Is It Safe to Travel to Saudi Arabia?

People hardly care where they go, when the travel bug bites them. The urge to travel is the only feeling that makes sense then. Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of tourists flocking here on a yearly basis.

If you want to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need to a visa and passport. Click here to find out how to get a visa to travel to the country of Saudi Arabia.

Generally, Saudi Arabia is safe for tourists. However, they need to keep certain rules and social customs in mind. The local residents of Saudi Arabia are particular about certain social customs and religious rituals. Tourists are safe as long as they do not violate the norms. Many ardent travellers are curious to know whether it is safe to travel to this country because of the strict rules and policies present here. Let us find that out. The points which all the travellers need to follow during their trip to Saudi Arab are as follows:

  1. Coffee and Incense: The citizens of Saudi Arabia serve coffee, when the meeting is about to end. So, the visitors should take the hint when they are served a steaming mug of It is a signal that they should enjoy the coffee and end the meeting. It is an indirect way of saying goodbye. The hosts may even light up an incense stick to signal the end of a business-related conversation. That will be your cue to get up and leave.
  2. Adhere to the dress code: Men should be cautious to keep their legs and shoulders fully covered. It implies that vests and shorts are banned in public. The dress code for ladies is even more stringent. A popular proverb says, “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Tourists need to follow the proverb as long as they stay in Saudi Arabia. Female tourists are expected to wear an abaya over their normal attire, when they visit any religious place. People can wear any type of shoes. However, it is mandatory to remove the shoes, before you enter any religious place, like a mosque.

Women are free to wear jewellery of any design, but the design should not include any religious symbol. They are also allowed to put on makeup, only if it is not too loud or bright. Tight clothes or skinny jeans are frowned upon. Men need to avoid wearing multiple rings or bracelets. Any dark coloured suit and a tie may be worn over a dress, when they go to work. Only wristwatches and wedding rings are considered to be appropriate ornaments for men. Headgear or scarves are not compulsory for ladies. Tourists may get severely punished for violating the dress code. Female tourists may not walk around public places in shorts.

  1. Cultural Norms: The Arabic community is hospitable by nature. They are curious about the tourists. As a result, they extend tokens of hospitality to the tourists. A tourist will be considered rude if he or she declines an offer. It is quite normal for an Arab person to share a mug of coffee with a tourist. However, the tourists should be careful and always eat with their right hands.

The Arab community considers it an insult to their native culture, if the visitors eat with their left hand. They even need to hold the coffee mug with their right hands. The Arabs may even offer a small gift to a tourist. The visitors should accept the gift, so that they do not hurt the sentiments of the hosts. The natives of Saudi Arab encourage questions about their culture and country. However, it is best to steer clear of political or religious topics.

All the stores and commercial departments like cafes close five times every day, at the time of Namaz. The visitors need to plan the trip accordingly. They cannot follow their religious rituals in public. Most of the public places will have separate entrance and exit for men and women. The visitors need to follow the rules.

Affectionate gestures to the partner, in public are frowned upon. The visitors may follow their religious norms, but practising any religion other than Islam in public is strictly banned. The visitors are not even allowed to propagate their religion in social media, from Saudi Arabia. Many Christian visitors wear a cross as a bracelet. Many Hindu visitors wear earrings or necklaces carrying the symbol of “Om.” They need to take such religious ornaments off, when they visit Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, the natives may interpret such ornaments as preaching their own religion.

  1. Social norms: The tourists must remove their shoes at the entrance, when they are invited to a typical Saudi home. The concept is that shoes defile the house. Hence. they are best left outside the house. There is no danger of the shoes getting stolen because theft is a criminal offence in all Middle-Eastern countries. A male tourist should never initiate a handshake with a female member of a Saudi Arabian family.

The tourists may be welcomed into a traditional sitting room, with cushions littering the floors. It signifies that the tourists need to sit on the floor. They are not allowed to buy, sell or consume alcohol within the country. It is mandatory to seek the permission of locals while photographing them. Otherwise, the natives may take offence.
  1. Mind what you say: The visitors may be punished for passing derogatory comments against the king or prince of Saudi Arabia. Disrespecting the national flag of the country is also a punishable offence. A tourist may be subjected to a public flogging even for a slip of tongue about the country on any social media platform. In some cases, the visitors may be deported too.
  2. Gender bias: Any homosexual relationship is banned in Saudi Arabia. Hence, visitors should be careful about their sexual preferences in the country.
  3. Narcotics: Consumption or trading in drugs involves death penalty. A local form of alcohol named alcohol is strong, but illegal.
  4. Personal identification: Visitors need to carry their identification proof with them as long as they are in Saudi Arab. The government reserves the authority to get the id proof checked at a moment’s notice. Lack of an identity proof may entail severe consequences.

