Facebook Tools to Help you with your Business on this Network

Social media websites are known to be one of the best places to expand your business. It is more than obvious that nowadays you have to ensure your presence on the internet if you want to reach new milestones and new audiences. Every follower on your Facebook page is another potential customer.

Statistics show us that businesses following the latest trends are a lot more successful compared to the ones that don’t. Frankly, all of the latest trends are heavily connected with social media and the internet. Long gone are the times when running a business without a website and social media presence was a viable option.

Today, people want to access your information from their own bed, so if they want to know more about your business, they expect you to have a website or a Facebook page.

If you are currently new in the entire business-running field, and you want to learn more about it, we recommend reading until the end of this article. We’re going to take a look at some of the best Facebook tools that can help your business grow, so let’s not make this introduction any longer and jump straight into the content, shall we?


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A company called Hootsuite made a tool called AdEspresso, and it is probably one of the most useful things that you’ve seen in the entire field of AdManagement. This tool gives you a complete analysis of everything that’s going on with your advertisements at the moment, and it allows you to change things up in real-time based on your needs. All of the prices, conversions, clicks and everything else that you need are displayed clearly in the UI.

The best feature about it? You can run “test campaigns” that will give you a better insight on whether your real campaign is going to be successful or not. It is mainly used for Facebook, but you can use it for other social media platforms as well. Instagram is really popular these days, so that’s always a good option for your business.


This is something that is considered as the “next level” of Facebook ads, and here’s why. ShortStack allows you to visually edit all of your campaigns that you’re running on social media, but that’s not all.

We already know how important it is for your campaign to be interactive and engaging for your community, so ShortStack offers you an option to create really interesting forms of campaigns, such as giveaways, contests and even quizzes.

If this is what you’re after, definitely take a look at this wonderful creation. You will not be disappointed by the number of choices ShortStack offers you. It might take you some time in order to learn how things function, but after that it’s just straight-forward quality marketing.

Facebook Pages

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Facebook itself is really user-friendly and helpful when it comes to running advertisements and campaigns. You will always get some useful tips and advice from their algorithm, and for beginners, this is more than enough.

On the dashboard, you can see how each one of your marketing campaigns is performing, as well as the money you’ve spent or “earned” from the views and clicks. A great place to start if you are new in digital marketing.

Facebook Link Debugger

Digital Marketing agents are facing a very common problem when they’re posting things on their Facebook pages. What’s even funnier is that you are probably aware of this problem as well, because you don’t really have to be a marketing agent in order to experience this at least once in your life. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Before you post something, you are always customizing it in order to get the best-looking thumbnail, description, location and all of that. Well, sometimes you do everything right, but after clicking that blue “post” button, the post looks completely different. This is where we all tend to get pretty frustrated and start deleting things from our feed. Well, imagine what happens to a person who has to post over a hundred things per day, it’s just absolute madness.

Luckily, the Facebook Link Debugger is here to save the day, and it is pretty much safe to say that this tool is amongst the most useful ones on the entire website. So, if you are interested in learning how to use this, you can visit kontentino and learn some more in less than five minutes.

The infamous Post Planner

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Nobody can afford to be in front of their computer the entire day, just to post something that was scheduled to go live in 4:35AM. In order to avoid wasting your entire time in front of your screen, people invented a tool that’s called Post Planner. This one allows you to schedule every single one of your posts and get them to publish themselves automatically without you having to do it manually.

What’s even better is that the Post Planner includes a lot of other useful things as well, so it’s not just a post scheduler. Checking which publishes perform best and changing up your campaigns are all useful options that are available for use.


If you want a more advanced approach to analytics and learning how each one of your posts are performing, Buffer is the ultimate tool for that. You can see all of the required and vital information for your campaign in one simple and amazingly-designed dashboard. This includes all of the clicks that you’re getting, percentage of engagement on your post, impressions, like to dislike ratio as well as other useful things such as comments, shares etc.

