Why every Investor Should Own Some Gold in their Portfolio

A modern and dynamic economy presents plenty of investment opportunities. Some opt for stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Others choose more unique assets like real estate or cryptocurrencies.

However, just about every investor would be more than happy to add physical gold bullion to their portfolio. The shiny yellow metal has long been desired for its value and stability, leading people from all walks of life to research how to invest in gold.

Gold might not be as exciting as an asset like virtual currencies, but bullion remains a smart and savvy investment choice for many reasons. Keep reading to learn more about why it is a smart move for any investor to add gold to their portfolio.

Gold Remains An Effective Asset To Protect In Times Of Economic Turbulence

Gold has traditionally served as an effective inflation hedge. The price of the precious metal often rises in years with high inflation – as the stock market plunges. Since gold is usually priced in fiat currency units (which lose purchasing power to inflation), the precious metal jumps in price as the cost of living does the same. Many people often flock to gold in times of economic insecurity and concern. The metal’s almost tripled between 1998 and 2008 and nearly doubled once again from 2008-2012.

Fiat currencies today like the U.S. Dollar struggled under the weight of America’s large deficit, budget, and increases in the money supply. These elements look to only continue to raise the value of gold in the coming years. This is the basic knowledge you need to have before you decide to invest in gold while more details about different ways to invest can be found on

Supply and Demand Concerns

The vast majority of gold transactions since the 1990s are carried out by central banks that sell gold from their vaults. However, gold-selling by these financial authorities has decreased sharply in the last few years. The supply of bullion has also been in a steady decline over the last two decades.

Much of the world’s gold is mined in South Africa, a nation plagued with political instability and issues with electrical infrastructure. Both factors inhibit the ability of mining companies to work. COVID-19 has also taken a toll on gold mines as workers have been forced to stop mining at certain points in time, creating a gold supply crunch.

While gold mining opportunities have started to emerge in nations like Sudan, Mali, and Burkina Faso, these countries also have complicated geopolitical situations that can make work difficult. It usually takes five to ten years to bring a new gold mine into production. Overall, the supply of gold bullion has remained somewhat static and could even start to decline if buying habits begin to pick up – increasing the price of the precious metal.

At the same time, gold demand is starting to rise as emerging market economies begin to desire precious metals. Gold demand in China, a rapidly rising economic superpower, is driven by cultural aspects where gold bars are seen as a traditional way to save money. In India, gold demand continues to rise as the metal is used in a wide range of jewelry, especially during October, a traditional wedding month.

Volatility Remains Lower Than Other Commodities

While high compared to other precious metals like silver, the spot price of gold maintains lower volatility than many assume. Many commodities often move in a manner opposite of the stock market, but outside factors like the weather and instability can quickly alter the price of oil, diamonds, and even real estate.

In contrast, the demand for gold remains relatively constant. The jewelry industry, which accounts for 50% of global gold use, is a sector of the economy where the activity is always occurring. The spot price of silver remains more volatile than gold due to differences in the market size and the heavy industrial uses of the metal. In general, the activity of gold mines takes a longer time to respond to fluctuations in the spot price of gold. Gold’s lower volatility makes the metal a smart commodity for investment purposes, as buyers do not have to worry about external factors altering their investment.

Stocks Vs Gold

Even if you are a stock trader, there’s one good reason why you should consider gold as well. These two “currencies” have never seen eye to eye. In other words, when stocks were dominating the market and when they were stable and increasing, the value of gold dropped and vice versa. The moment stocks drop and lose value and the world faces an economic crisis, people turn to gold.

Having a bit of gold in your pocket makes you prepared for the turbulent years to come! IBy combining gold with stocks, you can create a portfolio that reduces volatility and risk as well. Therefore, you will be sure that you cannot lose it all since these two things contrast each other. In fact, you might lose on one end and you will win on the other, and be balanced out. Now, it is your skills that you should use to oversee when to switch from one to the other for maximum gain.


All investors should take the time to add gold bullion to their portfolio. The metal maintains its value well, is highly desired, easy to buy, sell and trade, and serves as a stable and effective hedge against inflation and economic downturn. Buyers often have a wide range of bars, coins, and rounds to choose from, either from an online retailer or an in-person dealer.

As we have already said, gold has attracted our attention from the earliest times. There’s something about it – the yellowish glow, the ease of handling, the ability to melt it under the flames and turn it into coins…We’ve valued all of these things throughout the years, and we will continue to do so in the future. The value of gold never seems to dwindle.

5 Bitcoin Hacks and Secrets Every Trader Needs to Know

Getting double or triple your investment never seems bad to anyone. Who doesn’t like easy money? Of course, many do that. Therefore, the urge to get rich with a little investment has increased public interest in Bitcoin. This is also the major reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, several success stories on the internet motivate more and more people to get into cryptocurrency trading. For example, Eddy Zillan, a crypto millionaire.

