Everything There is to Know About Laird Niven on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’

Laird Niven first appeared on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ in season 4 episode 2, which was titled ‘Always Forward.’ Now, he has made a huge comeback to the latest episode during the treasure-hunting exploits of the Lagina brothers and their team.

Laird Niven, who is an expert archaeologist, was first called in season 4 to examine the mysterious ‘hatch’ that was found. He is one of the Nova Scotia’s leading archaeologists. Hence, Laird has been part of a countless number of interesting digs over the years. He has been working on various projects, which have unearthed something of note. Thus, he has been on news on a number of occasions.

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In 2011, Laird was part of a dig in Halifax, where together with his team, they were looking for the origins of the city and in particular Bellevue House. The Bellevue House is known to have been built in 1801 for the commander of British regiments stationed there. It was believed that almost every member of the British royal family who spent time in Halifax would have visited the house. So, it is believed that Edward VII visited the Bellevue House in 1860 when he was Prince of Wales. Moreover, it is believed that George V was also staying there when he was commander of a warship.

Laird Niven always wears caps of the British soccer team Newcastle United and he is believed to be their huge fan. Moreover, Laird has also worked on a number of sites all over Canada. He lives out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where he also studied at university.

The work expert archeologists do is performed very slowly and it’s documented very precisely. Moreover, the archeologists tend to spend most of their time digging with small tools on their hands and knees. However, this is very much different from what is done on ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’ The Lagina brothers and their partners use heavy industrial equipment to shift tonnes of spoil.

What Treasure Has Been Found on Oak Island?

This island is a paradise for treasure hunters. It is filled with mysterious details and stories and ever since the 1800s, there have been many dig outs and investigations.

At the moment what is being hunted for and is currently on the tv show that runs on the History channel (The Curse of Oak Island) is showing the most potential up until now and what is actually in the Money Pit and some other important places on the island, because of some important artifacts that have been found.

After years of doing their job (treasure hunting), it looks like they are very close to actually finding treasure on this legendary island. Now, we will look through all of the objects that they have found so far on Oak Island.

1. Knights Templar cross

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This treasure is one of the most astonishing ones that have ever been found on this island. It was located in the previous season on Smith’s Cove in a pile of mud and rocks. After doing some test they concluded the cross does not come from North America. After making this discovery, Gary Drayton said: “That’s really old. This is the type of thing I’d expect to find in Europe. When I first saw it I thought, that looks Medieval — a Medieval cross. I mean, this is old. I would say it is somewhere between 1200 and 1600.”

2. The gold brooch

During season 6 while using a metal detector they found a brooch that was made out of gold. This finding made the Lagina brothers get excited that is a chance of finding real treasure on Oak Island.

3. Rhodolite Garnet brooch

This discovery was connected to the lost jewels of Marie Antoinette, as some believe. It was found in lot 8 during season 5, it took them years of digging to get to this point.

4. Iron spikes

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Another find on season 6 were some iron spikes. Gary Drayton believes they are from the 1700s. They found them on the shore, that used to be the home of James Andreson, the pirate captain.

5. Other honorable mentions

Other things that have been found on Oak Island include artifacts like pottery, humans bones, bookbindings and military cuff button that they suspect come from the period between 1780 and 1820.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 14 Reveals New Amazing Facts

The mysteries of Oak Island have been searching for over two centuries so far, but they are yet to be solved. Marty plans to do ten times more work in the season 6. Uncovering history will certainly gain more success.

1. The Medieval Lead Cross originated from Southern France within the area of Knights Templar influence

The lead cross was found in Smith’s Cove by Gary Drayton and Rick. Rick and Marty believe it is the most meaningful item found so far. It was tested using laser abrasion at the University of New Brunswick. After it was found that the lead cross does not originate from North America, it has been sent to Tobias Skowronek, the geochemist at the German Museum in Germany. He discovered that the cross is from pre-15th century, and is from Europe, to be exact the area of two mountains, the Cévennes, and the Montagnes Noires, in Southern France. This Medieval lead cross has an association with the Templar-influenced region in France, which makes it the most historic find in North America.

2. Seismic scanning technology was used to map the Money Pit Area

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Seismic scanning has shown as a technology that gives highly accurate results, so the team invited Eagle Canada to use that technology. They placed 1,500 dynamite charges in 2-foot deep holes, to map the Halifax Tunnel area. This much of a deep scanning has never done before, and the test was successful.

3. There is a possibility that a star map was used to indicate important points on Oak Island by the Free Masons

The team invited a new consultant, aerospace engineer, Travis Taylor, to help them figure out ways of mapping the underground Money Pit area. Taylor pointed out the possibility of the Free Masons denoting where they left treasures. He also wanted to try out radon gas testing methods.

4. A new tunnel may exist in Lot 24

British army artifacts from the time of the Ameican Revolution have been found at Lot 24, including the uniform buttons, musket balls, ramrod for loading muskets, and early rifles from the late 1700s to early 1800s. Metal detecting continues at Lot 24. Gary Drayton also discovered bone fragments, pottery shards, and possible door latch. Historic accounts claim that Portuguese, French, and British were visiting the island, but in the case found bone fragments turn out to be human, it could provide some evidence about who had been on Oak Island. After all that has been found, archeologist Laird Niven has applied for an archeological excavation permit.

