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Tom Hanks and His Wife are Donating Blood for Coronavirus Vaccine Research

We all know that both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson got infected with the novel coronavirus. After being diagnosed in Australia with COVID-19, the couple returned to the U.S.

Not they are willing to donate their blood and plasma to help the research for the vaccine after they’ve got the confirmation that they carry antibodies for the virus.

Tom appeared on NPR’s podcast, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” and he shared how he and Rita are feeling now.

He said that now they are feeling fine, but they did have all of the flu symptoms and that Rita was feeling worse than him. He shared that she had a very high temperature, but now she is feeling much better. On the same podcast, he revealed that both of them carry the antibodies.

Hanks said that many approached them for studies, but they’ve already volunteered to donate their blood and plasma. He even joked that he wishes that they will find the “Hank-cinne”.

Rita also gave an interview about their recovery, and she did it with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King. She shared their recovery journey and how she felt when she had all of the symptoms. Rita said how she felt exhausted and extremely uncomfortable. Her fever was severe and close to 102 when she was given chloroquine.

Rita confessed that she doesn’t know if the drug realty worked or it was just time for the fever to vanish, but it did.

Idris Elba Quarantine Rap Song: The Long Road 2

Looks like Idris Elba has found a way to cope with his self-isolation due to him being infected with COVID-19, better known as Corona Virus. Earlier this week, he announced that he was tested positive for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

The famous actor who lesser known as a music producer and DJ released an almost four-minute song on his Instagram profile on Friday. The title of the song is “The Long Road 2”. In the description of the video, he wrote, and we quote, “Creating is living right now”. Also, he wrote another sentence, stating that music is his therapy.

The topic of this newly released song is Elba discussing his self-quarantine. He spoke about this being the right time for a direct talk, and him being quarantine in his spare room. This all led him to let some thoughts out.

Later in the song, he discusses the declare of the national emergency by President Donald Trump last week. Also, he raps about viral videos that show self-quarantine Italians who are singing from their terraces. Ultimately, he says, what a week.


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Music therapy.

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Back on Tuesday, he answered some questions from his followers on Twitter. He stated that his wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, was also tested on the Coronavirus and that her test showed her negative on COVID-19. Later in the live stream, he talked about him being by Tom Hanks’ public speaking about him being positive on a virus.

Just to remind you, last week Tom Hanks released a statement where he says that both he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive. Elba claimed that he felt it is important to be transparent about his condition, and that he is worried about people not taking this new virus seriously. In the end, he said that he is worried that the world will slide in the panic, and that common sense will be at loss in this case.

Bollywood Is Making a Forrest Gump Remake

Forrest Gump, the classic movie from 1994 that is adored by so many people is getting a new version in Bollywood. The movie, starring Tom Hanks was a big hit in its time and turned out to be a blockbuster which was very unexpected for a movie of that type. The starting budget for it was $55 million but it ended up making over $700 million in theaters. Based on Winston Groom’s book from 1986 by the same name it made many people fall in love with it.

Forrest Gump received great review and even won 6 Oscars, one of them being for Best Picture. It was also competing with heavy hitters like Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption, which many people thought should have gotten the awards instead of Forrest Gump. Another honor that Forrest Gump has is that it was chosen as one of the movies for preservation in the US Library of Congress in 2011, something less than 1000 movies have been given the chance.

Even when we consider the great success of the original movie, no one was really expecting to hear the news that it was going to be remade by the Hindi-language film industry from India, Bollywood. Many people might not be aware but India makes around 2000 movies a year which is much more than any other country. Bollywood creates a large part of those. Their next move is to recreate the famous Forrest Gump.


The Bollywood version will be called Lal Singh Chadha and will have a very respected actor will have the leading role – Aamir Khan, who has a long list of movie roles already. The director of the movie will be Advait Chandan that has already collaborated with the lead actor Aamir Khan on a movie in 2017. Today it is very important to buy off the rights before making a new version, unlike in the 90s when it was a lot easier to rip off the movie without getting in trouble for it.

Many other movies from the same time period as Forrest Gump already have remakes from Bollywood. Some of them are Mrs. Doubtfire, A Few Good Men, Reservoir Dogs and The Silence of the Lambs.