What Do You Know About Nordic Walking?

Physical activities are very important if we want to stay fit and healthy. And today, it is so easy to find a proper way to train yourself since a huge variety of options exists!

One of them is called Nordic walking and this type of training is getting more and more popular among elderly people and young men and women.

What is it and where it came from?

We will answer these and other questions.

Origin And History

As you probably already guessed from its name, Nordic walking came to us from the North, originally from Finland. Nevertheless, today it is very widespread all over the Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, or Norway.

With this sort of fitness activity, even elderly people can cover long distances and even walk several miles fast enough. Initially, this kind of fitness training was used by the skiers to get ready for the competitions and it was a part of a cross-country training program.

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Later, backpackers, as well as trekkers, picked up this idea and started using one-piece ski poles for walking purposes as additional equipment.

Nowadays, special poles for Nordic walking exist to make this training even more effective.

What is even more interesting, this fitness activity has become a worldwide known kind of sport, and today, Nordic walk competitions exist and active walkers can take part in a cup championship!

The Outfit

You can often hear people saying that skiing sticks are the same as those for a Nordic walk, but in fact, it is not like that, and Nordic walking perches are far from the common sticks or even skiing poles.

Unlike the solid ski sticks that were used before, modern Nordic walking ones are way shorter, in addition, they are sold in different variants. One is a non-adjustable core sticks that can have different length, whereas the other is presented by the telescoping counterparts of two or three sections that can be twist-locked. These have an adjustable length.

Solid perches are often stronger and weigh less, on the other hand, one must pick them up so that the poles match the person’s height, and, of course, weight.

Compared to the solid ones, their folding counterparts are easier to transport and besides, they can fit anyone due to the ability to be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Specifics Of the Activity

What is it so special about this training, people often wonder. Isn’t it a simple walking only with the sticks?

No, friends, it is not the same. When doing a Nordic walk, we use the sticks that regulate the step.

Generally speaking, the movements our bodies do during the Nordic walking are similar to those when we walk without the perches. However, the use of supporting perches regulates the radius of our arms movements which, respectively, influences how long our stride will be.

What we are trying to say is that the limited arm movements will result in the same limited length of the step and overall moves. On the contrary, the further we thrust the perches, the wider the step becomes, and the moves of the upper part of the body become more intensive.

What About the Benefits?

Those who are not familiar with the method might think that pole walking is nothing special but in fact, this kind of training has its specifics.

Unlike common walking, doing that with poles makes us apply force with each stride. It makes us use the entire body instead of just legs and the lower part.
The intensity of exercise stress is higher than of the common walking making our bodies train better.
Nordic walking involves not only legs but also arms (triceps and biceps), shoulder muscles, abdominals, spinal muscles, and many more that are not involved when we walk as usual.
Such kind of more intensive walking makes our heart work better which results in faster improvement of its wellbeing.
When doing Nordic walking, we consume almost fifty percent more energy compared to a normal walk.
This type of walking makes our muscles way stronger compared to conventional walking.
Nordic pole walking is allowed for any age, even for elderly people, if no health restrictions exist.


Any Restrictions?

Even though Nordic pole walking is considered to be one of the safest and healthiest ways of self-training, this fitness activity still has certain restrictions that must be taken into account before you rush to the nearest sports equipment store to get a pair of new poles.

Those who have any serious breathing problems like asthma must consult their doctor before starting Nordic walking. Since this activity involves lungs and thus breathing actively, intensive walks may cause problems for such people.
If you have recently had a heart attack or any other serious heart problem like surgery, etc, we strongly recommend you visit a doctor to figure out whether Nordic walking would be a suitable kind of activity for you at all. Perhaps, you can start doing it somewhat later when you are fully recovered. Otherwise, the doctor can choose more suitable ways of activity for you counting on the health state.
If you now have or recently had any serious leg traumas, it is better to take a break and not start any intensive physical activities until the damaged part of your body is fully recovered.

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For sure, Nordic pole walking is still somewhat new to many Western countries, but this kind of fitness activity is becoming more popular, and that is good.