If you want to use one tool for everything, Buffer is great for it because it also allows you to schedule your posts, meaning that you can go on a vacation while your social media website remains active and self-posts all of the things that need to go live.

That’s it for today’s article, we hope that you liked our list of useful tools, and we wish you good luck with your marketing campaigns. Remember to use each one of these to the fullest and you’ll be amazed with the results in no time.

5 Best Tools to Find Influencers on Social Media

Influencers aren’t a novelty in the marketing. Previously, they were present in media such as television, magazines and the like. However, social media and advertising on popular platforms has made this work much more accessible to ordinary people in recent years. Namely, for commercials on television, popular brands were paying celebrities. This means that this type of advertising was aimed to already popular people.

On the other hand, if a person has become extremely popular and influential on social networks and has a lot of followers, subscribers and fans in general, it means that there is a great chance of being hired by popular brands and companies to promote a product. This means that today everyone can monetize effort and activity on social networks and become a partner with a brand. However, what if you own a brand and are looking for an influencer that could help you? Simply, you need to find the right person for this job, and today we have decided to present you the 5 best tools to find influencers on social media. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


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One of the best tools currently available is InflueNex. This online tool allows you to find the perfect influencer by selecting different features such as country, video category, number of subscribers, average views, etc. After that, Influence will show you which person match your requirements, after which you can perform a thorough analysis and choose the right one. In terms of pricing, Influence has 4 plans-free, basic, professional and enterprise. Cost is $39.99 per month for the basic, $69.99/month for the professional and $99.99/month for the enterprise pricing plan.


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If you want to follow the biggest social networks but also other platforms and sites on the internet like blogs, forums, etc., then Awario is definitely one of the best tools. Specifically, this online tool allows you to track the popularity of competing brands, check how often influencers mention your brand and, of course, to engage influencers popular in your product niche. Essentially, Awario is a powerful and flexible tool that will always show you the most relevant results and help you in the right way. As for pricing, there is a free trial and other plans start at $29/month.


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Upfluence is one of the tools with the largest influencer database (over 3M). In addition, you will easily be able to choose the right person to promote your brand by entering different keywords. Users are provided with tools that track and analyze reach, location, engagement, etc. of all compatible influencers so you can pick more easily. Pricing starts at $795/month and you get 500 contacts as well as other benefits.


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If you are looking for a freemium tool, then Klear is the right one for you. This is a reliable and powerful online tool that will allow you to find the right influencers very quickly and easily. Over 60,000 topic categories and large influencers database is available, as well as various filters such as number of subscribers and followers, locations, skills, hired influencer campaign results, and more.


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Another great tool for finding the right influencers is Traackr. Like all the others we’ve mentioned so far, this tool also provides filters you need to successfully find the right person for your campaign, as well as to measure final results. Through advanced search, it‘s very easy to find influencers and check all important information such as number of subscribers, language, location, social media engagement, etc. Regarding pricing, unfortunately we cannot say anything about it because there is no such information on the official site.

Politicians Can Keep Their Communications Secure with This Tool

As Canada and the United States get ready for national elections in 2019 and 2020, respectively, there will be a renewed focus on ensuring that there’s no repeat of the 2016 US election, which was marked by Russia hacking the Democrats in what became known as “election meddling.”

While it’s still months away, Canada’s national cybersecurity agency says it is “very likely” that Canada will encounter foreign cyber influence before, during and after the election. Political parties, candidates and political staff will continue to be “attractive targets.”

Russia’s sophisticated, multi-pronged election interference campaign has politicos in North America looking for the best way to get all the benefits of modern telecommunications without any of the risk associated with hacking — what they need is real encryption.

End-To-End Encryption

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The surest way for political operatives to know that their campaigns, and even the democratic process itself, are safe is for them to keep it protected from the beginning with end-to-end encryption. While 2016 feels like yesterday, encryption technology has already markedly improved, with tools on the market offering both high levels of functionality and protection. The industry leaders have pioneered new approaches to the encrypted smartphone, which offer integrated PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography encryption solutions. You can visit to learn more about how their proprietary Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) lets users access all the features they need to keep connected, such as: chat messaging, group chat, anonymous group chat, voice messaging and image messaging.