5. The 90 Foot Stone may have finally been found and a second stone may mean Vikings have been there

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The original 1803 stone that was found in the pit, was discussed by the team and Laird. The stone was found in the bookbindery basement by researchers Jack, Doug, and Charles, and it had carved letters L and N on itself.

At the Money Pit area, there was a second stone found. LIDAR scan was run on it, just like on the first one. Strange runic markings on the stone are of Scandinavian origin, so there might be a possibility that Oak Island was visited by Vikings.

The Story of Oak Island’s Treasure

There have been many theories about the secrets about Oak Island, and one of the most popular is the hidden treasure of Nova Scotia. There have only been the theories about this, but no one has ever claimed to have found it. Who has hidden it? We will try to enlist all the “parties” that are mentioned and connected to the buried treasure. We should mention that the mere theories of the hidden treasure can give us the clue about the things and history that happened on and around this island since many people wanted to claim the treasure.


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Throughout the course of history, Oak Island has been frequently visited by the pirates due to its position and this is the reason why the theory about the hidden pirate treasure is among the most common ones. They have stayed here and they have even been reported to leave their treasure here and come back for it. It is also known that two pirates, Captain James Anderson, and Captain Kidd actually lived there and that they even buried the treasure on the island. More precisely, Lot 26 was inhabited by Captain James Anderson. Apart from these two, it is also believed that Blackbeard was the one who buried the treasure.

Knights Templar

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They are surrounded by veils of mysteries and various theories around the globe, so, it is not strange to mention them her as well. The reason for this is the finding of various symbols connected to them, and they have been known to travel to this part of the world, i.e. North America so that they would conceal some religious artifacts.

Marie Antoinette

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It may seem a bit strange, but there is even a theory that the famous jewels of Marie Antoinette are buried somewhere on the island. The theory is that the lady-in-waiting got the jewels from the last Queen of France and buried them here.

Type of Treasure?

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It has been speculated for a long time about the type of treasure buried on the island. So, what treasure lies there? Some people think that the biggest possibility for the treasure is that those are the jewels of Marie Antoinette, who wanted to hide them from the revolutionaries due to their splendor, and the fact that they famously disappeared after the Revolution goes in favor of this. On the other hand, some people speculate that even the Holy Grail, may be hidden there and that the Knights Templar has hidden it somewhere on the Island, or even in the Money Pit. Furthermore, the theory is that the Knights of Templar have even buried the Ark of Covenant on the island. One theory even proposes that even Shakespeare’s manuscripts are placed on the island. These are important since there are various theories about Shakespeare’s identity and that it was Sir Francis Bacon who wrote them in the 16th century.

The British & Pirate

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The two most common theories about the type of treasure claim it to be the British one that was originally taken in Havana, Cuba, in 1762 and placed so that they are protected against the American Revolutionaries. Another is that Captain Kidd buried vast treasure here in the 17th century. The pirate treasure is one of the most common theories and the discovered stone in the 19th century just favors this theory.


These are all theories so far, but, no one has ever found any tangible clue and evidence regarding the treasure that is allegedly buried on Oak Island.

The Legend of the Oak Island: What taxes Laginas brothers have to pay if they find a lost treasure?


Located in a Lunenburg Country on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, Oak Island is a place of many legends for centuries. The most famous legend tells about the hidden treasure and the deadly outcome for people who try to find it.

The Legend of the Oak Island’s treasure

The Legend of the treasure hidden on the Oak Island wasn’t familiar around the world for a long period of time. As per the legend, seven people have to die while searching for hidden treasure, before the Oak Island will allow the seekers to finally find a secret fortune. In the 19th century, many expeditions were organized, unfortunately without success. The mystery of the Oak Island challenged the History Chanel to film a series of documentaries called “The Curse of Oak Island” with Lagina brothers in the roles of main seekers.

The Curse of Oak Island

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The History Chanel’s show is already in its sixth season, with Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers who are trying to find hidden treasure and valuable objects, located somewhere on the Oak Island. While on this expedition, Lagina brothers are combining the historical sources and modern technology. As per the History Channel, Rick and Marty made remarkable discoveries last year, which will help him on resolving the mystery of the Oak Island in the next season.

It is not sure if the Oak Island Curse is yet fulfilled, but based on the Island’s documentation, more than 7 people already died while searching for the mystery treasure.

What taxes Laginas brothers have to pay if they find a lost treasure?

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What are the legal obligations of Lagina brothers in case they find any mysterious treasure? Well, they have already been lucky to find some objects but not the whole fortune of Oak Island’s legend.

In 2014 the Island published an official Act regarding any treasure discoveries. The Oak Island Treasure Act presents the set of rules necessary to be fulfilled in case any treasure is found on the Island. Every individual is required to submit the written document with details of location, time, way and type of the treasure found. The document has to be submitted to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Oak Island. The acts also require certain tax to be played, however, it doesn’t specify the exact amount. The official statement says: “Upon payment of a royalty at the rate prescribed by a license, the Minister may conform to the holder the right to retain for the license holder’s own use and benefit any treasure discovered and recovered by the holder of the license within the area covered by the license.”