Travel Accessories

7 Travel Accessories That Save You Time and Money

It’s important to save time and money, particularly when you’re traveling. Both time and money are valuable when you are on the road for work or vacation.

The right travel accessories help you save time and money. We have compiled a handy list below, so make sure to bring these items along on your next trip.

1. Portable Charger or Power Bank

Losing juice on your mobile phone or camera is one of the main problems for travelers. The unprepared folks have to visit a coffee shop to recharge their gadgets.

In doing that, you spend unnecessarily on phone charging fees (LOL – plus you spend money on the cup of coffee…and the pastry!). For this reason, it is best to have your own charger and back-up power supply. Anker makes great, inexpensive products…We recommend checking them out on Amazon or any other consumer electronics supplier.

This travel accessory has many types. You can get single charging banks. You can also get multiple device chargers. If you travel light, consider compact, lightweight units that fit nicely in your small pouch or even pants pocket.

2. Prepaid Call and Data Cards (or Plans)

Phone and Wi-Fi use can rack up costly bills during a trip. When you are on the move, it’s hard to monitor your calls and data use. Sadly, many travelers come home with huge phone bills!

Prepaid phone cards can help save you money. Purchase them before you leave (make sure to buy the right card for your specific destination) to make it easier for you to monitor your data usage. You can buy multiple cards and space out your use of each one. This will help you budget your phone usage to last for the duration of the trip.

If you signed up with a provider, why not inquire about travel packages? Mobile phone companies often give discounted or promotional packages for any add-on service that a client takes on. If you can get a hold of cheaper options like that, you could get even more savings.

3. Travel Water Bottle

Buying commercially bottled water on a trip can take a chunk out of your travel money. Imagine buying bottled water every time you’re out walking the streets. That can eat up your budget for the day, particularly if you are a heavy water drinker.

Save yourself the hydration expenses by bringing your own travel water bottle. You can refill on the go. Refill it at public water fountains. Replenish your bottle after lunching out at a fast food place or go into a mall and do your refilling at a water station there. The less money you spend on buying water, the more money you can use on more important expenses.

Travel water bottles come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to keep your drinks colder for a long time, you can get a double-walled flask that maintains temperatures for over 12 hours.

If you are a light traveler, you can also purchase collapsible models. These take up little space since you can roll them up and drop them into your backpack. Lastly, make sure to get a bottle that is really leak-proof (we can tell you that one from experience)!

4. Multi-Pocketed Vest, Overcoat, or Jacket

Prioritize packing clothing that has multiple pockets. Clothes that help you travel light free up your suitcase, which ultimately helps you save money on additional baggage fees.

Slip into your jacket or overcoat all the items that you can before you go and check your luggage. This way, you can be sure that you don’t go over the weight limit on your suitcase.

Heading out in multi-pocketed clothes also ensures that you bring travel essentials. Having to go back to your hotel room because you forgot something is a time and money waster—especially during COVID-19 where you may have to wait in longer elevator queues.

Touring the city is also more convenient when you have multi-pockets in your vest or coat. You don’t have to keep rummaging through your backpack or sling bag each time you need a small item like your sunglasses, purse, lip moisturizer, or credit cards. You just unzip one pocket and grab that small thing. Time saved!

5. Portable Coffee Makers

A cup of coffee for breakfast. Another before noon. One more coffee for lunch. And another in the mid-afternoon. If you just have to have coffee all day, then a portable coffee maker is an essential travel accessory.

Coffee can be expensive. And when you need multiple cups to keep going, that can amount to a large expense every single day. Having your own coffee maker saves you time and money. There are great little coffee makers that are easy to pack and that make fantastic cups of coffee. These coffee makers have a dedicated filter and an easy brewing method. Then, just throw out the used grounds and enjoy your fresh brew. Now, you don’t have to hunt for a local coffee shop and you could be saving upwards of $10 per day.

If you’re content to have brewed coffee before you head out or after you come back to your hotel, portable espresso machines are another good choice. Some are small, 1-cup espresso makers. Others are compact 2 to 4-cup machines. Most come in carrying cases to make traveling easy—we recommend looking at Nespresso.

6. Luggage Scales

Luggage scales are another great accessory. Often, the problem is not packing for an outgoing trip but packing for a return trip. Most people can board a departure flight just fine.

But the trip back home can be very costly…If one doesn’t pay attention to how much baggage he or she is adding up (all those souvenirs you bought for the kids), the return flight can be very expensive.

Having a luggage scale helps you monitor the weight of the items you are buying while on a trip. Those who love to go shopping while on vacation need a luggage scale to make sure that they can bring back all those things they are purchasing. Otherwise, they may have to leave those items behind, or worse, they may have to pay a lot of excess baggage fees.

Travel luggage scales come in different models. You can choose between analog and digital types. These usually have a hook or some strap you attach to your bags. Lift when you’re ready, and once the scale locks into a number, you get an accurate reading of the weight. So easy!

7. Portable Cookers

Food is a big portion of any travel budget. And if you’re traveling as a family…well, things can get out of hand quickly…

Having your own portable cooker or burner will undoubtedly save you some money. This travel accessory can cut your travel spending by 30% on a daily basis.

