make your travel experience much more pleasant. Now, we are going to present you with them.

  • Carry less stuff


Eliminating all of the items that you will not need on your travel is essential. Packing too many things will almost ruin your trip. From our experience, you need to pack light. Packing light will provide you with more time to focus on things that will make your trip better like the food, the place, and of course, the people. You need to spend less time worrying about what you are going to pack, most definitely. The more you think, the more confused you can become.

  • Lower the weight, not usefulness


The second rule is that the user always has a priority when compared to the weight. You need to decide on what things can be useful to you on your trip and pack only them. Carrying things that you will not need is something you shouldn’t do. Especially, if they have a lot of weight. Moreover, you need to choose things that are a better designer or either lighter. Finally, you should opt for things that can be used for multiple things since that will provide you with more space for other things that you might need.

  • Optimize for design and comfort


After you’ve passed the first two rules, you need to look for items that are optimized with design and comfort. For starters, you need to carry only clothes that will make you feel good. Brining an unnecessary amount of clothes that you will not wear will give you a lot of headaches. When we say this, we mean that you will pack too many things and you need to think about transportation. One of the crucial things you need to remember is that you should carry only things that you use every day.

Best Travel Accessories Gifts for Yourself, Friends, and Family

After light packing rules, we are going to provide you with some essential accessories to bring on your trip. offers so much stuff, but we’ve gathered some of the most prominent options:

  • Cosmetics organizer


Take all your products with you, especially if you have sensitive skin that needs special treatment. Both men and women, we need to take care of our skin, and long flights (any flights, actually) don’t make the situation better. A compact organizer will contain everything you need.

  • Neck or another pillow


If you have sleep issues or your neck is dying during flights, a special pillow with a silky case is the best option. Take it with you in the hand luggage or even put on your neck so it doesn’t take much space. Your sleep will improve and the flight will become much more convenient.

  • Blanket


Even when going to the hottest countries, take some warm clothes. Don’t want to? How about a cute blanket for a cool night? They are travel-size, very compact and super warm. Perfect for cozying up and going out at night to see the moonrise on a beach.

  • Travel-size hairdryer


One of the best travel accessories for those who like to look amazing during a trip. You can style your hair and save time for drying. Get it online or at any store, and you’ll never regret it. Sometimes party invitations come quickly and there’s not much time to make your hair look decent (especially in humid air).

  • International adapter

  • Somehow, not all countries have the same sockets, so you may find out upon arrival that you can’t charge your phone, tablet, power bank, any gadget! An international adapter will rescue you in any situation. Get one as versatile as possible so you don’t have to find the necessary one when preparing for a trip. There will be enough stuff for you to do and pack.
  • Power bank


All the picture-taking, friend-calling, Wi-Fi connecting, and so on will take a lot of power. To make sure you’re always online and don’t have to save much power, buy a power bank. With a simple USB cable or even a wireless connection, you can charge your phone a couple of times without having to find a socket. Make sure the capacity of your power bank doesn’t exceed 10000 mAh, though, as the airport security may take it.

  • Luggage organizer


To make all your things much more compact and always know what’s where you need to get a luggage organizer. There are different shapes and sizes, so you can definitely find one for your suitcase. You can store your laundry in a waterproof section, gadgets away from cosmetics – it’s a must-have!

All these items will become great additions to your travel kit. Sometimes, the smallest accessories make the biggest difference. As we already said, you need to be smart about things you are going to carry on a trip. Remember, usefulness needs to be the most important element. Moreover, we provided you with some great accessories that can be useful to you while you are on a trip. They will aid your comfort while in the air, and you can get all of them online!

How to Travel on a Small Budget?


Exploring fascinating places doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and you obviously don’t have to break your bank to travel the world. If you’re looking forward to traveling on a small budget, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find some tried and tested tips to help you plan a great vacation on a budget:

Plan Well

There is no denying the fact that impulsive traveling is awesome. However, it is only possible when you have plenty of time and resources. But, if you’re following a strict budget, the most important thing is to work on a feasible plan. No, you don’t need a rigid unbending minute-by-minute itinerary, but you should have a general idea of the route that your journey will take or how long you plan to spend in each country or state. This way you could save hundreds of dollars as last-minute flights are generally pricier.

Always Travel Out of Season

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Selecting the right time also plays a crucial role especially when you’re traveling on a budget. Never travel during school vacations or festive holidays as rush during these months is usually more than the other months. Also, during special days, the cost of accommodation, transport, and food are comparatively high. Research the perfect time to visit your favored destination and you may pick the time just before or after these researched dates. Resorts and airlines cut down their prices to attract more customers during shoulder season.

Look for Alternates

The accommodation cost is certainly one of the biggest costs for those traveling on a budget. One of the ways to save lots of money on accommodation is to ditch expensive hotel suites and look for more reasonable substitutes. For instance, you can find an appropriate hostel at decent price and share a room with someone. Also, websites like AirBnB help you book a spare room in someone’s house.

Pack Smartly

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According to JanSport, while there is nothing better than traveling light especially if you’re traveling on a budget, it’s still suggested to bring everything you need in your suitcases and backpacks to avoid shopping. Keep in mind, shopping at tourist destinations is hell pricey. So, no matter where you’re heading, make sure to keep a spare pant, tee, and accessories with you.