Providing us with enough activity, making our muscles grow stronger, and keeping the whole body fit, this easy and affordable kind of sport will be beneficial for anyone from children to elderly people.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you consult the doctor if you have any doubts about whether you should start doing it regularly, or if you have any serious health issues that can be worsened by this activity.

6 Things you Should Know about the Product Owner of Agile

As per the survey being conducted regarding the roles, artifacts, and events that are taking place in Agile, the team came to know that many doubts are going on about the roles of the product owner. Let’s have a piece of detailed information about the product owner and the 6 things you should know about them.

What does one mean by the Product Owner of Agile?

According to Vinsys, the product owner is a key stakeholder of a typical project. The main part of the product owner lies where he has the responsibilities and a vision of what one wishes to build and has to convey that vision to his Agile team.

The product owner is also responsible for the results created by the development team for maximizing the value of the product. To get success as a product owner, he must get the respect for his decisions from the organization.

The decisions of the product owner are mainly seen in the context of project management and the ordering of the product’s backlog. As the product owner is a person, the department team can work from different sets of departments without getting any force.

Roles of Product Owner of Agile

Here, we have described the role of a product owner concerning scrum as you know it is a part of Agile. As per the experts, the main role of the product owner is to ensure the product formed is being valued by the customers and the users and should also benefit the company.

Below we discuss a few roles of the product owner to make sure that they understand the core quality of the products and its collaboration.

1. Vision

As discussed above, the product owner has the responsibility of creating a better vision for himself as well as for the department team. The vision helps the stakeholders to have a clear-cut vision by understanding the outcome of the product.

2. To manage the product backlog

Managing the product backlog is one of the primary and crucial roles of the product owner. The main responsibility of the product owner is to bring the stack of items and prioritize them as per the goal set for the business and global approach.

3. Need Prioritization

To deliver the maximum outcomes, the product owner should know what all items are needed for the prioritization. The items in the backlog would help to achieve the goal and success.

6 things you should know about the product owner of Agile

  1. Concerning the Scrum Team

  • If we talk about the product owner of the scrum team, then they are considered as another member of that team.
  • But for the obvious things, one should not take anyone for granted because all have their work and role to play in the field of project management.
  • The position of the product owner is gained by a single person and there are no rights to share it with multiple people.
  • By performing individually, one would help to prioritize the backlog without generating any conflicts.
  • The sprint goal is developed if the assigned task is worked together with the department team of Agile.
  • The sprint goals are set while sprint planning so that a more defined business objective could be obtained by the product owner.

Thus, this was the point concerning the scrum team.

  1. Concerning Artifacts

An artifact is an object of Scrum that belongs to the department team.

  • Spring backlog is a part of an artifact that cannot be modified according to project management.
  • Artifacts are the owner of the product backlog and cannot represent the management.
  • Monitoring and sharing of the product backlog are possible by artifacts.
  • One can maintain, create, and order the product backlog with the help of an artifact.
  • To get the exact idea of the product backlog, one must collaborate with stakeholders and project managers.
  1. With regards to Events

  • For the sprint review, one must summon the stakeholders.
  • The starting and ending of the sprint date cannot be changed as it is included in project management.
  • You can inspect and create an improvement in the scrum team by attending scrum retrospective.
  • If the goal of the product owner is not absolute, the sprint can be canceled. This happens in a very rare case.
  1. Regarding the Product

  • The responsibilities of the product owner continue till the completion of the entire cycle of the product.
  • Product owners would entail all the investments including conception, development, operation, and maintenance that are to be made in the product by getting involved as an in-charge of the total cost of ownership.
  • Feedback should be gained from the market regarding the product after releasing the increments of product.
  • Product owner of Agile must be one who has all the knowledge about the progress and the business objectives that would lead to an increase in the product.
  • The decision of increasing of product should be made by the product owner.
  1. With regards to general scope

  • The product owner must have time to decide the ability of the organization and to influence it to get the better work done by the department team.
  • The product owner on some occasions has acquired a higher position that would lead the capacity to influence the organization and can also have complications in the agenda for having little time for project completion.
  • Complication between how and what can be cleared because the work of the department team is to perform the task by choosing how to do it and concerning that the work of the product owner is to indicate what to do with the items of the product backlog.
  1. Help of the Scrum team Agile

The sprint review must be provided by the scrum team that can be counted as help for the rest of the team. It includes some of the major points such as:

  • Reviewing the current status of the product backlog
  • Inspection of product
  • Item delivered should comply with DoD
  • Inspection should be done with the stakeholders as the market changes the potential use of the product
  • Update the backlog of the product.
  • Based on the status of the department team, the projections for the probable about the release date can be made.

