4 Easiest Ways To Convert Bitcoin To Cash

One of the major reasons which keeps people from investing in bitcoins is the fear that they won’t be able to cash them out. Say, you buy the coins, invest your money, wait for them to gain value, and in the end, are not able to convert them into real money when required. That is one of the biggest nightmares of investors. However, what if we told you that converting bitcoins to cash is super easy?

These digital coins have been around for over ten years now and their popularity has increased exponentially over the last few years. If you own bitcoins and are looking forward to converting these digital coins into traditional ones, you are at the right place. This article explains how you can convert your bitcoins into cash painlessly and quickly.

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Why Transfer These Digital Assets Into Your Account?

Experts believe that cryptocurrencies will soon replace the traditional currencies. As a result, they are readily investing in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. According to this theory, you will soon be able to use cryptocurrencies to buy general things from the store. However, that time is yet to come.

Today, a majority of the people are unaware of the existence of these coins and the others are quite afraid to put them to use taking their high volatility into consideration. However, people will readily invest in bitcoins if they can convert their digital coins into traditional currencies.

Another reason can be the fact that the surges in bitcoin prices are highly unpredictable. Thus, to save yourself from incurring any losses you may want to cash out your assets when the market is experiencing an upsurge in the prices.

Taking the rise in popularity of bitcoins into consideration, several big-box retailers have tried accepting bitcoins and other available cryptocurrencies as tenders, but the process is not easy for them either. People are afraid to try their hands at cryptos and thus it will take quite some time for these digital coins to replace the fiat currencies. As a result, it makes sense to convert your digital assets into cash.

Now, let us know a few ways in which you can easily convert your digital coins into cash.

Convert Them With the Help of an Online Service:

You will find several famous online services that help people earn money through bitcoins. Such services not only allow consumers to buy cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, from their website, but they also permit users to sell cryptos through their mobile app or website. There are numerous websites out there in the market that allow both buying and selling of bitcoins. On such platforms you can trade several cryptos, like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

The services are connected with the bank account of users to initiate and deduct payments when bitcoins are bought or sold. When you sell bitcoins, it usually takes a few business days for the website to process payments to your bank account.

Many people often buy bitcoins through such websites, and when the currency gains some value, they encash them for profits. On the contrary, some maintain their crypto account to receive payments in the form of digital coins from customers, friends, family, etc.

Convert Them into Traditional Currencies Through a Bitcoin ATM Machine:


Bitcoin ATMs have become quite popular nowadays, and are seen in several cities across the world. They provide a relatively easy and rapid way to convert cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins into cash, a government-issued currency.

However, you will find several different kinds of bitcoin ATM machines, and some of them allow you to buy bitcoins in the same way we deposit cash in a regular ATM. Many of them have also started supporting additional cryptos such as Ethereum and Litecoin. The fees of such transactions are usually higher than what people usually pay for the online services. In addition to it, the conversion rates are not as favorable as third-parties websites.

Conversion of Bitcoins through Cryptocurrency Exchange:

One of the best ways of cashing out bitcoins is through cryptocurrency exchange. The third party exchanges are all authorised and allow users to easily sell bitcoins and exchange them for their preferred currency that includes USD, GBP, MYR and EUR. These platforms support several other local fiat currencies and allow the users to carry out the process through their website of user-friendly mobile apps.

To get started with cashing out digital coins, you will need a platform that is supported in your country. The entire process is simple, easy and secure. However, the process is not rapid and it may take around 1-5 business days for it to process your fiat money based on the platform you use and your location.

Also, for the new users, who have newly registered their account with the crypto exchange, it may take weeks and even months. This is because it takes a considerable amount of time for users to get their account approved. These platforms may also charge a certain fee to carry out the transactions.

Cash Transfer

You can ask people who are interested in buying these coins to send the money directly to your account. However, make sure to ask for identity proof documents before you send your coins to the purchaser.


We caution you before you start rushing to encash your bitcoins and realize the profits from it. Ask yourself a crucial question: In what form should you cash your bitcoin in, in flat currency? Keep in mind that if you choose to cash out your bitcoins in fiat currency, you are required to pay tax on profits made.

The beauty of bitcoins is not only the blockchain technology that is present behind cryptocurrency but also the fact that it is a decentralized digital asset. Now that you know how to encash your digital coins you can convert them to traditional coins whenever required.

