5 Common Cryptocurrency Sending Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Cryptocurrency trading tends to be hard for most novices, and even experienced investors make mistakes sometimes. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies may look like an easy task, but if you are not cautious, there is a high chance that you might lose your crypto coins. As cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, it is nearly difficult to obtain them back if you lose them.

Before sending or trading the cryptocurrency, it is better to do proper research and know more about the crypto and its risks. There are several mistakes that people often make while exchanging cryptocurrency. A few errors lead to a great money loss, and you can avoid the common mistakes by understanding them. If you are a beginner and plan to start crypto trading, make sure to click here.

What Are The 5 Common Mistakes Investors Make While Sending Cryptocurrency?

As appealing as it might seem, the cryptocurrency world is risky if you do not have the proper knowledge. Below we will tell you about the 5 general mistakes investors make while trading cryptocurrency. In addition to that, we will also advise you on how to avoid them.

1. Sending to the wrong crypto address

Here is one of the most common mistakes that investors make while trading cryptocurrency. Sometimes, people accidentally tend to send crypto to the wrong wallet address. If you entered the wrong inputs in your transaction, it might lead to losing funds forever. Plus, Sending ETH crypto to a BTC address or vice versa will result in a permanent loss of your cryptocurrency.

Remember, if you have started a cryptocurrency transaction, it is impossible to cancel or reverse it. When you transfer funds to the wrong account, you need to contact the account owner to call for a refund. If you do not know the owner of the address, there is nothing you can do to obtain your crypto.

In order to avoid this mistake, make sure to triple-check the address, other input and examine these details with the recipient’s address.

2. Losing the keys

Recent reports reveal that investors lost nearly 4 million Bitcoins because of common errors, and losing keys is also one of them. The crypto keys are simply the one aspect that can verify your ownership of your crypto assets. If you have lost or forgotten your private keys, you will be locked out of your account and can not get access to your investments. Though you can ask for a fresh password or PIN from the bank or different service providers, the blockchain does not have any customer service.

As of January 2021, around 3.7 million Bitcoin is lost and can not be retrieved forever. You need to store your private keys or your password securely to avoid this kind of error.

3. Storing crypto coins in uncertain wallets

Selecting a safe digital wallet to keep your crypto coins is of utmost importance. Presently, there are plenty of crypto wallets, so it is crucial to opt for trustworthy, secured, and reliable wallets in your location. Several beginners assume that their crypto coins are safe and can be accused anytime if they are placed in an online wallet. However, online wallets are the easiest prey for hackers, so storing all your funds in an online wallet is never a good idea.

Make sure to select a non-custodial wallet or custodial wallet based on your preferences. If you have a non-custodial or self-custody wallet, you are solely responsible for your crypto assets and private keys. Hence, if you forget or miss your private keys, there is no way to open your crypto account. Having a custodial wallet means that third parties are responsible for your private keys. But, hackers can transfer your crypto coins from your account without any private keys because the third party controls the keys.

You can store some of your crypto coins in an offline wallet to keep them secured to avoid losing due to cyber attacks.

4. Not maintaining offline hard copies of crucial data (keys)

The private crypto keys are not one or two-digit numbers to remember easily. They are long-winded and complicated to memorize. Some of you might write the password in Notepad, Google Docs, or a Word doc and store that on your PC. But, what will you do when your PC is damaged?

You must keep offline private keys in printed documents and store them in numerous safe and hidden places. Hence, if you lost one copy, you can get the backup doc from another location. Consider maintaining several hard copies of crucial information related to your crypto coins.

5. Making crypto trading based on emotions

While trading cryptocurrency, you will often come across acronyms such as HODL, FUD, and FOMO. They depict some sort of technique but are emotion-driven simultaneously.

Firstly, HODL indicates sticking to your crypto assets despite the instability in the market. Sometimes, you would not get any profit even if you wait for a long time, so that is when you have to trade those assets. A few investors follow the existing trend to trade cryptocurrency due to fear of missing out (FOMO). But, it is risky as there is a high chance of users falling into fake proposals and scams. FUD means Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The users under the trance of FUD will prohibit themselves from trading in crypto despite the good research stats and profitable market value.

You should never do crypto trading relying on your emotions. Make sure to check the market stats and regular data before sending or buying cryptocurrency.

Bottom Line

After thorough research and careful testing, we found the common mistakes people make while sending cryptocurrency. Besides that, we also made a list of those mistakes along with brief information about how to avoid these top 5 common mistakes. It is crucial to be aware of these errors so you can send and trade cryptocurrencies without much difficulty or any loss.

