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How to Clean Air Ducts

Learning how to clean your air ducts on your own can save you a lot of money since professional duct cleaners can charge a lot for it. It is not a common house chore as there is no need to do this as often, but it’s still a good skill to be familiar with.

Why should you be cleaning your air ducts?

There are many reasons to clean the air ducts in your house. If the air ducts stay clean, the heating system in your home would probably last longer since there are less dust and dirt to wear out its components. Your home will also be dust-free longer and the air inside will be much cleaner. For those with allergies, this is a big win.

You probably don’t have a high-powered vacuum system with hundred feet hoses, mostly because there’s no need to spend money on a thing that you will be used only once or twice a year. So follow this quick guide on how to clean your air ducts yourself. There are many different air duct designs, all with different angles and corners. This means there will be parts you probably won’t be able to reach, so keep in mind that you won’t do as good a job as a professional normally would. If you are thinking about skipping all the hassle and want to get the ducts in your house clean, don’t think twice and hire a professional such as Better Air.

Things you would need to clean your air ducts

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  • Quality brush. You would need a strong brush with stiff hair for scrubbing.
  • A decent consumer vacuum with the necessary attachments would probably do the job.
  • To reach into the air ducts you will need to unscrew the grates first, so get a bunch of screwdrivers and see which one would fit.
  • Towels or paper towels. You will use this to cover up all the other air duct grates while you are cleaning the duct. If you don’t do this, dust will start flying into all the other rooms.

Air duct cleaning

  1. Cover the air duct grates with the before mentioned paper towels to avoid bringing dust into every room
  2. Make sure you have your fan on while cleaning to keep the dust moving through the duct instead of stacking in one place.
  3. You can start loosening the dust in the ducts by lightly tapping on the duct with the brush. This will break up any dust that has accumulated in one spot.
  4. Use the vacuum to start cleaning up any dust that’s moving through the ducts and the spots where it’s been gathering.
  5. Make sure to vacuum and then clean all the grates in your home, because they certainly have also been clogged with some dust.
  6. Turn off the power to the blower unit and clean the dust on and around the fan
  7. Finally, change the furnace filter since this will considerably reduce your dust build up in your ducts and in your home

Well, that’s about it, if you follow through this quick guide, then you have managed to clean your air ducts and have brought cleaner in your home.

Characteristics And Uses Of Corrugated Steel Sheet

Corrugated steel is predominately produced in a wavy sheet pattern, although it can also be produced in a linear or square-edged shape.

Corrugated steel sheets are used mostly for residential roofing materials. Corrugated metal roofing is very popular because it offers many benefits to homeowners. But the reason as to why corrugated steel sheets are predominantly used in roofing is due to their durability.

Corrugated steel sheets find their use in modern-day residential roofing because they make the roof more durable and sturdier. They are a type of metal roof that is rippled and wavy, making it the most efficient material for residential roofing.

Why is Corrugated Steel So Strong?

The wavy layer found in cardboard boxes is what makes the box sturdier and stronger. The wavy layer is found in between both flat layers, and it gives the overall box better durability. The same concept of strength is applied with corrugated steel roofing. The wavy shape of corrugated steel sheets is what makes roofs stronger, more durable, and sturdier. Metal roof sheets are quite lightweight, but the durability and strength are greatly enhanced if the sheet is in corrugated shape.

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What Are the Characteristics of Corrugated Steel Sheets?

Corrugated roofs are the best roofs because the sheets are best designed for it. But what are the characteristics of corrugated steel sheets for roofing purposes?

1. Long Lifespan

It’s a well-known fact that metal roofs are best because they can last up to 30 years without needing to be replaced. However, corrugated metal roofs are even more durable and less prone to wearing and corrosion. Because of this, corrugated steel sheets can increase the lifespan of your roof for up to five decades.

2. Durable

According to Cosa Steel, the ripple shape of the steel sheets have a large surface area that highlights the durability and withstands bending, which is caused by objects falling on the roof. Steel sheets are excellent for withstanding the hard temperatures caused by fires, so that is another bonus.

3. Weather Protection

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Corrugated steel sheets are superior to other roofing materials because they can easily withstand the hard weather effects throughout the year. Regardless of hail or snow during the winter season or the extreme heats of the summer season, corrugated steel sheets are the best roofing material out there.

4. Saves Energy

There is another benefit to using corrugated steel sheets as your next roofing material and that is the fact that they reflect more light and heat from the sun. This prevents extra heat from getting into your home interior, and it makes your home less hot during the extremely hot summers. This way you save money on needing to cool your home.