Conclusion:  The tourists may feel free to contact their local embassy for any confusion or trouble. However, the general perception is that the natives of Saudi Arab go to any extent to cooperate with tourists.

8 Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Latvia

Generally speaking, people purchase properties for a wide range of reasons. The main reason, of course, is for living purposes, however, others might see it as an investment opportunity, as well as a way of renting it in the future. After all, real estate is a very good business if the person has proper skills and knowledge about it.

Whatever reasons they have, doing this will allow them to save their money in a form of investment, but, it can also serve as an asset since they’ll be able to return the profit from in the form of rental money. This means that you can return the money you invested either by renting the estate, or selling it in the future – especially if the cost of it increases over time.

At the moment, a lot of people are interested in buying a property in Latvia. However, a lot of them are not completely sure about whether or not they should actually do this or not. Hence, to remove all confusion regarding purchasing a home in this lovely country, let’s take a look at the top 8 reasons why you should do just that:

  1. A Healthier Lifestyle

When someone is looking for a house, one of their major concerns is whether or not it offers a healthy lifestyle. As you know, people generally choose places where they can see a healthy lifestyle being naturally maintained. In Latvia, the lifestyle that you can gain there is exceptional. How you might be wondering?

Well, firstly, the weather and the living conditions are quite suitable for a healthy life. This is mostly because this amazing place has more than 70 percent of forests, hence, the air will be clear, fresh, and good. Additionally, the sea is nearby, which means that you can gain health benefits from it as well.

  1. Versatility in The Spoken Languages

In the past, this country was once part of the Soviet Union. Then it became a part of the Russian Union. And, because of this, most of the population there speak Latvian, as well as the Russian language. English is also the third most spoken language there. What does this mean? Well, it means that if you choose to purchase an estate there, you won’t come across major communication problems, especially since you might know one of the three aforementioned languages.

  1. Rich European Cultural Values

Latvia is a European country and a member of the European Union, which means that it is a place that offers various benefits to its citizens. The citizens can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, and it is also rich in sports such as tennis, ice hockey, basketball, as well as sailing sports.

Besides, it is also rich in historical values since some monuments reflect the history of the nation and events that happened there. If you are looking for a place that is culturally and historically rich, choosing to purchase a home in Latvia might be the correct and best decision you could ever make.

  1. The Residence Permit in The EU is Guaranteed

If you simply want to buy a house in Europe, then buying one in Latvia might be your best choice. This is because of the laws in the country that state that any person who invests in real estate there will get a residence permit for 5 years. You should know that this does not only apply to the investor but, his or her family members as well.

The best part about it is that there are no strict rules for staying there often and for an extended period of time since you can go out of the country for up to three months. Additionally, you’ll be able to move freely in the other Schengen countries, hence, you’ll be able to visit the rest of Europe as well.

  1. Perfect For Student

Latvia has gained popularity in the field of education because most people can get a valued degree there. Besides this, the place is a relatively good place because the overall living and studying costs are lower than for the people studying in, let’s say, the US or the UK. This means that it is a good opportunity for individuals like students to purchase an apartment or home in Latvia.

  1. High-Quality Life at Low Prices

When you compare the living expenses in this place with some other European countries, you might determine that there are various benefits of living in Latvia, including low taxes, a natural environment, a healthy lifestyle, as well as easy options for internationally transferring property tax. This means that you’ll not only be investing in an estate that can bring you to profit later in life but, if you choose to live or stay there, you’ll be able to have a high-quality lifestyle for relatively low prices.

  1. The Geographical Location is Perfect

Yet another reason why you should choose to purchase a house in Latvia is its geographical location. As mentioned earlier, more than 70% of it is covered in forests, hence, the environment is clean. The sea coasts keep the weather moderate and pleasant, and traveling is made easy because there are more than 60 flights heading to Europe every day.

All of these things make the country a good place for investing into. Additionally, the location also makes a very good spot for trading which is important for companies. If you are considering doing business in Latvia, you’ll need to learn and know their business etiquette.
  1. Price Depreciation of Estates in The Next Few Years

It is estimated that the prices of real estate will be going down in the next few years. This means that the best time for buying a property in Latvia is in the next few years. The properties are becoming more affordable, which means that even students can afford it, especially since the living costs are relatively low.