Most beginners and entry-level investors tend to make these errors. Now you are familiar with the common mistakes people make in the crypto world, so make sure not to repeat these blunders. Having this awareness reduces the time you need to spend on researching and also lessens the risk of crypto loss.

How to Find Profitable Crypto Signals for Trading

If you are a professional crypto trader or thinking of starting a trading career then for sure you are familiar with crypto signals. The signal in crypto trading is like an instruction given by the crypto experts. The purpose of using the signals is just to earn the profit without any deep crypto knowledge. There are many channels and the crypto signal providers are available on the internet, those are providing the signals either free of cost or charging money. Well there is a big debate on which type of crypto signals are good for trading.

Usually whenever someone goes for the crypto signal does not know how to find the signals for the trading. Usually people are getting the random signals and by trusting on those signals they invest in the crypto trading. In my point of view this is a totally bad approach. Without knowing the source of the crypto signal how you can trust and invest your money. This is true, using crypto signals is a risky thing but if you use them without any investigation then you are putting yourself at a high risk.

There is a way of using and finding the crypto signals. As experts are trading crypto with the analysis and research, similarly you have to put the same process in finding the crypto signal. Nowadays hundreds of the crypto experts are making their channels on the telegram and making the signals and providing to the trading newbies. But remember not every expert is able to create the crypto signal. The signals required lots of efforts like research and analysis, and time as well. So it is wrong to trust any crypto signal. Make sure you are also researching well in order to search for a reliable source. So the question is how you can find a profitable and efficient signal source. I will guide you in this article.

1. Investigate the Source

As I mentioned above you don’t need to trust on any random crypto signal for the trading. Literally in the crypto communities you will find hundreds of the signals daily, and it will make you greedy for more profit. You need to control yourself, and need to analyze and investigate before using the crypto signal. The first thing you need to make sure the source you are getting the crypto signals from is reliable and reputable. The channel or the service provider must have a good number of followers. The higher number of followers or members the source is reliable. For this take the reviews from the existing members or you can ask the review in the crypto communities.

2. Quality of the Signal

The second you need to make sure the quality of the crypto signal. For this first you need to check either the signal is free or paid. If the signal is free then you have to be more cautious because every free thing can’t be reliable. On the other hand if you are getting the paid signals then it means the chances of reliability is high in the paid crypto signals. But still you need to check the quality. For this you can consult with the other crypto experts, or if you have knowledge about the crypto trading then you can check on your own. For this you need to check the market fluctuation rate, current value of the coin and so on. This is how you can judge the signal easily. In case of any blunder in the signal you can stop yourself and even other crypto traders that are going to use the signal so how they could save the money from the big loss..

3.  Read the Guideline or Documentary

If you are going for the crypto channels then you need to check the guideline list. In the guideline you will get to know about the channels like what their policies are. Read the policy carefully. If they are providing the free signals then make sure there should be no hidden charges, or not asking for any personal information. However if they are providing the paid signals then there should be secure payment used for the transactions. Before making the payment make sure you have read the documentary. Usually service providers are offering the document for the new members so they know how the crypto signals will work.

4. Good Customer Support Crew

Crypto trading is a sensitive industry, in which everything that is related to trading matters. Similarly in the mean of the crypto signals you also need to concern everything. Customer support is one of them. Usually in the crypto channels you are not finding the customer support, so you need to take the help from the admin and moderators. In the channels you can even ask your query from other members so this is the good point in the channels source. On the other hand if you are using the service provider then make sure they have 24/7 customer support. These are the technical things and anything can happen anytime. So in case of any mishap you can concern with the customer support easily without any rush. The customer support should be dedicated to help the members. Visit to know all you need.

5. Do not Ask for the Personal Information

Have you ever noticed why people are discussing the crypto things on the telegram instead of on other social media platforms. Just because the crypto talks are sensitive so these are good on the encrypted platforms. Similarly your personal information should be private and secure in the crypto tradings. The crypto trading is performed online so there is always a threat of getting hacked. So make sure you are not sharing any personal information. I would recommend you to make a separate email and get the new number for the crypto signals. Use that new email and number only for signal purposes. This is how you can save your information from getting compromised and you can even hide your identity.

Out of Control: Why The Bitcoin Cannot be Changed

According to the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, “the nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 is released, the core design is set in stone for the rest of it’s lifetime.” Bitcoin has been able to resist different attacks. Indeed, there have been many attempt to alter its features. If bitcoin currency were to be compared to banks’ currency, it would be the most independent bank in the world. It would be the most independent sovereign state if it were to be compared to other sovereign nations. The sovereignty of Bitcoin implies that it can never be altered by anyone. It is not an overstatement to affirm that Bitcoin cannot be controlled by anyone. There are only two simple options available: either to use it as it is or not use it.