5. Looks Excellent

To top off our list of benefits, it’s safe to point out that corrugated steel sheets look brilliant from the outside. Once installed on your property, you will instantly notice the effects and benefits all the while serving the very simple purpose of aesthetics.


To summarize it all, corrugated steel sheets will sooner or later be the number one material used for residential roofing. The countless benefits such as durability, weather protection, life spawn, aesthetics, and more, will make corrugated steel sheets a highly sought-after material for all residential roofing.

How Much Is Too Much When Paying Rent


The price of rent varies from state to state and country to country. It is so dramatic that the price of a three bedroom flat in one state might hardly get you a room in another. This means there are no fixed figures on rent and determining how much you should pay often proves tricky. 

However, financial experts advise that you do not pay more than 30% of your salary or income for rent. It can be further broken down by putting aside 25% for your rent and the remaining five percent for other utilities that make living more comfortable. Your income is a reliable determinant as you shouldn’t be living beyond your means. The rent is definitely too much if it is more than 30% of what you earn. 

Other than the amount you are willing to pay for rent, you can know the price for an apartment is too much for you by the cost of transportation when commuting from the apartment to other places. If an apartment demand long commutes to say your place of work, you should factor in the costs of transportation in the price of the rent. You are paying too much if the rent of an apartment that is far from your work or school is the same with an apartment that is closer. 

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If you think the rent on an apartment is too high, you can find out the rent paid on other apartments that are nearby. There should not be so much of a difference between the rents of apartments close to each other. However, you should also factor in the perks that come with your apartment. For instance, you might enjoy free parking, gym room, and other ‘free’ benefits, all these affect your rent. 

An apartment broker is a wealth of information when it comes to rents on apartments. You can get to know if your rent is outrageous from a good apartment broker. You can also have a look at houses for rent in Barcelona or any other part of the world you are in on online accommodation platforms such as HousingAnywhere. This way you’ll see what’s the average price for what you are renting. 

The perks that come with your apartment also affect your rent. The one is definitely too high if you are not making use of these perks as they are the reasons for the higher price. For instance, if your apartment has a free gym and parking space but you do not make use of these amenities, your rent might just be too high. 

Your lovely rented apartment does not have to come at a cut-throat price. You can find apartments with good amenities that do not require you to break the bank.

Can An Android Phone Be Hacked Remotely?


Smartphones have become an indispensable aspect of our lives.

Ever since they emerged in the world stage a couple of years ago, they became everyone’s most important tool.

Today, there are smartphones available in a variety of makes and designs.

And the variations hold true for their operating system as well. There are today a range of operating systems available, which include, among others, Android, Windows, iOS, Java and so on.

Of them all, one of the most important and popular is undoubtedly the android. Today, a vast percentage of smartphones run on the Android OS. As much as it might be a great thing, it does have its own downsides as well, one of which is a vulnerability to hacking. Given that it is used by a large percentage of people, hackers tend to target it more than other operating systems. This brings one important question, which is this …

“Can an android phone be hack remotely?”

According to, there are several things to consider when it comes to android phones being hacked remotely.

Given in the list below are some of the most important factors if one wishes to know if android phones can be hacked.

1. The version of the Android OS

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If there is one thing that hackers have learned, it is that older versions are easier to hack than later ones.

And the reason for this is simple. Older Android versions tend to have many more vulnerabilities than the newer ones. The vulnerabilities, in turn, tend to range from flaws in the code to ignore sections of the overall architecture that leave an open door to hackers.

In simple words, one of the biggest indicators of an android phone’s vulnerability would be the version installed on the device.

The solution would be to simply upgrade the phone’s OS or get a different phone if the OS cannot be upgraded.

2. The Nature of the Installed Apps

Another important way, in which the hacks take place, is through the apps that are installed on the phone.

This is because many apps come bundled with malware that allows for the android phones to be hacked remotely. While this is not possible at all times, such downloads can take place on the official channels like the Google Play store as well.

At the same time, however, it is possible for some of the apps on the store to be deliberately bundled with malware, rootkits and so on, which can help hackers to gain control of the device. This is a problem that has been addressed multiple times, given how apps are often deleted from the play store and other places for being malevolent in nature.

A suitable scan of the software being used through antivirus software, and checking to see if the app is still in the store, can help out with this issue.

3. The Presence of Antivirus Software

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Using antivirus software is one of the best ways to keep the phone free of any viruses and other malware that could help the hackers.

By using suitable antivirus software, it can be pretty easy to eliminate any potential threats, before it becomes a real nightmare.

Also to add here is that the software itself being used can be both free and paid. This is something that the user will have to decide, based on their personal preferences and budgets.