As you were able to learn, Latvia is a country that offers almost everything a country can. It has a clean environment, forests, and white sand beaches that make the weather pleasant & attract a lot of tourists during a year. The taxes are low, which means that there are various opportunities for people living there.

Property is also affordable there and is suitable for a lot of foreigners for investing their money into real estate. All these facts make it the best place to purchase a property. If you are interested in seeing more details about buying a house in this amazing country, you can read this ultimate guide here.

Traveling to Egypt in 2020 – What You Need to Know

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Egypt to catch a glimpse of its historical artifacts, beautiful beaches, and the magical Sahara Desert. However, recent political developments have led many to reconsider their travel plans. Here is what you need to know before traveling to Egypt in 2020.

The History of Egypt

Egypt is an ancient land, one of the cradles of human civilization. Egyptians were building pyramids back in the 2700s BC when many other civilizations were just discovering bronze. These megalithic wonders are still captivating out attention, thousands of years later. Built as tombs for pharaohs, pyramids endured countless wars and conquests. For almost three millennia, the Egyptian empire was a major player in the East Mediterranean. Later, when conquered by Alexander the Great, it continued to be a regional power. It was restored by Ptolemy I Soter after Alexander’s death. The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt until the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC when it fell under the Roman government. It was known as the breadbasket of the Empire, which is kind of ironic, considering that it is mostly desert. The Nile valley could produce so much grain that it fed a huge portion of the Roman Empire. It remained under the rule of Rome and Byzantine until it was conquered by the Islamic Empire in the seventh century. Later came the Ottomans, then Mamelukes, and finally British. All of these empires left distinctive traces of their presence in the Nile Valley. Modern Egypt has very little to do with the ancient one, but it is still a country worth visiting.

Visa Requirements

Egypt requires an entry visa for almost all visitors. You can click here to see the exact requirements and whether you need it. You can get a visa online, but there are a few catches.

Is Egypt Safe for Tourists?

In general, yes, Egypt is safe for tourists. Although, to claim that there is no risk at all wouldn’t be true. The last major terrorist attack that killed 20 and wounded 47 happened in Cairo in 2019. It is impossible to claim that another one won’t happen next week or next month. The political climate in Egypt can be fragile and there are several groups in the country that don’t shy from using terror as a political tool. Officially, none of those groups targets tourists, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then again, that can be true for London, Paris, or New York as well. One way to increase your safety is to closely follow the precautions below.

Safety Precautions

Make sure that a hotel has adequate security before booking it. Most hotels that cater to tourists are surrounded by protective barriers and have plenty of security guards on duty at all times. As we said, chances of you or your group being deliberately targeted are very small, but better to be safe than sorry. When booking a tour outside the hotel, as a visit to the pyramids, use only recommended guides and tour companies. When on the street, you need to stay vigilant, as there are plenty of pickpockets and you could easily be relieved of your wallet or phone if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

Watch Out for Hustlers

A huge part of the Egyptian economy relies on tourism. Tourists are a rare source of foreign currency and money in general in the country. That means everyone, from paupers on the street to security guards and even officials, will try to hustle you or scam you. You will be bombarded with offers, many including the word “free” in them. Never accept them, as nothing is free in Egypt.

Tipping Is Mandatory

Everyone will expect a tip, from the baggage handlers (even though they carried your bags less than 10 feet), toilet attendants, hotel staff, tour driver to your guide. People are very poor in Egypt and salaries are low. Those tips are very much appreciated.

It Is Hot During the Summer

During the summer months between May and August, the temperature gets incredibly hot. If you can set your travel date for some other period of the year, do so. The Sun is almost unbearable even for locals, let alone tourists. Add in the fact that most sights you want to visit are in the desert, with little or no shade and it gets easy to see why sensible people visit Egypt between September and April. Even then, you will need a lot of sunscreen during the day and a hat is mandatory.

Dress Moderately

This is especially true for women. Egypt is a deeply traditional country, with strong religious feelings. Shoulders and legs should be covered every time you go outside the hotel, and this goes for both men and women. You may see people in tank tops near the most famous sites, but don’t chance it in cities.

No Drones

If you were hoping to get that amazing drone footage of the pyramids, we have to disappoint you. Drones are forbidden in Egypt, except by the permission of the Ministry of Defense. That means the drone stays at home since you risk customs seizing it on entry. Plus, there is a hefty fine for perpetrators and you can even end up in jail.