This inflexibility is not a characteristics of the software as it is susceptible to change for someone with good coding skills, but instead is based on the economics of the currency and network, and arises from the difficulty to ensure every member of the Bitcoin network uses the same changes to the software.

An Open-source software

Bitcoin uses open-source software, which means that nobody owns or controls it and everyone can take part. It was first made available by Satoshi Nakamoto and some other programmers. Since then, it has been available to people to download freely and use the software as they please. This triggers a competitive market in its implementation and everyone is free to contribute improvements to the software for users to adopt.

Over the years, many programmers across the globe have attempted to improve the node software and enhance the features of individual nodes. These programmers have contributed to several implementations – the most prominent one is the Bitcoin core. There are several other implementations and users are free to alter the source code at any point. For the node to be a part of the network, it must follow the rules of other nodes. There is no central authority that dictates the evolution or operation of the Bitcoin software and no single programmer can set its outcome in motion. For an implementation to be accepted, it must follow the parameters of the original design. The improvements are made to enhance the way individual nodes interact with the system, and not completely alter the general consensus rules of the Bitcoin network. Furthermore, there are several trading platform for Bitcoin. An example is

No Bitcoin stakeholder can control its network

Bitcoin programmers, for all their exceptional brilliance, have no complete control over the Bitcoin network, and are just Bitcoin coders because they provide node operators with software the operators need to use. However, not only coders lack total control of the bitcoin network.

Miners too have no authority or control, for all the “hashing” power they possess. No matter how much this “hashing” power might be, when they attempt to process invalid blocks, there is no way they will be validated by the majority of the Bitcoin nodes. This implies that anytime miners attempt to change the consensus rules of the network, any block they create will be ignored by the members operating the nodes, and they would have wasted much effort and resources on solving complicated proof-of-work problems without any form of reward. Hence, Miners power is only limited as they can only work on blocks with valid transactions in strict accordance to the consensus rules of the system.

Furthermore, it might be tempting to think node operators should then be capable of controlling Bitcoin. Realistically, that is wrong. They only have power over their own nodes and can choose which network rules to adopt and which transaction they can regard valid or invalid. Nodes have restricted choice of consensus rules and must follow the rules that are consistent with the consensus of the network for their transactions to be accepted. In other words, all nodes must maintain the general rules and remain compatible with the nodes of the same rules. Each node cannot force other nodes to change their codes and this provides a strong incentive to maintain the general consensus rules.

Technology Behind Bitcoin

This is a complex system that provides Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies with their essential features. The great thing is that the developers are actively working on upgrades of this system and its implementation in other spheres. For instance, the introduction of smart contracts. Also, it can improve the online platforms and allow the integration of the advanced system. That can be used for improvements in the development of smart homes and overall IoT.

The simple explanation of this system is that it represents a digital model of storing data in a closed or open system, and it can keep it safe and unreachable outside that circle. When it comes to BTC and another crypto, they are using nodes for storing this data. That is the main reason why miners are essential for the system since they are the ones who provide resources that will approve transactions.

Also, miners are creating blocks of codes, where each block contains data that is connected and represents a chain with other blocks.  Besides that, each transaction is protected with the hash code. Moreover, after the data is added to the system with the hash code, there is no way to edit or delete it. When you buy Bitcoin, the information about the transaction will be stored on a decentralized system where the nodes will allow the process. In the end, there is another layer of protection with encryption. While the system is public, and anyone can check the codes and volume of transactions, your private data will remain anonymous.

Besides the ability to allow cryptocurrencies to have their main features, there are many other advantages of using a blockchain system. We can notice the rise in popularity of NFT, which is a unique digital form where you can store multimedia files with reserved rights. That will have a big influence on the economy and completely change the way of trading in the future. The main benefit is related to the advanced model of security that this system provides.

Why Trading is So Popular?

As we can see, the main reason why investing in Bitcoin is so popular is related to the great potential to earn a profit on trading with this digital unit. The current price is around $33,000. When we compare it with the same period last years, it grew more than three times. Also, a couple of months ago, the price was at a record-high $60,000. This market is highly volatile, which is the main reason why it is so attractive to investors. You can choose different methods of trading as well. When we look at some predictions, experts in this field are suggesting that the value might reach the price of over $100,000 before 2025. Therefore, simply buying and keeping it until the price gets higher is a great solution. On the other side, you can be more active in trading. The interesting feature is that the prices are frequently changing every day. For example, the price might vary in thousands of dollars during the same day. Therefore, you can implement a proper strategy and be aware of various factors that are affecting these changes, and make a great profit every day.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, even though it seems one member of the network has power over the others, the control is limited. Every member of the Bitcoin community works hand-in-hand with the others. It is a perfectly decentralized system of transaction and no one has complete control over Bitcoin.

