Tokyo Ghoul

Is There Going To Be Tokyo Ghoul Season 5


Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 was pretty messed up, so fans were happy that anime ended. To make a decent adaptation of a 179-chapters manga in just 24 episodes is not a good plan when making any anime, so Tokyo Ghoul with its 24 episodes was doomed from the start.

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Keneki’s story might be over, but fans are speculating about its return.

Tokyo Ghoul’s story has nowhere to re-start, so it is very likely that the return won’t be happening. The humans and Ghould live peacefully, and Kaneki has done what he planned to do, so it is pretty much a happy ending.

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Ishida Sui might want to continue his manga, but at this moment he doesn’t, so we won’t be seeing Tokyo Ghoul Season 5.


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