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Travel Authorization Advice for Visiting Canada 

If you intend on traveling to Canada in the near future, then you will require some form of visa to provide travel authorization for entering the country. Similar to the US ESTA, an ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization available for people visiting this country from visa-exempt countries. It forms part of the border control processes defined by the Canadian Government.

Who can apply for an ETA?

Citizens from a visa-exempt country are able to apply for an ETA, this includes UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.

Your application will be assessed and the details you provide will determine whether your ETA is approved (note: criminal convictions or medical problems can affect your outcome). 

The ETA is for people that are traveling to Canada for tourism, business and travel purposes, so any other activities such as employment or studying are not permittable. For anyone traveling to Canada for employment, an employment visa must be applied for. On the other hand, there are TN Visa requirements about which you can read more here

How do I get an ETA?

You can apply for an ETA by completing an online form, in which you will need to provide information such as your name, address, DOB, passport details and some other personal details. You will also need to answer some eligibility questions that include security-based questions including any medical health problems and criminal convictions. For any information related to health visit

Once you have completed the short online form, you will need to pay the ETA application fee before submitting your application. You can find out more about how to apply for ETA on the website. 

Completing the form should only take around ten minutes and usually, it will not take long to get a response confirming whether your application has been approved. If your application gets approved, your passport will be electronically linked to your ETA and when you are at the border control desk when you arrive in the country, the border agents will be able to see you have an ETA.

How long can I stay in Canada with an ETA?

The ETA enables visitors to stay in the country for up to six months at a time. One of the great benefits of an ETA is that it is valid for 5 years, as long as your passport is still valid (must be the one that you applied for the ETA with). During those five years, you are permitted to make numerous journeys to Canada on that same ETA, provided that you do not overstay the six-month limit on any trip.

Entering Canada from the US

If you are visiting the US and then traveling to the country by land or sea, then you will not require an ETA at the border. You will just need your travel documents and ID. You will need an ESTA or alternative visa to enter the US by air, in line with the US border control policy.


10 Luton Airport survival tips

Airports are the bane of the busy traveler’s life. But if you’re committed to exploring the wonderful world that we live in, they can’t really be avoided. So for those of you flying from Luton, here are 10 amazing airport survival tips.

1. Security fast track

If there’s one part of the airport experience that people hate, it’s security. However, if you pay for security fast-track, you’ll be able to speed through to the departure lounge. You can book fast track security on the official airport website.

2. Print your boarding pass

The option to download your boarding pass and other travel docs to your phone are fantastic. But you never know when your tech might start playing up, so printing your boarding pass ensures that you have a backup to hand.

3. Fly early or late

If you’re someone who hates crowds and queues, your best bet is to book an early-morning or late night-flight. These flights are less popular, so the airport should be quieter and calmer.

4. Early morning flight


If it’s not just airport crowds that send your head into a spin, but also the thought of delays and uncomfortable flights, you should definitely opt for an early morning flight (before 8 am). According to Travel and Leisure, these flights are less likely to be delayed, and you’re unlikely to experience turbulence.

5. Set a boarding alarm

With fantastic shops, excellent restaurants, and luxury lounges, it’s easy to lose track of time at Luton Airport. It’s therefore worth setting the alarm on your phone to remind you when you, it’s time to head to your gate.

6. Place travel docs within easy reach

Keep your travel documents together in an easily accessible zip compartment or plastic wallet helps ensure that you avoid being that irritating person who holds up the whole queue – and that mini heart attack moment when you can’t initially locate them.

  7. Track your luggage

With a tracker packed inside your suitcase, you’ll be able to locate your luggage if it gets lost. One of the best trackers to get is the GEGO, which has impressive 15-day battery life.

8. Charge your phone at the airport

You can never be completely sure when you’ll next have access to an electricity supply, so be sure to make use of charging facilities at the airport.

9. Book priority parking

Priority parking guarantees you a space that’s close to the terminal. And if that isn’t convenient enough, a highly trained member of staff will park your car for you when you arrive.

 10. Pre-book parking

If you’re worried about pricey airport parking charges, you can cut down the cost by pre-booking on an airport comparison site. For example, you can find Luton Airport parking at – it has excellent early bird deals.

Follow these ten tip-top tips, and you’ll be perfectly placed for a smooth sailing experience next time you fly from Luton.

What are your favorite airport survival tips? Please share them in the comments section.