Booking In Advance Can Save You a Lot of Money

If possible, always book a two-way flight as packages with return tickets are usually economical. Generally, airlines offer their flight seats in advance and the more you get closer to the date of departure, the costs will escalate.

Choose Your Flight Days Wisely

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Always choose your flight days wisely. For instance, midweek ticket prices are relatively lower as compared to the weekends. Thus, look for the availability of tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not only, midweek days are better in terms of ticket cost but you can also avoid long queues at security and check-ins. Also, there is no need to upgrade no matter how appealing business class looks. The selection of economy flights can let you spend more money on better food and accommodation options. Economical airlines are absolutely okay if you’re traveling a short distance. These airlines also introduce great, cost-effective deals for the travelers so make sure you keep yourself updated with any recent offer the airline has introduced for its customers.

Opt for Public Transport

Instead of taking short-distance flights, opt for buses or trains. Not only these options are cost-effective but you can also enjoy great sceneries on the go. Also, an overnight train journey can save you a one-day rent/fair of your hostel or hotel.

Don’t Spend Too Much on Food

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Low-cost breakfast, lunches, snacks, and dinner can easily be bought from local supermarkets or nearby farmer’s market. Instead of overspending your cash on expensive food options and restaurants, try out local delicacies or street food. Try to check all the possible options before deciding a place to eat for yourself. Consuming beer with every meal will also add up to the cost. There is no better and healthier substitute than water, so try to stick to it as much as you can.  There are hostels that allow visitors to access their kitchen and cook their own meals. If you love cooking, just buy a few of your favorite ingredients from the supermarket and prepare a delicious meal for yourself at the best possible price.

There you have it. These simple yet extremely effective tips will help you have wonderful holidays on a budget. If possible, convert your vacations into working holidays by carrying forward your freelance work or you can also work as a skiing instructor or a language teacher if you want. The possibilities are literally endless.

What do you usually do to make your vacations budget-friendly? Feel free to share your opinion below as we’d love to hear back.

Top 5 Sunny Destinations Around the World for Solo Travelers

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself is learning to enjoy your own company. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this special form of self-love goes a long way towards ensuring self-actualization. If you would like to give this a try, here are 5 awesome destinations with sun, sand and all you need to make your solo trip worth it.

1. Diani, Kenya

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Nestled on Africa’s east coast, Diani is a place of breathtaking beauty. It features beautiful sandy beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean. These are perfect for anything from simple basking on the sand to snorkeling expeditions to the nearby coral reef. In addition to the multiple water activities, Diani is home to some of the country’s most popular wildlife parks. One you should definitely not leave without visiting is the elephant sanctuary.

2.Mancora, Peru

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This South American slice of paradise is all you ever dreamed about as far as sunny destinations are concerned. You have the beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Pacific friendly. Then there are the warm and welcoming locals to keep you company when your solo trip gets lonely. When you are done having fun in the sun, Mancora comes through with its incredibly exhilarating night scene. There are numerous clubs bursting with the infectious Latino vibes that will definitely make your trip memorable. Take the time to meet some Peruvian ladies, they are awesome according to this site.

3.Mykonos, Greece

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If you want to have a taste of Europe while you are on your solo beach paradise vacation, then Mykonos is the place to go. There is something about this quaint Greek town that makes it the perfect destination whether you are alone, with family or with your significant other. It offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from almost all angles on the island. It is also rich in terms of history and culture which will give you a lot to discover and enjoy when you want to take a break from the beach.

4. Tioman Island, Malaysia

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Asia also has a lot to offer with beach getaways. For example, Tioman Island is a real gem. It provides the perfect combination of sandy beach fun and deep jungle exploration all on one island. Located in the South China Sea, this island has a lot to offer mainly in terms of water activities. If you do plan a visit here make sure to visit their scenic dive sites for a chance to take in their underwater wonders. These include the corals, unique aquatic creatures and the occasional shipwreck.

5. The Gold Coast, Australia

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Finally, you could take yourself for a fun adventure down under in which case The Gold Coast is the place to be. This South Pacific gem is particularly fun if you enjoy adrenaline filled water activities like surfing and parasailing. This city also happens to have a pretty lively nightlife and an interesting city in general. That way, when you are not on the beach, you can have fun on land whether you decide to go to a club or shopping.

How to prepare for a safari in Tanzania

If you are thinking about going to a safari in Tanzania for the first time, surely you have had many doubts in recent days. Tanzania is undoubtedly one of the best countries to enjoy this experience that will mark you for a lifetime. A place full of incredible natural parks, a wide variety of animals that can be observed with relative ease, excellent tourist infrastructure and good political stability for a safe trip.

Therefore, deciding the route and the destinations that we will visit can be complicated, especially if you have your stay will be limited. But also, you can also raise doubts about which you will need to inform yourself before undertaking your adventure so that everything goes perfect.

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If you hire your safari in Tanzania with you will have it much easier, since our team will solve all your doubts and give you all the advice you may need. But, so that you can have some guidance on how to prepare a safari in Tanzania, here are some tips that we are sure you will find very useful.