Agile is a way of life that contains the basic guides of commitments, focus, respect, courage, and frankness that could govern the product owner day by day.

What Are Formula One Pilots Going Through?

Constant training, constant hunger, overloads and other difficulties faced by riders.

It is no secret that Formula 1 drivers always need to be in great shape and train every day for several hours. However, some still believe that racing cannot be called a sport literally. It seems to people that in races, there is no strong physical tension, as in figure skating, wrestling, or football. The stumbling block for skeptics is the constant presence of the pilot in the car, which is more like a sitting rest, rather than a difficult task. Well, you can, and you have to argue with that. After all, an untrained man can hardly start it and move it. We will tell you what athletes are going through to succeed in their business.

The heart of the pilot: 50 to 200 beats per minute.

By the level of physical training, F-1 participants can compare with Olympians. Their training includes not only exercises for all muscle groups, but also tasks on the speed of reaction, concentration, overcoming of psychological and physiological difficulties. For example, the average pilot’s heart rate is 170 beats per minute. And at peak moments, it reaches 200 – the maximum, which can overpower a person without harm to health. This is the only sport with such a high rate.

In addition, the heart of the pilot experiences serious fluctuations during the race. When approaching the breaking point, the number of contractions is close to 160, while stopping the car increases slightly to fall to 50-60 beats per minute. It’s no wonder that every driver is thoroughly examined before the competition, as the load during the Grand Prix is similar to that of a marathon runner.

Rigorous diets: hunger as best friend

In order to be a race car driver, you have to at least sit in it—Christian Bale for the role in the movie “Ford vs. Ferrari” lost 30 kilos, because he did not fit in the car. And the ideal weight of the driver is determined not by nutritionists, and engineers who create the car. Athletes have to carefully monitor the weight and eat properly.

Big agony in the form of diets is subjected to tall people. Lewis Hamilton, who is 174 cm tall, confessed in one of his interviews that he has a constant hunger during the season. And, for example, ex-pilot Felipe Massa did not limit himself much in food because of his small height. Fortunately, the rules have become less stringent over the past couple of years. Now the big pilots can afford to eat a little more.

Training to maintain tonus

Despite the fact that drivers spend a lot of time in the gym, they do not look like bodybuilders. The essence of training is to keep the body in a tone so that muscles can comfortably withstand overloads. Most of the exercises are aimed at strengthening the neck and shoulder belt, because they are subject to strong tension when passing corners. In training, the pilot puts on a helmet, to which a five-kilogram weight is attached, and lies on his side. The task of the exercise is to keep the head in a horizontal position for as long as possible.

It is especially important to pay attention to the tasks of the speed of reaction, concentration, and coordination. They can be done anywhere, only if there is a desire. They can be done anywhere, only if there is a desire. Charles Leclerc likes to throw three tennis balls against a wall and try to catch them at the same time in his spare time, as stated by It, also enhances the nervous system.

During the races, pilots need not just to press the pedals and turn the wheel, but also to constantly maintain concentration and navigate through a variety of switches. The essence of one of the simulators for racers is to press the keys “truth” or “lie” when the display shows words with different colors. The correct answer depends on whether the shade is the same as its name. Naturally, there is only a second to think about it, so you have to act quickly and preferably correctly. For the first time, only one pilot, Mark Jeunet, managed the task.

In most sports, loss of attentiveness can turn into a loss. In-car racing, however, inattention can lead to the loss of valuable seconds or accidents. At high speeds with little maneuver space, an error can lead to completely unexpected results. It is, therefore, important for drivers to be at the peak of their physical development and to be able to concentrate on driving.

