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Why Wasn’t Katie Holmes Allowed to Date Anyone After her Divorce?

Her marriage with Tom Cruise ended in 2012. She accepted some controversial divorce clauses, which only went public years later. Katie was the one who asked for the divorce. Back then, Tom Cruise said he was caught off guard and that he was “deeply sad.” The divorce was signed very fast. Katie accepted the many

A Relationship with Tom Cruise Saved Sofia Vergara’s Life

Sofia Vergara was in love with her elder brother’s friend Jose. She was only 17 years old at that time. Then she got pregnant with Jose at that age. She tried hard to hide her pregnancy for months. But she couldn’t. Her family found out about it. Her family forced her to marry Jose even

The Role that ‘The Rock’ Johnson Lost to Tom Cruise

When selecting actors for a particular movie, we believe that producers and directors have a whole procedure that ultimately brings them to the best individual for the role. We believe you all know who is currently the highest paid actor. In case you don’t know, it’s Mr. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This guy topped the

Tom Cruise quarantined in Italy Over corona virus outbreak

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, 57, and the crew of “Mission Impossible” which is set to be filming in Venice, have been quarantined over a corona virus threat, which is spreading through Italy, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing British actor Simon Peg. Tom Cruise is said to have arrived in Venice on February 20th to

Take a Look Inside These 15 Celebrities Amazing Private Jets


15. Dwayne Johnson When you are one of the biggest Hollywood stars, you are able to buy what most regular people cannot even dream of. The Rock at one point only had $7 in his pocket, while he was struggling to make it in the wrestling industry. With a net worth of over$220 million, he