4. The Nature of the WiFi Network

If there is one easy way hackers can gain entry into an android phone, it would be through the use of WiFi. It is especially problematic when it comes to free WiFi networks in public places.

Given that free networks tend to have no passwords or other safeguards, it is common for people to use them for regular browsing. While this might be a great thing, it does come with the problem of attracting those who might be into hacking and other such activities.

Since WiFi is an open channel where data is transmitted freely, both in and out of the android phone, it is a convenient way for the hackers to access them for whatever purpose they may seem fit.

Being cautious around unknown WiFi connections, installing antivirus software and using passwords to secure WiFi networks are the most common strategies.

5. The Nature of the Bluetooth Network

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With the passage of time, the usage of Bluetooth to share data between devices has diminished, in favor of WiFi and other file sharing channels.

Nevertheless, Bluetooth remains a common way for many people to share data between devices. While Bluetooth tends to be less of a target to people than others, it is a potential risk.

The cause of the problem comes from open Bluetooth connections, which tend to remain open even after the file-sharing has been completed.

The solution for this is to simply close Bluetooth connections the moment it is no longer in use.

6. Open & Unused Ports

A port can be understood as a gateway for data to enter and leave a device, android as well as others. All devices need ports to communicate with each other, and number in the hundreds or even thousands.

Data can travel through these ports, only in cases when the ports remain open; in the event that a port is closed, no data will be allowed to move back and forth from the device. Also to note is that the data that is transferred applies to everything without exception; WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, etc, for all of them, make use of one sort or another.

In general, the default settings of the OS and other software will ensure that ports remain closed at all times, until the time they are required. But there may be events when these remain open even though it isn’t in use. Hackers can make use of these open ports, with little to no effort.

There are several ways this problem can be addressed, which includes among others, installing software that monitor unused ports, installing antivirus software and if you are tech-savvy, using software that helps you to manually open and close ports.

7. Pirated Apps

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Last but certainly not the least, would be the use of pirated software.

Many people download pirated software for the simple reason that it is free. Quite often, pirated software is bundled with hacking tools, which open a backdoor into the android device. This can, in turn, help them to gain access to the device without your knowledge.

The simple solution for this is to either use freeware apps or pay for those apps which you want.

Last but not least, it should be added that there are many more factors that would determine whether Android phones can be hacked.

The above-mentioned ways ones are by far some of the most common ones when it comes to android phones being hacked remotely.

Everything You Need To Know About Bulletproof Coffee, For Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee is also called as butter-free coffee which helps in losing weight and is the best breakfast. Even people, who are not in habit of having breakfast, will make their choice after reading the article that it’s best to have coffee in breakfast instead of staying hungry all day long to lose weight. It will help to stay fresh the whole day doing ornery tasks and you will not feel burdened or tired. It is the most significant ketogenic recipe, Let’s Start good, feels good! Check more ketogenic diets tips at

As it’s for the beginner’s keto recipe so it does not include much MCT oil in it and if you are not used to MCT oil then you might feel pain in your stomach at the start. And people, who are coffee fanatic, must love to read this article and will love to try it if they want to lose weight. It is easy to make, just drop the ingredients in Minipresso Coffee Machine and your coffee is ready to drink without any topping of butter or chocolate. It’s pure and makes you ready to do your work enthusiastically. It is a handheld machine and naturally cream will appear to make them taste better without using other flavors which are not healthy and might be you get weight by consuming it. Here’s the recipe by Aron Day for you:

Beginners Butter Coffee

The most enjoyable part of eating fat – Butter Coffee

CourseBreakfast, Snack

Prep Time5 minutes

Total Time5 minutes

Servings1 Serving



1 Cup Black Coffee

1 Tbsp. Butter Replacement 1 Tbsp. Cream

1 Tbsp. MCT Oil

Instructions to Follow

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  1. Make the black coffee with the Minipresso Machine and add 10g Fresh Ground Coffee. Fill the bottom chamber with Hot WaterPump. Put the cap on and push into a cup over 15 seconds.
  2. Add the Tbsp. of Butter together with the black coffee
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of MCT Oil and mix everything up for 30 seconds.

Nutrition Facts

Beginners Butter Coffee/ Bulletproof Coffee

Amount per Serving

Calories 143Calories from Fat 144

% Daily Value 12%

Total Fat 16g

It is a reward for the number of people due to the nutritious facts discussed above with the improvement in work and health. It is working in both the ways to maintain the quality lifestyle of a person and if a person continues to drink it, he/ she can reduce weight in a week. Diets are not supposed to leave you starving rather make you better in looks and charms, even make you healthier to perform daily life works actively without relying on others and keeping you garden-fresh. It is for the betterment of people to do their job comfortably and enjoy at the workplace without anything on their mind.