Ease of Use

Historically, the truly protected forms of communication were clunky to use and had reduced functionality. One of the major improvements in recent encrypted technology is how easy it has become for nontech experts to use essential encryption tools, such as tamper-proofing, automatic message delete, new key generation, and message saving. On a practical level, people won’t use a new tool if it is too cumbersome and time-consuming each time they use it. It’s essential that the interface is easy to navigate, and finally, it is. You don’t need to be a tech expert or worry that the tools keeping you safe don’t keep you sufficiently connected: with the right device, anybody can keep plugged in while ensuring their communications are totally safe.

Democracy at Stake

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Since foreign interference in a country’s election undermines their sovereignty, it’s not an overstatement to say that encryption tools could be the difference between keeping democracy safe. Political campaigns are always intense and high-stakes, but Canadians are already being targeted by “foreign actors” — elections in the 21st century are different from those of the past. Politicians have an obligation to both their parties and to their country to make sure foreign interference doesn’t influence their country’s election. It’s in their partisan interest to tightly control their message, while every sovereign country needs to determine its leadership without foreign interference. To truly guarantee this, they need to be proactive and serious about keeping their communications secure — the most modern end-to-end encryption tool is the best way to enjoy flexible communication tools while also preventing foreign hackers from accessing top-secret information.

5 Top Tips To Keep Your Yard Beautiful

It undeniable that beautiful landscaping can significantly improve the value of your home. Whether you are looking to sell your home or simply after a breathtaking yard that will surely impress your guests, there are several reasons why maintaining your yard is a great idea. Planting your favorite flowers is a great way to take advantage of all the beauty that mother nature has to offer, although, what you plant is irrelevant if you are not keeping your yard clean and tidy. Additionally, it is of utmost importance that you tend to your plants and your grass to keep them looking their best. Here are 5 top tips that will help you keep your yard looking at its most beautiful.

1. Ensure You Have Adequate Tools


Before you can start maintaining your plants and keeping your yard looking tidy, you will need certain tools and equipment in order to do so. Some of the tools and equipment you may need include a leaf blower, a rake, suitable gardening gloves, a wheelbarrow, a water hose, a quality shovel, gardening sheers, large trash bags, and fertilizer. Homethods is a great place to establish quality gardening tools and other needed products.

If you are the owner of a larger sized garden, you may need larger equipment that would be more suitable. Equipment such as a lawn mower can come in handy for keeping your grass at an appealing length and will also make the process a lot easier. In general, homeowners that invest in quality gardening equipment are known to take the time needed to tend to their yards.

2. Don’t Forget To Weed, Prune, And Trim


Weeding may be an extremely time-consuming task that many people would rather put off until the last minute, although, forgetting to remove weeds is the fastest way to un-do any beautiful gardening. Weeds can become unruly easily and in a much shorter space of time than you would imagine, which is why routine weeding is recommended. In addition to this, pruning and trimming your plants is as important as pulling out unwanted weeds. The most amazing flowers and trees can become unsightly if not tended to regularly.

3. Invest In A Landscaping Plan


Mowing the grass can be an extremely tedious task and most would rather avoid it altogether. However, not mowing your grass will have your yard resembling an overgrown jungle area within just a few weeks and therefore, it is highly recommended not to leave this tiring chore for too long. A great way to reduce the amount of grass that needs mowing is to mulch. Mulching can be done around your garden, trees, and flowerbeds. Strategically placing islands in your yard will not just reduce the amount of grass to mow, but it will also add significant beauty and personality to the area. What’s more, it is also extremely inexpensive to mulch your yard.

4. Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture


The look of your outdoor furniture, deck, and a patio is able to completely transform an ordinary yard into a brilliant space. This will add color and comfort for barbeques and other social gatherings. However, you will need to maintain these essential outdoor items, otherwise, they will inevitably begin to look tatty and unsightly. This will result in your yard looking rundown. Simply brush or wipe down patio furniture, patio, and deck to keep the items looking clean and tidy. This will not be a tiring task as it will only take a couple of minutes to maintain these items by removing outside debris, such as sand and leaves.

You should store patio furniture when it is not being used and during winter seasons to prevent damage. It is also a great idea to stain or varnish your patio and your deck from time to time. If you have a composite or a PVC deck, opting for a power wash is a suitable solution to keep it looking clean and tidy. You can also paint or stain your patio furniture if it needs a bit of a revamp.

5. Don’t Leave Things Lying Around


The easiest way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy is to pack anything away that is not being used. Items such as gardening tools, children’s toys, and even shoes can instantly make your yard appear untidy. It is a great idea to opt for a garden shed to store all your gardening tools and equipment.

Can A Leaf Blower Help Save You Time?


When looking for suitable gardening equipment that will help simplify the task of keeping your yard neat and tidy, a quality leaf blower is a great investment. This type of device works by blowing leaves and other outdoor debris without you having to put in any actual effort. This will prove far more effective and less time-consuming in comparison to racking up leaves and other debris. There are several different models available and while some are powered with electricity, others are cordless to allow easier movement. A leaf blower is undeniably an essential gardening item that is needed to keep your yard looking beautiful, especially if you have a larger garden. Check more cordless leaf blower details from The Daily Gardener.

YouTube Analytics tool for free: here is everything you need to know

YouTube is a huge platform. In fact, it’s the second largest search engine in the world, after Google, of course. Its relevance for businesses and influencers isn’t negligible. Many take the process of making the videos, editing them, finding the right gear, and researching the trends, very seriously. As a huge number of people are using YouTube, the competition is fierce. In order to stay relevant, you need a good product, high-quality content, and most of all, you need to stand out. It’s important to track your performance in order to be able to see if and what needs improvement.

You should track your YouTube channel traffic in order to see who is visiting, what are they looking for when they visit your channel, where do they come from, and similar.
Tracking the traffic from YouTube to your website is also of great importance as you can see how effective your YouTube videos are in getting people interested in what you’re offering. You can leave a link to your website in the description of a video or a card. By following all of this, you can get a good insight into how people interact with your channel and how effective the channel is.

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Traffic Sources page can give all of this useful info. The report will show you which source of traffic is the most significant one which will allow you to see what needs improving. offers insight into YouTube channels, real-time subscriber counts, estimated channel values, and more, all of which can show you what the people are most interested in.

Another thing you can, and should, do is discover how are people finding your YouTube channel. You can easily find out why they’ve come to your channel and where they’ve spent the most time.

Views are an important factor to track when owning a YouTube channel, but they alone aren’t a good enough indicator of your channel’s performance. YouTube doesn’t give that much significance to views alone as there are numerous different clickbait tactics that work to raise your view count. However, Watch Time doesn’t lie. Watch Time tells about the estimated time users have spent viewing your content.

The real-time report is of great significance as well. It gives you the estimated number of views from the last two days and the last hour. It can give you info about your entire channel or about specific videos.

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Demographics page will help you better understand your audience by showing you who comprises the majority of your audience in terms of age, gender, geography, and devices they’re using. By knowing your audience and their habits, you can adapt your content to suit their needs and expectations which will make you more appealing to them and will consequently lead more people to your channel.

Audience retention can also help you understand the users better and show you what is it that they like or dislike about your videos. The Audience retention page can show you the exact times in the videos that people have stopped watching.

Things that every electrician needs

Every profession has equipment and tools that are necessary in order to carry out the work. In this text, we are going to talk about a specific line of work and tools that every electrician needs and uses. Apprentice electrician may get tools when they enroll in a course, but eventually, upon successfully finishing a course, every electrician wants his own tools.