Enjoy Your Old Video Tapes by Digitizing Them Today! – 2021 Guide

Some things can rightfully keep you in the past – like old videotapes that you cherish. The VHS videos are incredibly delicate, and you are lucky if they survived this far. Think of the movies or songs you enjoyed in your childhood or youth, your kids’ first milestones caught on record, your late parents’ or grandparents’ voice on the answering machine.

Time offers us many incidences to cherish and celebrate in life. If such precious data is still held on outdated devices like VHS, it is time to transfer the content to digital devices to preserve them for future generations.

Many resources claim to teach the audience how to digitize your old videos today, and many people fall into the temptation. Do not! Memories carried over the years are too precious to risk losing. Trust an expert like the ones found here to digitize your old videotapes in formats like 8mm video cassette tapes, VHS-C, VHS, MicroMV, MiniDV, or MiniDVD, and ensure you enjoy them for longer.

Common Mistakes Experts will Save You from when Digitizing Old Video Tapes

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Burn your content straight to DVDs: Archival DVDs are a good option, but are delicate and eventually may become obsolete. Many computers today do not include an optical drive in which to view DVDs. One must consider other options, such as converting to digital files, as a more current way to preserve and share their family videos.

Wrong format choice: There is a wide array of video formats to use when converting old videos into digital ones. Experts understand that the wrong format choice will not only compromise the quality of the video but also limit flexibility on the devices you can use to play the content.

Lack of backup: In this digital era, backing up is vital. There are several ways and platforms to back up your old digitized videos. Engaging a professional will ensure that all your content has appropriate backup. Experts will also advise on the best way and option to choose as your backup. With options like DVD, Blu-rays, flash disks, e-Cloud, among others, it is common to pick what is at hand or have tried before. The right agency will advise on the most favorable methods and platforms you can use to backup.

Keeping them to yourself: Sharing is a fundamental principle taught from pre-school. It applies to the digital world as well. Professionals will produce content that is easy to share on various platforms. Take your family and close friends back in time, with memories they would cherish forever.

Not trying out the digitized video: Many people who take the DIY route forget to do this crucial step – test the digitized videos on most of your gadgets.

Why do you Need to Digitize Old Video Tapes?

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VHS and other old tapes get will degrade over time.

Like many other things, the old tapes have a limited shelf life. The content they contain is too valuable to lose, though. Most of them have survived for over two decades, and it is risky to keep them any longer. The thought that those precious memories held on tapes will one day be unplayable is devastating and should get you to digitize your old videos now.

A reliable service provider will help you transfer your old videos like your parents’ wedding, your childhood birthdays, children’s recitals and plays, and others in the best way. This will ensure that you preserve precious memories and allow many other generations to enjoy them.

With sophisticated equipment and proven expertise, you do not have to worry about low-quality output or generation loss. The content will also last for many years with no threats of degradation.

Production and editing

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Technology advancements have thrown us into the digital era, and almost everything has changed. Digitized videos can now be creatively edited to your taste and liking. You can now have some background music, a new digital scrapbook, or birthday slideshow for your children. Besides family events, you can even have a commercial for your business.

The good news is that such services are affordable, and you do not have to pay outrageous fees for production. All you need is to shop for a reputable business that will meet your needs.

Enjoy your old video content on digital platforms.

Old devices have paved the way for more sophisticated gadgets, and remaining in the past might cost you. Digitizing the old tapes allows you to play them from USB, DVD, and Blu-rays, among others. You can also play them in a wide array of gadgets like phones, computers, tablets, modern TVs, and others.

Videos like a birthday for loved ones, childhood milestones, first steps, or first day in school, or other precious family videos can also be played at in events like weddings. These presentations turn any event into a very memorable and emotive occasion.

Family members can enjoy childhood memories and videos when digitized, as you can share with different people as often as possible regardless of the distance. With vibrant social media platforms, one can share huge files with family members and friends on various platforms.

One can also copy a storage device like a DVD or USB flash disk and share it with the relevant parties.


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Now, there are easier ways to carry around vast volumes of data or content as new gadgets are getting smaller, thanks to technology. Today, 35mm slides can seamlessly fit one thumb drive. More tapes require more storage space. Engaging an expert to help you digitize your old videos will save you remarkable space by saving content on digital platforms.


