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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Trees are necessary to make our environment green and clean. Sometimes, we need to remove the sapling to clear the space for crucial tasks. You need to spend some money on the sapling removal process. Every city has different rates, and one needs to know the approximate value before hiring one for them.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some crucial factors that help in determining the cost of removing the tree. It may vary according to the size, type, number, and many other things. After knowing all the factors, check out the price range and decide whether to hire a professional.

Tree Factors that Decides the Cost of Removal

  • Height: The weight of the sapling depends on its height. If it is tall, then it will be more substantial than the short ones. There is a higher risk of removing tall trees by a professional team. It requires proper planning and operations with appropriate equipment.
  • Diameter: If the trunk of the tree is thick, then it is difficult to cut. You need to slice it in a few sections. It requires more money, time, and effort to remove it than the thinner ones. When you hire a professional, he will check the diameter of the trunk or chest height, i.e., around 4.5 feet above the ground.
  • Condition: The price of tree removal also depends on its condition. It helps in determining the time required for the execution process. If you have a dead or diseased sapling, then it will be a breeding ground for rats, termites. It can spread dangerous diseases and can damage your property and people living around you. It is essential to make the right decision to protect your surrounding by removing it. A professional can examine the problems and help in removing it by its roots.
  • Location: It is necessary to check the tree’s location and determine whether it is at the right place or not. Sometimes, a plant or a sapling in the wrong place can damage your property, and it is necessary to consider this factor. With the help of specific equipment and cranes, it can be removed with ease. Every year, the trimming process is done to shorten the length of the sapling so that it does not tangle with any power line.
  • More Trunks than One: It can be risky to remove extra trunks of a healthy tree. There is no problem with having a tree in some places, but multiple trunks may take more space than required. In that scenario, it needs to be removed.
  • Emergency Removal: Sometimes, a person needs to remove the sapling in an emergency to save the property and lives. These cases arrive at natural hazards, accidents, or any emergency conditions. There are certain services that come whenever you call them. They rescue you and your family by slicing and removing the unnecessary saplings.
  • Angle: Sometimes, trees grow in complicated angles that lead to a lot of problems. Such growth is difficult to maintain, and therefore, many people across the globe prefer to remove such trees. Cutting or trimming them is also a solution to make them grow in perfect shape.
  • Condition of the Soil: There is a risk of landslides and saplings falling if the soil is easy to erode. It is essential to determine the place and check out the status of the growing sapling. If it comes in a risky zone, it is better to remove it by calling special services.

How Does Tree Removal Cost by Size?

We have already read about certain factors that affect the price of hiring professionals to remove unnecessary trees. The major thing to consider is the size, and every homeowner must have an approximate idea about the price.


The height of small trees is up to 30 feet, and you need to pay between $150 and $400. It takes a few hours to remove them, along with its roots and branches completely. Some of the species of small saplings are California Juniper, Dogwood, Magnolia, Japanese Maple, etc. It is easy and cost-effective to hire a professional for clearing out the plants efficiently.


The height of the medium-sized trees is between 30 and 60 feet. You need to spend around $450 to $700 for the removal process. The time required to clear out the saplings is more than small ones but much more than bigger ones.

It requires more human resources, time, and equipment, as compared to the small saplings. The minimum time for the clearing process will be 4 to 6 hours. Some of the species are Red oak, Red Maple, Crabapple, and Copperwood.


The removal process of large trees can be very challenging as compared to small and medium-sized ones. The height of these saplings is between 60 to 100 feet, which can cost around $900 to $1200. The trunk diameter is also more than 20 inches, which requires more human resources and advanced equipment. It may take a few days to clear the ground due to its size and complexity. Some species are Sycamore, Maple, Conifer, and big Red oak.

Very Large

These are very tall trees, and the removal process is extremely complicated because it requires enormous human resources, time, efforts, and advanced equipment. The range of the price will lie between $1300 to $1800. The diameter is also more than 24 inches, which is quite challenging to cut them off. Some species are Redwood, Eucalyptus, Sequoia, Palm, etc.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove trees for protecting the property and the people around us. There are certain services that can come to your place for clearing the ground by a single call.