Portable cookers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are lightweight and small, making it a good choice for single travelers or even a small group.

You can choose a gas cooker or an electric one. Your choice will depend on your location. Will this be an outdoor trip mostly? Or, do you have more time to stay in and enjoy your meal?

If you’re going on a road trip or if you have access to a vehicle during the trip, then you can bring both types when you pack. Keep one in the lodging place and another in the car or van. This way, you can enjoy your own cooked meal whether you are on the road or at your rented place.

Of course, don’t forget to bring some lightweight cooking utensils and maybe a pot!

Final Thoughts

Now, if you are a tech person, check out the video below for all that amazing tech gear that we left out:

These 7 travel accessories will lessen your travel expenses and save you a lot of time. Bring them with you on your next trip so you can get more out of your trip at a lesser cost.

What Travel Accessories Do I Need to Make My Trip the Most Convenient

Both beginner and professional travelers get into inconvenient circumstances from time to time because they forgot some supplies or didn’t know they need them at all. Moreover, carrying more than you can carry will heavily affect your overall traveling experience. We’re sure you don’t want to get into such a situation, so here we have some of the top travel products for you or your friends or family.

By the way, the top place with the best travel accessories is! They have selections of all kinds of gadgets and gear, camping equipment, tips for international flights, and more. This selection is based on the tips the website offers, but it has many other articles to enrich your knowledge and prepare you for anything.

Now, we are going to introduce you to some essential packing rules. You can be sure that they will be of great help to you.

Light Packing Rules

Naturally, before you start packing, you need to be aware of several light packing rules that will, and we guarantee, make your travel experience much more pleasant. Now, we are going to present you with them.

  • Carry less stuff


Eliminating all of the items that you will not need on your travel is essential. Packing too many things will almost ruin your trip. From our experience, you need to pack light. Packing light will provide you with more time to focus on things that will make your trip better like the food, the place, and of course, the people. You need to spend less time worrying about what you are going to pack, most definitely. The more you think, the more confused you can become.

  • Lower the weight, not usefulness


The second rule is that the user always has a priority when compared to the weight. You need to decide on what things can be useful to you on your trip and pack only them. Carrying things that you will not need is something you shouldn’t do. Especially, if they have a lot of weight. Moreover, you need to choose things that are a better designer or either lighter. Finally, you should opt for things that can be used for multiple things since that will provide you with more space for other things that you might need.

  • Optimize for design and comfort


After you’ve passed the first two rules, you need to look for items that are optimized with design and comfort. For starters, you need to carry only clothes that will make you feel good. Brining an unnecessary amount of clothes that you will not wear will give you a lot of headaches. When we say this, we mean that you will pack too many things and you need to think about transportation. One of the crucial things you need to remember is that you should carry only things that you use every day.

Best Travel Accessories Gifts for Yourself, Friends, and Family

After light packing rules, we are going to provide you with some essential accessories to bring on your trip. offers so much stuff, but we’ve gathered some of the most prominent options:

  • Cosmetics organizer


Take all your products with you, especially if you have sensitive skin that needs special treatment. Both men and women, we need to take care of our skin, and long flights (any flights, actually) don’t make the situation better. A compact organizer will contain everything you need.

  • Neck or another pillow


If you have sleep issues or your neck is dying during flights, a special pillow with a silky case is the best option. Take it with you in the hand luggage or even put on your neck so it doesn’t take much space. Your sleep will improve and the flight will become much more convenient.

  • Blanket


Even when going to the hottest countries, take some warm clothes. Don’t want to? How about a cute blanket for a cool night? They are travel-size, very compact and super warm. Perfect for cozying up and going out at night to see the moonrise on a beach.

  • Travel-size hairdryer


One of the best travel accessories for those who like to look amazing during a trip. You can style your hair and save time for drying. Get it online or at any store, and you’ll never regret it. Sometimes party invitations come quickly and there’s not much time to make your hair look decent (especially in humid air).

  • International adapter

  • Somehow, not all countries have the same sockets, so you may find out upon arrival that you can’t charge your phone, tablet, power bank, any gadget! An international adapter will rescue you in any situation. Get one as versatile as possible so you don’t have to find the necessary one when preparing for a trip. There will be enough stuff for you to do and pack.
  • Power bank


All the picture-taking, friend-calling, Wi-Fi connecting, and so on will take a lot of power. To make sure you’re always online and don’t have to save much power, buy a power bank. With a simple USB cable or even a wireless connection, you can charge your phone a couple of times without having to find a socket. Make sure the capacity of your power bank doesn’t exceed 10000 mAh, though, as the airport security may take it.

  • Luggage organizer


To make all your things much more compact and always know what’s where you need to get a luggage organizer. There are different shapes and sizes, so you can definitely find one for your suitcase. You can store your laundry in a waterproof section, gadgets away from cosmetics – it’s a must-have!

All these items will become great additions to your travel kit. Sometimes, the smallest accessories make the biggest difference. As we already said, you need to be smart about things you are going to carry on a trip. Remember, usefulness needs to be the most important element. Moreover, we provided you with some great accessories that can be useful to you while you are on a trip. They will aid your comfort while in the air, and you can get all of them online!