What Makes Bitcoin So Superior?

Bitcoin has never been on a higher scale than today. This cryptocurrency has one of the biggest networks in the work as it reportedly counts over 5 million users. Even though most governments around the world consider Bitcoin as an outlaw currency, it received massive support from the people.

The massive support is the reason why so many experts believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has the potential to become legalized in the future. But, we are not here to talk about the future potential of Bitcoin.

We wanted to take a look at the features that this cryptocurrency has and how they have made it superior to its competition. With that being said, we’ll compare Bitcoin to both regular payment methods and other cryptocurrencies. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Advantages Over The Regular Payment Methods

The first advantage that we are going to mention is that Bitcoin’s transactions are instant. When using regular payment methods, it may take up to a week before the funds are transferred. Banks are processing their funds, which makes the process much slower. As you know, banks are totally excluded when using Bitcoin, which is why Bitcoin is far more efficient in that field.

Speaking of excluding banks from transactions, there is another big benefit for the users from that. Banks often impose various fees as they are their main source of income. With Bitcoin, banks cannot interfere with payments, hence they cannot impose any fees on you, which actually allows you to save money.

Probably the biggest advantage that Bitcoin boasts is the fact that you can make a lot of profit with it. Thanks to reputable trading sites like The Bitcoin Code, people can sell their assets pretty easily and earn solid money. To make things even better, the aforementioned site is very secure and every trade that you make will be safe. No unwanted parties will be able to gain access to sensitive data.

Since we already mentioned security, this is the last advantage that Bitcoin boasts over regular payment methods. Thanks to the fact that Bitcoin utilizes a method called cryptology, all of its users gain a certain level of anonymity, thus increasing their online security. This makes Bitcoin the safest method to use when it comes to online transactions. Additionally, Bitcoin has never been hacked.

Can You Use It As A Payment Method?

The advantages over the regular payment methods would be in vain if you couldn’t use Bitcoin to purchase goods or services. There are many local, national, and global brands that accept it as a payment method. Since global brands are the most popular, we decided to name a few of those companies.

The list of popular companies is massive, but some honourable mentions here are Microsoft, Shopify, Overstock, Expedia, and Starbucks. The most recent brand to join this list is Tesla. This famous electric car manufacturer invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin back in February.

Superior To Other Cryptocurrencies

Now that we are familiar with the advantages that Bitcoin boasts over regular payment methods, how does this cryptocurrency rank among others of its kind? There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies on the market, but Bitcoin manages to surpass them, as well. First of all, Bitcoin focuses on security far more than any other cryptocurrency. 90% of the crypto users in the world only trade with Bitcoin, which means that the network is much greater.

Not only that, but reports show that thousands more join each day, making its infrastructure ever-growing. Bitcoin also has greater liquidity, and its value is second to none. Finally, as stated earlier, due to Bitcoin’s popularity, this cryptocurrency is the only one that has the potential to become legal in the distant future.

Trading and mining

Not only cryptocurrency is reliable for both trading and mining. On the contrary, many cryptocurrencies are intended only for trading. This is another fact that goes in favor of cryptocurrencies because today many investors decide to mine.

When we talk about what is better, we would say that the choice is up to the investor. however, the experience of many has shown that trading is more suitable for beginners, while mining is considered a slightly more serious business as it requires more time as well as special equipment. Electricity consumption is also high when it comes to mining.

Bitcoin is very available

Bitcoin is easily available to anyone who wants to engage in trading or mining. In addition to the fact that it can be bought in the same places as other cryptocurrencies (exchange offices and various platforms), there is an even simpler way, and that is to buy at ATM. Hundreds of bitcoin ATMs are set up around the world that you can access 24 /. All you have to do is swipe your bank card, buy bitcoins and transfer them to the digital wallet that you have prepared in advance.

A digital wallet stores virtual money and can be hot and cold. Although the hot wallet requires internet access and is therefore exposed to hacker attacks, many users opt for it for practical reasons. On the other hand, we have a cold, hardware wallet that is much safer, but also more expensive.