The essential piece of equipment that an electrician need is a multimeter. This device measures multiple electrical properties such as voltage, current, resistance, etc. there are two types of multimeters available – analog and digital one. Modern multimeter devices include special features such as Bluetooth connectivity, work lights, and thermal imaging camera. Both analog and digital devices have their advantages and disadvantages, but they can both do a good job, so when it comes to picking one of them, the choice is all yours.

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Another tool of crucial importance that every electrician must possess is the voltage tester. It is of imperative importance to know if a wire is alive i.e. whether or not the electricity is flowing through it. So, basically, this is a small tool that guarantees your safety, since, as you know, there could be some dangerous consequences if one starts working on alive wire or device. Some multimeters possess a feature to measure voltage, but it is always a good thing to own this tool separately from the multimeters because it is really handy. Moreover, you can buy a non-contact voltage tester that can detect electricity even without touching a wire.

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Furthermore, another convenient tool that is extremely useful is a circuit finder. Since it is not easy to find circuit directory, that’s when circuit finder comes in handy. All one has to do is to place this device into the outlet and it will detect where the matching directory is.

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There are several types of pliers electricians use such as side cutting pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, and long nose pliers. All these types of pliers are used for cutting wires, but side cutting pliers are also designed to pull, twits and bend wires. Long nose pliers are especially useful for reaching out to small and tight spaces. In addition, wire strippers are an essential part of every electrician’s toolbox because they are specifically designed for stripping off the protective insulation of wires. Clearly, firstly you have to use a voltage tester to check if the wire is alive.

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Let’s talk about some additional, smaller pieces of the tool. First of all, an electrician needs a fish tape that is used for pushing and pulling wires through a conduit with a leader. Electricians also use fish sticks or glow sticks. Moreover, every electrician has to have a measuring tape in his toolbox, a level to make sure that their product is balanced, a claw hammer for extracting nails, and a torch to light up the place where they work. In addition, an electrician needs a knife for different purposes and also rubber grommets that are used to cover sharp edges of a metal hole where the wire has to go through. If you want to learn more about different uses of rubber grommets, click here.

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Even tough screwdriver and nut drivers may not seem like tools that electricians need, nowadays, these tools have become a part of every electrician’s toolbox. Manufacturers have designed screwdrivers and nut drivers specifically for people who are in this line of work.

The last thing an electrician need is a place to store all his tools and that is, of course, a toolbox. These days, there are lots of different kinds of tool boxes one can choose from, but they all have few things in common. They are all waterproof and have a ton of space for every piece of equipment. A heavy duty tool bag with a shoulder strap similar to these is an alternative, as they make carrying a large amount of tool much easier.”

Once you have bought all your tools, you have to maintain them very well if you want them to last for years to come. Clean them regularly, store them correctly and make sure that your toolbox is always dry.

How to Maximize Your Compound Miter Saw Cuts for Woodworking

When you’re using a miter saw, there are numerous tips to make sure your cuts are perfect and clean, and continuously be accurate. So how do you do it? Well, that’s exactly what this guide is for. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to maximize your miter saw cuts so you can achieve a perfect cut every (or almost every) time.

Grade the Blade

When you’re buying a saw at MiterSawBuzz, they’re normally equipped with a regular 24-40 tooth blade that is normally suitable for things like cutting base woods and framing. Sometimes upgrading your place to a higher toothed blade can make the world of difference and make your cuts more precise and cleaner.  You can learn more about compound miter saws at SawSeekers.

Always Follow Through

When you’re cutting, make sure you follow through with your cuts. Stop for a second at the bottom to get the most out of your cut and eliminate splintering. Then let the saw come to a complete stop at the bottom rather than “double cutting” by raising the saw blade after you’ve cut through your piece.

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Support More

By extending your saw table (make one or put your saw on a larger area), you minimize splintering and there is less of a chance for your wood to fall or tilt. By using a longer support table, you also ensure more safety for yourself and others around you when you have more security for your piece that you’re working with.