Being able to watch your family videotapes is uncommon today and the format is obsolete. VCRs are no longer being produced and are very difficult to find, plus attaching the old technology to the latest TVs may be troublesome. Holding precious data on such devices is a considerable risk. Call an expert for videotape transfer service, which is ideal for preserving your old videotapes to MP4 digital files or DVDs.

Skip the Hassle of Gift Cards and Travel Miles and Opt for Skyhour Instead 2020

These days, life gets expensive. On average, rent costs just under $1,500 per month in the United States. When you factor in utilities, fuel, school costs, groceries, and so on, it’s easy to put travel to the wayside. Additionally, gifting travel seems like the furthest thing from reality. Dealing with limited control over flight preferences or hidden fees for airline gift cards and miles turns the gift into an ordeal. But booking and gifting flights don’t have to be difficult or expensive. With Skyhour, you can contribute as much or as little to airfare as you’d like each paycheck. Whether you’re gifting air travel to your family, friends, or yourself, there are plenty of ways to do so. The hardest part is deciding which savings method is best. Check out this breakdown to help you learn how to give the gift of flight and keep up with the yearly vacations you deserve!

Gift Cards for Airlines

It might seem like the simplest idea would be to purchase a gift card for a specific airline, but there are a lot of problems with this. For one thing, it can be much harder to gift flights unless you talk to the giftee first. You’ll need to find out which airport they are closest to so that you know which airlines they have access to and where they can fly, which means that you won’t be able to truly surprise someone.

In addition, airlines only offer gift cards in certain increments, and if you want to give an international flight, they can be much more expensive. Airline cards also tend to have expiration dates, fees, or other downfalls that make it difficult to use them according to preferences.


Gift Cards With Major Credit Card Logos

For some gift-givers, the answer is to give cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo. While this gets through the hurdle of needing to know exactly which airlines are accessible to the recipient, providing gift cards that can be used for anything comes with its own set of disadvantages. For one thing, you have no guarantee the recipients will use the gift card the way you want them to. Perhaps you want them to come out for the family reunion but that $500 looks better as a new wardrobe or some paid bills. It’s a gift, so can you really say anything if they don’t spend it the way you want them to?

In addition, these cards with credit card logos aren’t issued by the credit card companies but by banks. This means the terms and conditions for using them will vary and may include expiration dates, usage fees, or even fees for inactivity. The various terms and conditions could, again, raise the issue of when and how to use the gift appropriately. Some airlines cap the number of gift cards or the amount of gift card money someone can use on a flight, which means some more expensive flights could still have out-of-pocket expenses.


Gifting Your Miles

If you browse through the internet at all, chances are you’ve read a feel-good story about someone gifting another person airline miles at some point. Perhaps you’ve had the idea yourself. What you might not realize is that gifting miles is quite expensive. Most airlines charge a transfer fee that could be anywhere from a flat fee to a cost per mile.

In addition to the initial transaction charge, there may be other hidden fees. It is likely to cost you around $300 to gift 10,000 miles. However, keep in mind that each airline has its own transaction fees, so totals will vary. Furthermore, each airline decides how much its miles are worth, which means the cost for one mile may be more or less expensive with different airlines. Without using the same conversion rate across the board, it is more difficult to determine how many miles you need to purchase and which airline provides the best price.


Other Ways To Gift Flights

There are several other options for helping someone get the flight they need. Some people choose to book the ticket for the recipient themselves, while others add the traveler as a companion or transfer credit card rewards points instead. However, these methods only work if you have the miles, if you can afford to pay the fees and taxes for any flight, or if you both have the same travel rewards credit card. Even if you do have the miles and can afford any related fees or taxes, you could hit another roadblock.

Booking an airline ticket requires personal information, including the flyer’s age and birthdate, whether they are under 18 or will have children under 18 flying with them, and more. Flying also relies on the flyer’s first and last name as it is on their government-issued identification, so you could hit problems if you don’t know the recipient’s full name.


Skyhour: A Better Alternative

After reading about all the disadvantages of traditional methods of gifting air travel, you may be thinking you’ve exhausted your options for giving the best gift. That’s because you haven’t heard about this service!