Currently, many companies accept bitcoin as a means of payment, especially those that operate only over the Internet. Today, some companies pay their workers’ salaries in bitcoins, and they are also readily accepted as a means of payment for many services around the world (schooling, vacation in a luxury hotel, dinner in a restaurant, etc.). Any means of payment is legitimate when a sufficient number of people agree on its use.

A virtual currency used independently of central and all other types of banks has its advantages: anyone can buy bitcoins and keep them in a virtual wallet, from which they can then transfer them to others (for example, the company from which they buy something) or will receive in it bitcoin from other users. Each transaction is performed without the mediation of banks and corresponds to the handover of cash.

5 Tips for Understanding the Crude Oil Market

When it comes to investing, an investor has many options available nowadays, including the crypto market and the crude oil market. Understanding any market before making any decisions is an important task to do. People get to know about the fluctuations in this market when there is a hike in their prices at the petrol stations.

Crude oil is not less than any precious metals or base metals. It is an essential element from which petroleum and energy are derived for the global market. Many nations are dependent on it for their energy consumption. Therefore, various countries try to maintain or store the supply of these essential energy resources.

Investors need to keep themselves updated about the economic trends in crude oil trading that can help them understand their future movements in this industry. Click here to get all the information related to the crude oil market trends. It is an excellent opportunity for investors to join this application and earn real profits in this field.


The world’s economy has a direct relationship with the distribution of essential elements amongst the nations. Crude oil is one of those commodities exchanged between various countries, and profits generated through it helps in the economic growth of the already developed economic countries and the developing ones.

If you are looking to make some profits in this field, you have some excellent opportunities. The energy sector has been growing for years, and the need for raw materials is also increasing with it. Many investors fail to make huge profits because they are not much aware of its market trends.

There are various unique features of the market that an investor needs to understand. Suppose they do not know the hidden pitfalls that are required to have huge returns or earnings. Follow the below-given steps to earn maximum profits in trading of this essential energy resource:

1. Make a strategy for trading:

Just as every other business or market needs to have a strategy, investing money in energy resources like crude oil also requires a trading strategy. It is the job of thousands of experts to study the geopolitical scenarios that are occurring every day all around the world. In simple words, their job is to study the fluctuation in the prices of crude oil in the market.

When a person gets involved in the trading business, they must make decisions based on their strategies. If you are not able to study the current scenarios of the market yourself, then it is best to take advice from the professionals. An experienced person will help you understand the energy ecosystem better.

On the contrary, investors must also put their efforts into understanding the current scenarios. For example, if there is a war-like situation in any country, then it is evident that the prices of energy resources would take a massive rise.

2. Try to understand what is moving the crude oil:

Any product comes into the market because of its demand. The same applies to the crude oil market. When the demand increases but the supply remains constant, then the prices of the oil rise and vice versa. Investors need to study the demand and supply market if they want to drive maximum profits. Keeping track of all these things will be beneficial for anyone who wants to invest in energy resources.

3. Learn to differentiate between different kinds of crudes:

Another essential aspect that you need to learn is the difference between WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and Brent crude. These are the two primary markets that deal with crude oil. In Brent, the oil is produced on the offshores, whereas in WTI, it is made inland using the fracking process. India majorly imports the Brent type of crude.

If we talk about the price values of both of these types, then WTI stands higher because its production and outputs are more than Brent. An investor must know about the performances of each market and only then decide where to invest his money to gain good returns or output.

4. Try the swing trading technique:

Opting for a great strategy is an excellent step in developing any business. Swing trading is one such strategy that involves purchasing and holding any resource for a short period. These short periods may range from minutes to even days. Such traders depend upon the fluctuations in demand or supply that take place in a short period only. They keep track of the market trends through candlestick charts and other analysis techniques.

5. Learn about the economic situation of the countries that are the largest consumers of crude oil:

One of the most important factors that influence the global energy trends is to learn about the economic conditions of the world’s biggest importer and consumer countries of crude oil in the world. For example, India and China are the two largest consumer countries of this energy resource.

A country’s domestic economy directly impacts its imports or exports depending upon the supply and demand. If the domestic economy is in good condition, one can expect more demand due to higher consumption, leading to higher revenue generation. Therefore, studying the economic conditions of the various importer countries is also a necessary part of gaining more profit.


Every trading demands a proper analysis by an investor before they make their choice whether to invest or not. One can make good returns in the crude oil market if one can adequately study the trading trends. Have a look at the above points to maximize your profits in trading crude oil.

What Should You Remember When Trading With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin trading has never been more appealing. Thanks to the fact that this cryptocurrency is valued at more than $50,000, many people are open to the idea of diving into the world of trading and earning money.