Only because of the amazingly true success stories, the verified users in the crypto market reached 1 million in 2018. This is proof of the truthfulness of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But most of the people are not aware of the basics and get into this market with a little knowledge. Thus, gets in trouble and lose all of their money. Therefore, you must get to know about the hacks to get success in Bitcoin trading. tells you about the purchase of Bitcoin without much investment. You can go to their Website to learn about the use of Amazon gift cards for the purchase of Bitcoin. Yes, you don’t have to use your own money if you have the gift card from amazon. So use this card to become rich.

But wait, you still have to know some secrets about Bitcoin trading. So here are the hacks that you can use;

1. Plan your Game

You might think that you already have a plan, you will do this and that and finally get success. But ask yourself how many times have you stick to your plan? Having a plan is a different thing and sticking to it is the thing you have to do. Now, to do so, you need strong will power.

The important thing in Bitcoin trading is the time of purchase and selling. If you have bought the currency during the low time, you need to set the criteria to trade. So irrespective of the market performance, stick to your plan. But don’t just casually sit there. Analyze the market and make your move accordingly. After some time you will learn how the market works and when is the best time to sell your coin.

2. Consolidation of your portfolio

As the market goes up and down, so do the different coins. Some coins have long term potential (if you don’t know about it, you will learn that with time). The Crypto market is also like trading in the stock market. The worth of the coins can be determined through the market performance just like companies.

For example, you have shares in a Robotics company and any cinema. So if you have to sell the shares of one of the company what will you do? Of course, the cinema because robotics has a long term benefit. The future is all about technology. Old themed and design based cinemas will no longer be there.

Similar is the case with Bitcoin trading. You have to analyze your coins and get rid of the one that does not have a long term benefit. So when you observe that the market of certain coins won’t be going up in the future, you can sell them. In this way, you will always play safe. Otherwise, the dead weight will only drag you down.

3. Never stay within the crowd

Yes, you have to cut the noise around you and should make your plan. In this way, you will move by your policies. Although it might seem that you have made a loss by staying away from the crowd that will be a short-term loss. If you want long term profitability, you have to remain in your plan.

Either remain ahead of the others behind them. For example, most of the traders are going for a certain market, but you are not sure about its performance. The best solution at such times is to stay behind the crowd and observe the trend. But if you are a trader with high market assessment potential, you will know which coins will go up.

People who work in larger groups fail to make true assessments. This is because, with more chefs, the dish will definitely get spoiled. Gossips began to start and people make wrong decisions only based upon the gossip. Therefore, keep this thing in your mind. Never follow the crowd blindly. Make your plan, your assessment and your criteria to manage investments in the business.

4. Make your own team

As mentioned above, the more the team members the gossipy it will become. But that doesn’t mean to work alone. Building a team and working along well can be a better choice. The only thing that needs accuracy is team selection. Therefore, the best way is to start with a short team, a team of 2 to 5 members.

Next is your game plan. You must ensure that all the team members get and provide information from authentic sources. Therefore, it is essential that all the team members have at least 2 or 3 subscriptions to primary authentic sources. In this way, you will be able to stay away from gossips and get the right information.

5. The need for Tools

You can provide someone with food, but it will only feed him for some time. On the other hand, if you teach someone skills to earn, he will be able to get food for a lifetime. Therefore, the need for tools is inevitable. The digital world isn’t that different from the real world. That is why you will need tools to work there.

So here we have a list of the best tools used for Bitcoin trading;
  • Trading view (Pro)
  • com
  • com


Trading isn’t child play. Although it seems like easy money, but it is not. This market is stressful. Therefore, prepare yourself to work hard. But without the right tools and knowledge, you might face failure. So equip yourself with the best tools and make your strategic game plan and there won’t be anything stopping you.

5 Most Profitable European Trading Companies in 2019

Online trading platforms are currently the biggest sources of investment as it helped many people to make overnight profits from their home comforts. One of the best examples is the Bitcoin revolution trading platform that is known for its 100% accuracy level, advanced trading software, and insane trade returns. You can choose to invest in it or explore these top 5 European trading companies to make maximum profits in 2019. To learn how to earn more with bitcoin, check

1. Saxo Bank

It is a Danish investment bank that is leading the trading market from the past 25 years. It has a partnership with more than 120 banks and brokers and 300+ financial institutions providing full secured and stable multi-asset trading platform for the traders and investors.

Fees – Transparent fee structure, High trading fees, lower fees for At Platinum and VIP accounts, and $100 inactivity if not traded for 6 months.

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Account opening – Fully Digital- min deposit- $2,000, Fast account opening, all countries can participate

Withdrawal – Supports different base currencies, no deposit fee, free withdrawal, deposit and withdraws through bank transfers

Web trading platform – User-friendly but no 2 step-login authentication

Markets and Products – Stock, ETF, Forex, Bond, Options, Futures, CFD, Crypto. Funds are not supported.