This website allows you to give the gift of flight based on hours traveled rather than miles. Gifts start at just $30 (for half an hour) and work for unlimited destinations on more than 300 airlines. Whether you want to pay for a partial flight, a full one-way ticket, or a round-trip vacation for someone, this service lets you do it for a fraction of the cost of using traditional gift cards or gifting miles.


Giving hours as a Gift

Purchasing these for a friend or family member only takes a few moments and minimal steps. First, click on “gift skyhours” on the website or app and then decide how many you’d like to gift. Personalize your card and complete your purchase. If you already have plenty of skyhours in your balance (you can buy them for yourself, too!), you won’t need to buy more. If you don’t have enough for your gift, you’ll be prompted to purchase more at checkout. Confirm the gift and send it right away or save it as a draft and send it at a specified time.

Gifting is easy to do and can be offered in as little as 30-minutes ($30) or in one-hour increments. There’s another bonus, too. Since recipients are able to combine their hours for flights, you don’t need to pay for an entire flight. You and other family members or friends can split the cost of a flight and give it as a gift. It’s the only way to truly crowdfund airfare.


Setting up a Flight

Book your flight by clicking on the “fly” icon on the website or by swiping left twice on the home screen for the app. Choose your dates and destination, as well as the number of air travelers. From there, you can select your flight, enter personal information, and confirm the flight. If you haven’t received enough skyhours, don’t worry. You can purchase the remainder during the checkout process. You can even book flights for up to nine passengers at a time, but you will need to be the primary passenger. The website accepts all major credit and debit cards other than American Express and best of all, they never expire.

Are you ready to book a flight for yourself or gift air travel to someone you love? If you want to spend your money on hassle-free flight time and not the exorbitant fees often found in confusing airline gift cards or the complicated process of exchanging miles, you’ll love this service. While there are a few other ways to gift air travel out there, none of them are as flexible and easy to gift or use, for that matter. Check them out now to learn more about sending flight time to someone you love and give them the freedom to explore the world by letting them pick where and when to fly!


vCard to Outlook: How To Transfer It Easily?

People use vCard format to transmit contact info in a standardized form. For example, on the phone or in the mail agent. The vCard (or calling card) is encrypted in a VCF format. This is an online standard for exchanging business cards. If you send an email with a .vcf file attachment it is sent along with the message. MS Outlook understands vCard and can easily add them.

Why use vCard to Outlook Transfer software?

Before transferring data from a vCard file to Outlook on a PC with OS Windows, you change the format from VCF to CSV. It means that you import them into Windows and export them to a CSV format afterward. Having more than 50 people in your contact-book, this process will take time, since you will have to press the “OK” button for every contact that you wish to transfer into the CSV format. Unfortunately, it is impossible to click the “OK” button once and at the same time import all contacts. Therefore, many people are looking for the software, which could do it quickly by one click. For example, the vCard to Outlook Transfer tool will easily cope with this task, saving your time for more important things. Follow and import vCard to Outlook without any problems.

What will you get with vCard to Outlook Transfer?

A user-friendly and quick tool will easily transform into Outlook PST file necessary vCard contacts. Find the *.vcf files in the folder, and the program does the rest. The tool deals with a huge amount of information in a short time. It is fast, automatic and effortless. Download the trial version to ensure that the tool works in a proper way. Decide on your needs in order to choose the necessary license for you. There are 4 options available: Home, Business, Site and Technical Licenses.

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vCard to Outlook Transfer features:

  • Simple user-friendly interface;
  • A quick and simple transformation of vCard contact files;
  • Transmitting files into Outlook profile;
  • 100% compatibility with all popular additions of MS Outlook for Windows;
  • Fully compliant with all major Windows and its versions, including 64-bit ones.

Could I import vCard files by myself?

You can probably do it. Most people use helping tools in order to cope with a huge amount of data. To transmit several vfc files to Outlook you can follow the simple instructions below:

To save vCard files received in attachments to emails, put them one by one to the contact list of MS Outlook.

  1. Select a business card in the message body, and add it to the MS Outlook Contacts with one click.
  2. A new window will appear displaying contact information.
  3. Click Save and close in the contact window.
  4. Every vCard file in the message has to pass the same procedure.

If you have no time to do routine work – trust us. Save your time with reliable software.