Don’t Fight the Cut

When you’re using a miter saw, tougher wood can cause more problems, like flexing of your blades, burning them up, burning the wood more, and can cause your cut to be harder. For harder types of wood, you can easily “ease” into the cut by using start and stops, this is similar to making a relief cut because it eliminates the amount of stress the wood can cause on your blade. And don’t ever fight with it. If you’re pushing too hard, you can damage the blade or yourself. It’s better to ease into it, but also make sure that your cut is going smooth. Let the saw do the cutting and not you.

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Backup When Necessary

You can easily back up your cuts by making sure that support by installing an auxiliary table and fence made of another material, which can help to give some added support. By using the added support, your wood has less chance to splinter when you are pulling the blade to exit the cup.


It’s not necessarily easy to achieve perfect cuts all the time, but with the tips listed above, it can be easier to get the job done right and maintain ultimate safety at the same time. Safety is the most important thing to think about any time you’re using a compound miter saw, even if you have to bevel your cut or use longer boards. If you’re using extremely longboards, even a sawhorse to prop an end on so you can eliminate the risk of the board tipping can help a ton and make the cutting safer and cleaner. And remember, the more teeth you have to chew through the wood, the better and more efficient your cut will be every time. If you are looking for the best woodworking software click here.

What Are The Essential Tools for your Workshop?


Whether you are a handyman by trade or simply a DIY enthusiast, having a mix of tools in your workshop is important in order to be able to do what you love best.

When starting a workshop, you must have some essential tools in order to work on your projects. However, with so many new innovative tools hitting the market each year, it’s difficult to know which the most essential ones are.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at what are the essential tools for your workshop.

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1. Table Saw

Any DIY guy should have a portable table saw in this workshop regardless of their trade. Table saws are made out of an electric handsaw that is mounted on a table with a circular saw blade cutting ( Check comparison at ) through the middle and you can check some inexpensive table saws at

Most tool savvy guys know that there are two factors that play a crucial role in finding the best table saw, and those are the price and the flexibility of the table saw. The price in comparison with the size of the blade is the deciding factor. points out that the larger the blade, the bigger cutting power the saw has. However, the most common table says involve a 10-inch blade.

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2. Air Compressor

Air compressors are irreplaceable tools that every DIY-er should have in their workshop. In today’s time, the technology is so advanced that you don’t even need a hammer to nail down things. With air-powered nailers, drills, saws, and even guns, the air compressor takes a central role in your workshop. When choosing the best air compressor a few factors come in play. Namely, the deciding one is the flexibility of the tool; is it hauled to a workstation, how heavy it is, etc. Another factor is the output of the tool and of course, the price. You can check out some amazing air compressor reviews at ToolPWR.

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3. Drill Press

A drill press is the type of tool that works wonders if you’re chasing precision for your work. A drill press is a fixed version of the hand drill that comes with an adjustable table. The drill press is powered by an electric motor and they come in two variations. The first one is freestanding models or with a bench top.

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4. Drills

Name me a workshop without a drill in it. Drills have come a long way and today’s tools don’t even require you to drag a cord with you every time you need to use a drill. They come in all dimensions and with various drilling power. They can also be cordless, lithium-ion-powered, that serves as the ultimate flexible drills.

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5. Nailgun

Nailguns can be powered by compressed air, or they can be powered by fuel cells instead. The latter serves as the better and newer version of the nailgun, with much greater nailing capabilities. The nailgun is the ultimate tool if you need to “nail down” shelves on your drawer. Check out some quality nail guns review at Toolzfinder.

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6. Extra Tool: Tape Measure

No matter what your niche is, how serious your DIY projects are, or how professional you are with your work, a tape measure is a vital instrument for any project savvy guy. It allows you to accurately measure the success of your projects by accurately measuring the distance between each cut, nail, dimensions, and more.