What Qualities to Look for in a UI/UX Design Agency

Things to Know about UX Designs Agency

Competition in business is stiff. It is hard to one-up the other and there are so many ways to be more competitive. But first, one has to attract a client’s attention in order to be successful in the business. That’s where user experience design firms come in. They make businesses more competitive.

In this day and age, businesses—whether they have something to do with software development or technology—should have a website. Even old businesses which enjoy the comfort of tradition, loyalty and name-recall should never be complacent. Websites just make businesses more accessible and more available. And when the business has a website, it is essential that it is attractive—that’s where user interface (UI) design comes in—and user-friendly—that’s where user experience (UX) becomes essential.

Click here to know more about UX and UI design companies.

So what qualities should a business look for when hiring UI or UX design firms?

The UX design agency should have beautiful and functional designs

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Obviously, a business needs to look for a design agency that makes great design work. But a great design is not just about a beautiful website layout. When it comes to a website or a mobile app, a great design refers to the overall functionality of the application. If the business is eyeing a design company, it should research about the firm’s past and current projects. See how functional the designs are and determine if these are in tune with the business’s overall theme.

One important thing that a business should look out for is how user-centered the design is. A business cannot get clients if web users cannot navigate the site properly. That is why it is called a user experience design because the application design should make a customer’s web exploration effortless—one could even throw in the fun if that is possible and what the business is about.

Values open communication and open collaboration

Communication is important. The business should know what the customers want, and the design firm should know how to target these customers based on what they want. A business should find a firm that can engage the whole company through its design. When shopping for a user experience design agency, the business should not depend on the repertoire of the firm on paper. A meeting should be set and the business should be wowed by the design agency’s presentation. The digital presentation should be engaging and the business’s goal should be loud and clear based on the design work—no verbal communication needed. Of course, the development team should also be able to articulate the story behind the work, but that will have to be after the website design presentation.

While the design firms are considered experts in the realm of digital design, the design process is a two-way course. The agency should be open to ideas and even criticisms. Moreover, the firm should be able to integrate the business’s ideas into the output. At the same time, the design firm should also be able to make a stand if it considers the business’s idea as off-putting.

Find a UX agency with an innovative mind

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It is a good idea for a business to quiz the digital agency about various problems that may come up during software development or with the actual website design. It is best to keep the firm on its toes and know if it has what it takes to solve problems. An innovative character also means that there is always space for an upgrade. Just like every other part of technology, the design is continuously evolving and being innovative means keeping ahead of the changes.

When hiring a design agency, it is very important that the business asks questions. Not only that, it should be able to present possible scenarios to ensure that the design agency knows how to solve a problem if it arises.

Passion for design

Most successful entrepreneurs would say that their business did not succeed without passion. Passion is an important value for whatever business it is. That goes for design. There are so many graphic design ideas out there, but without the passion to learn new things, designers could find themselves stuck. Passion should be ingrained among UX and UI companies to give their designs soul. Also, with passion, work becomes easy. So from the point of view of the business, hiring a firm that is passionate with its work makes it easy to interact and collaborate.

Now that the requirements are set for what kind of Design Company the business sets out to work with, how should the hiring process go? Here are three steps in ensuring one hires the best agency out there.

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  • Research the best user experience design firms which have the core values that could deliver your business’s goals.

The business could make a list of the top three (or top five if it has the time and resources to meet all these design firms) design firms that could meet the business’s goals. It is not even about having the same core values, it is about the agency’s attitude to conform, collaborate and implement. One may check out each of the firm’s repertoire to have an idea on how they do their work.

  • Meet with the top agencies in your list, which was based on research.

The business’s management team should develop a scorecard that would indicate the qualities and specific criteria on what to look for in a design agency. The specifics may include the location of the firm (San Francisco and Los Angeles have among the best UI and UX design agencies), clientele, work environment, number of designers, technology and software being used, etc. Each employee of the business that will attend the meeting should answer the scorecard as pedantically as possible. Aside from the scorecard, the business should be armed with questions to throw to the design company. The ability to answer the questions should also be part of the scorecard.

  • The business’s management team should deliberate on which among the top UX/UI design companies to hire.

Tally the scorecard and see which design firm comes out the best. But this should not be the basis for hiring. It should only be the basis for the deliberation. It may be impossible to achieve, but a unanimous decision among members of the management team is the best manifestation that the business has found its design agency. If not, then the business could go for the next favored UI/UX design agency.

When Should You Consider Adoption?

