The Lord of the Rings

Top 5 Movie Trilogies You Should Rewatch

If your idea of a relaxing evening includes watching movies, now might be the time to rewatch some of the best trilogies ever made. They will guarantee hours and hours of endless fun with your friends or family.

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So let’s dive in and rediscover some of the best trilogies out there!

The Matrix Trilogy

When The Matrix (1999) hit the theaters, it was something that the viewers had never seen before. Its groundbreaking visual effects completely changed the movie industry. The Wachowskis created a whole new reality leaving the audience astonished. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003) brought more philosophy into the overall story, but it all comes down to the fight between the good and the evil.

Even though some fans didn’t like the ending, the themes covered in these movies are still relevant today. According to The Guardian, The Matrix Trilogy withstood the test of time and looks fresh almost twenty years after the last film. The cast is brilliant and includes Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Lawrence Fishburne.

There are so many reasons why you can’t go wrong with The Matrix trilogy. If you haven’t seen these movies yet, then you might be missing out on some of the best scenes of movie history.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Batman movies of the 1990s were fun, campy, and generally not liked by the critics. Christopher Nolan took the character of Batman and added realistic details and more drama. According to Screen Rant, the first movie of this trilogy, Batman Begins (2005), is a strong introduction to the new Batman. It is action-packed and gives the viewer a glimpse of what prompted Bruce Wayne to start saving Gotham.

The Dark Knight (2008), the second movie, is undoubtedly the strongest of the three. It features an unforgettable performance by the late Heath Ledger, who masterfully embodied the character of Joker. Ledger’s iconic role will forever be remembered as one of the best comic book movie villains of all time. Playing the Joker has definitely changed Heath Ledger, and it’s not surprising that he spent months preparing for this role. His dedication to the role was appreciated by so many fans.

The final movie, The Dark Knight Rises (2012), didn’t rise to the expectations. It is still visually beautiful and will keep you glued to your seat until the last minute. The Dark Knight Trilogy could be the best superhero trilogy ever shot and is worth rewatching, even if you’re not a fan of the comic books.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Peter Jackson was set on bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic books to big screens, and he did a fantastic job. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a pure work of art. The famous director shot all three movies together, so the visuals are coherent and exact to the written word. Besides that, the compelling tale of friendships that triumph over evil is well done.

The viewers will meet the heroes of the story in The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), experience epic battles in The Two Towers (2002), and see a fulfilling ending of the saga in Return of the King (2003). This monumental trilogy is stunning and should keep you entertained for hours. But beware – these movies are quite long, so don’t watch them all in one day.

If you want to see the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand, learn more about the importance of true friendship, and be amazed by so many great performances, then this trilogy is a perfect choice for you.

Die Hard Trilogy

There are five Die Hard flicks, but the first three follow the story of John McClane, a police officer who manages to get into crazy situations within a single day. Therefore, most fans see them as the original Die Hard Trilogy. Packed with action, Die Hard is a real treat for all viewers craving excitement. Bruce Willis is an ideal choice for John McClane, a somewhat troubled officer who doesn’t like to follow the rules.

In Die Hard (1988), he faces a group of East German terrorists. Die Hard 2 (1990) follows McClane as he tries to disrupt an evil plan made by a team of mercenaries. And finally, in Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), McClane teams up with Zeus Carver (played by Samuel L. Jackson) to stop a robbery of the New York Federal Reserve.

Also, some fans even say that Die Hard is their favorite Christmas movie (even if Bruce Willis disagrees with this category), so feel free to watch these fantastic movies even during the holiday season.

Indiana Jones Trilogy

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones single-handedly made archeology cool. His portrayal of the fictional adventurer is funny and intelligent. According to CNN, even though there are a total of four movies in the Indiana Jones series right now, the first three are considered essential. Indy always finds new places to explore and unearth ancient artifacts that lead to even more quests.

We meet Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and continue to follow his escapades throughout the Temple of Doom (1984) and the Last Crusade (1989). These movies feature lots of memorable moments and quotable dialogue. While he doesn’t develop a lot as a character in the trilogy, Indy is charming and will make you feel like you are tagging along, solving the ancient mysteries.

Top 10 best selling novels of all time


Books have always had the ability to makes us escape everyday life and relax while briefly traveling to other worlds and meeting our favorite characters while reading them. However, there are books that you need to read during your lifetime and most of them are in fact, best-selling books. Here are the top 10 best selling novels that you need to read:

10. “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” (1950) – C.S. Lewis, 85 million copies sold

This is the best-known book in the series of seven in the Chronicles of Narnia. This book follows four siblings that are on a journey of exploring a new and magical world which was exposed to them through an old wardrobe.

9. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (1865) – Lewis Carroll, 100 million copies

Img source:

This novel is regarded as the best novel for children in the whole history of literature. It has also spawned numerous TV series and movies, and still remains a classic on children’s books shelves.

8. “Dream of the Red Chamber” (1754) – Cao Xueqin, 100 million copies sold

Also called The Story of the Stone, this novel is one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels. The story is about two wealthy families and their ultimate fall from glory, which was intended to depict the downfall of the Qing dynasty.

7. “The Hobbit” (1937) – J.R.R. Tolkien, 100 million copies sold

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This short novel has set the stage ready for Tolkien’s later novels, The Lord of The Rings Series. In The Hobbit, or as it is also referred to There and Back Again, we follow the book’s good guy, Bilbo Baggins and we are able to accompany him on various adventures that he has.