2. Degiro

It is an online Dutch discount broker that was established in 2013. It falls under the supervision of Netherland Authorities for Financial Market (AFM) and Dutch Central Bank (DNB). It is also a registered partner of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Amsterdam.

Fees – Low trading fees, the yearly service fee for mutual funds, low non-trading fees, No withdrawal fee, Free ETF trade per month, high fees for Asian stock exchanges

Account opening – Complete digital account opening, no minimum deposit

Withdrawal – Free of charge but only via bank transfer

Web trading platform – User-friendly with 2 steps secured login

Markets and Products – Supports all trading instruments except Forex

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3. Interactive Brokers

It is a renowned US discount broker offering brokerage and trading services from the past 41 years. The company is headquartered at Greenwich and has its branches in multiple locations like- UK, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, China and many other parts of the world.

Fees – Transparent fee structure, Low trading fees, inactivity fee- $10

Account opening – Full digital with no minimum deposit except North Korea

Withdrawal – $10 but the first withdrawal of every month is free, supports almost all currencies

Web trading platform – User-friendly with 2 step login and clear fee report

Markets and Products – Support all trading instruments from Stock, ETF to CFD, Forex, crypto everything.

4. XTB

It is the leading trustworthy European FX and CFD broker connects investors globally to trade with more than 1500 trading instruments with a leverage ratio of up to 200:1. It comes under the supervision of world biggest authorities like FCA, KNF, Polish regulator, etc.

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Fees – Low non-trading fees, no inactivity fee

Account opening – Fully digital, user-friendly and fast account opening, min deposit can vary based on the country

Withdrawal – Credit/Debit deposit and withdrawal, quick 3 days withdrawal policy, high fees for deposits through an electronic wallet

Web trading platform – Extremely customizable, user-friendly but no 2 step login security

Markets and Products – CFD and Forex for Non-European countries, real shares and ETF for Europeans along with CFD and Forex

5. Etoro

It is another leading social global broker and trading platform that lets you trade by investing in different kinds of top stocks and ETFs. You can also trade currencies, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It is very easy to operate and serves excellent for beginner traders.

Fees – Free stock and ETF trading in EU, Low trading fees for non-EU investors, transparent fee structure, high non-trading fees

Account opening – Fast account opening with no minimum deposit

Withdrawal – High withdrawal fee, credit/debit card deposit, and withdrawal, no deposit fee

Web trading platform – User-friendly, Social trading

Markets and Products – CFD, Forex, ETFs, cryptos

Tips for Trading Breakouts


Breakout trading can be extremely profitable and can appear to be quite easy. But is it? Or is it more complicated than it first appears? Yes and yes. It does appear to be easy, but in fact, it is not. The first skill that it requires is the ability to judge if a specific support / resistant will stand or fall. That in itself requires some trading experience. The whole reasoning behind breakout trading is to understand what might cause support and resistance to fail. Here are some of our favorite tips for using trading breakouts.

What Are the Market Breaks to Watch For?

If you witness a resistance level failing, then your goal is to put in a buy order while the market breaks out at a higher point. If the support level fails, the point is to put in your sell order while the market is breaking out below it. Basically, you are predicting which way the momentum is going. What you are looking for is a market that is stuck in between support and resistance points. With great patience and an eagle eye, watch for the market to go beyond its support or resistance. You can expect a period of volatility after such a break – that is where you want to enter. Yes, this requires great patience, but the rewards can be worthwhile.

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How Do Breakouts Differ From Other Trades?

Most forex trading consists of reacting to the existing market. You watch the charts, check your own rules and make the decision to enter or not. With trading breakouts, it’s different because you are waiting for momentum to step in. That’s why it is also called momentum trading. Experienced traders are able to profit through the increase in the market’s volatility. However, it can be a bit confusing when in this type of trade, you buy high but sell low. Really, it takes guts but can be extremely rewarding.

Tips for Recognizing Breakout Trades

When you’re ready to step into trading breakouts, you have a few options. First is waiting until the volume has gone up to confirm the breakout. This typically means a surge in volume, which follows a time of trading low volumes. You can also use volatility cycles to your advantage. This involves discerning trading ranges while in a low volatility period and then going into a breakout trade while the volatility is high. Of course, you can also trade breakouts going in the trend’s direction. In this case, it’s best to enter breakouts that are following the current trend. To find the direction, take two swing points. Use them to draw your support or resistance line that is going against the trend.

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Exit Plans

Keep in mind that following a breakout, there is a period of increased market volatility. Whichever breakout you choose (and there are several options) be sure to have a well-defined plan for an exit that you can quickly take advantage of if needed. So enter the breakout trade at the point you choose, but always be ready for a quick escape!