Mentality of Champion

A whole bunch of different interesting aspects comes into play here. Ayrton Senna, obsessed with improving training to perfectionist level, believed that the pilot should throttle on inhale and brake – on exhalation. However, modern doctors believe that holding your breath during a turn with such a breathtaking pulse can be extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, pilots are taught to breathe correctly with relaxation on inhalation and tension on exhalation.

But not just that. An important part of training is concentration and reaction. And the first stands in the report card of importance much higher than the second. As the researches say, statistically, the maximum reaction is necessary in a rather small quantity of a situation in a race – and the limiting concentration will help to react in the necessary moment anyway.

There are many simulators designed to develop concentration—for example, the display with words written in different colors. If the color is the same as the word that describes it – you need to press the “truth” button; if not – then the button “lie.” It would seem simple, but the answer is given only one second, and the necessary buttons are constantly changing their location. Only one pilot in history has coped with this test from the first time on all 100 – Mark Jeunet. And Robert Kubica, at his best years, easily gained 100% in 62 seconds.

To spend all one and a half hours at the limit of physical abilities is difficult not only for the body – the mind is tired of constant tension. That’s why it’s so important to keep it toned. The maximum assembled, operating in qualification mode pilot can win 0.2-0.3 seconds on each lap without any additional physical effort.

Top 3 Weight Loss Trends of 2020: Dangerous or Worth It?

People are always looking for easy, fast ways to lose weight and get in shape while putting in minimal time and effort. Losing weight and keeping it off is a virtually universal challenge that countless women struggle with throughout their lives. Unfortunately, the road toward safe, healthy, long-term weight loss is long and often requires a complete lifestyle change—depending on your original diet and exercise regimen, or lack thereof.

It only makes sense that such a common and frustrating problem would cause so many people to seek out quick and easy solutions to help them get their dream bikini body and feel more confident in their lingerie which you can find at Hauteflair. As such, different “get fit quick” weight loss tactics go in and out of fashion like different styles of jeans.

Unfortunately, many weight loss/fitness products and diet plans that promise to help you “lose 50 pounds in 5 weeks” or “get an hourglass figure by Friday” often turn out to be little more than gimmicks that are designed to take money from people who are just looking for a little extra help reaching their fitness and weight loss goals. Or worse, some of these weight loss strategies can actually slow down your metabolism and cause long-term health problems.


That being said, some weight loss tactics that are “trendy” really are worth your time.  How safe—or unsafe—is the current hottest weight loss trends? Are they effective? Are any of them dangerous or do any of them have the potential to cause long-term damage to your metabolism or general health? Read on to learn more about three of the top weight loss trends of 2020 and whether or not any of them are worth trying for yourself.

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a common theme among many cultures and religions. However, it has more recently become more popular as an unrelated weight loss strategy. Intermittent fasting to lose weight involves eating throughout 6 to 8 hours during the day and avoiding food for the other 14 to 16 hours of the day.

This weight loss strategy can be effective and can help you lose weight and keep it off, but it can be tricky to do safely. Fasting is dangerous for some groups, such as pregnant women, or anyone who might be seriously adversely affected by hormonal changes from drastic shifts in your eating schedule. If you want to try intermittent fasting, it is also important to track your calories to make sure you are eating enough throughout the smaller window of time during the day when you are not fasting.

According to Fitnessvolt, one of the advantages of intermittent fasting as a weight loss strategy is that it only involves eating on a certain schedule. It does not require you to eat or avoid certain foods. This design eliminates the frustration of not being able to indulge in eating what you want or what the people around you are eating, which is a challenging factor in most diet plans and leads to ultimate failure for many people.


2. Waist Training

At its core, waist training is nothing new. Women have been wearing garments of some sort or another to create the illusion of an hourglass figure for hundreds of years. However, there are differences between corsets and waist trainers, and the craze of women wearing waist trainers specifically to change the shape of their midsection and promote faster, easier weight loss.

Waist training should not be dangerous unless you do something wrong, such as or wearing the wrong size or failing to ease into waist training. It is also important to keep in mind that waist training on its own is ineffective as a weight loss technique. It can help speed up weight loss and make it easier to shed pounds, but you must pair it with a healthy diet and exercise routine to reach your fitness goals.


