Best Smart Home Device Ideas on a Budget


Making your home smart is no longer a break-the-bank affair as the smart home industry matures. From Amazon Echo speakers to Alarm Relay residential monitoring, there are several budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality.

Top 6 Affordable Smart Home Device Suggestions

Whether you want to do the basics or are looking to add to an existing setup, there is something for you in this top 6 list.

1. Smart Speaker – Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) – $49.99


The 3rd generation model of the Amazon Echo Dot is a considerable improvement upon the previous model in terms of design and speaker quality. Indeed, the audio output is superior to its close competitor – the Google Home Mini. Using just your voice, you can control a wide range of devices (Alexa is compatible with more than 10,000 smart home devices). Features such as Whisper Mode, Shopping Lists, Flash Briefings and Alexa Calling make the Echo Dot all the more, a worthy budget buy.

2. Smart Color Changing Lighting – Lifx Mini Wifi Smart Bulb – Under $50


The Lifx Mini is sufficiently small to fit into the majority of fixtures to replace the conventional light bulb. The bulbs can be linked to virtually any smart-home ecosystem from Google Assistant and Alexa to Samsung Smart Things and Microsoft Cortana. The fact that the bulb doesn’t require a specific bridge device or dedicated hub is indeed a major cost advantage. The entry-level LIFX MINI White is just $23.51.

3. Smart Thermostat – Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat – $64


The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat is easy to install and program. Though a no-frills product in comparison to the Ecobee or Nest, it does its job of monitoring and managing the heating and cooling system. You can run the system using its touch screen or the Honeywell Total Connect comfort app with it connected to your domestic Wi-Fi network. The thermostat is compatible with a wide range of smart home systems which is a great perk for the price it is available at. One con worth mentioning though is that you need a C-wire.

4. Smart CleanerRoborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner – $546.99


Irrespective of whether you live in a large house or a studio apartment, the Roborock S5 delivers an amazing range of functionality for its low price. The cleaner utilizes a smart sensor navigation map to plan and execute the optimal route for cleaning around your home. Other noteworthy features are that it sweeps and mops in addition to just vacuuming, and its battery has a running time of 150 minutes. With its companion Mi Home App, you can save maps and do scheduled a cleaning. You can also set up a barrier and no-go-zones. The zoned clean-up feature enables you to position one or more boxes over the map and order the Roborock S5 to clean just those areas following which it returns to its dock.

5. Smart Plug – Kasa HS 107 (2-outlets) – $34.9


The HS 107 Kasa Smart Plug enables its user to control two devices individually or at the same time from anywhere with a single smart plug. Thus, it is suitable for controlling kitchen appliances, bedroom lamps, an iron, and so on. You can schedule the device to switch on or off if you’re not at home or even set a scene to manage many devices using just one button. Combining the smart plug with a smart home speaker such as Google Assistant or Alexa enables voice control.

6. Smart CookingAnova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano | Bluetooth | 750W – $98.99


The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano with Bluetooth makes it possible to prepare a meal of restaurant quality at home and hands-free. All you have to do is attach the cooker to a pot, pour water and put in the food you wish to cook, in a glass jar or sealed bag. You just have to press a button to start cooking. The cooker’s timer and accurate temperature control enables you to relax for a while and leave the cooking to the smart device. To control the device from your Android or iPhone smart device, download the Anova app. The cooker’s Bluetooth connection makes it possible to control the device from an amazing maximum distance of 30 feet away.

So as you can see, you don’t need thousands of dollars to create your very own smart home. You can always upgrade to more advanced options in future as and when you feel the need.

5 Reasons Why Infrared Heaters Are Cost-Effective [User Manual Included]

Infrared heaters are working by emitting wavelengths to certain directions. It is also commonly referred to as the heater that warms your body directly. Most importantly, you have probably heard a lot about infrared heaters as cost-effective compared to other heaters.

Here are the five reasons why infrared heaters are cost-effective in heating you up!

Reason 1: Zero Heat Loss

Ceramic heaters, fan heaters, kerosene heaters, and others radiate warmth by warming up the area around them first. If you want to warm up quickly, you have to be pretty close to the source of the heater and warm yourself up by rubbing your hands and facing them to the heater.

But infrared heaters radiate heat straight to your body. They don’t try to warm up the area around them and waste energy by doing. The heat is immediately absorbed into the body.

Reason 2: No Need to Preheat

When other heaters need moments to bring the heat up, you don’t need to do that with an infrared heater. It works by radiating warmth immediately towards objects in front of it. If you are standing in front of your heater, you will warm almost immediately.

This is a big advantage against many other heaters. Manufacturers might be saying how efficient their heaters are, but infrared heaters are especially efficient without wasting a single second or any energy just to get itself running.

Reason 3: No Fuel Needed

Natural gas and common types of fuel have prices that are pretty volatile. They can fluctuate, and resources are always limited. While an infrared heater only relies on electricity and you can easily operate it whenever you want without having to refill it with fuel.

Installing solar panels is one way to generate electricity through sunlight. You don’t have to pay for sunlight! Compared to installation price, this is something that is

Reason 4: Heats UpExactly What You Need

An infrared heater radiates warmth at only a particular direction. It does not warm the air around it but straight to the objects that are in front of it. Thus, it is also that type of heater that heats up exactly the amount of area it has promised. Just make sure to have it face the direction you want.

Reason 5: No Major Maintenance

No need to change the wick, no need to buy fuel, no need to remove the cover and wipe the fan. Just make sure it’s running like how it’s supposed to be. You only need to keep it dusted and be sure that there isn’t anything blocking its path.

Effective Ways of Using an Infrared Heater

If you want to make sure that you are effective in using your infrared heater, you also need to know the right way to use it.


Make sure you read our tips below when you plan to get a new infrared heater this winter!

Get a Thermostat: Your heater must be equipped with a thermostat. This is an essential part that will let you know how hot your heater is running at. A thermostat gives the owner the freedom to set it from light mode to warm and cozy heat during the harshest winter.

Most heaters today come with a thermostat that you can adjust by using a remote control that comes with it. Some can be done manually, but the best ones let you set it with as small as a 1-degree increment.

Keep it Clean: A good heater is only good if you give enough care to maintain its condition. One of the biggest enemies to heaters is dust which is, unfortunately, good insulators. They keep heat from escaping, causing your heater to overheat while you don’t get the same warmth you used to feel when you first used it.

Dust it after summer before using it and make sure that it is not concealed or covered by other objects, especially in front of it.

Smell anything? Sees anything burning?

Stop using it immediately! This is a safety tip that we always remind everyone. Your heater should not be making any burning smell or look as if it has awful black traces of being burnt. Its sides are not supposed to be melting down, and if it has a cool-to-touch exterior, that should stay cool.

Infrared heaters are also known to make no sound as it doesn’t use a fan to spread heat (unless it is one that works with a fan. Make sure yours is not making any weird sound that is not supposed to be there.