Extra Charges

Almost every major touristic site has some extra charges. For instance, The Egyptian Museum sells separate tickets for the main exhibition and the room with the mummies of pharaohs. There are also photography ticket and a video ticket, also sold separately. You can easily end up paying three or four times more than you have planned on tickets alone. Make sure you know the cost in advance, so you can avoid surprises.

Don’t Drink Tap Water

Tap water is not drinkable in Egypt and you should avoid even brushing your teeth with it. Always use bottled water, or you can boil it for teeth brushing. We wouldn’t recommend drinking even boiled water.  Hotels will usually provide plenty of bottled water for their guests.

Melbourne – The Best Place In The World To Live In

You will fall in love with Melbourne at first sight. Although not the capital of the country, this beautiful city of Australia is the capital of sports, art, and delicious food. Tourists can only enjoy being here and wish to come back again. What to see and visit in this city? What are the sights of Melbourne and where are the best beaches? What is the cost and what is the standard of living? And why was Melbourne recently proclaimed as the best world city for a living?

About Melbourne

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia. It was the capital of Australia between 1901 and 1927. This city lost its title to Canberra – as well as Sydney did. Melbourne is the capital of the Federal State of Victoria, one of six Australian federal states. This city is a significant administrative, business, cultural, artistic and university center in Australia. It is located in the southeast of the continent. Its main natural asset is the Port Phillip Bay – one of the largest bays in the world.

Australia’s Tidiest And Most Comfortable City

This is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. All the major nations that emigrated and settled here, have their neighborhoods. Therefore, you don’t have to go around the world – it’s enough to go around Melbourne. Local politicians have been working hard to make Melbourne one of the cleanest, healthiest and safest places in the world, and they have been quite successful. This city began to be settled by the Europeans in 1835, which was the modern history start for Melbourne. Previously, Aborigines lived in this territory. Many landmarks are related to Aboriginal culture. The 1956 Olympic Games were held in Melbourne. Therefore, it is considered the sporting capital of Australia.

The Climate In Melbourne


This city has a subtropical climate. The summers are sunny and warm, sometimes even hot. Summer runs from December to February. Autumn is mild and lasts from March to May. The winters are cool and cloudy with an average daily temperature of about 14 ̊C. It doesn’t snow in winter. The mild spring runs from September to November. Strong winds are common in Melbourne, especially in late winter and early spring season. This place is known for its changing climate. It happens that within one day all four seasons change.

City Attractions

If you ever come to this place, make sure you don’t miss a walk through the narrow streets, sipping cocktails at one of the rooftop bars, dining at one of the trendy restaurants. But, according to Melbourne Private Tours, this city has much more to offer. It has many attractions you should definitely see and enjoy. These are our suggestions…

1. Queen Victoria Market

This open-air market is one of the biggest you have ever seen. This market exists for more than 100 years and gives a special touch to this beautiful city. You can buy almost anything – from fruits and vegetables through authentic jewelry to souvenirs, clothes, etc This marketplace does not work on Mondays and Wednesdays, but you can enjoy winter market nights from 3 pm to 10 pm.

2. Federation Square

This beautiful square is very significant for all the people in Melbourne. It is one of the most visited places by tourists. Since its opening in 2002 more than 100 million people have visited this place enjoying music and artistic events.

3. Queen Victoria’s National Gallery


This is the oldest, largest and most visited museum in Australia. It dates from the 1800s and it’s located near Federation Square. The gallery’s main hall is adorned with the world’s largest mosaic glass ceiling. In this museum, you can enjoy exhibitions dedicated to Aborigines, works of art created during the colonization period. Also, there are works of art from the time of Impressionism, modern, 20th century, as well as conceptual art.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria

Melbourne’s top landmarks list can’t go without the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria eco-project. This botanical garden project has existed since 1846 and it has around 8,500 different plant species. This beautiful, green and floral part of Melbourne is interspersed with trees, lakes, lawns. This is also the place where the Australian Urban Ecology Research Center is located.

5. Luna Park Melbourne

The Amusement Park was opened in Melbourne in 1912. This is the oldest family-fun-place in Australia. It is situated on the coast, near the St. Kilda suburbs. The major attraction in this park is the Great Scenic Railway roller coaster. This rollercoaster is specific since it is made of wood, and it goes through the entire park. Besides, the crazy ride, you’ll have a very nice view.