3. Keto Diet

The ketogenic (kept) diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet plan. It basically the modern, amped-up version of the low-carb diet trends of decades past. The idea behind the keto diet is that eating a lot of fat and very few carbs put your body into ketosis, which is a metabolic state that promotes faster and easier weight loss.

Many women find amazing weight loss success on the keto diet. It is especially popular among people who have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off on other diet plans in the past. As long as you are a generally healthy individual to start, you shouldn’t have problems staying healthy on the keto diet as long as you stick to the recommended daily intakes of carbs, fat, and protein in order to ensure you are consuming all of the nutrients you need.


Mike Tyson Returns to the Ring

Mike Tyson is in full training and preparing to have some of the most sensational return to boxing ever. It looks like the legendary Tyson is going to be in a ring once again in late 2020. At the same time, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury don’t need to be stressed out since Tyson is only going to appear in a 4-round charity match.

Just to remind you, “Iron Mike” finished his professional career back in 2005 after a long and successful career, which was violent and glittering at times. Now a 53-year-old Tyson says that he is in the best shape he’s ever been and frequently posts some of his training on his social media accounts. At first, people were thinking that these are just aesthetic training.


However, after the information that he will compete in a match, the social media got lit on fire. Moreover, Tyson addressed this match in an interview where he appeared alongside a rapper T.I. He stated that he began his training about a week ago. Also, he said that it has been hard for him to start training all over again after the big pause. He has a big motive since he is going to appear in the ring in late 2020.

He wants to appear on this charity at least for a couple of rounds. Moreover, he states that he would like to help some other guys that had the same fate as him. His life story is pretty well known, he bankrupted, faced drug addiction, and was homeless.

When it comes to the training itself, he talked about his program. He does about two hours of cardio, rides the bike, and exercise a treadmill for about an hour. After that, he performs some weight lifting. But his day starts with boxing, he hits mitts for about half an hour every morning. According to him, his form started improving pretty fast and he now combines several strikes in one training.

Naturally, since he is not young anymore, he has a difficult time with this. He stated that after training he feels like three guys beat him really bad. There was a time where Mike was the best in the world. He was only 20 years old when he beat Trevor Berbick in a match that was deciding the next world heavyweight championship. This was the match that made him one of the best ever.

When you look at the numbers in his career, he won 44 out of 50 matches. According to the New Yorker, he would be the absolute best one in today’s boxing. We got a word from his old trainer, who insisted that Mike could beat the best one in the world even today if he would have proper training and a proper diet to follow.

Aerial Arts – A New Increasingly Popular Way Of Training: Shaping Your Body By Barely Exercising

Thanks to aerial arts training, you will be able to learn to get your body in an amazing positions and form with gentle movements. With time, your muscles will become tight and defined.

The Guardian highlighted three fundamental benefits of aerial arts training.

It is more than just exercise.

Aerial arts training will slowly shape your body into form in order for you to be able to successfully perform spectacular movements which can be seen in a curcus performances, and those take weeks or even months to master.

The goal here is not to lose weigh, because this is more of an art form than an excercise. However, you will start gainig a bit of muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat, while becoming leaner, stronger and more prepared. Many of those who couldn’t last while trainig in gym, switched to this type of training, because they don’t even feel like they are doing something tiring.

It is for everybody.

This type of trainig is suitable for everyone, of any gender and body shape. Aerial arts trainig is not designed just for flexible, athletically build people – the focus here is on what your body can do. It is also good for your mental health because complex movements train your brain, and develop coordination at the same time.

The start should not be intense.

The hoop requires strength in the upper body, which you will acquire as you lean movements. After just few trainings you will be able to put your body in certain positions which seemed impossible for you on your first training.

How to Litter Train a Stray Kitten

If you do not know how to do it, spend a little time reading our article to find out the answers.

We will show you how to teach your stray cat to use a litter box in a particular way. But first, you need to be patient as the training process will probably take you a long time.

Let’s get started!

