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15 Lesser Known Facts About Oak Island


Oak Island is a reality TV show that is all about finding a hidden treasure that is supposedly located somewhere on the island. Here are some things might not have known about Oak Island.

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1. It wasn’t easy acquiring an archaeologist that is an expert on the show

There has been a lot of skepticism related to how true the rumors about the treasure are. It took a lot of effort to have an expert come aboard and participate in the mission. Laird Niven is one of the best archaeologists of Nova Scotia and he is one of the residents that oversees the digs.

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2. “The money pit” is most likely not real

The story of the legend goes that two teenagers took a boat over to Oak Island back in 1795. After digging for the treasure they gave up after a while but that left a belief that they might not have dug deep enough.

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3. They don’t talk about money

When the Lagina brothers were asked about their money resources for their project it was very clear that they don’t wanna talk about it, the only thing they admitted was that they are the ones financing it.

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4. Laird Niven is considered unconventional

Most of the people that share Niven’s profession take great care when they remove the dirt so that anything important won’t be destroyed or damaged. But in this tv show it is not the case. The ground is dug up very violently and with industrial machines.

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5. Digging through the whole island was an idea at one point

They were debating on digging through the whole island but eventually agreed that that would have too many consequences and do too much damage to the environment and it would require too much money to do so.

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6. They actually do spend a big portion of their time on the island.

The brothers Rick and Marty have said that they do go to the island a lot. Rick definitely goes more because he is retired and Marty isn’t. Their families also come over a lot and they are even helpful with finding the treasures.

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7. Not everyone in their families believes in what they are doing

Even they are all somewhat involved with what Rick and Marty do not everyone has faith in their dream. They didn’t explicitly tell who the unbelievers are they did admit they there are some who don’t.

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8. The death of Matt Chisholm is still a mystery

News about his death didn’t get out almost a year after it had happened. That was very peculiar because of the fact that he was a beloved person. Another strange fact is the the people of the show didn’t honor him in any way and just didn’t mention it ever.

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9. He may have had precious information

The great-granddaughter of a Nova Scotia Masonic Grand Master revealed an important secret to Matt and not even two hours later he was found dead.

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10. He was about to share his secret but didn’t finish it

He told a colleague about what he learned and he was debating how to go about it but never got the chance to go through with his plans.

11. The secret made the crew issue a statement

When the news came out shortly after there were allegations about the possibility that Matt may have been a drug user, there is no evidence to this though.

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12. The producers are staying quiet

At this point it is not certain if they even have any information about it but one thing is for sure – they are not saying anything about it.

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13. Three new plots are coming to the show

For the seasons that are coming up the plan is to find the map Matt was talking about, find the shrine of secrets and a storyline of 90 foot stone.

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14. Susan Conway might know something important

She was working with Matt so she seems to be a good choice for an interview as she might know something that could be of importance

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15. With everything being said, Oak Island is meaningful

One thing is clear, what is happening at the island is of substantial value. It could resolve a mistery that people have tried to figure out for decades.