The standard and cost of living in Melbourne

The standard in this city is high, and the high standard is accompanied by high prices. For a modest living, one person should set aside about $ 850 per month. That is the amount that does not include the rent. Otherwise, rent is an expensive part of life in Melbourne. A decent one-bedroom apartment downtown will cost you around $ 900, or maybe a $ 750 if it’s on the outskirts. The average monthly salary, after you pay all the taxes, is about $ 3,000. Melbourne is far away and needs a thorough organization to make your trip as painless as possible and make your stay at this place as comfortable as possible.

Why Melbourne?

The simple answer for most people is – something pulls you to come here. The very idea of staying in Australia already seems exciting, unpredictable and adventurous. And that is enough to turn on all the nomadic lights and direct all your senses towards the movement. If you truly want to enjoy and be by the sea – then coming to this place will be a good choice for you.

Nevertheless, integration into the new environment is the most difficult and longest process. It requires time and tremendous mental and emotional strength. It takes a long time for you to embrace the new environment, and for the environment to embrace you. All these emotions will be fully understood only by those who have gone through the same. Probably like many situations in life.

Top 10 Biggest Attractions That You Need to Experience in Romania

There is something about unexplored countries that magnetizes millions of tourists recently to visit this untamed and beautiful country in Eastern Europe. Romania has done a lot in the past decades to become one of the most visited places in the EU. According to statistics, 22 million visitors annually visit the attractions that this county presents and it’s growing each day.

Whether you are looking for unforgettable nightlife time or you simply want to embrace the serenity of untouched nature, we will present to you ten best things that you can do in Romania.

Embrace the Bucharest Nightlife

The capital city of Romania has become recently popular among international visitors for its now-famous bachelor parties that happen every weekend. But, it’s not only the bachelor mania that wins over partygoers in this amazing city.

Thousands of youngsters flock into party circles every week to form one of the fastest-growing clubbing communities in this part of the world. Simply said, it’s impossible not to find just the right type of nightlife offer according to your taste. If you are a dance music enthusiast then there will be countless options to dance to the latest hits.

All over the famous Lipiscani (The Old Town) up to city outskirts you will find bustling party spots that will never leave your memory.

Getting Lost in the Streets of Sighisoara

Sighisoara once was one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Transylvania. Today this is a medieval historical center that is one of the best-preserved in Europe. It was also the city that saw the infamous Vlad Dracula character being born in which Brand Stoker was inspired to create Dracula in the fiction novel of the same name.

The truth is that he was not a vampire but he did manage to terrorize the Ottoman Empire by impaling thousands of Turkish soldiers, which led him to the name of Vlad Tepes the Impaler. We recommend getting lost in its stone streets, climb the old clock tower to appreciate the medieval roofs of the colorful houses and the wonders seen from there.

Visit the Carturesti Carusel Bookstore in Bucharest

Kicking the heart of Bucharest, we find this hidden jewel in the form of a bookstore. Its exquisite design contains six floors with more than 10,000 books in several languages. A unique place to stop, relax, and possibly get some nice book to bring home with you.

Try the Romanian Gastronomy

For many of us, one of the main reasons for traveling is food. We are all lovers of good food and always looking to try local dishes and new flavors. Romanian cuisine has surprised everyone with the Turkish, Mediterranean and Slavic influences. We highlight the following delicacies:

“Sarmale”, a mixture of rice, meat, onion and spices wrapped in a leaf of pickled cabbage.

“Mici”, Turkish dish in the form of a roll with minced meat of lamb, but in its Romanian variant, the lamb is mixed with the pork, usually grilled.

“Sturgeon cauldron”, the popular recipe of the fishing villages of the Danube Delta. And the dessert that delighted us, the “Papanasi”, delicious dough with sour cream, cheese, and homemade jam, a bomb of flavors, not very fit, but that will surprise you.

Hiking in the Carpathian Forests

Some 10 km from Brasov, you can find Canionul 7 Scari, “The Canyon of the Seven Stairs”, a magical place with centuries-old forests, rivers, waterfalls and steep canyons where you can go hiking in a magical environment. That is one of the areas with the biggest population of brown bears in Europe, so it is recommended to follow the advice of the tour guides and rangers.

Visit Peles Castle in Sinaia

This majestic castle, one of the most visited in Transylvania was the first building in Europe built with electricity, central heating, ventilation systems, elevator and even the first electric vacuum that still works today.

Also, the architecture, decoration, paintings, and rooms next to some royal gardens make the Peles Castle a mandatory stop on your visit to Romania. Keep in mind that given the spectacular nature of the place, holidays and weekends are crowded with tourists, and queues can belong.