How much time is it recommended to dedicate for safaris?

We can dedicate to the safaris the days that we want. Everything depends on the budget you have. We recommend that you devote at least 5 days to touring the most impressive natural parks in the country. And then, if you want to rest, you can dedicate yourself to other wonderful plans in Tanzania, such as spending a few days enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Zanzibar before returning home.

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What National Parks is best to visit?

According to Tanzania Expeditions, during your trip through the country there are three national parks that are essential:

Lake Manyara National Park: it is one of the quietest and easiest to visit parks. Perfect to start the route, as it will allow you to enter the world of safaris. It is true that it is not the place where you can see more animals, but it is really beautiful.

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area: is a crater in the shape of a boiler that has a diameter of no less than 20 km. A true natural paradise where climatic conditions have created their own ecosystem and that many animals use as a place of passage, allowing an impressive observation of fauna.

Serengeti National Park: one of the most famous parks in the entire African continent. And is that its ecosystem is one of the oldest in the world. Its climatic features, its varied fauna and its exuberant vegetation have hardly varied in the last million years. In this place, you can enjoy a wide variety of animal groups.

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How to go on a safari in Tanzania?

You can find the company you want to take you there in advance, or book a tour once you are there. Perhaps the first option is better because you will not have to think about it once you arrive. Also, you will be able to do a background check on a company and know whether they are reliable. However, finding the company once you are in the country can also be good, because you can ask the locals which is the best one.

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What is the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania?

Any time of the year is good for a safari in Tanzania since every season has its good things and bad things. The important thing is that in all of them we will have the possibility of observing animals and enjoying incredible landscapes. You should bear in mind that the climate in Tanzania is usually dry and hot, with a long rainy season from March to early June and a short one from November to December.

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It is considered high season between June and August since it is the time when it is easier to see animals because they are concentrated in large groups around lakes and rivers and there is less vegetation. The average season runs from September to February, when the weather is quite hot and we can find some short but intense rains. And the low season goes from March to May, when the rains are strong and some routes can become impassable. Yes, the prices are lower.

Taxi Bangkok to Pattaya

Should you use a taxi or bus to Pattaya city? When you wish to get away from the business of Bangkok city and experience some adventures, Pattaya is one of the best places you can go.

This coastal resort city is famous for its breathtaking weekend getaways for tourists, locals, and investors. It has world-class hotels and restaurants, bars, and beautiful scenery for viewing. So, if you desire to experience Thai beach culture, which is the best means of transport to Pattaya?


Clear Water at Coral Island Pattaya

Taxis to Pattaya

Nothing can out do taxi’s ease of travel. Even though taxi rates are high than most transport options, and by considering their convenience, it’s worth paying the high price.
The distance between Bangkok and Pattaya is about 150 kilometers or 64 miles. The time you’ll take to travel between the two cities depends on the traffic. During off-peak days, it’ll take two hours to reach the city.

However, on Fridays and during rush hours, you’ll be expected to spend more time as many people residing in Bangkok travel to Pattaya for their weekends. If you’re worried about the long drives on these periods, you should journey any other day of the week. You can hire a taxi Pattaya either from the airport or a hotel in Bangkok city center.

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya

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Suvarnabhumi Airport is close to Pattaya, so it’ll take a few hours to get to the city. Thus, it’s cheaper to hire a taxi at the airport than going to Bangkok. The journey takes around 90 minutes, and the official taxi price is 1050 baht. You can also negotiate cost with your taxi driver and pay a lower price.

Another excellent way to pay lower taxi price is by finding a taxi away airport’s departure level. At these points, many taxi drivers are dropping passengers, but there’re no many travelers to pick up. Booking a taxi Pattaya at these places will save you money.

Whenever you hire taxis to Pattaya, ensure that the vehicle is licensed. Taxis operating within the airport have to have been in the taxi service for at least 5 years, and with good air conditioning. Also, drivers need to have a permit from the Airport of Thailand.

Taxi Pattaya from Central Bangkok to Pattaya

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When traveling to Pattaya, you’ll have different taxi choices to choose from. If you’re residing in a hotel, you can request them to book taxis for you, and you will save the hustle of negotiating the prices with the driver. Upmarket hotels in the city have reliable and reputable taxi services. If you prefer picking a taxi in the streets, ensure you know the average prices when negotiating.
Hiring a cab through a hotel or travel agents has a premium service fee of around 1500 – 2500 baht. This price is also the official meter-taxi rate for most taxis to Pattaya.

The one taxi service company I would like to mention and recommend is Thai Happy Taxi. The company is highly reputable (over 700 excellent TripAdvisor reviews). They are also known to be very reliable and very honest as well (even when the customer forgot valuable item it’s returned to them). If you want a reliable, hassle-free, fixed pricing taxi service to Pattaya, Thai Happy Taxi is your best choice. You can contact them here.

When considering the various travel options to Pattaya, you need to take into account the costs and convenience of the trip. Although taxi prices are high than buses rates, they’re more convenient. Also, Pattaya taxi is comfortable, and it’ll give you privacy in your trip.