How to Litter Train a Stray Kitten

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Most kittens can learn from their mothers to use litter boxes at an early stage. But stray cats probably do not know the way to use litter boxes. If you want to train your cats to use the litter box, follow the tips below:

1. Choose an appropriate little box

  • Pick a big litter box

The reason why kittens pee and poop outside the litter box is that their boxes are not big enough. That plays a vital role if your pets are in the growing process. When your cats have a large litter box, they will have more room at their disposal.

Another important thing is that if you have a kitten or adult cat, you should choose a low-side box so that your pet can quickly go in and out of it.

  • Choose an uncovered or covered box

You know everything has its pros and cons. So it would help if you chose uncovered or covered litter boxes based on your pet’s taste.

We will list the advantages and disadvantages of the lidded box for your considerations:

Pros: A covered litter box helps hinder dogs from getting access to the box.

Cons: It can cause difficulties for your big cat to turn around or dig inside the litter box.

  • Have other alternatives

You should have other litter boxes if your house space is available. It is quite helpful in case your pet is still young and in the learning process, or you have two or more cats.

  • Place the box in suitable locations

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A cat naturally buries its waste; however, if you put its litter box in an unsuitable position, she/he probably seek other places to relieve herself/himself. Here are some tips for you to choose the right place for putting litter boxes.

Please do not put the box near the place you feed your cat because it can make your pet anxious as well as increase the likelihood it will have wrong eliminations.

Give the cat some peace as most cats prefer an undisturbed and quiet place when eliminating wastes.

2. Maintaining litter boxes

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  • Pick the right litter

Cats usually like clumping litter because it is easy for cats to walk on and bury the scraps.

You can check the list of the best litter for kittens at

  • Use an appropriate deal of litter

If you abuse litter, it will make a mess since some litter can be spilled out when your cats bury the wastes. On the other hand, using too little litter can cause your cats to have the inadequate elimination of wastes. It is recommended to fill the box with around 2 inches at first. Then you can increase the depth to 4 inches if your cats do not satisfy.

  • Keep the box clean

Image source: thegrommet.comx

If your cat is still young and is learning how to use a litter box, you should leave all wastes in the box, which helps to remind your cat to eliminate wastes in the right place.

It is recommended to scoop twice every day to keep the box clean.

Use gentle soap with warm water to wash the box. You should not use harsh chemicals because you can leave unexpected residual chemicals and smells which are harmful to your cats and hinder them from the box.

3. Train cat to use little boxes

  • Learn the schedule of your cats

It will help you know exactly when your cats will relieve themselves. Therefore, you can easily direct them to use a litter box.

Play with cats near the litter box. As most cats need to relieve after running or playing, you can play with them near the box, so they are more likely to use it to leave their wastes.

  • Teach cats what to do

In case your cats do not learn to use their litter boxes from their mothers, you need to teach stray cats how to use them. For instance, you can carry them to litter boxes when they intend to relieve themselves and guide them the way to dig inside the box.

You can use your fingers to scrape litter aside until your cat knows. If they already know how to pee or poop in their litter boxes but cannot bury the wastes yet, you should use fingers again to scoop litter over the scraps. They will gradually imitate your acts.

4. Address wrong elimination

Imaeg source:
  • DO NOT yell at your cats

As your cats do not deliberately leave their wastes in the wrong places, you should not scold or yell at your cats. It only makes them afraid of you, and you cannot solve the problems.

  • Put wastes in the box

Should your cats eliminate outside the box, you’d better-put scraps in the box to remind your cats to relieve themselves by using their litter box.

  • Move water and food to a problem area

In case your cats still eliminate outside the box and have a specific wrong location, you can move the water and food to the spot where they remain eliminating. They can have a hardwired temptation to avoid leaving wastes around water and food. Therefore, they can stop relieving themselves outside the litter box.

Final Thoughts

That’s all that we want to share with you about how to litter box train a stray kitten.

We hope our article is helpful to you in teaching your little kittens to eliminate in the right place.