Of course, the process is not as simple as one might think because there are tons of things that you should remember & consider when it comes to Bitcoin. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to touch on in this article and name a few general aspects that you should keep in mind whenever you think of trading with this cryptocurrency.

Without any further ado, let’s check the details & figure out all there is to know.

Top 4 key things to understand about Bitcoin

1. The High Volatility

One of the most well-known facts about Bitcoin is that it comes with a high volatility rate. That means that its value is subject to many daily changes. Often, it can rise or fall up to a few thousand dollars in just 24 hours. It is an unpredictable currency and most cryptos tend to behave like that.

The high volatility rate is one of the biggest problems that traders face when trading with Bitcoin as it is hard for them to determine when to sell their assets and maximize their profits. However, when you get it right you will end up with a fortune!

2. Trading Sites Can Help You

While the volatility rate is troublesome, the good thing is that some trading sites can help you battle it and thus, make a profit. Here’s how. Reputable platforms utilize advanced AI systems that are able to collect all the data about Bitcoin from the market and use it to analyze its future fluctuations.

The better the system is, the more accurate the results will be. One of the trading platforms that has a very high profitability rate is BitcoinUp. All you have to do to gain access to the services of this trading platform is register. The process is very fast and simple. After you’ve registered, you will have to verify your identity by supplying the site with valid documentation such as ID, driver’s license, or passport.

3. Patience is the Key

One of the biggest challenges that you will experience when trading with Bitcoin is learning how to be patient. Why? Thanks to the volatility rate, Bitcoin’s price has the potential to rise in value quickly. Novice traders will think that the trend will continue and Bitcoin will continue to rise. That is the concept of Fear of Missing Out comes into light and because traders are convinced that the offer is just too good to pass, they invest a lot of money into the cryptocurrency.

But, after they invest, Bitcoin’s price drops in value and they are not able to make any profit off it. That is when the more experienced traders step in and take all of the profits to themselves. Patience is one of the best tools that you can master as it will help you learn how Bitcoin works and thus, increase your chances of making a profit.

4. Halving Events Lead to Price Surges

Finally, halving events take place when a total of 210,000 Bitcoins are mined. That is usually around 4 years. The next halving events are set to take place in 2024, 2028, and 2032. By 2032, it is expected that 99% of all Bitcoins will be mined. But, what’s important to know about them is that they always lead to price surges.

That is because during halving events, it becomes extremely difficult to mine Bitcoins and logically, its price goes up. The most recent halving event took place in 2020 and since it ended, Bitcoin rose to $60,000. Not only that, but experts believe that Bitcoin has the potential to climb even more and possibly reach a record-breaking value of $100,000 by the time 2021 ends.

So, how to day-trade Bitcoin?

This form of trading means that you will open and close a position within just one trading day. Anyone who is looking into making a profit overnight and who wishes to be in the business for the short term will enjoy this step and this way of trading.

How to trend trade Bitcoin?

Trend trading is a process where you’ll follow the current BTC trend. If the trend is bad or poor you will go for a long and a bearish trend means going short. Watch out for the emerging trend and ask for help from others around you if you’re not too sure how trends work.

Remember these top 3 tips when it comes to BTC

1. Always start out small & work your way up

It is better to be safe & cautious than it is to go all out. Never go all out and rather enjoy small-stake trades. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Get yourself a secure wallet

You should hold your digital assets in your digital wallet since it is the best & most secure way in the long run. There are hot wallets & cold wallets for you to choose from. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, while cold wallets are used for storing your assets.

3. Be smart with your strategy

There are four categories for you to choose from, as well as four different strategies to try out:

Scalpers – those who make loads of trades but for a smaller profit amount

Day traders – they rule the market for 24 hours

Swing trading – is done through a deep analysis

Passive trader – takes time & plays it slow for long-term profit

Ready for your ultimate BTC experience?


Are you ready to begin trading and you’re eager to start with your BTC use and trades? This article will help newbies & experts get a hang of it. Let us know where you stand at the moment when it comes to Bitcoin trading.

How to Start Trading With Bitcoin – 2021 Guide

For some time now, digital money represent an ideal opportunity for an investment, and as such, it’s pretty understandable that the crypto community is only getting bigger. But, some may still find it difficult to comprehend all the things about blockchain technology, crypto trading platforms, and all other matters and terms closely connected to cryptos, and that is pretty reasonable since this new technology is still a new one, but luckily, everyone interested in investing and dealing with Bitcoin can find many trustworthy sources to get informed and start with their crypto adventure.