Many people are unaware of the price that they have to spend on the removal process. Many factors help in deciding the amount, and now, you have checked the approximate price for all types of saplings with different sizes, diameters, and species. Visit for more information.

The Cost to Trim Palm Trees 2020

When it comes to trimming, palm trees are not any different from other trees. Some variables will affect how much you can pay for the work. The tree size, leaves number, location, time of the years and emergency work are some of those factors.

Trimming a palm tree it will cost you between $45 and $945. The average cost is $75.

However, you can look at the cost of trimming palm trees as per their sizes to better understand how much you would have to spend.

Small palm trees are those with a height of between 10 and 15ft and it will cost you $60 – $75. In cases where you have several trees to trim, you may get a better rate. For example, $230 for 5 trees.

Medium-sized palm trees measure between 15 and 25ft and will cost you $100 and you can pay $400 for five trees.

Large palms with a height of 25 to 40ft will cost $200 and you can get a discount if you have many trees.

There are also extreme-large palms which are taller than 50ft and will cost you between $300 to $600 per tree.

How often should I trim palm trees?

According to the time to tree your Palm tree is affected by how you trim it. If you remove any fronds, it means that it will take a long time before you can trim again. Some people do this, but in some states it is illegal.

Nevertheless, palm trees should be trimmed every year. This should be done depending on the rate at which new fronds grow and how old ones die. By ensuring regular trimming of palm trees, you improve their health and aesthetics.

Should you just remove the dead leaves/fronds?

In most cases yes. You will have to trim just the dying or dead fronds and leave the healthy ones to continue growing. This is because palm trees regularly grow new fronds and at the same time, the old ones need to be removed.

There is no point in removing healthy ones since they offer good health and aesthetics to the tree. It is only in rare cases it is appropriate to remove green or healthy fronds. That is if they are acting as a nuisance and causing some type of disturbance to the surrounding.

Can I DIY palm trimming?


There are circumstances under which you can DIY palm trimming and others when you cannot. When you have small trees, it is easy to do it yourself. That is if you are confident with your skills and you have the equipment required.

For medium and large trees, they require more safety measures, skills, and equipment. It is advisable to get a professional for the job. They will do it better.

However, even for medium and large, if you have all the equipment and you believe you have the skills to trim the trees, you can still do it.

How much to trim a 50 ft palm?

Trimming a 50ft palm tree is not easy. So you will pay more since there is a lot of work to be done. For starters, a trimmer needs to have the right equipment to get to that height as well as offer stability. This is a job that is done by professionals.

The time of trimming and the location may also affect the price. Expect to spend between $300 to $600 for a 50ft palm tree.

Do Date palms cost more to trim?

Date palms are basically different from other palm trees. This is because they have more fronds and larger trunks. They do spines as well which can make the job even harder.

As a result, you should be ready to spend more for date palms. All this will be determined by the amount of work to be done.

How much does palm tree removal cost?

Just like trimming, removing palm trees will vary depending on the size. Here are some details of how much you will pay.

  • Medium trees of 20ft will cost you between $200 and $350.
  • For large trees of 30ft height, you will pay $500 – $750.
  • Extreme large ones with a height of 40ft will set you back $850.
  • Those whose height is 60 to 80ft will cost up to $1,100.

When is the best time of year to trim?

Palm trees are not too sensitive to trimming and you can really trim them at any time of year without having an adverse effect on the tree itself.

One thing to bear in mind though is the cost variance between getting a palm trimmed in summer or in winter.

During the cooler months, tree services have a lot less work going on, so they generally hand out cheaper prices to get them through to the next high season. You can expect to save 20 – 30% when getting tree trimmed in the winter.

How much should be trimmed?

It’s always good practice to remove all brown dead leaves from a Palm tree as well as all tree below the horizon line. Once you begin to remove leaves above the horizontal line, you take away the great look that you palm trees give once they are freshly pruned and end up with a pineapple looking monstrocity.

Over pruning a palm tree can also affect the way it grows as the head of a palm is much like the bud of a flower. If you damage it, it will never be the same again, so trim with care.