So what do you think now? Is it easy or hard? Leave your story in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

How to Strengthen Your Back and Deal with Notorious Back Pain

If you are constantly stuck sitting at your desk job at the office, you will probably sooner or later experience some kind of pain in your back. Or maybe you have already experienced such a pain, so you are looking for a way to get rid of it.

Don’t worry, this kind of problem does not instantly mean that you are “old” or that you have some serious problems related to your back. It is completely normal that someone feels uncomfortable after sitting on a chair for more than five or six hours a day, sometimes even more than that. The human body is built to be constantly on the move, walking, running, climbing and uses sitting as a way to rest and quickly return energy back to the muscles. We are not meant to sit idle for hours and hours throughout the day.

However, the reality is that our society has evolved in such a way and most of our jobs require us to work on computers or other types of devices and without any chair, those types of jobs would simply be impossible. So, you are destined to idle at your office because you love your job, but you are still wondering what you can do about the pain or how to prevent it. Look for the best pain management center and click here. You will definitely find the best solution for your pain and experience complete healing.

Well, fortunately, our society as also reached a level of medicine that can prevent most types of diseases, deformities and more. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your back to get rid of the back problems, here are some of our tips about what you should do.

Avoid the bed unless it’s for sleep

While chairs might be one of the main factors why people have so much trouble with necks and backs, resting in bed worsens the situation. A lot of studies have proven that people who are constantly active before or after their office jobs, experience little to no issues while those avoid any kind of activity and use the bed to rest experience a lot more pain.

In other words, if you want to do something about your spine, the solution is to move as much as you can and not to keep it stationary by resting in bed. We recommend that you do some light walks around the neighborhood in the first couple of days and then try out running or maybe harder workouts like bodyweight training or weightlifting.

Activity and exercise

One of the best ways to keep everything in order, your body in good shape and your back straight is to always be active. While daily exercises are always recommended to keep your body healthy, you could get away with enough activity such as walking instead of driving or riding on public transport. Doing these kinds of small changes can do a lot for your body. So, next time you feel lazy and don’t feel like to go for another grocery shopping run, get up and do it, don’t lay in bed. Keep pushing yourself to do as many activities as possible.

Once you have built up the habit to be constantly on your feet you will feel much better regarding your back or neck.

However, if you still feel the consequences of constantly sitting at the desk, then you will have to take some more advanced approach towards the problem. You will have to consider doing a few exercises at the start and then start working towards more and more exercises until you finally alleviate the pain you have been suffering from.

Here are some of the most effective exercises that you can do to increase the strength of your back.

  • Rowing

Rowing is one of the best workout equipment that you can use to actively burn calories and to strengthen the muscles in your lower back region. Although, if you do not want to go to the gym every day just for this exercise, you should consider getting yourself a rowing machine that you can set up at home. There are a couple of budget versions if you don’t like spending too much, but there are premium machines that can offer you a lot of different features. Check this if you want to which rowing machines will target the muscles in your back.

  • Planks

This exercise can be a bit difficult for people who haven’t had any workout experience before as it takes a lot of abdominal muscles. But, for the first couple of times, you should aim to hold a plank for about 10 seconds. After that, you can start building up endurance and last even longer which will ultimately help you with your pain.

  • Crunches

Most popularly known for their effect on abdominal muscles, but they are also effective for the muscles around the lower and upper back.

A good chair and good posture

Now that you finally found out who is the real culprit in this situation, it is time to change that creaky old office chair that you have been using for the last couple of years. You will need to buy yourself a proper ergonomic office chair that will give enough posture to your spine and your head so release a bit of the tension while you are working. Of course, you could also ask your management or your boss to provide you with one because you simply cannot sit in one that continuously ruins your health.

Now that you have gotten yourself a brand new chair, do not expect that everything will magically fix itself. No, you will have to do some work on yourself. You need to start thinking about the way you sit and generally about your posture. You need to pay attention to where you place your legs and whether your feet are flat on the ground. If they are not, you should readjust the height of your chair, so your legs are always at a 90-degree angle.

Avoid slouching your shoulders forward to take the weight of your head off from your neck and keep your back straight. At first, it might be uncomfortable to readjust yourself every single time, but after a while, you will get used to it and you will feel healthier.