Nonetheless, when it comes to approaching the segment of crypto trading possibilities, you have to make sure that you have all of the additional things into consideration. That is of great significance because, in order to establish a rather successful approach, it is necessary to do some research to be prepared for crypto trading. In addition to all of this, a particular approach of this sort will open up so many impressive opportunities that will help you bring closer to achieve all of the goals and trading preferences that you have in mind. Here, if we take a look at the popular notion of cryptocurrency and all of the technological updates that are incorporated, we will get a chance to build a better understanding of the rise in popularity of this crypto trading segment.  That will help us find the best and most suitable way that will help us start our Bitcoin trading journey that many people still find challenging and confusing.

Having all of this established, it is time to start today’s topic of discussion and learn more about it.

The Current Trading Methods

When it comes to taking the approach of Bitcoin trading possibilities, we will have to make sure that we have completed thorough research regarding the available options that will help us explore all the possibilities with a certain amount of experience that we have. Doing so will give us a chance to create a rather applicable strategy, which will help us base our further trading journey. The research may seem like a tedious and annoying job, but it is the first step for any successful business operation, and there is no difference with crypto trading, so it is necessary to be done in the right and proper way. By doing so, we are avoiding any possible problems that may occur, and, of course, we are doing everything in order to stay and remain safe during each trade.

Taking into consideration all of the possible trading options and methods that are available for us to use, we will get a chance to find what works the best for us and what option gives us the most benefit. That will allow us to take the approach that seems like it is going to help us earn big profits with the trading knowledge that we have. Proper research can save us from losing all the money due to unsafe trading and bring us much bigger profits, and the best way to ensure we profit is by finding a reliable and reputable platform. Finding a reliable one before taking any action is necessary because there are many scams, and it is crucial to have all relevant information before we start.

The Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Once you have managed to explore the segment mentioned above, you will get a chance to take the next big step in this guide, which is the concept of using Bitcoin trading platforms as the main source for your trading experience. Here, you can simply visit this website,, which is going to help you explore their trading app that you can immediately download. The download process is simple, and by following a few simple steps, you will be ready to start trading in a few minutes. The application is great for both experienced users and those people who are trying it for the first time in their lives, and using it does not require some special preparation. Those who lack experience will find it helpful that there is also guidance and advice on how to make the most out of every trade.

With this app, within this particular concept, you will get a chance to discover all the possibilities that will result in insane profits. The profits are generated by the specific trading technology with which this platform is operating. However, in order to activate this segment, one will have to go through a series of trading steps to become a successful Bitcoin trader, but there is no need to worry since those steps are not that difficult and do not take long. As we already mentioned, the platform is made in such a way so that anyone can understand. That, along with the fact that going through those trading steps is pretty easy, just enhances the whole experience, even for those who are trying it for the first time.

The Process of Registration

When you open the trading website we have mentioned above, you will get a chance to find a simple registration form right in the beginning part of the site. That is the most important step that you have to complete in order to activate the trading algorithm. All one needs to do here is to provide all of the required information to establish the online Bitcoin Trading Account. Read the steps carefully and complete the entire profile in the beginning because the information you provide is crucial for further actions and withdrawals.

When all of this is completed, you will have to place the initial deposit that can be of a minimum of $250. Do not worry, that money will be soon in your possession again because trading is all about earning money, and one cannot invest in anything without having to place their money, so it’s perfectly normal.

The Process of Bitcoin Trading

Once you have created the account and placed the initial deposit, you will get a chance to take a look within the process of Bitcoin trading, thus learn all about the powerful Bitcoin trading algorithm, as the algorithm is actually doing most of the work.

This particular trading app is based on the most powerful AI technology that is used in a way to create this automated trading system that is operating at the highest speed rates while maintaining the levels of trading accuracy. What this means is that AI is doing all the calculations regarding when, where, and in how much to trade, and since it is top-notch AI tech, it provides impressive results.

The Bottom Line

When you take a look at this particular trading process, you will get a chance to see that it is perfectly suited for beginner traders, as it is a rather safe and secure trading source that is reviewed by experts on both crypto publications and the mainstream media.

Implement all of the things we have discussed so far, thus approach the process of Bitcoin trading success.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bitcoin Freelancing

Of all the recent additions to the Bitcoin profit options roster, one of the most popular amongst users is Bitcoin freelancing. When it comes down to it, this isn’t surprising at all. Freelancing has taken new wind thanks to the internet and technological advancements of the 21st, and we can’t help but be grateful for it. People worldwide have a chance to work from the comfort of their own homes and make a nice stream of income in multiple currencies, including Bitcoin! So, if you’re thinking of joining the new wave of Bitcoin freelancers, here are the dos and don’ts you should consider.