6. “And Then There Were None” (1939) – Agatha Christie, 100 million copies sold

According to Utoptens, Agatha basically reinvented the whole mystery genre with her 66 novels and 14 short story collections that also include this book that is number 6 on our list. Over thirty movies and TV series have been created based on her books.

5. “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (1997) – J.K. Rowling, 120 million copies sold

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Rowling is one of the most prolific writers of our time, creating stories about magic and bravery with her amazing series of the famous school of magic Hogwarts. In the first book about the boy who lived, Harry Potter realized that he is not as ordinary as all the people around him.

4. “The Little Prince” (1943) – Antonie de Saint-Exupery, 140 million copies sold

This wonderful and mysterious book is all about the perils of slowly growing old, written by the famed Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It has been translated to more than 300 dialects and languages. It is a classic piece of literature that you need to read. After all, it is quite short and you will need an hour to read it.

3. “The Lord of The Rings” (1954) – J.R.R. Tolkien, 150 million copies sold

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One of the best selling series and fantasy novels, this trilogy has mostly grown in popularity since it was released. It also has a boost in popularity with the release of numerous movies, artwork, theater plays, video games, and even fun board games.

2. “A tale of two cities” (1859) – Charles Dickens, 200 million copies sold

There are big chances that you have already read this book, or that you have pretended to read it during your high school classes. Hence, it is not a big surprise that this book has sold so much all over the world since it is practically on the curriculum in most high schools.

1. “Don Quixote” (1612) – Miguel de Cervantes, 500 million copies sold

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The most creative and popular novel of all time is evidence of how amazing storytelling has no expiration date. The story is about Hidalgo, who in fact proves that the medieval knight system will never die.


If you did not read some of these books, it is time to go shopping and boost your book collection.

The Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces in Movies

Besides a captivating plot, some movies are remembered thanks to the ingenious work of costume designers and jewelers. Some jewelry items worn by movie characters are just amazing! Looking at such pieces we are wondering if those stones are real or whether these are gold earrings. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find where they bought or ordered these magnificent pieces? Not only do female characters show off jewelry, but men also sport some prominent ornaments, like the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow and his skull silver jewelry. Also, it is crucial to add that all these pieces are beautiful but also can be symbolic and we could see famous actors wearing different watches, necklaces, bracelets,, amethysts and similar. Let’s talk about the most iconic movie jewelry.

Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953)

Moon of Baroda Necklace

Marilyn Monroe singing the song that diamonds are a girl’s best friends wearing Harry Winston jewelry. Today diamonds are still a dream of many girls. In this famous episode, Marilyn sports a unique Moon of Baroda necklace with a pear-shaped yellow diamond of 24.04 carats. Initially, the stone belonged to the Indian Maharaja family where it had been kept for more than 500 years. Later it was worn by the Empress of Austria, Maria Theresia.

Top 8 Best Movie Series Of All Time (BONUS Best Scenes)

Are you a movie lover? I think we all are, and the film franchises are among those that we like the most. In the text below we have a list of 8 best movie series of all time based on viewers critics.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (2003-2017)

Five films in the series and $4.5 billion earned for 14 years all over the world is the final score for Pirates of the Caribbean. Everybody knows a crack-brained captain Jack Sparrow and his adventures. Johnny Depp was brilliant for the main role.

7. Batman (1989-2012)

Batman film series also earned $ 4.5 billion like Pirates of the Caribbean but in its 23 years of making. The most popular title of this franchise is Nolan`s The Dark Knight Rises (2012), with Christian Bale in the lead role. Tim Burton has directed the first Batman movie, and Michael Keaton has played the Batman. The latest release about this hero is from 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

6. Spider-Man Movies (2002-present)


Spider-Man film series is one of the most popular franchises now. The story started about 16 years ago, and the latest release about our favorite hero from the neighborhood is coming in 2019. Beside Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey MaGuire, we have two more spin-offs.

5. The Fast and The Furious Film series

The total score of this popular franchise is eight filmed, and ninth and tenth announced. Total earnings of Fast And Furious is at about $5.1 billion. Are the fast cars in movies recipe for the blockbuster? I think it is.

4. The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

Peter Jackson turned an epic tale of J.R.R Tolkien in the best fantasy and adventure movie series of all time. In three incredible films, we are watching the adventures of little hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his hobbits friends. In this fantasy, a good hobbit is trying to destroy the ring in Mordor.

3. James Bond (1962-2015)

Twenty-six action films were created in 53 years, isn’t this incredible? This movie franchise lasts for more than a half century with seven actors in the main role of the MI6 agent. We could watch the popular British spy in his exciting adventures with the beautiful women and fast cars in many releases, and we still want more.

2. Harry Potter (2001-2011)

When the J.K. Rowling’s children book was transferred to the big screen, directed by Chris Columbus, it was an instant hit. Total score of this adventure, fantasy story is nine releases, and they are popular all over the world. Every child on this planet wants to be a wizard like Harry and to go to a school of wizardry, Hogwarts. This movie series even has spin-offs Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Crime of Grindelwald.

1. Star Wars (1977-present)

More than forty years we are watching and enjoying space adventures with movie series Star Wars. This is the biggest franchise of all time in our list. We love to watch the battles between Jedi and the ultimate favorite bad character in the film industry Darth Vader.

Did we leave out to mention your favorite movie series?