Everything There is to Know About Laird Niven on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’

Laird Niven first appeared on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ in season 4 episode 2, which was titled ‘Always Forward.’ Now, he has made a huge comeback to the latest episode during the treasure-hunting exploits of the Lagina brothers and their team. Laird Niven, who is an expert archaeologist, was first called in season 4

What Treasure Has Been Found on Oak Island?

This island is a paradise for treasure hunters. It is filled with mysterious details and stories and ever since the 1800s, there have been many dig outs and investigations. At the moment what is being hunted for and is currently on the tv show that runs on the History channel (The Curse of Oak Island)

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 14 Reveals New Amazing Facts

The mysteries of Oak Island have been searching for over two centuries so far, but they are yet to be solved. Marty plans to do ten times more work in the season 6. Uncovering history will certainly gain more success. 1. The Medieval Lead Cross originated from Southern France within the area of Knights Templar

The Story of Oak Island’s Treasure

There have been many theories about the secrets about Oak Island, and one of the most popular is the hidden treasure of Nova Scotia. There have only been the theories about this, but no one has ever claimed to have found it. Who has hidden it? We will try to enlist all the “parties” that

The Legend of the Oak Island: What taxes Laginas brothers have to pay if they find a lost treasure?


Located in a Lunenburg Country on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, Oak Island is a place of many legends for centuries. The most famous legend tells about the hidden treasure and the deadly outcome for people who try to find it. The Legend of the Oak Island’s treasure The Legend of the treasure