Râsnov Citadel, a Trip to the Middle Ages

An elevated medieval city is high on one of the must-stops in the Carpathian mountains. Surprising how well it is preserved and part of the hundreds of medieval fortifications found in Romania from which you can see a wonderful view of the city with the same name as well as the forests and mountain ranges of the Carpathians.

Enjoy Wine at Sunset in the Danube Delta

Possibly one of the best pairings that we have ever experienced, that is, to drink a local wine while watching one of the most wonderful sunsets at the mouth of the Danube Delta. A unique natural environment, exuberant of beauty with absolute peace. Its a simple must-stop for anyone looking to embrace the natural beauties of this country.

Visit Gorgeous Brasov

Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, its proximity to the capital Bucharest makes it one of the favorite cities for tourists at any time of the year. Located in the heart of Transylvania it has a rich history and its old town is famous for the beautiful architecture of its colorful houses of Prussian origin. It is worth noting the Town Hall Square where we recommend stopping to recharge your batteries with delicious coffee while contemplating the beautiful mountain views.

Drive through Transylvania and the Carpathians by car

The famous BMW slogan “I like to drive” reaches its sum on these roads, the beauty of the area contrasts with the recklessness of drivers as much as always needed caution behind the wheel. Do not hesitate to stop and buy wild blackberries from the kids who are on the edge of the road, they are very rich and sweet.

In Conclusion:

So far these were our ten best things to do and see in Romania, sincerely there are many more but we believe that these are the essential ones if you are planning to travel to this beautiful country. Do not hesitate to visit Romania as soon as possible before it becomes overrun by hordes of annoying tourists that are still hard to find today.

Colorado: Interesting Places to Go on Rental Car


If you want to see interesting natural objects, as well as historical monuments, the American state of Colorado is waiting for you. What is the attractiveness of a holiday in Colorado, what to do and where to go – we will tell about everything in this article.

Rent a car to move comfortably

The car is the main type of movement throughout the country, and it can easily be rented immediately after arriving in America. As in other economically developed countries, there are private and international offices for hire. As practice shows, the rental service from popular brands is more expensive. Before you rent a car in Denver, look for car rental reviews.  One of the companies which offer great prices is Firefly, but there are some others you can check as well.  To rent a car you will need a driver’s license, a passport and a credit card so you can pay for the service with a credit card. As for age restrictions, drivers aged 20-24 must pay an additional young drivers surcharge (from $15 to $25 per day depending on the Driver’s Group). Note that you rent a car with a full tank and return it with the same level of fuel.

It is possible to take a car from Firefly car rental near Denver airport.

Places to visit

Starting your trip with Denver, you should look into the Rioja restaurant, famous among locals and tourists. There are elegant Mediterranean delicacies, as well as classic Spanish, Italian and French cuisine.

You may know that Colorado Springs is the famous brewing capital in the country. Therefore, it would be advisable to go here and make yourself a tour of the local breweries, in which, most often there are inexpensive restaurants and cafes with delicious food. Meat dishes, all sorts of sausages with fillers – the first thing that is worth a mandatory tourist try. It is recommended to start this tour from the restaurant Rocky Mountain Brewery.

Another place of interest is the Black Canyon of Gunnison, which length is 12 km. Its walls are very steep, and it is also full of narrow openings. Therefore, in some places, the sun does not fall there (from here comes its name). Climbing and rafting lovers come here and fans of tent cities can also settle along the canyon.

It is impossible not to visit the park Rocky Mountains. This is a very beautiful and picturesque place where nature enchants with its magnificence. In the park there are beautiful mountain lakes. The best period to visit is July-September. Here you can learn to climb rocks or book a tour and climb the mountain peak.

Not far from Colorado is another amazing park, named Garden of the Gods. In the park, there are amazing stone figures, which were formed as a result of weathering. You can enjoy them walking along the paths on foot.

Don’t forget about the unique Colorado landmark – Mesa Verde Park. There you can see the oldest rock houses inhabited by Indians more than 800 years ago. Besides, it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you like active rest, the perfect variant is to drive to Aspen. A pretty Victorian resort town located in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley offers a huge number of restaurants, cafes, shops and all kinds of entertainment connected with winter sports.

While returning your car to Firefly at Denver airport, find any souvenir shop to buy some gifts. In Colorado, in great demand are various accessories made of precious stones and minerals.