Give Your Skills a Boost

Even in the Bitcoin freelancing market, finding work can be insanely competitive. Employers expect to see freelancers who know their stuff and can deliver excellent results, and we can’t say that we blame them. No matter what type of gig you’re applying for, making sure that you have the skills to do the job right is essential. In situations like these, it’s better to be overqualified than just average, so if you want a successful Bitcoin freelancing venture, you’ll need to upskill yourself a bit.

Another important thing to consider is what jobs you’re applying for. While there are a plethora of choices in different fields, not all of them pay the same. If you’re not happy with making small earnings from simple jobs, then you should consider venturing into some of the in-demand fields on the Bitcoin freelancing market. Fields like digital marketing, coding, and app development are a few of the best-paid ones you’ll run into, so take a few courses and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Do work with cryptocurrency-focused freelancing sites

Now the world already has a lot of cryptocurrencies and people are using them. There are specific platforms like “Freelanceforcoins” and “WorkingforBitcoins” that allow payments through cryptocurrencies. All these freelancing sites are cryptocurrency-oriented. Therefore, whether you are offering your services or you are looking for a gig, you can deal in coins.

The amazing thing for freelancers is that currently, cryptocurrency-oriented freelancing sites have less competition. Therefore, if you are one of those service providers, you do not have to do much. Create a gig and wait for getting your order.

If you have better services to offer and have high-quality work, you will definitely win. Furthermore, getting Bitcoin as payment is always a good thing. Because their price changes. You might earn more with the right timing.

And the best thing for service finders is that they can get their work done at less price. As mentioned above, the competition is less. Therefore, the freelancers do not cost higher at these new sites. On the other hand, if you go to some traditional sites like Fiver or Upwork, the rates a quite higher. If you want quality work, you will have to pay
much more price for it.

Do learn about cryptocurrency trading

This is especially important for freelancers. Although you might be well-off with doing your freelancing job. But you need more than one source of income. The best way is to learn about cryptocurrency trading. The price of cryptocurrency is volatile. You might get 1 Bitcoin for doing the job and the very next day the price drops down. Thus, you will be at a loss.

However, as I have said before, it is volatile. If the price dropped down today, it might rise again. So if you have decided to work through Bitcoins, it is better to learn more about trading. You must know how things work in this market. This will increase your profit ratio many times.

All you have to do is to wait for the right time to sell your coins. If you observe an increase in the price, you can sell
your coins. But if the price is dropping, you can wait for a stable time and then use them to do whatever you want.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

If you’re expecting something low-effort that allows you plenty of free time, Bitcoin freelancing might not be the right choice. A more relaxed alternative you can go for is automated trading. By using top-notch automated trading platforms like Immediate Edge, users can earn a nice passive income that gives them enough freedom to enjoy their pastimes. Thanks to the AI trading bots these apps boast, users can sit back and relax while the software automatically invests in opportunities with great potential.

It’s safe to say that Bitcoin freelancing isn’t for everyone. Unlike most other Bitcoin profit options, Bitcoin freelancing doesn’t rely on luck and predictions but hard work and dedication. Whether you see it as part-time or full-time work, the activity still entails working. You’ll need to spare a fair amount of time out of your day to complete jobs, which can seem impossible if you already have another day job. Essentially, if you don’t see Bitcoin freelancing as a job, it’s probably not the right choice for you.

Don’t Apply for Every Job

We’ve already touched on this, but we feel like there’s plenty left to say on the subject. As we mentioned, employers expect excellent results from freelancers. Whether you like it or not, the freelancing world can be very high-maintenance, so harsh critiques aren’t a rarity. Since many freelancing sites work with scoring and review systems, subpar work can leave you with a bad rating, which can massively impact your chances of finding work in the future.

When you’re starting, we recommend applying for gigs that aren’t high-impact. Find gigs that don’t carry too much responsibility and make sure that you can finish them without a single misstep. The pay may be lower, but it will give you time to learn the ins and outs of the market. Even if you’ve taken out advice and signed up for a top-notch coding course, you should avoid gigs in the field until you’ve gathered a bit of experience. Start small to get a good rating score going and work your way up over time.

To sum up…

Bitcoin is changing our market and so does the market for freelancers. This is the time for them to do something so they can work in advance with their competitors. Freelancers have time to take a step ahead of their competitors. They can make their name on the latest platforms by providing better services. However, they should not ignore customer management and take this business as a token.

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