Many people who have gone through the process of adopting a child will tell you that it was the best decision they have ever made. It is a beautiful way to start a family and enjoy everything that parenthood brings, but at the same time, you are giving an opportunity of a normal and stable life to a baby or a child that was abandoned. However, adoption is not something that should be taken lightly, and in the following text, we are going to list some questions you should ask yourself before applying for this process.

The very first thing you have to consider is why you want to adopt. There are many adoption agencies such as and this is the question that you will have to answer whichever agency you choose. Some people opt for this process because they cannot conceive, while others see it as an opportunity to expand their family. It is of utmost importance to choose to adopt for the right reason. You don’t want the adoptive child to feel like a replacement because you couldn’t have one of your own. If you are having any doubts, you should maybe reconsider. Adoption is not for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Secondly, you have to carefully think if you are capable of connecting with a child that it is not your own. Some people find this difficult, but others do not have such problem. If you think that it will be hard to bond with a child that doesn’t share your genes, and you are scared of it, then you should further explore these emotions before applying for adoption.

If you have decided that this is something that is good for you and your loved one, the next thing to consider is what kind of adoption you want. You choose between a domestic and international one. The former is done through social services, above-mentioned licensed private agencies, or you can adopt independently using an attorney or any other intermediator. Furthermore, you have to choose between open, semi-open or closed adoption. In the past, people usually picked the closed one, but nowadays, the other two are more common which means that birth and adoptive parents have the chance to meet.

Moreover, you have to think about the age of your adoptive child. Some people opt for a newborn baby because they want to witness all the important milestones in their child’s life, while others are aware that it is difficult to find adoptive parents for older children, so they decide to provide a home to one of them. Also, some people know how difficult it is to take care of a newborn that requires your attention all the time, so they choose an older child who is more independent.

The last thing you have to consider is how and when you are going to tell your child about his or her background. This is a sensitive topic, so you have to plan it ahead. This will be one of the most important conversations in your life. However, you should burden your child with the information he or she cannot understand. It is best to talk about it from an early age, and of course, ensure that those conversations are age-appropriate. Give your child enough room to ask questions and get answers he or she needs to be able to comprehend the situation.

All in all, there are many more things you have to consider before deciding to adopt. In addition, you have to be extremely patient, because adoptions can last from a few months to a few years.

5 Tips for Building a Personal Budget

Making a personal budget is one of the most important things a person can achieve in long-term financial health. Of course, there are as many different kinds of budgets as there are people, but only two or three general templates are in common use. It’s important to understand these generalized budgeting methods so that you can fine-tune one of them to meet your own particular needs. 

A detailed budget can help you save money regularly, get your spending under control, show you how you might be able to boost retirement funds and uncover opportunities for extra earnings. No one should be without a personal budget. If you don’t have one currently in use, here are the steps for creating one that will work for you.

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Use Nine or More Categories

A comprehensive budget should categorize items into at least nine categories: entertainment, debt, transportation, food, housing, clothing, savings, insurance and healthcare. Many financial planners use a “20-50-30” budget approach. Twenty percent of your income, under this plan, goes toward debt and savings items. Thirty percent goes toward discretionary items like restaurant meals and vacations. The rest, 50 percent, goes toward everything else. 

List Your Income Sources Carefully

Every good budget lists sources and uses of income. That process begins with a detailed examination of your methods for bringing money into the budget. In addition to a job that provides a regular stream of income and various benefits, many people earn royalties, stock dividends, or acquire cash by selling life insurance policies at less than maturity value. One source of reliable information about such settlements is at Among all the steps of budget-building, the most important one is your detailed list of all possible sources of income. 

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List Every Expense Accurately

The area where people often lose their way when making budgets is in the area of expenses. This is especially true with items that have to be estimated. Always try to use “worst case” estimates whenever possible. That way, if the actual expense ends up being less, you’ll have a bit more money to adjust other items with, or to put into savings. 

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Set Goals for Retirement and Savings

A budget should always include a long-term goal for savings or retirement accounts. If you’re able to put 20 percent of each month’s income into this category, your financial health will improve as time passes. If your income allows, it’s even better to aim for a higher percentage of savings or a higher overall amount to save each year. 

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Use a Spreadsheet to Track Everything

Especially during the first few months after making the budget, spend a few minutes each day looking at your spending, income and savings amounts. Track every dollar you spend for 90 days and you’ll end up having a solid grasp of where your money goes and whether there are any problem areas. If your income or expenses change significantly, or if you get a new job with a different pay and benefits structure, consider re-doing your budget. But in most cases, it’s best to stick with the first budget you created and just adapt it for any minor changes in your financial life.

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